2007-05-20: The Red Pill


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Summary: Elle shows up on Peter's doorstep dressed up as a character from his favorite movie.

Date It Happened: May 20, 2007

The Red Pill

Peter's Apartment

After nearly a full day on the job (yes, he actually worked today), Peter comes home to give his patient puppy a walk to a park, and then settles in to lay down on the bed as evening settles in. He'll call his girlfriend in a few hours. He's honestly not used to being on his feet all day. Nursing jobs, the one he prefered, involved a lot of sitting and waiting around while the person sleeps. One would think regeneration would get rid of all basic stiffness. One would think. Snowy's happily laid down on the floor rug in the living room, chewing on a non-squeaky toy.

Except that the girlfriend in question seems to have made plans of her own. At about six-thirty in the evening, there comes a knocking at Peter's door. Largely because someone still doesn't have a key. For the amusement value, she covers up any door peephole with a fingertip.

Giving a key to a girlfriend is a huge important step. Now that she's not living in the place, it hasn't become a priority for him. He'd actually had one made, but… Peter rolls off the bed, knowing that it's not his brother at the very least. The man would have tried to let himself in and crashed into the security chain. He glances through the peephole, with no view through it, and looks overly suspicous at the door. If it wasn't for the fact he knows a serial killer named Sylar probably wouldn't need to knock… he would maybe do something to alleviate his suspicious. As it is he undoes the deadbolt and the knob, and opens the door until it gets locked into place suddenly by the security chain. "…Elle?" After a second of staring, he closes the door to undo the chain, and opens it again.

It is Elle, indeed. Only it might not look like her at first glance. Because Elle is not generally a brunette. For that matter, Elle is not generally in black latex, PVC, and leather. It's Elle by way of Trinity. And she's managing to blush only a little. She walks inside, in her shiny, shiny clothing, and looks up at him through the sunglasses. "Hi there."

There's definitely an odd look on his face when he gets the door open enough. People changing hair color isn't necessarily a new thing to him, but— this— He backs out of the way for her, still holding onto the door, and watching her move with an interested look. "Elle?" he repeats again, just making sure he's not seeing things. Right height, right face around the sunglasses. "What— what are you…?" He actually forgets to close the door his thought process has been derailed so much by this.

Elle can't help it, she breaks into a big grin, which sort of breaks character a bit. She tugs off the sunglasses. "Do you have a lot of -other- women coming to your door dressed like this?" She puts her hands to his shoulders.

"Think I can answer no to that," Peter says, looking down at her, and along the hugging fabric. Only reason the door gets pushed closed is because he shifts his arm a bit and it half closes on his own. "This is because I said no to the bunny suit, huh?" It's said with a rather sheepish and shy look, that would be even more shy if he wasn't still looking at the way it hugs her figure. It sounds approving, though.

She says "Well, when you said no to the bunny suit, I had to figure something else out. And you said this was your favorite movie." The attire is, in addition to being very shiny, extremely figure-hugging. Vinyl and PVC will do that. She squeaks just a little when she moves in it. Her hair's longer than Trinity's was; she didn't cut it, just colored it. "I figured maybe it was time for ME to ask YOU on a date."

"This is better than the bunny suit," Peter admits, forgetting to lock his door for the moment as he continues to watch her. The fact that he's staring and completely dismissing all of his normal habits (he'll even lock other people's doors) shows he appreciates her effort. "What kind of date did you have in mind?" he asks, finally remembering to look towards her /eyes/ — or her sunglasses.

The blonde…or ex-blonde…doesn't seem to worry too much about the door. After all, anyone who tries breaking in on Peter and Elle sort of deserves what they get. She grins. "Out to a club?" she suggests. "I really don't think this look would fit in too many other places. But I'm willing to go anywhere you like."

"Yeah, probably not," Peter admits softly, letting his eyes wander lower again, before he gives his head a shake. This is definitely not what he expected tonight at all. In some ways, he's very much tempted to just stay in tonight. Clubs have never really been his thing, he'd just taken her there because… "Guess I need to change…" There's some hint of reluctance from him.

Elle takes another step forward, this one now putting her right up against him. She leans her head up so she can look into his face. "Or we can just stay in, if you'd rather. I'm sure we can find something to occupy our time."

There's a laugh at the possible ways they could occupy their time. Peter leans down the distance between them, lessened no doubt by heels, and gives her a brief kiss… that turns less brief, until he straightens and backs away. With the proximity, there's few difficulties. "We can at least go out for an hour or two." First, he'll move into the living area, and his closed closet, opening that up and pulling out a long black coat, fashionable. That gets tossed over a chair. The puppy looks up at the throwing, then goes back to her nonsqueaky toy.

Elle crouches low, kneeling down a bit. "Here, Snowy!" she snaps her fingers, trying to get her attention.

While Peter heads into the bedroom — where he noticibly does not close the glass doors — the puppy looks up and then stands, tail wagging as she closes the distance. Treat? Inside the bedroom area, in pretty much full view, he picks out a dark shirt, a pair of dark pants, a belt, and a simple undershirt and then gets to work undressing. She'll have some time to play with the puppy before he gets changed and finds a pair of dark tennis shoes and steps back in to sit down on a chair and put them on.

Electrobrunette plays with the puppy a little bit. Specifically, while playing with the puppy, she gives her other hand a charge, and then holds it several inches over Puppy, moving it around. By the time Peter's done, Snowy will look like a puffball with legs. Hey, at least she didn't shock the puppy. She stands, waiting as Peter changes. And, oh yes, there was watching. Kind of a lot of it.

There's a laugh at the staticy state of his pet, before Peter verfies in the animal's remaining fondness of the girl that she didn't hurt her. The puppy spooks easily, but this didn't bother her near as much as the yelling and kicking of furnature a few days ago. "Not exactly what he wore, but close enough," he says as he stands, grabbing the coat to pull it on, and then— retrieveing a pair of dark fashionable sunglasses to put on. Good thing with his hair is that it doesn't require much in the way of styling. "All right. Not sure exactly where we can go, but…" all he needs to do is grab his wallet, his phone and his keys.

Elle smiles. "We can always go hit the club you took me to last time. Or we can go anywhere, really. As long as I'm with you, it's all good." She moves over. "That's a good look on you." Peter makes a good Neo.

There's a pause at something she says. It may be noticable, because he's in the process of putting his wallet into an inner pocket of his coat when she says it. Peter completes the motion, then adds the keys and cellphone on top of that, and moves towards her, to touch her cheek first, and then her squeaky arm. "We can go to one closer to here. That way we can get back here faster." Because depending on how this goes— he might be eager to return quickly. "Really wish I knew how to teleport," he adds with a laugh, before he leads her towards the door.

Elle looks amused. "I thought you would. Hiro Nakamura can do it." she tells him, moving to walk alongside him. "Would certainly make getting around easier."

"He can, but I've never managed to do it," Peter says, opening the door for her. Once they're outside, he locks it up and adds, "Maybe I just need to practice a bit more often."

Elle looks back to Peter, her head tilting slightly in that "curious Elle" expression. "Well, why not give it a try?" she says, still hanging onto him. "If we end up somewhere else, we just take a taxi back."

Take a taxi back /from the future?/ Or Japan? Or California? "You want to try this right now?" Peter asks, looking at her curiously. He should probably honestly say he has no idea exactly how to target this particular ability…
Elle smiles. "If you want to. If you don't, it can wait. I have no better plans on where to be right now than with you. And I'd MUCH rather be with you if you were going to test it. In case you need backup."

"I'll make it simple… I know my apartment— and we're just outside." Peter says, glancing towards the door, then around the hallway. People aren't walking around much right now. Maybe if he aims for a really short jump he can manage it? Leaning down, he presses his lips against hers for a moment, and then wraps his arms around her. Back inside— back inside— It shouldn't be too difficult. Or at least that's what he'd hope.

Elle puts her arms around Peter, holding tightly to him. Her eyes are excited behind the sunglasses. She's never gotten to teleport anywhere. After a few seconds of waiting, she looks up. "Are we waiting for something?"

"…I'm not sure," Peter says honestly, closing his eyes again. Maybe picking a specific location wasn't a good idea, or maybe he's just /not doing it right/. Many minutes tick away, but no one enters the hallway. He definitely didn't get them anywhere though. Once a dozen or so minutes have passed, he sighs, straightening his sunglasses, "If Hiro hasn't vanished, I'd ask him exactly how he does this." But unfortunately he did vanish, so he shifts so he's holding the young woman's hand instead and leads her towards the elevator.

Elle nods. "It's okay." she says, smiling reassuringly. "I have a perfectly good car downstairs, and it's just as good…I don't want to think about drunken-home-teleporting."

"I'll let you do the drinking," Peter says, pushing the down button at the elevator. "I've gotten drunk enough the last few weeks. So if we have to I'll drive us back here." And hopefully not park her car badly. But this time he won't have her crying in his lap, will he?

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