2007-11-22: The Sick, The Strong, And The Brave


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Summary: After the audition, Alex shows up having finally caught up with Tyson, along with Ophelia.

Date It Happened: November 22, 2007

The Sick, The Strong, And The Brave

Bronx, NYC - The Brawler's Headquarters

The match was over, the audition complete, and as Armstrong lorded over Tyson's body on the floor of the center boxing ring, he spat. "Boy. Your memory is shit. I remembered you from that Central Park incident, you punk." He laughs, turning around and puts his shirts on before getting his black jacket with its golden spade emblem on its back. Though thanks to the news and his encounters with them on the day previous, Tyson recognizes it as symbol of that Gold Ace gang… He had been duped… "Oh! And I guess since I won, that means I'll be able to fight in that tournament you've got going on, right?" He laughs a bit more, rubbing it in the kid's face. "I'll be seeing you then!"

Stepping outside, Armstrong is greeted by more Aces, all anxious to hear the outcome. "We're in, Boys!" They cheer, "Now let's get back to the base. Aces, out!" Not one person deviates from the orated command. Armstrong was in control.

Tyson isn't really moving. He's barely breathing and beaten. There's a good amount of blood and it's all Tyson, almost looking if he simply refused to take his beating a stay down.

Heading back to the Brawler's Headquarters, Ophelia had really just been looking for somewhere to get out to. It had sort of become her default location to come to as soon as she started wandering, and so she had once again ended up there. Peering inside, Phi looks around, calling out before her. "Ty? You around?" Her gaze slowly drifts over to the ring, blinking a bit as she thinks she sees a bit of something. Moving closer, she's startled to see a familiar looking form and promptly moves quickly towards it. "Ty?!"

Alex trots in from another entrance as the Aces leave; he got left behind, then turned around in the city as he tried to follow Tyson. He started to go on but then.. he stopped and looked up the address to this place Tyson was talking about. He oriented, and headed there, arriving too late. He sees the figure in the ring, blinks, then he's taking steps three and four at a time to get down there to him. "Tyson!?" he calls, just as the woman does so.

Tyson coughs and blood comes up. He's writhing and anyone touching him would feel the heat coming off his body, probably being able to note it as him being sick. "Al… Phi…" He mumbles with eyes dazily moving staring up at the ceiling and faces of both Alex and Ophelia as they arrive at his side, he recognizes their voices enough, but is just not very capable of visually perceiving things too well at the moment.

That's not good. Moving right over to his side and taking his hand, reaching to see if she can determine injuries, she notes the strange warmth. Ophelia frowns, glancing over at Alex. "This isn't good. We need to get him to the hospital." Her gaze shifts down to Tyson. "Hey.. you're gonna be okay. I promise."

Alex nods to Ophelia after doing a double-take at the pretty young woman who's just showed up. He looks at Tyson critically, moving the youth gently and carefully, like he knows what he's doing. He pokes, he prods, he checks. "At least one rib is gone, maybe two; he's bloddy but not too bad just from that. He's burning up, though; yeah, probably hospital. Soon. Do you have a medic on staff, here?" Apparently he thinks Ophelia works here.

Tyson feels someone take his hand and strains his vision to see just who was doing it. Thankfully it was the more attractive of the two, from what he could recall, "… -elia…" He coughs, turning his head to the side as Alex maneuvers him. The question about a medical staff makes him laugh a little, it had been on his list of things to secure for them. "Notyet…" His answer slurs to answer the proposed question, in defiance of the notion that he was out.

Ophelia squeezes his hand, though she frowns a little at how weak Tyson seems. She glances to Alex. "Got a cellphone or something? Even if the injuries aren't terribly bad, coughing blood never is a good sign and he's burning up." Tyson already answered the question, so she leaves it alone.

Alex nods, his little phone/net device out and 911 punched. He reels off information to the dispatcher and clicks off. "They'll be here in a few minutes," he says, checking out Tyson some more to make sure there is nothing he's missed. "Who did this to you?" he says.

"… Aces…" Tyson answers in a whispered voice, passing out, now that he knew help was on the way. Alex had been more of a surprise than Phi had been, and he was thankful, in the end, that he had been followed. So much for losing nosy people… As for Phi… Tyson was just glad she was coming around.

Seeing Tyson pass out, Ophelia frowns, still keeping a good grip on his hand. "You'll be alright." She murmurs, even though she doesn't think he can hear. "He mentioned something about them before, but I can't quite remember what.." Her eyes study Alex for a moment. "Sorry.. I haven't introduced myself. Ophelia Hunter. You can call me Phi."

Alex looks up from the bloodied boy and nods. "Alex Black, good to meet you. I know who these guys are, and what they look like. They're gonna wish they'd never done this," he says, frowning.

"Yeah, I second that. Seriously, this is messed up." Ophelia watches Tyson carefully, then looks back at the entrance as she waits for the ambulance. "They're really going to wish they hadn't done this when I'm done with them."

// Continued in Go for the Gold

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