2009-11-04: The Sam to My Frodo



Date: November 4, 2009


Cam and Micah chat amongst their drugged stupor.

"The Sam to My Frodo"

Building 26 - Human Resources

Uncomfortably, Micah shifts in his semi-sedated state, he's coming-to again. His head woozily shifts from the left to the right to the left again. Woozily his brown eyes open, squinting to focus on something. Anything. As he focuses on his right, he realizes Tracy's gone and they haven't brought her back. Half-panicked (although still freakishly woozy), Micah squints as he looks to his left. He sighs with relief seeing that Cam is still lying next to him. He tries to raise a hand to his head before remembering the restraints around his arms. Instead he just frowns.

Drowsily, he calls into the quiet room, "Cam?" His voice croaks. His throat is freakishly dry around the tube in his nose. He frowns again before calling once more, "Cam…"

Cam blinks a few times as if just waking up. He struggles just a moment when he finds the condition he's in, but he doesn't have the strength to last more than a second or two. Another moment passes before he looks around, "Micah?"

"Yeah," Micah virtually sighs the word as he tries to moisten his lips. He coughs a bit around the tube and involuntarily closes his eyes. They want to stay closed, but he fights them open. "You okay?" his voice is scratchy, extremely hoarse.

Cam nods a little bit and says, "Uh-huh. Not very comfortable, but… still better than trying to sleep in Vegas." Vegas, of course, was way too hot for him, when they visited. On the trip when so much bad happened.

A very weak smile twitches Micah's lips upwards. "Yeah, Vegas wasn't the best for you, was it?" He stifles a chuckles before wrinkling the nose uncomfortably around the tube. The smile fades as quickly as it appeared, however, turning back into a frown. "I… I'm sorry," he sputters as he clamps his eyes shut. "I really did it this time, didn't I?" He closes his eyes tighter still fighting his sedated sleep.

Cam shakes his head, "No, Tracy did it. Though, she got cool when she realized. Never been able to freeze anything that good." He laughs, or at least tries to, but it turns into a cough. Then he settles back.

"Yeah. I think… I think she's cool. Talked to her before…" Micah furrows his eyebrows, "They took her away somewhere…" Biting his lower lip he shakes his head a bit, "So… what do you think they'll do with us? Keep us here hooked to tubes for the rest of our lives?"

Cam considers, and then says, "No. They can't. They'll probably just try to find a drug that shuts off our powers then make us keep taking it. Like the Psi Corps in Babylon 5. If they're not stopped, or we're not rescued."

Sighing again Micah tries to nod —quite unsuccessfully —at Cam's suggestion, "You're probably right. This sucks." With another cough he forces a very weak smile, "I'm glad you're with me, Cam. You're the Sam to my Frodo." He smirks a bit only to cough again seconds later. "I'm still sorry though. Man, this year sucks."

Cam smiles a little in return, and says, "Glad too." He yawns a little as the drug-induced sleepiness starts to kick in again, but he's not out yet. "No… this half a year sucks. Up until the start of August… it was the best year ever. That's when everything went to crap."

"Yeah, you're right," Micah smiles as he reflects on their pre-August year. "No matter what happens we stick together. You'll always be my brother." He purses his lips together and swallows. "We'll be playing video games, eating junk food, and bothering the Frauline again soon enough." His eyes woozily begin to close at this happy thought. "It'll be good again," he decides aloud.

Cam answers, simply, "Yeah." Which part of what Micah's saying he's agreeing to isn't clear… but then, maybe all of it. In any case, he's soon back asleep as well, drifting off again into the haze of the drugs.

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