2007-03-10: The Telephone Game


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Date It Happened: March 10, 2007

Summary: Mara calls Mohinder about Sylar's release, who in turn calls Matt.

The Telephone Game

Various NY Locations

It's a long night across the city it seems. For Mohinder Suresh, he's playing the avoidance game. He knows what's going down at Kirby Plaza, and is in full realization of what he did. The man is purposefully avoiding going home, to where he knows things will just be a mess. So, he's burying himself in work at the lab.

Mara's been keeping herself busy with chocolates and Cosmos, idly wondering how she'd look as a blonde when her BlackBerry chimes to alert her of a new text message. What she reads causes her to go white as a sheet. 'Gray released. Lack of evidence. Damn lawyers. Seeing about security for you. Holly out.' The first thing she does is press 6 on the numberpad, bringing up Mohinder's speed dial, then she hits send. Pick up. Pick up. Please, pick up.

Mohinder's phone vibrates where it rests on the table. The doctor glances once in its direction, then goes back to the microscope. He's not even looking through the lens before cursing and snapping up the phone. "Suresh." The incoming number doesn't even get looked at.

"Mohinder," Mara's voice quakes on the other end of the line. "Help." She begs. It's all she can manage.

Mohinder blinks and the voice on the other end of the line as him on alert, "Mara? Help? What's wrong."

"Gray has been released," Mara answers. Her eyes are fixed on the door to her room and she's already trying to decide whether or not to start removing the IV from her arm so she can get dressed.

Mohinder falls silent as he looks ahead at nothing. He really.. what is there to say to something like that?

"Get me out of here," Mara begs. "You have to get me out."

"Stay put, I'm on my way," Mohinder says before hanging up so that he can place another call.

"Mohinder? … Mohinder??" Mara pulls the phone back to see the call has ended. He hung up on her? Son of a- "Damn you, Gray," she growls as she pulls the IV out of her arm and climbs out of bed to change out of her hospital gown. She'll be ready to run when he comes to the rescue.

After hanging up with Mara, Mohinder's next call is to Matt, and as the cell rings, he's impatiently muttering, 'Pick up, pick up.'

It doesn't take long for Matt to answer his phone, and when he does, the tell-tale sounds of New York City's streets serve as his background noise, but they're somewhat muffled. "Parkman," he answers. The caller-ID may have shown it was Mohinder, but you get in the habit of answering phones a certain way.

When the phone is answered, Suresh speaks quickly and urgently, "/Matt/, get to Molly, right now. I'm leaving the lab to get Detective Damaris. She just told me Sylar's out. /Get Molly/ to safety."

"Two steps ahead of you, Mohinder," Matt answers on the tail end of Mohinder's words. "But she'll be safer with you. I've been assigned to his case." That can only mean one thing. Matt's gotten his promotion. Still, that's not as important as Molly's safety right now. "Where can I meet you?"

"Oh thank God," Mohinder says as he can be heard locking up the lab and running out of there. "Not at the apartment or the lab, those will be the first places he'll look. Meet us at the hospital. Where Mara is."

"Gotcha," Matt says, and the squeal of tires is heard, along with a chorus of beeps. Whoops. "I'll get there as quick as I can." And without another word, Matt shuts the phone, cutting off the call.

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