2009-07-29: The Talk


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Summary: Claudine and Orion have a talk, that needs talking.

Dark Future Date: July 29th, 2009

The Talk (dun dun dun!)

Underground Tunnels

The walk down the tunnels is quiet for a while. Claudine seems to have a few things on her mind and she takes a deep breath sighing a little. "Rafe was cute wasnt he?" she asks with an impish giggle.

Orion moves along slowly, hands thrust into his pockets and his posture a little slouched. He sighs softly at the impish giggle, closing his eyes for a few moments.

"Kids his age tend to be, until you try raising 'em."

"Why do you seem so down?"

She cants her head a little, raising her brows as she studies him for a bit. "You look rather depressed hun. You okay? I know!" and she raises a hand in the air with her index finger pointed up before jumping in front of him as if there was a lightbulb on her head.

"We need a baby!"

"I- Well, I think you're get- I… What?"

Orion twists his head to look at Claudine. The tall man sighs and shakes his head, closing his eyes again for several moments. He sucks in a few deep breaths and shakes his head again.

"No. No we don't."

"No, you're right. It's just that..I was late not too long ago and it got me thinking. I was so happy and then it occured to me that well..this probably isnt the right place or time to start a family."

Claudine sighs a little and starts walking down the tunnels a little, tucking some loose strands of hair behinds her ears, seeing if there's any reaction to what she had just said. Only after a few minutes passes does she add on in the end.

"Dont worry. It turned out to be a false positive."

"You… I… What?"

Orion is startled, at the very least taken aback by that little confession. The tall man has to jog to catch up to Claudine as she starts walking away, leaving him to sputter in place. He comes to a stop almost beside her when she adds the 'false positive' part. Orion doesn't sigh in relief. He doesn't really express relief at all at this 'do not worry' disclaimer. Claudine is clearly hitting him with one-two punches at the moment.

"It's not right. It wouldnt be fair. I think..I just got a nice little fantasy in my head of you, me..having kids, raising a family. Not having to fight or even having to free people,smuggling them through tunnels so they can live their own life. No worries. Just..ya know. Normalcy."

Claudine sighs once more as she stops, turning around to face him as she chews on her bottom lip. "Marcus found me today. He's still with the Company. They're trying to find out ways to 'cure' a disease. That disease is our powers. They're still trying it ya know. And he asked me what I'd be like without my powers. If none of us had our powers. I dont think I'd be happy. Sure, I might have a normal life, but I dont think I can do normal. Not anymore anyway.."

"You deserve normalcy, Dine. You deserve so much that I can't give you… And a family, right now, in this world, I can't give you that."

Orion moves toward Claudine and wraps his arms around her. He pulls her into a tight hug, his eyes closing for a few moments as he lets out a long sigh. The tall man leans his forehead against hers and looks into her eyes as his open.

"If none of us had our powers… I wouldn't have met you. I would have just been some poor shmuck in Harrisburg. Lonely and wishing I had someone as wonderful as you. I wouldn't be me. I don't know who I would be, but it wouldn't be me… And I wouldn't be complete without you."

"No. I know. It wouldnt be right having one now. Maybe someday. Maybe if all this hadnt happened with the war. Who knows?"

Claudine buries her face in his chest, closing her eyes as she wraps her arms around the taller, older man. She takes in his manly musk, trembling a little as she meets his gaze while looking up towards him. Tears well up in her eyes and then run down her cheeks at his words and she smiles warmly towards him.

"You are too good to me, Orion Granger. As long as I have you, I will be happy, you're all that I need.." and she kisses him tenderly on the lips.

Orion returns the kiss gently, keeping her held close to him. The tall man smiles at her with his eyes, his hands gently squeezing her shoulders while he kisses her sweetly as he can.

OH noes! She's getting all emotional, something she hasnt done in quite some time and so, her cheeks burn a bright red as she burries her face into his chest once more, her tears wetting that scruffy shirt of his.

"I'd tell you to shave, if I didnt think it made you look more dashing and rogue-like, so I wont.." she says, trying to abruptly change the subject. Only he can get her to be the young woman she was in the past, and these days, it makes her feel uncomfortable..almost vulnerable when she's like this. "We..should get going.." she admits in the end.

"We should apologize to that woman who went outside before us. I think she wanted to talk to one or both of us."

Orion squeezes Claudine comfortingly in his arms, kissing her atop the head very gently. The tall man sighs softly, "But not tonight. I'm tired and I need a shave," he replies. Probably not a full shave, just some trimming of the goatee.

"I know how to contact her. She's at the Zoo with a bunch of do-gooders. They're so self righteous, not trusting us, but..I suppose if I were in their shoes I wouldnt trust us either.."

Claudine sighs a little, hooking her arm with his own and giving it a squeeze as she moves and shifts the earth, taking a short cut to their underground home. It's safe, not connected to any of the tunnels and she sighs in the end.

"I'm tired too. You think..maybe one day? We could..have you know, the white picket fence and three and a half kids?"

"So long as the half a kid is named Gimli, I don't see why not," replies Orion. He leans over and kisses her on the cheek again and smiles. Granger keeps his arm hooked with her own, letting her lead the way. It's not like he can move the earth out of their way.

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