2010-04-24: The Tart And Tactless



Date: April 24, 2010


Noelle finds a new crew.

"The Tart and Tactless"

The Ship Yard — New York City

The docks along the New York City coast are particularly seedy this time of night. It's relatively empty save for a few souls working the shipping yard, although not all of their activities are above-board, otherwise, they'd work during the day. The streetlights cast eerie shadows down the dark harbour, but some people work away. In fact, some in particular are emptying cargo from a ship — a ship that doesn't belong to them, even if the cargo does.

Aedan is the overseer of sorts, on this side, anyways. He's been in a position of surmounting power from his posse. The tattoo on his forearm has been there for years, and his time in the United States has been prosperous in way, he's been developing a foothold. It's taken forever, but he's done it along with his superiors.

Underneath his greyish beanie — that he wears for all of his jobs — his dark hair protrudes just a little. Brown eyes scan harbour looking for signs of activity, and the outline of his holstered gun can be seen underneath his black hoodie. "Hey kid, make sure you get those crates too — we can't let this boat get inspected," his thick Irish accent insists. "It's important that we do this t'day! 'Course ye know the cargo — " he glances up the street, it's important they don't draw extra attention.

"Wouldn't want that, now would we?" the voice comes out from the darkness. Heels can be heard clicking on the pavement as Noelle reveals herself and then she's looking over to the overseer. "Hefty shipment, yeah?" her eyebrows lift. It's become easier for her to speak the American English.. but you can still hear her accent.

Dressed in a pair of tight black jeans along with a dark purple tank top, her black booted feet stand shoulder width apart as she regards the operation. "And how exactly am I suppose to help.. you?" she leans in to whisper the last bit in his ear, before she draws away with a wicked grin and she's ruffling a bit of her hair.

Noelle looks over the boat. "I was told these shipments are pretty important." Flirting over, now it's time to get to business.

"They'd confiscate this cargo in a second and arrest as all. Well, those of us they know of," Aedan winks as his grin broadens, particularly in light of Noelle's flirtation. "Normally would've done this meself with the help of transport, but — " he shrugs. "I'm supposed to figure out why y'er with us now." He shrugs, unlike some of those he works with Aedan, is easy-going and all too Irish.

He walks back onto the boat and hauls another crate. They're not heavy to him, not really, the load inside isn't particularly difficult to carry. "We watch the newbies for awhile. When I was new — this was back home — I remember havin' 't follow my boss around everywhere. And constantly gettin' yelled at. It was… trial by fire." He winks again.

"We don't git much tail into our leagues," he notes as he places the crate on the ground near the dock. "Just one 'f those things I guess." He winks again. Yup, he's a flirtatious one.

Nol follows after the Irish man and grins at him. "Well we wouldn't want that now would we?" she asks with a tilt of her head, hair falling to cover half of her face. Then she's throwing it behind her shoulder and looking around. "Well, I guess I can just be of service anyway you need me to be. I'm," she bends backwards performing a bridge. Hands on the ground and back arched upwards. "Very flexible." She smiles as she comes right back up and she looks back over to Aedan.

"So, name ya job, eh? I can do it. A.. initiation you call it right?"

"Lot of people would be very mad if they confiscated it," Aedan motions to the crates and marches back to the boat before picking one up and setting it down on the road again. And when he's not moving crates? He's staring at Noelle. This is not a good thing. In fact, it has an adverse effect. He's supposed to be watching the street. He's supposed to be looking for prompts that the pair need to get the cargo out of there and get away. And he's certainly supposed to be paying attention to rival activity. He's not. When he turns his back and is back on the boat, a single crate disappears — not out of thin air.

The sound of gunfire causes Aedan to get down low against the boat and disappear behind a stack of three crates. Yup, some rivals have been watching and have now opened fire. Aedan's crew aren't the only ones who want the cargo. "GET DOWN!" he urges his cohort in a loud whisper — too loud to be discrete as several shots cut into the crates he's hiding behind.

"Bloody hell!" Noelle shouts and she ducks next to Aedan. Hazel eyes wide, she looks from both directions and pulls a gun from her waistband. "You left, me right?" she raises an eyebrow and winks at Aedan. "And.. if we make it out.. dinner. And yes, I'm quite pushy." Noelle says and then she's ducking and dodging to another crate and looking over her shoulder briefly at the Irish man. "Don't die on me, k?" she snickers and her eyes narrow as she focuses on where she's gonna point this damn thing.. She just learned how to use it a week ago after all.

Lifting his hoodie (only to reveal a grey shirt underneath — sorry ladies), Aedan unholsters his gun. "Left is good for me." He beams at the notion of dinner. "But I buy," he winks again as he ducks and dodges to a crate towards the left — near some other crates.

As Noelle moves, a very tall pale skinned man nears her. She's smallish and easier to take out. He's armed with a knife as he comes from behind her — he was on the boat!

Aedan aims his gun and attempts to see something anything through the dark shadows. "Dammit," he murmurs. With the lights on the boat — they are an easy target, backlit, even. While their enemies hide in the thick black night. Frowning, he shakes his head, there's no way to keep all of the inventory and get out alive — not easily. Pursing his lips together he reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a walkie-talkie. "Chipper! We need that ride, ASAP! Bring your gun — and don't you dare bring a knife to a gunfight… again." He returns the radio and shoots a few blind shots into the black night.

Ow!" Noelle yells as the man grabs her from behind and she drops her gun, which clatters to the floor. As he grabs her, his knife nicks her bare arm. The young woman blinks as she looks down at the bit of blood, her hands around the man's arm. She twists until she has her hands on his neck, trying to choke him. She's not strong enough.. but then.. why is the man sinking to his knees?

Her hazel eyes darkened as veins pop out around her hands and also her face. She holds onto the man's neck for dear life, gasping for air and trying to get away from the little woman. His skin has gone a very pale white color and his lips a dark purple. He begins to sink to the ground, as Noelle's look is vacant and not expressive. But her teeth bare as if she's growling. Her hands shake and she gasps as if just feeling something. Her eyes widening.

As the guard sinks to the ground, he falls against one of the crates, causing it to open.

It's full of dolls.

Bobblehead geishas to be precise.

Bullets are directed towards Noelle, flying past her form — never getting the drop on it. It's still dark, after all.

Aedan continues to shoot blindly into the night. "Dammit!" he yells now as he counts the clips he's got. It's not enough, really. "Ellie, you got enough to keep goin' for awhile? I gotta move forward — can you cover me?!"

The sound of the gunshots seem to wake the woman and she gasps as she looks at the man and let's go. Backing away into the crate and sidling down. She looks at the man's form. Her eyes a light with energy. She watches as the man doesn't breathe or move. He's.. totally.. dead.

"Oh my gods.." she says softly and then she's covering her mouth. His skin hasn't returned to normal and he looks like a zombie. "I.." she shakes her head back and forth and reaches for the gun laying next to her, but she's not doing anything with it. She's too freaked out. Noelle's eyes brim with tears.

"ELLIE?!" Aedan yells again. "Fuckin' bastards shot Ellie," he murmurs to himself as he stays low and moves right. He needs to check on his cohort. First big job, and she's quite possibly been hit.

Aedan dodges and ducks and manages to go over to where Noelle is. "Luv, are you okay?" His eyebrows raise as he holds his gun to shoot blankly into the night only… there are several goons behind the pair.

"Gun down, Corbett," another man orders as he and two others hold their guns to the pair in front of them. "We'll shoot you both. And we're taking the crates. All of them." Unlike Aedan, these men have a very different accent — Asian in nature.

"I.. I.. no it's just." Noelle looks at the man dead on the ground from her hand and then her gun is falling to the ground at the voice. Asian? Her head tilts as she wipes the tears from her face and then she's looking around. Eyes narrowing, she needs to keep going. If she's gonna get out of this alive, that is. "Well, you think we're gonna make it to dinner?"

"On your knees!" the tallest Asian orders as he steps around the pair so he's in front of them — his gun pointed at them and his thugs' guns point at them.

"I think dinner’s off the menu, and we're on it," Aedan Corbett drops his gun and kicks it away before he raises his hands to his head — placing them on it. "No reason 't take us out. You're gettin' what you want — let me and the lady go free. Or, at least let the lady go free — " he begins as he lowers himself to his knees. He inhales a deep breath and closes his eyes. It's the end. He knew it would come someday because of his criminal ways; he just hadn't anticipated it coming so soon. He'd hoped to get rich first. Pressing his lips together he waits.

Three distinct gun shots are fired.

And as they are, Aedan expects to be dead.

But then… he's still alive. Opening his eyes, he looks — the Asians are down. His gaze then turns to the dockside. The truck is here; the cavalry made it.

Behind the truck Aedan's cohort — the getaway driver — is shielded, waiting in case more of the rival gang is around. His gun is cocked and aimed if needed.

Aedan stands to his feet and glances around the area. He smirks as he calls out to his rivals, "As you can see we 'ave reinforcements! Back down! Ye've lost yer edge this time!"

There's some yelling in Japanese as the Asians yell amongst each other; Aedan doesn't understand it, he doesn't speak Japanese though he sure as hell wishes he did.

"Our boss come for you! This is war!" is yelled out through the darkness before the other Asians scoot for the time being.

The mysterious truck driver hops into the truck and backs it up to allow ease of loading before he parks again and his door opens. His heavy black hiking boots protrude from under his faded blue jeans. He steps out of the truck and pads up towards the pair. His red plaid shirt is striking, particularly overtop the white t-shirt that peeks out from under it.

Aedan motions to Noelle, "Noelle Ashford, this is Brayden Calvert. One crazy son of a bitch who got me out of more than one scrape back in Cork. I don't believe you two have met — have you?" His eyebrows furrow.


Brayden offers Noelle his hand, "I don't think I've had the pleasure. Nice to meet you." He smiles a very toothy, very easy grin — a stark contrast to the circumstances the gang finds themselves in.

"Nice to meet you." Noelle smiles softly in his direction and she dips her head. Then she's squaring her shoulders back and looking over to the dead body briefly. That nobody has noticed to be strange. Maybe they thought she shot him or something?

"You came right on time, yeah? Next time," she leans in and glares at Brayden. "Don't take so fucking long." Noelle is then walking away, not to far just over to stare down at the body of the man she.. killed?

"We need to dump those — " Aedan says as he points to each of the bodies in turn, including the one Noelle killed. " — C'mon Bray, help a brother out!" The pair of men proceed to throw the bodies overboard — yup, some cop will find them later and want to investigate the homicides. By then the fish will have eaten most of the evidence.

"I'll work on my timing," Brayden quips with a nod towards Noelle as he shuffles up to her. Once the bodies are disposed of, the pair proceed to loading the cargo onto the truck.

"So — you okay?" Brayden asks as he steps towards Noelle and glances at the dead bodies. There's a distinct edge of concern in his voice, but he steps away from the girl as Aedan shoots him a look to which Brayden just shrugs.

The woman looks up at Brayden but she doesn't say a word. Not while Aedan is here. She dips her head a bit though and folds her arms. "Getting kind of chilly. Let's get the hell out of here." Noelle says and she begins to walk away. Someone's not in a good mood anymore. Hm?

"Agreed," Aedan nods as the cargo is all loaded. "Bray — take us 'ome — and then to the pub. We got some celebratin' to do and I owe Ellie dinner!" He winks. Yup, he plans to hit that. Maybe not tonight, but soon.

Brayden suppresses the urge to roll his eyes and just shoots Aedan that same omnipresent toothy grin. With a heavy sigh he glances at the dock and considers the events that have taken place before stepping back into the truck, putting it in gear, and taking them all home.

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