2007-06-27: The Sky Was Pink


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Summary: Kitty meets with Marcus to discuss Tamara, but Prescience intervenes and Marcus tries to help, by pointing her toward Primatech.

Date It Happened: June 27th, 2007

The Sky Was Pink

Starbucks, Downtown New York City

Starbucks is a little hopping, but Marcus has found a nice table in the corner, where he can watch out the window, he;s in his normal three piece suit.

Kitty enters the cafe and spots Marcus instantly. Making her way over, she smiles and sits at the table removing her sunglasses. "Hey you!" She places her shoulder bag on the floor and lightly taps her foot on the floor.

"Whats up Kitten?" Marcus smiles and pushes one of the two drinks in front of him over to you, steam still coming from it, "You called?"

Kitty laughs at the old nickname and nods, "I saw Tamara the other day, kiddo looks good for a runaway" She takes a sip of her drink and closes her eyes as the taste hits her. "Boy do I love my Vanilla Creme". She then looks back to Marcus.

Marcus winks, "Yeah …she does…I've seen her a couple times…shes made it very clear that if I try to take her in….I'll never see her again."

Kitty nods and leans back in her chair. She seems to think for a moment before coming to a conclusion. "I think she just wants to be away from everyone for awhile, Tammy is a very special girl. We're going to go find a cat one day soon. I gave her my number but I know she will find me sooner or later".

Marcus raises an eyebrow, "A cat?" he leans back in his chair and takes a sip of his own drink, hot apple cider by the smell.

Kitty nods excitedly and grins, "Yeah and knowing her, we won't go and buy one.We're going to look for one. But I've missed the kid. Are you sure she is alright?" she looks concerned for a second and her forehead wrinkles.

Marcus sighs, "I don't know…I worry about her a lot…but I am not sure what I can do about it.

Kitty looks out of the window, "Maybe she will decide to live with me for awhile, I'll take her" Amusement fills her eyes, "You know I was always the coolest". She winks and takes another sip of her drink. "So, how is work? I don't even know what your job is. That means we haven't talked in a mighty long time".

Marcus Says, "I'm a medical intern for a research hospital here in town. still working on the whole Doctor thing.

Kitty grins, "Aw Dr. Brooks". She reaches over and touches Marcus' arm,her hand grazing the watch he is wearing. She immediately gasps and her eyes roll into the back of her head. Her body twitches and her mouth moves as if she is trying to say something.

Marcus suddenly become serious, moving to stand and begin treating her like she has a seizure, grabbing a plastice spoon to make sure she doesn't bite or swallow her toungue.

Kitty stops all of a sudden and she looks up at Marcus with tears in her eyes smearing her makeup, "Tamara or the human race? Your sister or your fellow human! Don't make an mistake, choose wisely Marcus", Kitty sighs and shakes her head and lifts herself upright into her chair. "I was right about Tamara.." she mutters and tries to stop trembling.

Marcus wraps his arms around you, holding you tightly to him, "Kitten, its ok….everything is ok"

Kitty shakes her head weakly and she sobs softly, " Everything is not ok. So much killing, Marcus I have so much I need to tell you. So many secrets I've kept from you." She closes her eyes and seems to be drifting off to unconscious, "Can you forgive me?" Kitty then goes limp and her face looks trouble as she is knocked out.

Marcus lowers her back into the booth, and begins checking her vitals.

Several of the customers and staff react to the scene, and Marcus assures them everything is ok, having a waitress bring him some water.

Marcus helps Kitty up and out the door, taking her home.

Kitty's Apartment, Downtown New York City

Kitty's apartment is silent and the only light on is the one in Kitty's room. She lies on her bed and appears to be sleep before she wakes up. She slowly opens her eyes and spots Marcus. She blinks a couple of times and sits up a little. "Haven't had a episode like that in awhile", she says and rubs her temples.

Marcus says, "Episode?" he raises an eyebrow and frowns, "So this isn't the first one?""

Kitty looks like she wants to take back what she just said, but then sighs and shakes her head. "Marcus, I'm…well I'm different. I have visions by touching objects. That vision I had when I touched your watch was one of the biggest visions I have ever had. I only fainted when I first started using my power but I've trained it so that was a weird occurrence." Kitty then chooses to make occurrence her word of the week.

Marcus raises an eyebrow, "I….you have fainting spells…and visions….have you had them checked out?

Kitty chuckles and shakes her head. "Who would believe me? Only my best friend Dorian knows and that's because he has an ability too. Even you don't believe me, I can tell". She looks down at her gloved hands and slowly removes them before placing them onto her bedside table.

Marcus leans down and kisses your forhead, "If you told me the sky was pink, I would believe you without question!"

Kitty smiles warmly and takes Marcus' hand. "That's why you're my favorite cousin. Do you know anyone that could potentially help so that this occurrence doesn't happen again?" Kitty props herself up more and shakes her hair out a little.

Marcus thinks a second, "I know a few doctors I could point you too….but I'm not sure if you want that kind of help…if your afraid people might not believe you.

Kitty nods and gets off the bed to walk around. "I've been dealing with this since I was 13, I can continue to deal with it, I guess."

Marcus nods, "You havn't had these kind of attacks lately though?

Kitty shakes her head and looks out the window, "Not in a couple of years actually. Only big visions are what knock me out. Guess your future is pretty big". She snickers softly.

Marcus walks over and rubs her back, "What did you see?"

Kitty tilts her head and closes her eyes. She takes in a deep breath and doesn't talk for a few minutes. Her breathing becomes deeper and longer before suddenly, her eyes snap open and her gaze is out the window but it doesn't seem as if she is looking at anything. "So crazy shit is going to happen in the future cuz. Sides will be taken, people will be killed, and you will have to choose between family andyour fellow humans. Kitty then blinks a couple of times and wavers slightly before catching her balance and nodding her head as if too say that she isok. She walks over to the wall next to the window and leans against it.

Marcus frowns a bit, "Thats a….dark….vision….I doubt I will ever have a choice between my family and the human race though.

Kitty shrugs lightly, "My visions haven't been wrong yet, prevented yeah, but never wrong. When I have more time. I will be able to look at the vision closer and see what else I can get out of it. I have read visions wrong before. You might find yourself in a comprising position and have to make a decision. I don't think you would ever willing do anything to harm us, your family. She smiles at Marcus.

Marcus nods, "I'll keep my eyes out, and keep my options open….Are you sure you don't want to talk to anyone about these visions?

Kitty thinks for a moment and then makes a decision. "Ok, who have you got for me to talk to?"

Marcus Says, "There are a couple of people at the hospital I can ask if you want.

Kitty looks down at the ground and she whispers as if somebody can hear her, "What kind of people, Marcus? Are they going to think I'm a crazy looney bin?".

Marcus hugs her again, tightly, "I don't know Kitten, I can't say…thats why it's up to you.

Kitty lays her head against Marcus' chest and shakes her head. "I think I will wait, I only just had the episode, it could have been a one time thing right?"

Marcus strokes her hair tenderly, "Its ok, everything is ok" He pauses a second, "Let me know if you change your mind."

Kitty nods her head and just takes comfort in Marcus hugging her. Family always has your back.

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