2007-02-12: The Things You Run From



Guest Starring: The Haitian

Summary: If Angie could poison people by touch, what does this man do? Ramon doesn't want to find out.

Date It Happened: February 12th, 2007

The Things You Run From

Outside of RTS, New York

The moment they sprung Ramon Gomez from the meeting, he picked up his phone, only to find an extremely alarming voice mail from his daughter. So he comes out of work with the phone pressed to his ear. "Qu sucedi? Sucedi qu demonios? Dnde est usted? Qu hicieron ellos a usted?" A long pause, and then he growls and snarls the next words. "Asesinar los bastardos." Another pause, where he starts to look all the more grim. His next words have the quality of an order to them. "Ponga Eric por telfono."

There is someone waiting for Ramon, plain and simple. He does not try to hide his presence once he steps into sight, emerging from behind the RTS vehicle Ramon no doubt approaches. This man, who exemplifies 'tall, dark, and ominous', has been in demand today in spades. The Haitian is, as always, very calm as stands in waiting. Watching. Patient.

Ramon draws to a stop the moment he sees the man, his eyes narrowing. He takes a few steps back for the building. He'd been thinking about Benjamin, all day. And now he knows people were thinking of him, too. He gives the Haitian a furious sneer, but the last thing he wants to do is have an altercation while on the phone. And he's expecting an altercation. His voice changes in tone as he says flatly, "Dgalo apresurarse."

The Haitian - who emits not only an ominous air, but a /lack/ of noise, a static that forces Ramon out of his thoughts. It hardly even takes focus on the man for this absence of thought, this sort of loud silence, to project; any roving of the Haitian's mind, even unconsciously, produces this rather intense effect. He says nothing; just watches Ramon, slowly clasping his hands in front of himself. Waiting. For what, though, remains unseen.

"I'm counting on you to get her somewhere safe," he says into the phone. Through gritted teeth. He wasn't trying to get the Haitian's thoughts, but the sudden absence is noticed, and he flips the phone shut. For a moment he stares at the man like he'd like nothing more than to _launch himself at him_ and start whaling away. But…instead? He turns parallel to the Haitian and starts trying to book it out of there on foot.

The Haitian tips his head up appraisingly once Ramon turns and flees. Wise man. He clasps his hands in front of him and watches as the man runs. He does not follow, nor make any attempt to.

Ramon doesn't look back; that will only slow him down. He zags through the parking lot and through the spot on the back gate that's usually open. Down the street he goes, glad he packed up the rest of his family and sent them out. He should have ignored all of Elena's protests and /started/ with his headstrong daughter. Something he told Desiree makes his mouth twist in fury. The thing you run from is the thing that controls where you go? That one. Only when his legs are exhausted and his heart feels like its going to pound straight out of his chest does he whip himself into the nearest well occupied shop and try to pause to catch his breath.

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