2007-06-24: The Princess And The Puppy


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Summary: Jordan and Max flirt, and Jordan tells him more about her past. Mohinder stops by to drop off reading material that is in no way suspicious.

Date It Happened: June 24, 2007

Log Title The Princess And The Puppy

Location Hartsdale, NY - Primatech - Cells

"Jordan. Jordan, darling. I'm thinking of you." Max grips the bars on the narrow window in the door to his cell. Heedless of the staring guards in the hallway outside, he flexes his hands tighter, jerking at the steel rods to test their strength. If only he were able to use his ability…

"Are you thinking of me?" he continues. "I think you are. Let's talk, princess. Just you, me, and your gun."

The sounds of high-heels clicking against the concrete floor echo throughout the cells, soon followed by the sound of Max's cell door being unlocked. Jordan walks in with a slightly agitated look on her face and her left hand in a bandage, "I knew you'd come around," she says as her grimaces turns into a smile. She shuts the door behind her and listens for the locking mechanism to click, "Tell me Mr. Swan, how are you feeling?" she asks taking a few steps closer to him with her eyes narrowing, "And don't call me princess."

Max thoughtfully runs one hand through his short, neat beard. "Have I found a sore spot, perhaps?" He grins impudently and mouths a kiss in Jordan's direction. "Very well. I'll call you that the first time I have you. It'll be my surprise gift to you." With a man like Max, it's anyone's guess what he means when he says 'have.'

Jordan laughs to herself, "I love a man with confidence, it gives me something to undermine," her crimson lips stay twisted up into a smile. She takes in a deep breath of the stale air, "Remind me to bring you in some cologne the next time I see you," she says waving her hand in front of her nose. She chooses to ignore Max's attempt at a come on and pulls out her trusty notepad, "So back to my original question, how are you feeling this evening?" None of this is really in her job description so either she really does care or she is just being nosey.

Appearing very much on his way out for the day, Mohinder heads down to the cells before leaving. He is not empty handed however as he goes straight towards Max's cell. In his arms is a file folder, and a couple of books. Reading material for Mr. Swan. As he promised before. At first, he is unaware that Swan has a visitor already there. One who is giving him things he should not be having that aren't in controlled dosages. Again, as with before, he knocks at Max's door, announcing his presence.

Max drops into a deep, courtly bow. "A thousand apologies," he murmurs. "I promise to have the bath attendants beaten for their carelessness." He's about to answer her query (probably with a snarky comment about captivity and bad food) when he's interrupted by the arrival of Mohinder. As close as Max is standing to the door, the doctor is easily visible through the narrow window that faces into the hallway. He takes a few steps back, standing what he considers to be a respectful distance from the entrance. "You may enter, Doctor Suresh."

Jordan doesn't seem surprised at Dr. Suresh's visit, as a matter of fact she was expecting it. She looks at the mild mannered doctor shaking her head, "Dr. Suresh, you're here late, up to no good I assume." The problem with having a clairaudient on the Company payroll is that nothing is ever a secret. She smiles at Max, "Maybe just a heavy dose of Pine-Sol would help," she walks over to Mohinder and tucks her notepad back into her jacket. She give Mohinder a suspicious look then grins back at Max, "Oh look the white coat brought you presents."

Mohinder smiles politely and enters when given permission. Despite not requiring it. "Thank you, good evening Mr. Swan." To Jordan, he nods his head, clearly not expecting that Max had company, not to mention an agent he's had little to no interaction with thus far. "I thought that you might enjoy some reading material for the evening.. that's not the daily paper." Brows raise ever so slightly at Jordan's quip as he hands the stack of papers and books to Max. "I'm just on my way out for the night.. and up to no good?" He puzzles that over, but briefly, before putting it out of his mind. Some agents with the company have their little quirks. "If you like these books, I can bring some more when you're finished."

"I thank you very much, Doctor," Max accepts the reading material gratefully and sets it down on the desk. With little else to do, one can rest assured that he'll speed through them in record time. To Jordan, he smirks as he tickles a fingertip down the spine of one book. "The Doctor and I are old friends. He's been kind enough to bring me a bit of light reading so I'll be better prepared for our next theoretical discussion."

When Max studies the material a little closer, his eyes widen perceptibly. "This is… ?" He meets the other man's eyes, then nods approvingly. There is an understanding here, and Mohinder's gift has clearly earned him a new level of respect from Max.

You paged Mohinder with 'I'm assuming that it would be clearly recognizable as Mohinder's work rather than any old stack of textbooks and papers. Sorry, I should have asked.'

Jordan looks at Max with as she quirks an eyebrow, "I didn't figure you for the reading type. Hell if I had to guess I would have thought you were illiterate," she giggles. Jordan stands in the corner of the cell chuckling to herself, it seems that she knows more than she is letting on. She slowly makes her way over to Max's table, keeping eye contact with Mr. Swan at all times, so not to appear to nosey, "You seem awfully excited, so I'm guessing it isn't the new Stephen King novel."

Mohinder stays just inside the door frame and inclines his head in a nod towards Max. "I thought you would appreciate the content. Dr. Aldric and I will fully go over your test results tomorrow, and I will be more than happy to share the details with you. It's refreshing to have patients who can follow along." Refreshing and it makes things more interesting. His brows lift a little again at Jordan.

"Steven King? Hardly." Max places his body between Jordan and the desk. It's a clear message. This is mine, back off. Can you blame him? It's not like he has anything else to call his own. "A few textbooks, and dissertations from one of the most gifted minds in the field Doctor Suresh and I share. I'd like to be the first to read them. You understand, I'm sure."

Jordan maintains a careful watch of Mohinder's expressions out of her peripheral, "If I didn't know any better I would say there is something going on in here," she says smiling at Max. She nods at Max's request and takes a step back, "Of course, but you know you can't keep secrets from me for to long," she says as she plants her bandaged hand on her cocked-out hip. She looks over at Doctor Suresh, "I don't believe we have been properly introduced, I'm Jordan Bonham," she says with a polite nod and no attempt to make actual physical contact with him.

Mohinder slips his hands into his pockets as he leans slightly against the doorframe. "A pleasure, Miss Bonham. And no, nothing is going on in here, other than keeping Mr. Swan safe from the clutches of boredom." Because, if they keep Max's mind busy, it could help him in the long run.. and short term. Rehab and detox is not fun. It's also a little way of making up for the placebo. "I shall see you again tomorrow Mr. Swan, and do try to rest. Dr. Aldric has you scheduled for a few tests tomorrow. Good night." Giving both a nod of his head, he retreats, shutting the door behind him.

"As always, I look forward to our next encounter. Goodnight, Doctor Suresh." Max inclines his head as the doctor leaves the room. Once the latch has clicked into place, he turns his gaze back to Jordan. "So, my dear. Alone at last." His eyes narrow as they focus in on her bandages. "What did you do to your hand?"

Jordan looks down at her bandaged appendage and smiles at Max, "It was a small misunderstanding," she says and doesn't bother to elaborate any further. She walks closer to his cot, her hips swinging from side to side in a seductive manner, oh the joys of forbidden fruit. "So have you and the Doctor been having fun?" she asks as she swivels her body down onto the cot, crossing her legs as she pushes her hair behind her right ear.

Max's eyes follow Jordan's swaying and a smile tugs at the scarred half of his lips. He follows her for the few paces it take to cross the tiny cell, then flops his body down inelegantly beside her. "Yes," he purrs. "The Doctor and I have reached an accord, I believe, though hes a terribly meddlesome prick when it comes time to give me my dosage."

Jordan nods her head, "It's for your own good, you know. Besides I don't think I have ever met a girl who was looking for tall, dark, and spun out." She pulls her notepad back out, "So are you going to tell me what it is that Mohinder gave you to read, or am I just going to have to listen for the famous 'Dear Penthouse I never thought it would happen to me' line?" She pokes Max in the side, trying to find a ticklish spot for an ultimate form of torture.

Instead of a ticklish spot, Jordan finds a knot of torn muscle and compacted tissue just to one side of Max's kidney. Considering the many bandaged cuts and bruises on his face, it shouldn't be surprising. As stout as he is, the experience is exquisitely painful, and he can't entirely suppress a throaty grunt. "Unh. Why yes, it does hurt when you press there. Thank you for asking." He sucks in a shuddering breath. "I told you. Textbooks and write-ups. Doctor Suresh and I share an interest in genetics."

Jordan kisses the tips of her index and middle fingers and lightly place them on the afflicted area, "There you go, all better," she says in a sugary sweet and condescending voice. Jordan bites down on her bottom lip as she looks Max in the eyes the asks, "So how are we coming along with our trust issues?" while slowly uncrossing her legs then recrossing them, mostly just to tease. She looks down at the cot for a moment and tries to contemplate whether or not it will collapse under her, "The sooner you are better, the sooner we can get you a real bed," she says with a wink, flipping through her notepad and jotting something down with a black crayon. She isn't taking any chances just in case the good doctor decided that he didn't need his Haitian pills today.

Max has been properly dosed, but with him, safe is better than sorry. Because depending on his mood, sorry can mean dead, or worse. "Mmm. You show me the carrot, but then you show me the stick. If you want me to trust you, you have to show me the carrot and save the stick for when I misbehave." Referring to the flushing of pills that could just as easily have been taken by Max, who both wants and needs them in his present condition. "Though your casual cruelty is positively delicious. Yum. And don't worry about my condition. As sore as I am, I could still give you a workout." From the way his eyes roam over Jordan's figure and cling in all the least appropriate places, it's clear that he means what he says.

Jordan gives Max a coy smile as he looks over her body, "Maybe when you get out of here you can undress me with more than your eyes," she says, but being a Company girl these might just be her way of giving him false hope. "Hmm, what can I do to make you trust me," she queries to herself, then stands up. "How about this?" she asks as she starts to unbutton her jacket, slowly and seductively. When a man is trapped in a cell for any amount of time his hormones start to play tricks on him and Jordan is fully aware of that fact. She drops her jacket to the floor and smiles popping out the clip in her gun and sliding it into her bra cup, "There, how's that for trust? Now I'm unarmed and down a hand." The rectangular shape of her gun clip presses against her silk blouse as she kicks her jacket over to the door and places the unloaded gun back in it's holster.

This is both incredibly surprising and intensely alluring for Max. He stands as well, but it's a slow, smooth gesture rather than his usual fast, predatory unfolding of limbs. His arms are held out wide at his sides. His gaze lingers on the shape of the clip silhouetted through Jordan's clothing. "You certainly have my attention. Ask your questions and I will answer to the best of my ability, though there may be some things you'd rather not know. And please allow my reading material to remain a private matter. You have my word that the contents don't pertain to you or the Company in any way."

Jordan smiles, "Good boy," she says walking closer and petting Max on the head, "See my gift takes some of the fun out of this. I can ask you anything, but I already know the answers," she says rubbing her fingers through his hair. She purses her lips and moves her head back and forth, "I guess all I really want to know is why you would consider me naive?" See she was listening, mostly because she finds Max to be incredibly intriguing. Damn her soft spot for the boys that are nothing but trouble, "Do you really see me in that light, puppy?"

Max doesn't lean into the touch, but he doesn't shy away either. He meets Jordan's eyes steadily. She's quoting something he said to one of the guards after her first visit. "No," he admits. "A little misguided, perhaps. But you could easily say the same of me. I was telling the truth when I said I thought you were beautiful." Nothing if not a man of his word, Max is keeping his promise to answer honestly.

Jordan smiles, "Well it's nice to know I'll be causing your hand cramp and possible blindness," she quips. She sits back down next to Max, "This Company has done more for me than you would ever understand and in turn I would like you to give them that same chance." Her voice becomes light, almost nurturing which isn't exactly what a guy wants to hear when he is trying to hit on her. She rests her hand on Max's thigh, trying not to cause any pain to any bruised areas, "Tell me, what is your real goal here? Do you want our help or are you just waiting for a chance to escape and expose us?"

Max grins ferally, and his eyes take on an unsavory light. "I didn't choose to be here. Your Company robbed me of everything that was ever mine. I have nothing left. I plan to escape, and when I do, I'll return to systematically dissecting every agent and researcher working for this organization. But," he pauses to lick his lips. "I will save you for last."

Jordan leans in closer, her lips just a few millimeters from Max's, the lingering smell of spearmint gum still on her breath trails from her lips. She lids her eyes halfway and tilts her head, it almost appears that she has fallen for his charms but then she says, 'What makes you think I'll let you escape?" as she pushes him back on to his cot. She stands up and licks her lips, "It's kind of cute how you forget who you are talking to," she says as she picks her jacket back up and pulls out a compact mirror. She fusses with her bangs as she stares into the reflective surface then picks up the powder puff and lightly dusts the shine on her nose, "I don't like playing sloppy seconds and I definitely don't like being picked last," she says with a sharp tone in her otherwise pleasant voice.

"I warned you that I might have answers you'd rather not hear," Max gently reminds Jordan. "And I know you won't let me escape. As beautiful as I am, you're far too devoted to your work. I respect that." He sways with the push, then comes to rest with his hands on his knees. "Is there anything else that you'd like to know?"

Jordan shakes her head as she picks her jacket up and slings it over her shoulder, "I suppose there isn't," she says with a disappointed look on her face. She flashes him her turquoise eyes and bats them a few times for good measure, "Is there anything you want to know?" she asks, of course being a Company agent the truth might be a little more distorted than one would hope for.

Max nods his head slowly. "I have many questions, about you and about your ability." He wets his lips with his tounge, an unconscious, thoughtful gesture. "You've read my file. You know as much about me as anyone does, yet you are completely unafraid. I find your boldness very attractive. If you would indulge me, there is much I'd like to know."

Jordan smiles, "Generally I don't play fair, but you were willing to expose you plans to me," she says as she slowly puts her jacket back on. She sucks on her teeth while she contemplates whether or not she should indulge him, but how could she say no to that face, "Ok shoot, what do you want to know?"

Max is prepared for this. He's an inquisitive sort, and he's had plenty of time to think. "How old were you when you discovered you had a gift? And how did that gift lead you to the Company?" No fluff here, he's going straight to the good, meaty questions. When he makes eye contact there's a faint, hungry desperation visible in his face, but it's gone as quickly as it appeared.

Jordan bites her bottom lip, this happens to be a sadder part of her history, "I was about thirteen," she says with a sullen tone, "I had just gotten my foster father sent to prison and the courts felt that it would be best if I was sent to a shrink due to certain circumstances." She takes a deep breath and tries to maintain her composure, "I started to hear voices, but I knew they weren't inside my head. Of course it's hard to convince a shrink of that and my foster mother leapt at the chance to have me committed." She leans up against the cell door and runs her fingers through her hair, "My real mother and father were Company agents and had passed away, but before my mother died she told them where to find me. I was in an institution being pumped full of anti-psychotics and electro-shock," she says, looking Max directly in the eye, "If it wasn't for the Company, I would still be there."

Max meets Jordan's gaze unwaveringly. Now another emotion is visible for the first time. Compassion. He reaches out, his intent a gentle touch of reassurance, perhaps on the shoulder or face. Halfway there he withdraws and his face smooths back into a flat, impassive mask. "I seem to recall you having a strong aversion to being touched. I apologize. Your circumstances sound as if they were very difficult. You have my sympathy."

Jordan covers her her face with her hands for a moment and shudders slightly as if to shake away the memories, "This is why I am loyal to this Company, the very same Company you threaten." She shakes her head a little and starts to smile again, perhaps her has always been a mask for memories she would rather not have. "I don't really need your sympathy, Maxie, don't you understand it's our history that makes us who we are and sometimes unfortunate events need to occur so that a better future can be built." She seems to be a little taken back by his attempt to show any kind of caring, of course she knew he had it in him, "We all have our own dirty little secrets, things we would rather not have to relive," she says before kissing her finger and touching it to Max's nose.

"That we do," Max agrees. Though he remains outwardly emotionless, he does reach out again. The touch is little more than a brush of fingertips along Jordan's sleeve, respecting a perceived boundary. Then he withdraws again. It's as much comfort as he's ever offered a person, and made even more unlikely by his location and situation. "You've given me much to think about in a short time."

Jordan gives Max a half smile and a nod, "Hopefully it will alter your disposition a little," she says as she reaches out and places her hand on his shoulder, "It's true, there are some here with there own motives, but for the most part we only want to help." She looks down at her watch and grimaces, "Well time flies when your having fun," she says then looks back up at Max, "Well I guess when I'm having fun, your just along for the ride, aren't you pumpkin?" Her eyes look weary and possible a little watery, "I should be going, we wouldn't want dirty rumors to start would we?" She tries to make herself appear a little more jovial and gives Max a friendly swat on the ass, "I'll be checking in on you of course and remember I'm only a whisper away if you need me."

Max nods. He has his own share of heart-wrenching memories, so this is something he can understand. With his back to the door, he begins riffling through the books and papers left behind by Doctor Suresh. As soon as the door clicks closed, he straightens and whispers, "I'll be thinking of you."

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