2010-08-14: The Power To Keep Support



Guest-Starring: Annie, Moon Unit, Birds' Nest, Possibly Homeless, Jock

Date: August 14th, 2010


By all rights, this should have been the last meeting, what with Annie's lack of dependable members…

"The Power To Keep Support"

Manhattan Youth Center

It's that time again: and the setting has little changed. In the gyms and art rooms, children laugh and learn. And into the back — the Superpowers Support Group. If there's a few less signs than usual, it's hardly noticeable. But the room is slightly different than before — while the chairs are still in the same loose circle, the tables have been moved in the middle of them, putting the trays of cookies only available to those who venture to take a a seat… or, push past the seats and stand awkwardly in the middle of them just to prove the point of getting some goodies. For instance, Homeless is hovering there now, touching various chocolate cookies to find the one with the most chips.

Of the other familiar faces — Birds' Nest, a dark-skinned young man in a letter jacket — there is a distinct lack of Annie. Although the runner of this little show, her and her smile of greeting are absent. Her bright and colorful unicorn binder is, however, sitting propped against a bookbag on one of the chairs, so she can't be far.

Cam comes into the room, pausing and looking surprised. He grabs a name tag, though, before moving over to actually get a couple of the cookies this time, before moving to take a seat nearest to the wall opposite the door in.

Of course Carl got here a little early today, the last session turned out to be a gold mine! At least compared to what else has been available to him over the past few months, which hasn't been much, really. As a fringe benefit, he was able to snaffle a few cookies before Homeless got his sticky fingers into them; he's lounging in a corner seat, just close enough to make it clear that he intends to be part of the club. Sitting in the empty chair next to him are said cookies on a napkin, the familiar notebook and pen, and a cup of coffee that has seen better days.

He didn't really want to come back. He's almost embarrassed by last time, if only for the fact that most regulars here might not like him. Despite this fact, he has a good reason to come back, this time.

He's currently dressed in a simple combination of blue jeans and a somewhat close-fitting black t-shirt with an 'Evil League of Evil' design on it, his hair done in a messy style that makes it appear that he's trying to look good without actually trying to look good. As he enters, he has his arm around the petite blonde known as Lizzie. An amused look forms on his face as he spots the familiar faces, but he says nothing as he pauses at the table, writing out a name tag and sticking it to his chest. Then, he turns, smiling to his 'date'.

Lizzie's arms aren't full of Aiden, though, she's laden with a giant tupperware container that looks a little heavy. Though he did offer to carry it, the cupcakes are her responsibility. If they end up squished against the lid, she's going to be the one to do it, no one else. She and Laurie had spent nearly all evening the other night baking them. Lizzie helped by licking the spoon.

With a triumphant expression, Lizzie shoves the cookies to the wayside and unloads the decorated little cakes. She definitely went all out. Each one has a thick pile of swirly icing that's been air brushed in a rainbow of colors. Also, there's sprinkles, a lot of them. "These are good cupcakes," she informs the assembled masses. Taking one, she places a napkin underneath it and passes it to Aiden with a smile.

Possibly Homeless' fingers aren't sticky, okay. JEEZ. Otherwise he wouldn't be putting back all those cookies he's picking up, am I right. As another early arrival — it's quite possible he never left — he nods companionably at Carl, "So, you're like a reporter or somethin', huh? Aren't those usually hot perky women?" He gives a slight startle as the cookies as suddenly shoved aside, briefly delaying from him finding the Perfect One. Oh, but don't those cupcakes just look amazing… he'll go ahead and stick a finger into the frosting of one experimentally.

Meanwhile, near the back, Birds' Nest and her unrealistically large hat create a shadow over Cam's much smaller person when she takes the seat next to him, bobbing her head like she's only half aware of what's going on.

And it's Jock that moves towards the new arrivals, tugging on the lapels of that letter jacket both self-consciously and in an effort to pump himself up. As he reaches near Aiden and Lizzie — glancing once towards the cupcakes — he narrows in on the man of the couple. "Hey, dude," an

Cam blinks as he sees Aiden coming in, and then frowns as the woman sits next to him. He shrugs a little to himself, though, standing to get one of the new cupcakes and sits back down again. He looks to Lizzie, "Any luck with your duplicate problem?"

The sound of someone singing bounces into the room. Moon Unit essentially dances in the room, headphones plugged securely in her ears and connecting to her iPod which rests in her pocket. "Mmm bop, ba duba dop~ Ba du bop, ba duba dop~ Ba du bop, ba duba dop~ Heeeeey-eh~" the blonde, who looks shockingly like Lizzie, spins in a circle when she nears the cupcakes. Woooo!" And then, as if she's only seeing them for the first time, her eyes light up considerably.

"Peeeeeeople~" she sings before pulling her headphones from her ears and plucking a cupcake from the table. A finger is pulled through the icing before she spins in another circle and sits down in a chair. With a small smile, she crosses her legs and replaces her headphones in her ears, "I'm in love with Mary Jane~ She's my main thing~ She makes me feel alright~ She makes my heart sing~"

"Something like that," Carl replies to the homeless guy. "There's a makeup van waiting out front." It's just sarcastic enough so that Homeless will hopefully take it seriously and go bug someone else, but no one else will. In case, y'know, someone here turns out to be leery about media coverage.

And then his own attention is drawn to Moon Unit's arrival. Yeah, she looks an awful lot like Lizzie - but at the same time, she sure doesn't look or act like someone who stole a millionaire's identity. "…Emma? Is that you?" he asks, waving a hand in a further bid to draw notice as she puts the earbuds back in place.

Aiden sticks close to Lizzie, an almost possessive look on his face as he watches Lizzie, though he also seems extremely fond of the girl. As she passes him a cupcake, he takes it with a cheerful smile. "Thank y'kindly, cher." The two look like one of those movie-sweet couples, for the most part, with the man apparently quite fond of the little blonde.

As Jock approaches and offers a truce, Aiden raises his eyebrows. Then, he smiles and waves a hand. "No problem, man. Sorry for actin' like that, I was stressed." He grins to the man, before his eyes turn back down to Lizzie for a moment…then, he blinks at the other blonde, his brows raising. Another lookalike?

Lizzie ignores Jock in favor of passing cupcakes around to whomever should chance by. She's not willing to let just anyone get near them, security on the other cupcakes was severely lacking (so was flavor, moisture, and good icing). When she's satisfied that everyone who needs a cupcake has one, she takes a pink and yellow iced one for herself and walks over to the podium. Moon Unit's arrival is noted with a little raise of her eyebrows and a rather disapproving stare. After the commotion has died down, her expression changes to a polite smile, a political face that's been well practiced.

"Ahem~" she sing songs to the group as she raises both of her hands a little to quell the crowd. "If everyone could have a seat and be quiet for a second, it seems that we're missing the Superpower-Rule-Nazi, so I'll just run the meeting until she gets here. Okay? Are there any ojbections?" She doesn't pause for more than a couple of seconds before the smile gets bigger and she bangs her hand down on the podium, calling the meeting to order. "Alright then! Who has news to share?"

Again, she doesn't wait for anyone else to utter even a peep. Smiling to Cam, she raises her chin proudly and shakes her head, "I'm very disappointed to announce that Hallis Van Cortlandt is still a body snatcher."

One finger still covered in stolen cupcake frosting, Possibly Homeless gives Carl a critical eye up and down. "… well, you obviously ain't makin' good use of it, buddy. Ya'll should send the hot chick next time. They're way better for gettin' people to, like, blab their secrets and stuff. Yer just kind of creepy." Said the man with the months worth of likely unwashed beard. He nestles into the seat right next to Carl like their buddies anyway, grinning toothily at him before attention is given to the woman up front. Or the woman who likes just like the woman up front nearby. Or the woman who looks like the woman nearby who is up front talking about the woman who looks like her and stole her life. "Huuuuuhhhh…" Pause. Wait. "Hey, you're not Annie."

Thus cleared of all charges, Jock happily puts some distance between him and Aiden. "Yeah, whatever, just as long as we coo' and Annie stop givin' me problems about being here." Mutter, mutter. He takes his mutterings off to some chair that he pulls away from the others, turning around backwards and straddling. As for the announcement being made: "Hahahaha. Joke's on her being named Hallis."

As for Birds' Nest, she is not so deterred by Cam ignoring her but waits until he returns to lean in and give him a tap on the shoulder, sharp and pecking like a beak. "The spirits wo— 'Hem. The spirits say that there are daaaaaaarrrkkk intentions around that girl!" For all her conspiratorial lean, the people in the closest seats could probably still hear that drawn out declaration.

And Annie? Still MIA. And her bookbag and colorful binder have been muscled off the chair by Lizzie, the latter falling slightly open to display neat, swirling handwriting filling each page and snippets precisely cut out of newspaper headlines.

Cam frowns as Lizzie tries to take over the meeting. "Why don't we just wait for Annie to show? She's obviously here, or her stuff wouldn't be here." He looks up to Birds' Nest a moment and just rolls his eyes, "Yeah, whatever."

An eyebrow is quirked at Lizzie, even as Moon continues to bop to her music. Carl, however, earns a response, and a furrowing of her eyebrows. The headphones are removed from her ears as she clucks her tongue. Tut, tut, Carl. Tut, tut. Her disapproval reigns with a distinct wrinkle of her nose and a shake of her head, but she's still smiling despite her feelings on the name.

"Nooooooot Emma~" she peers at Carl with an almost detached expression, her eyes bloodshot and glazed over as she stares into space and proceeds to lick the icing from the cupcake. "Emma is a nooooormal name~"

"Did somebody say Emma was a normal name?" said a young girl's voice, as she rushes in through the door. "I guess that makes me normal for now," Emma says as she puts on her name tag and reaches her seat. She looks around at those assembled, wiping her forehead of sweat. "I thought I was late, but… where's Annie?" she asks. Not that she'd mind if Annie weren't there- she does find the meeting leader rather annoying sometimes.
Carl arches a brow at the Lizzie double, whoever she is— not Emma, then, and apparently not the identity thief unless she really is that good at pretending to be oblivious. "Okay, should we call you Aerith, then? That's not very normal." His gaze meets Lizzie's for a moment, but if she's got no new news this week, then he's got no new suggestions.

Aiden smiles as Lizzie steps up to the plate, he himself settling back into a chair with his cupcake, munching on it happily for a long while as he watches the others in the room. He seems a fair deal more cheerful now that he has a date. He's even willing to deal with the obnoxiousness of Bird's Nest, and everyone else. Quietly, the man munches on his cupcake. Then, he announces briefly, "I met a beautiful girl." A grin is offered to Lizzie. Awww.

"Not whaaaateever!" Birds' Nest declares, bringing that bony finger stabbing into the air wildly at Cam and then wildly into the room, "I tell you there's something off about that girl's aura now!" Actually, not so wildly — but not at the girl, either — the woman seems to be jabbing her finger mistakenly at Aiden instead.

The Jock glances over his shoulder at Emma now that his arms have been crossed quite defensively in front of him. There's some sort of hand waving in Lizzie's direction, but otherwise his position remains stiff. "You are late, but so's Orphan Annie. Lady flaps her mouth is… well, flappin' her mouth instead. I dunno." He shifts uncomfortably, then gives a nod towards the central table in the middle of all the chairs, "But she did bring some hot shit cupcakes."

It's Aiden's announcement that brings Possibly Homeless back to life; but only to give Carl a nudge and a bark of a laughter that sprays crumbs from his beard. "Hear that? He met a beautiful girl. Write that down on your notepad and print it. Too bad he didn't bring the girl, then we coulda taken pictures, too."

Cam quite suddenly seems to be paying attention to Birds Nest, to what she has to say. He frowns and says, "You're right. Maybe you should go look around to find Annie, bring her back here before she causes too much trouble." He's a pretty good actor when he wants to be.

"You can call me… Rainbow~" Moon Unit states brightly. "That's what I'm making everyone call me this week!" A vague glance is given to Lizzie again and then back to Carl. "Besides are names really all that important? I bet you have a perfectly normal name~ Mine is prettier, I bet…" Her eyes narrow before she finally states, "Moon. Moon Unit. That's my legal name, but like I said it changes as often as the tides. Well, not the legal one, but my name. Or what I have people call me, anyways— "

Aiden can't help but stare at Birds' Nest with a slight frown. "Ma'am, you're pointin' at me, not a girl with a strange aura." He sighs softly, munching on his cupcake, offering a small nod to Cam in appreciation. He's really trying hard not to get irate, though a scowl forms on his face as he glances toward Possibly Homeless. He…doesn't say anything. Grumpy neurokinetic is grumpy.

Smiling brightly, Lizzie folds her arms over her chest and watches as everyone in the room talks all at once and to each other. "Now this is how you run a meeting. What's next on the schedule…" Not regarding Annie's feelings on the subject whatsoever, Lizzie picks up the Unicorn binder, sits down next to Aiden and begins flipping through it. She's looking for an agenda, or anything else that might be of interest, really.

Cam is given a quick glance and a nod of agreement, "You're right, someone needs to look for the Rule-Nazi… She might be kidnapped by that fat woman with the clipboard." Eying Bird's Nest, she waggles a finger toward the door. "He's totally right, what if her aura is what…. uhhh… black or something?"

While Cam and Lizzie play good cop with Bird's Nest and offer her some busywork, Carl decides to launch a volley from the other direction. "I think she may have been insulting your manhood," he offers to Aiden. He's still not sure who really has an ability and who's just deluded, but it seems likely that the old woman is in the second group - so the sooner they get her to quit showing up and wasting time, the sooner he can focus in on whoever's left.

Emma just listens. She'd been figuring that most of the people here were fairly nuts… these happenings just confirmed that. Still, she knew at least some of them did have genuine abilities… She wonders what this new meeting will bring. "Well, I can't see auras," she says. "So whatever color it is it doesn't matter to me, does it?"

Flap flap flap — Birds' Nest hat could veritably take off on its own with the effort of her turning her head between Cam and Lizzie, that dreamy glaze over her eyes fading into something as dark and beady as her namesake. "Sweet, naive, children," she addresses them, her voice never losing its wavering quality but also earning a hardness not present before, "You think that I — I — can't tell when I'm being patronized by a bunch of little buggers and whiners? But fiiiine! Ruin your auras! Shun the spirits!"

She leaps to her feet in a flutter and a cloud of that dust from off her skirts, "They're glad your life was stolen, missy!" Now her finger finds Lizzie quite accurately, "Because you are a brat who needs to learn to be better with hers! And you!" Now to Cam, "I will go find Miss Annie! And tell her to just leave all of you to your squabbling. That's right, I'll find her. But don't come crawling to this psychic when you can't find your brother as if anyone has any respect anymore this whole business is just turned into a nest for ungrate— " Her muttering takes on less audibility as she stalks off, holding up her dress so that her stomping doesn't catch on its trails. She only raises her volume to shriek — without looking back — "And I was pointing at the reason for her aura being off, you dimwits!"

In the… wake of that exit, the Jock rocks forward in his chair and claps his hands together with a low whistle. "Holy— was that lady off her rocker or what!"

Cam blinks as the woman mentions his brother. Did he mention that he was trying to find Micah at one of these meetings? Probably, but still, the words seem to make him worry just a little bit, not for himself but for her apparently. There's an almost apologetic look on his face for a moment, but soon she's gone and he just shrugs a bit to lean back. "I didn't mean to offend her, just wanted her to leave me alone… and maybe find Annie."

Aiden smirks to Cam, offering a small chuckle. Then, however, Birds' Nest goes crazy. Absolutely nuts. Aiden's blue eyes find her, his brows raising, and a frown slowly but surely grows on the young man's face. So…he's the reason Lizzie's aura is off? He arches a brow, before shaking his head after the woman. For once, he's too shocked to do his mean little tricks that he usually pulls…plus, it wouldn't be polite after last time. One hand reaches out to rest on Lizzie's knee, and Aiden offers her a concerned look.

Well, that went even better than expected. Carl was expecting Bird's Nest and Aiden to get into an escalating shouting match, but when she turns out not to need any further provocation… Now if only he can figure out a way to convince Possibly Homeless to follow suit.

The young blonde's eyes drift up toward the raving woman, her entire demeanor unconcerned. The hand on her knee is answered with a smile and a smaller hand being placed down on it. "So… Who wants to talk about that?" Lizzie pipes up to the group, her smile very nice and polite. Turning to Moon Unit, she raises her eyebrows and gives the other blonde a little upward nod. "How about you? Do you need supporting? I haven't found an actual account balance in this book, so I don't know how much money is in the coffers. I'm due for about a million right now."

"… There isn't any money." Somewhere in the fluster and the redirection — Annie's appeared at the doorway. Looking just as flustered. Her hair's almost as bad the woman who's just left, her clothes slightly rumpled. If she had been wearing make-up, it would've been smeared, but she's spared at least that. Shuffling forward on flip-flops that don't quite match the rest of her outfit, the group leader marches straight forward through the arrangement of chairs and forcefully snatches up her precious unicorn binder from Lizzie's claws. "That's not how this kind of thing— you know what? I don't know why I'm bothering. You're not going to get it. Clearly! You touched MY BINDER. NO RESPEC— "

She narrows in on squealing but forcefully stops her voice from reaching that fervor pitch. Instead, she twists about to face the rest of the ensemble. "And you all let her." With a sniff to try and carry some dignity, even in her shape, she reaches under her arm where she was nursing a stack of papers. "I went to go get papers to be an official group, and somebody stuffed me in the garbage and called me— " She sighs, hand falling, "A freak for even trying. And I think they were right. Maybe you guys should just go. Have nice lives, good luck with your problems."

Cam looks up to Annie as she comes in, relief momentary until she shows signs of giving up. He shakes his head, "No way. You're not. These sessions have been… totally off-the-wall crazy. Yeah, ok. But they've been *fun*, too. And anyway, last week, when you did get control for a while, things were good. There was real talking going on. And we need to stick together, those of us with real abilities. We're going to be out there in public soon, there's no way to stop that. The government knows we're real, how soon before everybody else does too? Then, if it's a shock, every one of us who does have an ability or even claims to have an ability is going to be a target, just like we were when the government first found out about us. A group like this, this is the first step to being accepted… seems that way to me, anyway. If we can keep working on it until we can show people we're not crazy, anyway. That's.. probably a long way away, but worth trying anyway."

"Oh! Uh! Heck yeah… uh I'm Moon Unit, and I'm a nail biter. I need supporting! Earlier I was making brownies for my boyfriend~ he's like super hot. You'd be all over that. There was this one time he just kept saying the word moist which totally gives me the shivers." Distractedly, her eyes glaze over again, puffy thanks to her other habits. "So. I was making— " And then Annie enters, causing Moon to raise a single curious eyebrow. She might be in the wrong place. "Wait… where am I?" She leans forward and glances at Cam, Lizzie, and then Carl.

Up until this point, Carl was content to lurk in the background, take the occasional potshot - but now that things look to be going from merely disorganized to completely fallen apart? Now it's time to step up. "No, she just grabbed it a second ago— and Cam was about to go look for you, even before that—" But then Cam gets rolling with his own spiel, and he leaves off until after it's done.

He doesn't know the paid staff well enough to know how to talk to them about any of this. But he can talk about them just fine; that only depends on Annie. "It sounds like the people who work here don't appreciate the importance of what you're trying to do here. Maybe you just need to try doing it somewhere else…"

Aiden is smiling at Lizzie, as Annie charges in and has…what can only be described as a fit. His brows raise, and after a brief glance toward Lizzie, the man raises to his feet. "Miss Annie…now, I know I don't have the best track record here with you, but you are certainly not a freak for tryin' to help us. You are an admirable woman, and I know that I am thankful that you are concerned for us." He glances around the room thoughtfully. "Please don't give up, Miss Annie."

Emma nods. "Yes… This place is important," she says. "It's not perfect but… It lets me know I'm not alone." She'd felt alone many times in the past, but after starting to come here things changed. "I'd like to meet more people like me… so I can understand why we are the way we are."

Lizzie is much too stunned to put up a fight over the coveted unicorn binder. It's released easily as her open mouthed stare turns to an indignant glare. Whether Annie likes it or not, this is Lizzie's regular Saturday night. Much better than a Narcotics Anonymous meeting and guaranteed to keep you out of any legal trouble. Until right now. "Who the— " she starts, her short burst of words hitting the air like a machine gun. "I'm gonna— " Then she stands and takes a deep breath of air. "Let me take care of this."

With her little hands balled up into fists, she goes barrelling out into the hallway and shortly thereafter there's a loud skreetch of hysterical screaming as the poor administrators get the 'talking to' of a lifetime. "Don't you tell— …I can buy and sell you like— …Don't you dare— …I play a were-goldfish!!" On and on it goes as Lizzie throws whatever weight she has around.

Very shortly afterward, she returns calmly to the room with a new set of papers and a wrinkled check written for enough to buy a membership. Wordlessly, she hands them to Annie and reclaims her seat beside Aiden.

Some sort of vaguely stunned silence, skeptical as well as surprised, sews Annie's mouth shut as she stands there, hugging the precious binder to herself throughout. She would seem to want to protest to Lizzie's actions — whatever they may be — but the blonde barrels out too fast and the group leader is left only holding her breath through the shouting until the return. A return followed close behind by a familiar portly face and her clipboard. "And don't," the woman lectures blandly, "Let any of your members come into a board meeting ever again."

Stiffly, automatically, Annie takes the papers, staring at their official lettering ("Talking To Your Troubled Teen"… oh, and some sign-up forms) and then critically eyeing the check as though she expects it to burst into flames. "I…" Her eyes flutter to Cam, to Carl, to Emma. Mouth flapping, even when she forms words, they're completely flabbergasted. "But you— you hate my rules. And my cupcakes. And, by the way," ah, a touch of her old self, as she rounds briefly on Carl, "touching someone else's private things for even a second is completely rude… and— and it is important. I think. But none of you seem to be treating it that way!" She's no longer lecturing; she's honestly just absurdly confused.

Cam shakes his head to Annie and says, "We're not trying to mess it up. At least I'm not. I've never been in anything like this before. I'm sorta… figuring it out as I go, that's all. But, there's no way you should stop this."

Moon Unit just twitches at the comments and the back and forth, quite certain this isn't where she'd intended to be. She finishes off her cupcake, carefully folding the paper into compact garbage much to her own delight. With a frown, she uncrosses her legs, planting both feet on the floor after finishing the cupcake.

Aiden watches as Lizzie storms out with raised eyebrows, tilting his head toward the door as he listens to the girl shout and throw her weight around. Then, she comes back, and hands Annie some papers and a check. With a small chuckle, he reaches out, taking Lizzie's hand and offering it a squeeze. Then, he's watching Annie. "Please, Miss Annie. Nobody meant any harm by anything that's been done, I'm sure."

Blast! There goes Carl's chance to take credit for a friendly (or at least grudgingly tolerant) venue. Unless the check bounces— how much of her money was Lizzie able to hide away from the thief, anyway?

Besides, he's got an unanswered question from last time that he's been meaning to bring up. "Besides… you wouldn't have started this group in the first place if you hadn't been affected yourself, or at least someone close to you had been. What kind of support can we offer you here?"

Annie's words seem to confuse the ex-celebrity and she glances over at Moon Unit as though the rambling nail biter could provide some sort of explanation. Unfortunately the woman is silent. Rolling her eyes and letting out an exasperated sigh, Lizzie finally pipes up. "I don't like the rules at the bar either and I used to go there all the time." She shrugs her shoulders and gives the organizer a helpless shrug. "It's okay that your cupcakes are gross, I can bring those. My room mate has this guy that she's totally in love with but she has like no idea. You should see it, it's funny. Anyway this guy, right? He makes wicked cupcakes." She points to the ones that she'd set out. "I helped."

"A guy who makes cupcakes…" Clearly, Annie is focusing on the big, tough issues here as her eyes wander dreamily to the ceiling. "… he could probably bring them by, too— I mean!" Startling herself back to attention, she gives her head a swift shake and her mouth forms a thin, prudish line that dares anyone to suggest she was doing anything but taking this seriously. "Ummm…. look, this— check, I guess, is really generous," she pauses a moment to reread the amount to check the accuracy of such a statement, "But what I really would need from you guys is some form of commitment. Actually — a real form." Setting the form of helping troubled teens aside, Annie holds up one such official membership form, "So I could show the board that we're not just wasting space here. This isn't about me at all," her eyes flicker to Carl, she didn't forget him, "But it can't happen for you guys, either, without a little show of cooperation. Are you saying you're willing to do that? To listen to me sometimes?"

Cam nods quickly to Annie, and says, "Yeah. I am, anyway. And I'll fill out one of those forms. Whatever it takes to keep this going."

Aiden tilts his head toward Annie, smiling. "Miss Annie, I will happily fill out a real form for you." He smiles warmly, leaning back in his chair and glancing toward Lizzie, offering her another squeeze of the hand. He really prefers staying mostly quiet, but he would appreciate the opportunity to try and make this thing work. A winning smile is offered toward the room.

"Maybe sometimes…" Lizzie's tone suggests an air of self importance. She rises from the chair and marches proudly toward Annie and the official forms. Picking two out of the pile, she wanders back to her chair and passes one off to Aiden with a small smile. Pulling a pen from the pocket of her hoodie, she begins filling it out right there. Of course she's using her real name and address, the phone number is the one that she uses now. If Annie's going to be sending out junk mail, she's going to let Sierra get it all.

Carl peers at Annie - still curious about her agenda, despite especially in light of her denial - but finally nods, walking over after the others and picking up a form in turn. Real name and everything; the things he might want to hide from this group wouldn't be turned up from that information alone, anyway.

In the end, the Jock also scribbles on a form, though he puts his hand over it as though stopping people from cheating off his. Possibly Homeless sits in his chair, smiling at Carl, and doesn't appear to think he is required to do much of anything except dip a finger in another cupcake's frosting.

Annie, herself, watches all of the proceedings — accepting people's completed forms — with a bewilderedness that blossoms with each new piece of paper into a hint of her old enthusiasm. "I think we all should take a break after this, but we can start up again — better than ever! — next week. I have all sorts of ideas. You'll see!" It takes a second or two but, as people begin to pack up and the like, she gives a few dizzying head turns around the room, blinking widely, "Did anybody see TV Psychic Ms. Estonia leave?"

Cam fills out his own form, putting his most recent proper legal address (Niki and D.L.'s old house in Niagara Falls), and hands it in. Then he blinks, and asks, "That was her? The one talking about spirits all the time? Oh, man, her leaving was totally my fault. I didn't take her seriously at all."

Moon Unit writes nothing down, instead she rises from her seat and towards the door, determined to find her true destination to get help. She takes another cupcake on her way out, sure that she's going to need it later. The munchies are beastly wonderful.

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