2009-11-01: The Road To Hell Is Paved In Brotherhood



Date: November 1, 2009


A Bromance begins. Ivory meets Peter, Peter meets Ivory. Peter re-meets Tracy. Nathan's legacy, whether truth or not, is used as a bargaining chip.

"The Road To Hell Is Paved In Brotherhood"

Building 26 - Isolation Room

Footsteps of Doom. Those can be heard from quite a distance away, considering the quietness of Building Doesn't Exist. Which is why the arrival of Senator Palpatine… Wynn is known before he even gets to the door. It opens up, after a few locks and security checks are passed, four armed Hunters make their way into the room first. They are armed with tranq rifles and probably other things, but they do not seem to exhibit anything other than, well, a stoic expression to be taken ever so seriously. Finally, after it seems like things are clear, Senator Ivory Wynn steps into the room and keeps his distance, immediately, from the prisoner's location. He is, after all, quite paranoid. He reaches up to straighten his tie, while clearing his throat to perhaps, well, make sure that his presence is known by all of those within.

It's sad, because Peter doesn't even know he's a prisoner. He thinks he's just under medical care, for the headaches and vertigo that still comes and goes at times. The piece of metal lodged in his brain applying pressure even as everything else heals around it occassionally shifts, causing more damage. Temporary or not. It's not near the spot that would make him tumble to the floor— nor does he even know it's there. As soon as the guards get in, it becomes obvious that he's been left alone, and oddly enough mostly unrestrained. He has clothes. Loose, but not prisoner orange. He shifts off the metal cot to turn and look at the men, watching them with a confused blink, until Vader himself saunters inside. "Do— do I know you?" He didn't remember Max.

"Peter Petrelli."

Dramatic Pause of Doom.

"I am your father."

There's another dramatic pause before Senator Wynn cracks a big ol' smile and then makes his way closer to where Peter is sitting. "I'm just kiddin'. No, actually, I'm Senator Ivory Wynn. I knew your brother, Nathan." Ivory immediately goes to work with the speaking of the truth. Kind of. "When I heard what happened, I had to come and check on you. Nathan and I? We're old friends. Which makes you and I new friends." Immediately, Ivory plasters on a big grin, as he moves to see if he can't sit himself down on the cot next to Peter.

"You— you knew— you know Nathan?" Peter asks, suddenly watching the man with a very different expression. Admiration is one of the words that could be attributed to his face. As if he doesn't know to look away. It's something he's probably used to. In the past, he had every reason to be resentful or distrusting of his brother's friends and colleges. That doesn't seem to be true at this time. Not at all. "Senator? I— Sorry, I'm missing a lot of… How— do you know if my brother's okay? I haven't seen him in— I'm not exactly sure how long…" Little does he know that he could have said that even without the amnesia, but he wouldn't be looking at Ivory as if he must have the answer.

"It's been a bad few months, Peter. Let me tell you that." And then Ivory's expression is something more akin to borderlining on the serious. His own heartbeat starts to beat in a more calm manner, for some odd reason. He feels a bit more kinship towards the poor Petrelli. "I… cannot say, honestly, whether Nathan will be okay or not." Ivory has a thing for honesty. Its in his blood. And he tries to equivocate through his political lifestyle as much as possible. Especially right now. "But! What I can do… is that I can help you get back on your feet. The world's a mess, outside these walls and I promised Nathan that, if anything ever happened to him, that I would make sure you were taken care of."

Nathan may not be okay. Peter's head lowers, his eyes sadden, and he looks rather distraught. If his brother died trying to save him… if he was responsible for his brothers… Luckily, as the man makes a promise, his eyes look up, and then there's a hint of a smile tugging on the corner of his mouth, that admiring look beginning to settle back in. In his brother's absense, this man will protect him. But this makes him choose to be honest about something. "Senator— I— I'm very dangerous to be around. Max told me that I was helping stop terrorists, and I want to keep doing that, but… What I can do… if it hurt you— anyone else— I… I would rather be killed than have you— then have someone… get hurt." Part of him realizes this man somehow trumps everyone else, but he doesn't know why. Maybe because his brother, and the part he likely played in what happened to him.

"Don't worry. Max is working on a way to make sure you're no longer a danger to anyone on our side." Ivory sighs, looking down at the floor. "I don't even like to say that. Our Side. We shouldn't even be at war. This shouldn't even be happening." Ivory's tone changes drastically, before pushes himself up to his feet and takes a step or two away from Peter. "I wish it hadn't come to this. We tried to reason with them. We tried to offer them help. But they turned on us, attacking from every side. Jesus." Ivory sighs and shakes his head a bit more, trying to clear out the bad memories. "I just want you to know that I appreciate everything you've been doing. Nathan would do. This?" He waves a hand around to indicate everything and then some. "This was all him."

"Really?" Peter says, looking around. There's no way of knowing what's going on with this. Max, while he trusts him, has kept information light. Terrorists. He'd been fighting against them. There were prisoners… But this man he trusts even more than Max. Somehow. "I didn't— what is this place? Was I helping my brother out with this? I— Max told me I was helping fight against terrorists, saving people, protecting them. But I don't… remember who the terrorists were. Or who I'm supposed to— was I protecting you? I feel…" he hesitates and looks down towards his hands, for a moment smiling almost shyly. "I feel very protective of… this place." Him.

"I'll be perfectly honest with you here, Peter. The world is filled with people with… special abilities. The majority of them have decided that it's their science given right to use their abilities to harm our nation and the people that reside in it. I have made it my life's mission to help your brother protect us against them. Protect our country. When… he had is accident, he gave total control of all of this to me. And now I fight to keep his dream alive. As does Max. As do you." Ivory finally turns around to face the poor Petrelli once again. "A lot of people call us hunters or other things. But they don't understand what we're trying to do. Either they don't or they don't want to. Who knows." Ivory shrugs and moves back over to the cot to sit himself down. "They want me dead. If I'm dead, I cannot see this through and everything Nathan worked for will be gone. This whole place will fall apart at the seams." He reaches up, aiming to place a hand on Peter's shoulder. "We're not going to let that happen, are we?"

"I won't let anything happen to you or my brother's work here," Peter says, suddenly very determined looking, protective. And very much directing all of it at this man who's telling him what he believes without a shadow of a doubt. Even though he can be gullible at times, this comes off as more so than that. "I won't let anyone hurt you." There's a pause, before he looks away again, letting the hand stay on his shoulder, even seeming to lean into it. Touching has always been an important thing to him. "I'll do whatever I can to help you. I didn't… realize things were so bad. Once Max says I'm well enough… anything at all you need, I'll do it." And every word seems beyond genuine.

"Good. That's what I wanted to hear." Ivory removes his hand, only to reach into his inside pocket and come out with his wallet. He flips it open and pulls out his credit card, holding it out towards Peter. "This is yours for as long as you want it. Anything you need or want is on me. When Max lets you out of here, go get yourself some new clothes on Big Brother Ivory, okay?" Wynn grins as much as he can at this moment, feeling like he's doing the right thing the whole while. "I'll get Max to debrief you on everything as soon as possible. I want you up to speed and ready to roll when you're physically back in the game." And now Ivory gives a classic smile. A little too classic. "It's so good to have you back."

The hallway leading to the room is a narrow one; it's also a quiet one, until now. The distant sound of voices getting closer precedes footsteps, telltale of a woman's with high heel pumps.

It's a tall blonde woman who is approaching on the mens' last words, hearing some, missing some: well-dressed in black dress pants and a dark, green cardigan modestly buttoned all the way up, just beneath a string of pearls, matching the ones in her ears. Very classic. There's a white Styrofoam cup in one hand. Tracy is grim-faced when her steps slow at the open door, but when she sees Ivory, her face lights up into a bright smile.

"Senator," she greets pleasantly, stepping into the threshold. A more reserved look is given to the younger man. What's more, it's inquisitive. What on earth are they bonding over? "Peter." And back to Ivory with a raising brow. "Big Brother?"

"I— thank you," Peter says, holding onto the credit card. He has no idea where he even is, honestly. Is this in New York? The big hole in his memory seems to be difficult to fill in. "Would it be possible to get a few things from my apartment? Just… to make whatever accomidations you get me feel a little more like… home. Pictures and… books maybe. If I still have the apartment. I— I don't even know how much of my memory is missing yet. Last time I knew it was… November. Of 2006." Little does he know he's missing three whole years, almost. Minus a couple weeks.

And then a beautiful woman enters the room. He straightens, moving a bit closer to Ivory as if to protect him, or seek protection, until the woman says his name. Something about her comes off as familiar, as well. Does he… know her? That memory is so fresh in his mind. She was at Kirby Plaza. She helped him. How does he know his name? "I— I'm sorry, I— can't remember some things, but… you look very familiar. You… helped me." A hand reaches out to touch Ivory's arm, tactile contact that he can't help. The arm on his shoulder reminded him of his brother. "The Senator is a friend of my brother's."

"Ah, there she is." Ivory smiles, putting his wallet back into his pocket, before he looks over at Tracy. "Tracy Strauss. She's my Advisor. She handles all of the big league paper pushing." The aside to from Ivory to Peter comes with a bit of a nudging elbow, before he turns his smiling face to Tracy. Need to make sure she's not being troubled or anything. "Tracy. Enjoying your full access?" is asked, as innocently as he possibly can. "I'm glad you're here. I'm going to need a favor from you. Peter's not well. And he's going to need some days to rest before he can get back out in the field for us." Smile. "Would you mind terribly picking up a few things from his apartment in New York?" Ah, the little details are used to help solidify his role as the Black Petrelli Brother.

Tracy steps all the way inside, giving the room a glance about. For the most part, she criticizes it in one fell swoop and focuses on the men. Her brows only continue to raise after that, a reserved look of what the hell? taking subtle hold. "I… helped you," she repeats with a tone of inquiry. Inquiry and skepticism. The way she remembers it is basically the opposite. Tracy looks to Ivory for explanation, instinctively moving to the Senator's side. She gets some answers; pieces of what Max said are starting to make sense.

"New York?…" Will she go all the way to New York to pick up a few things?! "Sure, I know where it is," she says. "But don't you need me here, Senator?" At that moment, a chime in Tracy's purse goes off. With an apologetic smile, she ducks her head to fetch her BlackBerry. As she reads the screen — a text — her brow furrows, goes dark. "Mm. Anyway, change of plans. You're gonna wanna see this."

"You know where my…" Suddenly Peter's looking down, seeming to be shy all of a sudden. He doesn't know how this woman would know where his apartment is. The lack of memory makes the situation even more awkward. And… "It's nice to meet you— again. Tracy." He seems sorry to have forgotten her. Likely he genuinely is. "If we're not in New York, where are we?" he suddenly asks, looking toward Ivory, before looking back at the change of plans. "Is someone threatening the Senator?" That determined expression descents again. No one touches his Senator.

"D.C." Ivory remarks to Peter as fast as possible, before he raises an eyebrow in Tracy's direction. "I was going to let you use my private jet but… from the look on your face, I don't think flying is a good option right now. What's up?" There's worry etched across Ivory's features, as he reaches out to accept the Blackberry from the Advising Aide with the Legs. Even if she has them hidden with her currently too covering attire. He's going to have to 'suggest' a less conservative appearance. Heh, heh.

"It's… nice… to meet you too?" Tracy gives Peter a long and decidedly strange look — suspicious, critical. She eventually smiles and actually laughs, looking genuinely amused and surprised. "Okay, let me get this straight: you had an accident — let me guess; helicopter? — and you don't remember me at all aaand now you're working with the Senator… here." She shakes her head. Gradually, she fades back into seriousness. When she does so, it's dire. "They're not after the Senator. Not this time." Tracy hands the phone off to Ivory. "It's Rebel. We've got him just where we want 'im."

The text message reads:



While he's close to Ivory, Peter leans in to read over his shoulder, catching as much of the screen as he can. A few words stand out more than others, so he focuses on them. "Why is someone trying to come save me. Don't— are they trying to kidnap me or something?" There's total not understanding in his voice. There's absolutely no reason he can think of that anyone would need to save him from here. He's here of his own free will! No one's tying him down. They're not locking him up. He's helping keep his brother's dream alive! "I don't know any Rebel or Iceman… Do I? I— I can't remember anything since… since my brother's election night."

"Rebel. Iceman. These are two of our biggest threats." Ivory explains, holding out the phone for Tracy to take back. He sighs and closes his eyes. "I was hoping it wouldn't come to this. I've tried to reason with them numerous times. But they seem to only want to respond to violence. Which they twist and spin doctor to make me look like a fool. It's unbecoming, unpatriotic and just plain rude, if you ask me." Ivory looks up to Tracy. "They will not get their hands on Peter. I promised Nathan I wouldn't let him be harmed and that's what I'm going to do." Ivory's voice takes on a bit of a protectiveness of its own. "Go. Meet them. Max will shadow you, to make sure you're safe. I don't trust them. But if they're willing to turn themselves in, then perhaps we can put an end to this pointless war."

Tracy waits at the ready, attentive. She slides a look past Ivory to Peter, blue-eyed gaze both fascinated and critical; she's intrigued by his lack of memory and the changes she's counting. Given the things Ivory's been saying, she easily understands what's happening here. To his plans, she says nothing, just accepts them as they are. "I dunno about 'Iceman'," the advisor says dismissively as she takes the phone back and slides it away. "But Rebel's an online terrorist," she explains further for Peter's sake. "He's been organizing a group of— well, of rebels. He thinks I'm one of them. This'll be the first time we see him in person. I doubt he'll just come willingly. You better send more than Max."

"I can go," Peter immediately speaks up, looking at Ivory with a kind of child-like enthusiasm to please him. "My head's been feeling better the last few days. I think I'm ready to go out and… I want to do something. I've been sitting in this room since the attack and… I want to help you. I want to help my brother." Both of them, from the look of things. "And Max is my friend. He pulled me out of the wreckage and put me back together."

"It's too dangerous. They want you. And if they get their hands on you, there's no telling what they'll do. I can't risk your safety to further the mission. I won't." Ivory lays it on thick. "Nathan would never forgive me." Thicker. "I don't trust them. It's almost too easy that they'll come alone. Which means this is basically another attack. And I won't let them threaten my country without doing something about it." Eyes move from Peter to Tracy as he shifts his speech. "Max will shadow you. But I'll have a team already in place. We'll beat them to the punch."

The look Tracy gives the eager Petrelli is skeptical, at first, paired with dark blonde eyebrows beginning to raise. The look slides seamlessly to Ivory. Did he really know the Senator whose seat he took? …she catches herself being convinced, but it's possible — she can't know all of Ivory's contacts, especially the missing ones. "Alright. I'll get the flight details." Which means her hand is snaking back into her purse for her phone. She starts to stride away, but … stops, looking back at Ivory and Peter, reluctant to … leave. Instead, she stands back against a wall with her phone. Ignore the blonde in the corner texting.

"I— all right," Peter says, looking oddly touched instead of insulted or feeling left out. Part of him knows if this was Nathan he would keep the determined face up, and try to do whatever he can anyway, insist on going, get defensive about being left out. But somehow he can't help but agree with what the man says. "Is there anything I can do to help you here? Now? Without… without putting myself in danger from these terrorists?"

Ivory's attention is back on Peter and a hand goes out to grab him by the shoulder. Again. He's so touchy. Like a brother. A Soul Brother. "We'll find you something to do. I promise. I know how it is. You're raring to get back to fighting the good fight. But don't worry, you'll be up and at 'em again in no time. And we'll put these terrorists back where they belong soon enough." Ivory smiles, before cutting a glance over towards Tracy. "We're going to save the world. The three of us, Max and a few others. We're going to be… Heroes."

"The last time I tried to be a hero…" Peter trails off, looking down. The last time he remembers. These people might be able to… "You believe in me, don't you?" he suddenly says, looking up at him. He can feel, without a doubt, that this man believes him him. That he thinks he can… "I won't let you down. I promise." And just like he knows that this man believes in him, he gives off the strong feeling that he means his promise. That he would rather die then fail this man who believes in him. It's all that he ever wanted. Someone who trusted him. Stood by him. Believed in him.

Tracy glances up from sending texts on her phone. Her coffee, largely untouched, is sitting on some work surface or another. She stares at Ivory for a moment. Save the world. Heroes. Inspiring. No, truly— coming from Ivory, it is. However, stirred though she may be by the Senator's goals, she shows little of it outwardly. She clears her throat softly after Peter's oh-so-heartfelt question and steps in. "They're coming from Germany. Lufthansa 1272 from Frankfurt," she interjects. "And Rebel seems to know the location of this building. It's good that we're moving in when we are."

Ivory raises an eyebrow. "He knows what?" Immediately, he frowns. Because that's not good. "We've got a leak, then." And his eyes look to Tracy for a moment. Who knows what he's thinking. But then he's smirking slightly, before looking back to Peter with his Eyes of Sincerity. "That's what you can do for me, Peter. You can find the mole. Everybody likes you. You're Peter Petrelli." Ivory says his name like that means something around this venture known as Alpha Protocol. "Do a little snooping around. Somebody's been leaking information and the sooner we find out who, the faster we can find out what the terrorists know and cut 'em off at the pass."

"I can do that. I can ask arond here, see what people know. I can read minds… sometimes. It's— I'm not very good at it, but I can try." Peter shifts around anxiously, wondering with all the time he's lost how good he's not with his abilities. "I've only been using my powers for two months, that I can remember. I— kind of suck at them a lot of the time. But I won't let you down." It comes off as meaningful again, but, he's also doubting himself. Or perhaps hoping to hear a few words that… many people forget to give to him.

"You can read minds." Tracy eyes Peter, unsurprised but incredulous. She thinks about it— and smirks, laughing under her breath. "Of course you can." She steps closer to the men once more, gesturing with her phone. "I'm not so sure there's a leak," she ventures as she looks down at the sleek phone in her hand with a slowly knitting, thinking brow. "By all means, you should check for one, but the way this guy communicates— it's like he's everywhere at once. He said he can 'read secret government files' and, he practically responds faster than humanly possible. Something tells me he doesn't need a mole."

"Interesting." is all Ivory says to Tracy's commentary about the Rebel. After all, any information is good information and can be used against him. He's hoping. But for now, Peter needs some more attention and Ivory is more than willing to give it. "You'll be great, Peter. I know you will. Even if you manage to read just one mind, it will be a great help to us and to the unity between those that are special and those that are not. We are all in this together. Or we should be, anyway. If certain people would stop trying to rule the world." Ivory smiles. "This is no comic book, you know."

From the smile that suddenly appears on his face, Peter looks happier than he has in… years. Ivory said just the right thing, and everything considered… he has a loyal and trusting friend hanging on his every word. "People with abilities need to learn to control themselves, to create a better world for everyone… but just for themselves. I'll do what I can." He glances toward the open door. "Does this mean I can leave the room? Wander around the building? You— and go get clothes too, of course. I'm a long way from my apartment… If Tracy doesn't have time, I can see if I can find someone else willing to go there for me."

This is certainly the first time Tracy has heard about any unity. She is, all of a sudden, slightly wide-eyed. What's true and what's for the sake of Peter, here? In light of the things she learned on Max's tour, she'd rather believe Ivory. Luckily for Tracy, believing Ivory, at this point, comes naturally as breathing. "Why don't you just buy new ones?" she suggests to Peter. On that note, she places a hand on the Senator's shoulder. "Ivory has excellent taste. I bet he'll pick you out a sharp suit, you'll fit right in in D.C. Isn't that right, Senator." Since Peter and Ivory are such pals. Barely holding back a smirk, Tracy looks toward the open door. Her hand stays where it is, though — a little too familiar. "If you don't need me, Senator — I'm going to take another look aroud."

"You're free to move about the cabin, Peter. Just stay in the building until I rectify this most recent Rebel situation. I don't want to risk you getting hurt." Ivory responds, just as easily as he can. Before he turns his attention to Tracy and her addicted hand, he gives another smile to Peter. "I would like to see you before you head to the airport, Tracy. Perhaps we can meet… somewhere to… discuss the plan more in depth?" Uh oh. There he goes trying to make a date. Again.

"I— my things are kinda… my things. I want pictures of my family," Peter says looking down, hesitating, but eventually looking back at Ivory. "I'll stay inside the building. At least I'll get to make some new friends now." He reaches out and touches Ivory's shoulder, kind of a brotherly squeeze, before he steps back and pushes hair in his face out of the way. All that dying and he needs a haircut. But he doesn't say that right now. "Thank you. And— I'm glad you came. You— really do seem familiar. More than anyone else here. Like I… was supposed to meet you."

Tracy eyes Peter for a long moment, just … quietly analyzing. He was earnest before, but now… "I'm glad you're feeling better," is all she offers. It's courteous more than it is sincere, a cool contrast to the memory-lapsed man. She smiles and steps away from them, her hand trailing off the Senator's shoulder as she goes. "Of course, Senator," she calls back, more than accommodating. "You know how to find me." Whisking her coffee cup from where it sits, Ms. Strauss saunters briskly out the open door.

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