The Speaker


The Speaker is a cutting edge, atypical source for hot topics.

News With Opinions

The Speaker website opened in 2005. It wasn't just any website: it was a fledgling, but fully-formed, American news organization with a studio, except that the news was streamed online supplemented with blogs and articles. And the news wasn't just any news: it came with the feisty opinions of its journalists over the most controversial topics, often digging up dirt on figures in the media and pulling information from the shadows.

The address of its studio is unknown; only a handful of its intelligent, feisty reporters appear on-screen; the rest of its staff are unlisted. It may be more of a mystery than the mysteries its uncovers with its nosy investigative journalism, but The Speaker's only motive is uncovering the truth — or possible truth — and stirring up some controversy along the way.

The Speaker also has a section of its website dedicated to public discussion, on which sometimes unfounded gossip appears from anonymous sources, while its real news pieces are more founded in research.

Ever since abilities came out a few years ago, they've been one of The Speaker's foremost topics. The whirlwind of controversy that surrounds the abilities has boosted the news organization higher into general public knowledge, what with its quick, eye-catching take on the subject. Positive, negative, Anti-Registration, Pro-Ability — they'll take a news lead from anyone.

Because of their hot-button topics, reporters who very much exercise their right to free speech, and a knack for getting information they shouldn't have had access to, The Speaker is often a target for aggression. If they could be found.

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