2009-10-25: Useful Male Fashion



Date: October 25th, 2009


Bert learns things and teaches Nick the usefulness of a tie

"Useful Male Fashion"


Bert is on a mission. Oh yes. Now that she's gotten some sleep, recovered from the Red Bull and dual Max shock. It's now the next day and she's on the warpath. A short, red-headed figure of fury with a rather put out expression firing in her eyes. Storming through the halls of Building 26, nametag flapping, she won't stop until she finds one Nicholas Drake.

Ah. Isn't it great to be so entirely unsuspecting. Nick Drake really /is/ entirely unsuspecting of the storm of RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE that is coming towards him. Instead he strolls easily towards the small office that was assigned to him. His hands in his pockets and a soft whistle coming from his lips as he hrmms his way down, a small box under one arm.

The mini-inferno that is Bert catches sight of Nick in the hall and storms his way. "You. I need to talk to you. NOW." To prove how urgent and serious this is, she reaches out a small hand and makes a grab for the man's tie. The NSA agent isn't pleased that so much is being kept from her when she has a job to do here.


Yes. That would be Nick's initial reaction to the woman as he grabs his tie and yanks. Yes. He has to wear the suit and tie when he is /official/ like his is now. He wasn't expecting it at all so its not that difficult to grap that dangling bit of silk and drag him down to her level as he stares at the woman with a mildly startled look on his face. "Er…Bert…" Tug. Tug. "…can you…let go?" He asks as he tries to pull away from the woman. "…I mean if you want to talk then I'm sure…" Tug. "…er…something bothering you then?"

"No. You're coming with me now," Bert insists as she leads on, her grip still tight. Don't you know /this/ is what ties were invented for? It's a leash for men. "YES. Something is bothering me, but once we're in private since /obviously/ there are things that are so top-secret, even we at the NSA aren't privy to it." No, she doesn't sound testy at all. Nope.

No. Nick thought ties were just some kind of sick joke women liked to play on men. He didn't actually think they served such a vicious and evil purpose as the one that Bert is at the moment putting his to use as. "…right…private. Sure. Well…I'm not sure how much I can tell you as I — Gurk!" No he can't really get a word in edge wise as he gets dragged along. So instead he pauses for a moment and peeers down one end of the corridor. Then down to the other.

…right. No coworkers.

So saying he sighs and quickly ducks his shoulder down and steps forwards to attempts to hoist the wrathful redhead right off her feet and sling her over his shoulder. "Right then. Lets go find someplace private." Pause. "…and soundproof." He mutters under his breath.

Yes we know viewing audience. IT SOUNDS SO BAD.

Tug, tug, goes the tie as Bert continues to take the lead, stomping in her clunky military style boots on the warpath. "You're gonna tell me what I ask of you. This is ridiculous. I have a job to do and how am I supposed to do my job when key information is withheld from me — EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Her words trail off as she's hoisted over Nicholas's shoulder. The tie is of course let go over in favor of beating her fists against his back and kicking her feet. "PUT ME DOWN NOW! YOU SORRY SACK OF WEASEL SNOT!"

"Like I was trying to say…" Now that he isn't being dragged by his throat Nick seems more than happy to chat. "…not sure how much I can help you Bert but I'll be happy to answer some questions if I can." He adds as he carries her down the hallway, obviously with a specific destination in mind. Wince. "Stop hitting me would you! And if you keep kicking like that you are just going to loose a shoe and then were would you be?" He tosses back towards her before he blinks. "Weasel snot?" Pause. "Never heard that one before. Ah. Here we are!"

With a quick turn around a corner he comes to the excercise and training room. Thankfully empty this time of day. He walks in easily enough and shuts the door behind him, still whistling a nice little tune before he nods. "Right! Down you go!" And he thumps her back to her feet rather unceremoniously down on the ground.

Undeterred, Bert keeps beating her fists on Nicholas's back. She does stop kicking however! Once she's dropped back onto her feet, she practically leaps at Nicholas, and no, not in /that/ way. She's jabbing an index finger into his chest. "What. The. Hell. Drake. WHAT was that Swan was doing last night!? HUH? HOW did he go all Magneto!? That. Does. Not. Happen." Her eyes are narrowed and her fury is no less by this point.

The odd part is, Bert doesn't seem freaked out about a power, but something like this going on under her nose and her not knowing. She's the sort who once the shock wears off, would find powers pretty damn cool.

Nick looks down at the finger, then slightly up from that into the face of the ferocious redhead. "…well no…he wasn't /supposed/ to do something like that. Wish he hadn't…" Nick grumbles for a moment before he shakes his head slightly. "…he was testing some new kind of magnetic technology I guess. I don't know what it is either!" He protests as he glances around the room. "I mean no one really has powers like Magneto do they?"

First time anyone calls him Jean Gray he's ripping that person apart.

He's…more like a Jedi…yeah. Jedi. He'll go with that.

He holds his hands up in front of himself as he waves them defensively for a moment from the rage of the woman.

Bert keeps that finger poking into Nick's chest. "I don't believe you," she says in a low and dangerous voice. "Something big is going on here and it's being kept well above my security level. I'm as stressed as everyone else, but others seem to know something I don't and that makes it hard to do my job. I'm in charge of listening and monitoring for terrorist activity, as well as security feeds for this building. My definition of terrorist until now has been turban, beard wearing and Middle Eastern. Then I see Max trussed up like Hannibal Lecter in 'Silence of the Lambs', then I see him wandering free, and now he's 'testing magnetic technology'? What the frick!"

Nick sighs for a moment and shakes his head. "…look Bert…" He says with a shake of his head towards the woman. "Well what do you know then Bert? What have you been told?" He asks as he leans slightly away from the woman with his arms crossing over his chest and his eyes nearly crossing as he looks towards her finger. "…well Max he's made a deal with /someone/ high up to help out I guess. In return he gets to roam free." A slight wince at the definition of terrorist. "…well…I've seen plenty of those types." He adds with a shake of his head towards the woman.

"Obviously, not enough." It doesn't help that Bert just gets so infatuated and distracted when in Ivory's presence that she conveniently forgets to try and wheedle more information. Her finger does finally drop from Nicholas's chest in favor of both hands on her hips as she gives him, The Look <tm>.

"That was not a magnet test with Max. Something's not right about him. He's creepy and he said a few things when he had 'terrorist' stamped on his forehead. I've done some digging since my friend Gene was arrested and locked up under a similar label and I'm not liking what I'm finding. I can't find any arrest warrants on these terrorists. I also saw some of the feeds from the train while researching the interruption on the equipment, and either some of those were incredibly small adults, or there were KIDS on that train. Now.. what the /hell/ is going on??"

Well Ivory is the one that'll have to give her the clearance, Nick is just an Agent. Thats all. Howver he does sigh again and give the woman a slightly lopsided smile as he regards her as she speaks. You know, she's cute. Shes geeky. She's fiery. She's intelligent. That last one is the killer at the moment, and just a bit of a problem. "You've been co-opted by the Senator from the NSA to help him with a project right?" He asks, not answering any of her questions for the moment as he starts to stroll away from her and towards the center mat in the sparring room. "You do any hand-to-hand work?" He asks lightly as he pulls off the suit jacket he's wearing. "…and just out of curiousity. What have you read about me?" He adds before he frowns and sighs. "You are just going to keep digging aren't you?" He asks.

"You're changing the subject and that's not going to work," Bert states flatly as she eyes Nicholas, slightly wary of him now. "Yes. I've been co-opted for this work." She's been happy in the dark up until Hell Broke Loose two days ago. "And no, I don't do hand-to-hand, and you're just trying to get ideas after Max violated me last night." Speaking of, she rushes at Nicholas and delivers a kick at his shin. "You let him touch me!"

A hand raises and Bert brushes a few locks of red hair from her face. "Maybe. Maybe not. I'm finding it difficult to do what I'm told when I see so many missing puzzle pieces." Uh-oh, the blinded one is opening her eyes and waking up!

"OW!" Nick replies as he hops on one leg away from the woman for a moment. "It wasn't my idea! It wasn't like he warned me he was going to do it either! Besides my hands were occupied making sure that you didn't crack your head on the concrete." He replies as he rubs his shin for a moment and half-glares at the woman. "Well see I was co-opted for this work from my previous employment in the Rangers." He adds after a moment as he stretches his leg for a moment to make sure everything works.

A sigh then before he shakes his head slightly. "You aren't going to like everything you find Bert, I know I don't." He says after a moment with a slightly bemused smile on his face directed at the woman. "And if you keep digging people might not like it. No, that's not a threat either! Its just friendly advice, since…well…I like you."

Bert's expression grows darker and her brows knit further. "So in other words, keep my nose where it belongs and be a good little Federal employee and do only what am I told, regardless of what else is going on?" Which is something she clearly doesn't like doing. So far, her questions still have not been answered, which means… *sigh* She may have to ask Max what the hell he was doing with thos ball bearings. At Nick admitting he likes her, she doesn't smile. "I see. So ignore the person who is scary and can fire off metal from his hands, ignore that I saw what looked like children on the train surveillance and not piss off anyone. Do I have that right?"

"Thats exactly what I'm saying," Nick replies as he suddenly is stepping closer to the redhead. Then closer still, that whole personal space thing? Yeah entirely ignoring that he is. "Drop it Bert. Don't piss anyone off, stop digging, stop looking, and don't ask Max cause he might just tell you everything." He says before he stops there, oh so close to the woman. Then a deep breath before he drops his voice to hardly above a whisper. "…you can look at my file. You know where I live. If you want a few answers, then meet me there alright? I don't know who is listening here." He pauses in that same soft voice as he smiles the smile of a wolf or a shark and settles one hand on her shoulder. "Now slap the hell out of me. Like I just said something entirely inappropriate." He again whispers.

…yeah. She should like that.

As Nick steps forward, Bert takes one back, and another for every move he makes towards her. The dangling bit about Max possibly telling her everything is very tempting indeed. Aaalthoooouuugh.. talking to Nicholas is a far more pleasant experience and he's nowhere near as scary as Max. She's almost too preoccupied with internalizing everything to miss just what it is Nicholas is doing and what he's inferring.

Eyebrows raise, and it's tempting to rack the man good with her knee.. instead, Bert does as Nicholas's 'asks' and slaps him good about the face before stomping out of the room.

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