2008-02-20: The Soldier, the Seal, and the Student


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Summary: Two guys walk into a diner…

Date It Happened: Friday, February 20, 2008

The Soldier, the Seal, and the Student

Lucky Joe's Diner, Downtown, New York City, NY

The tinkle of the bell over the door each time it opens, the smell of linoleum and fried foods, the sounds of grilling and the call of 'Order Up!'. These are only a few of the things that assault the senses as one walks into Lucky Joe's. Lucky Joe himself can often be seen through the grill window over the back counter, in his food stained white apron, sleeves rolled up. A huge black man with no hair but a winning smile, he embodies all his Diner stands foor. Good food, warm greetings from the staff, and an all around friendly atmosphere greets patrons as they enter the cocoon of cheerful red, white, and chrome. This is a place of family and friends. Open 24/7, you can come any time you want, and get breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. Yes, that means waffles at five in the evening, if that is what will bring a smile to your face.

Sophie is seated at one of the stools at the counter. She has her coat over the back of the stool, but she is wearing gloves while she eats the hamburger.

William makes his way in finishing a conversation in rapidfire spanish on his cell phone. Once he's inside, he's shutting it though. Better off being polite in public. He makes his way up to slide onto the stool next to Sophie's with a quick frienly smile for her. A messenger bag is slouched beside him. He pauses to pull out a notebook, flipping it open to read from it as he waits for a waitress.

Sophie turns, then she offers a quick, but friendly smile to William. She then tugs the edges of the gloves, making sure they are under her sleeves.
Right behind William, Brennen walks in and sits down a couple stools away from Sophie, but on her other side from William. He waits patiently for the waitress, and then orders a buger, fries and a chocolate shake.

William catches the attention of the waitress and gives her a quick grin as he orders a grilled cheese, fries, and a soda. He stretches, then looks down to his notes, moving his mouth as he reads through. Maybe he's trying to memorize them. His writing is a bit messy, but the notes seem to be on securing crimescenes, despite that.

When his food arrives, Brennen smiles and picks up the hamburger to take a bit. "Mmm. That's good," he says around a mouthful of burger. "Haven't tasted one this good in a long time." The waitress smiles back at him, "Well thank you."

Sophie has a relatively local accent. Upstate, not the city. She says, "Oh, the hamburgers are great here, but the waffles are good."

William's accent is totally mid America as he smiles over. "This is a good place for the greasy stuff." He ways with a friendly smile as his own greasy meal arrives. I've yet to have anything here that didn't taste good." Healthy? That would be a different story?

Brennen grins and nods, "I'll have to remember this place. I'm new to New York so I'm still scouting the place out." He takes another bite of the delicious burger and a couple of fries.

Sophie sighs as she has to wipe the leather gloves at frequent intervals. But it doesn't stop her from eating.

William pulls apart his gooey grilled cheese, giving Brennen a smile. "This is a good one. Friendly, too." He pauses for a sip of soda before he asks, "So, where'd you come here from? The city a big change?" And then he starts in on the piece of sandwich while he waits for an answer.

Brennen shrugs, "This city? Yeah, big change. I've never been to a place this big before." He drinks some of that wonderful chocolate shake he ordered and then continues, "I just got out of the army about two weeks ago now. Still getting used to the civilian life again too, in addition to this place."

Sophie nods, "I came from a pretty rural area. Yeah, they have some in this state." she chuckles.

William gives Sophie a smile. "I grew up on a farm. But far from here." He says before he looks over to Brennen. "Army, huh. Well, I suppose we can let you into the city anyway." He jokes. "Where were you stationed?" Will questions between bites of food. "I'm Will by the way."

Brennen comments, also between bites, "I grew up in smaller cities, not a farm." He takes another bite and then continues, "I was stationed at Fort Campbell in Kentucky for pretty much my entire time in." He sucks on the straw in his shake again.

Sophie nods, "I was, well, around Sugarloaf mountain. Way upstate. Nowhere anyone really knows."

William nods over to Brennen. "Ah. I was out in Coronado, near San Diego for most of my time in the service. Well, when I was stateside. Navy though. This time of year, I really miss that weather if nothing else." He says with a smile. Sophie gets a shake of his head. "Never heard of it myself."

Brennen shakes his head to Sophie, "No, you're right. Haven't heard of it." He looks at William, "I actually lived in California when I was younger than…I wanna say twelve. North of San Diego though, up in a place called Rancho Cucamonga."

Sophie lets the two talk, eating her food for a moment. She does look interested, though.

William nods over to Brennen. "The water there is good, too. We spent enough time in it." He states as he munches. "It was a great home base to return to, especially after harsh desert."

Brennen shrugs, "I can't really remember the water. I know it was cold, and at least at the beach closest to me, nasty. Other than that, don't remember much about it." He takes another bite of his burger, now almost finished, and scoops up a few fries. "My name's Brennen, by the way. Will, you said, right?"

Sophie finishes off that hamburger, using a wet napkin to clean the gloves. She peeks up at the men, looming on either side and talking over her.

William nods his head. "William, or often just Will, yes. Well, I was with the SEAL teams, so I got more than enough chances to learn to love that freezing water before training was over." He says before he gives Sophie a smile. "Sorry to talk over you."

Brennen smiles at Will, but addresses Sophie then, "Yeah, sorry. Brennen." He extends his hand to the lady. "What do /you/ do?"

Sophie hesitates a moment, then takes the hand in her gloved one. "What do I do? I..mm.. go to college still."

"What are you studying?" Will asks curiously, reaching out for a drink of his soda. "College is a good thing, after all. I taught for a bit. I have a whole go to college speech." The man jokes.

Brennen shakes the girl's hand and nods, "Yeah, it is. I didn't even go before I joined up, but I wish I had. Got a degree in aviation while I was in, but…still. I missed out on the college experience."

Sophie smiles at that, "Oh, yeah. I'm an undergrad right now. But I want to be a librarian. So.. that's going to take a Masters, at least."

William gives Sophie a smile. "But it will be a good career, I'm sure. I got my degree in Math. Seemed as good as any at the time. I was planning to be a career officer." Which apparently he isn't. "I went to the Naval Academy, so it was a bit different of a college experience, I'm sure."

Brennen raises his eyebrows, impressed, "Not bad. For me it was high school straight to flight school. Got my aviation degree from the Army's flight school. I was also planning to go career." He pushes his now empty plate toward the other side of the counter and reaches for his shake to finish it off. "Good burger…really good."

Sophie smiles a bit, as she says, 'I know its not really exciting, but I do like books."

"I'd says exciting is overrated, but I'm too adicted to it." Will jokes with rather deadpan humor before he nods over to Brennen. "What did you fly?" He asks, with that same curiousity he's shown all evening.

Brennen shrugs, "Nothing wrong with books. I love reading. For me it's mostly scifi, admittedly, but I still love it." He looks to Will, "I flew OH-58's in the beginning and AH-6's for most of it. Scouts, if you don't know, but judging from your job, I'm sure my unit's blackhawks and chinooks flew your guys around sometimes."

Sophie just looks baffled at that conversation other than.. "Yes, I like all kinds of books, too."

William nods his head. "I mostly read scifi as well. And nonfiction. Books in general are good though." He states before he gives Brennen a quick smile. "Probably. And if not your unit, another. Because I definately rode on my fair share of blackhawks and chinooks over the years."

Sophie says, "Wow, that sounds kind of exciting." she then smiles, "Well, but I have to be getting back to class. It was a pleasure meeting both of you."

Brennen grins at the girl, "Hey you too, Miss…" he trails off, hoping she'll finish the sentence.

Sophie grins at that, "Well, Petrov. Sophia Petrov." as she puts down the tip, and puts on her coat.

Brennen nods to her, "Nice to meet you Miss Petrov. Brennen Caldwell. Have a great day."

William waves to Sophie. "It was nice to see you." He states before he looks over to Brennen. "I wonder if we were ever on the same mission." He ponders, grabbing a fry to pop it in his mouth.

Brennen shrugs, "Me too. But you know I can't talk about it." He smiles at the man. "But perhaps we did anyhow."

William nods his head. "I'm sure we crossed paths at some point." He states before he adds with a smile. "I know. I'm coming up on two years out in a few months, but I still remember the rules. Very litty of what I did I can talk about to anyone."

Brennen nods, "I hear you. I just got out. Like two weeks ago. I'm still on terminal leave, actually. Got about another two and a half months of that." He pays the diner waitress and sits back against the stool's back.

"That's brand new to the outside world." Will states before he says. "So, what new career awaits you here? Still getting the chance to fly?"

Brennen grins, "Yeah. Actually I'm flying for the police now. Just went down to the station to introduce myself and meet the people I'll be working with yesterday actually. I'll be starting next week. I just got to New York a couple days ago, and I'm still hunting for a place to live. Been staying in a hotel."

William gives Brennen a smile. "Maybe I'll get the chance to fly with you again then. I'm currently working my way through the police academy. While I have much more of some skills than your average cop, I didn't have others at all. I'll be out walking a beat for awhile, and then we'll see where I'll end up."

Brennen smiles again, almost laughing, "Yeah, I hear you. They're gonna make me fly copilot for a few months until I learn their operations. Haven't done that in a few years."

"Ah well, it'll be interesting. I'm actually looking forward to the fact that you never know what you'll see or who you'll meet. I like learning new languages, so this is a great city to live in." William states, finishing off the last of his food.

Brennen stands up from his chair, "Yeah, I agree. Too long in a single environment gets boring. This city is certainly…exciting. That's for sure." He straightens his jacket and offers his hand to Will, "It's nice to meet you Will. I need to get going, but maybe we'll see each other around again."

William takes Brennen's hand. "It was nice to met you. I bet we'll run into each other again someday." He turns his attention back to his notes. Probably something he's been working on at the police academy.

Brennen heads for the door and the chime dings as he walks out of the little, delicious, and oh so bad for your health diner.

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