2007-07-13: The Village People


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Summary: Jason gets lost on his way home and tries to get picked up by something of an alley cat.

Date It Happened: July 13, 2007

The Village People

Greenwich Village

Here's the bad thing about not knowing who you are or why the hell you're in New York? You have no idea in the holy hell where you're going when you get out of a taxicab. Jason looks off to the side, watching the taxi head off down the street. His hands tug at the backpack strapped to his body and looks down at the skateboard between his legs. Lucky for him, it's not dark yet. Early evening and all of that good stuff. "Um. I really should invest in a map." Another glance around his immediate space and Jason finds himself looking up at the street sign.

After leaving NYU from class, Kitty is enjoying a nice walk home. Her hair is hanging loose and she is wearing a yellow tank top that shows a little midriff and a pair of black booty shorts along with some black and white Converse. Her messenger bag is slung over her shoulder and she is just putting her phone into her bag. There really isn't any room for anything in the pockets of the shorts. She is rummaging around for something in her bag when her bag falls and everything falls to ground near Jason. Thanks /GOD/ her laptop wasn't in there today.

It seems that Portia herself is on her way through the area, guitar on her back. She seems rather distracted, though, and thoughtful as she walks quietly along.

Good ol' Jason has decided that he's just trying to figure out where to go. New York is full of people, so he doesn't notice anyone in particular as he pulls his skateboard up to hold under his arm. With a sigh, he spins around to head off down the street. Immediately, his eyes slide past the people on the street and towards the buildings and shops along the street, as if he's trying to find something that will jog his memory. Of course, this is about the time that he realizes that someone's dropped all kinds of stuff on the ground next to him. "Oh man…" Frowning, he drops down into a crouch, sliding the skateboard back to the concrete and reaches for the stuff. "Let me give you hand…"

The young woman gasps and sighs as she crouches to pick up her things, she notices the /hot/ guy that stoops to help her. "Oh! Thank you so much. I don't know why I have been such a klutz these past weeks! It is really not like me. I am so happy that my laptop wasn't in there" she puts things back into her messenger bag and looks at Jason and smiles. He looks. Well he looks /dreamy/.

Portia in fact seems quite distracted. So much so that she doesn't even notice Jason and Kitty, and simply continues walking by them.

Jason's not really listening, but kind of. He's just trying to make sure that none of her stuff gets crushed. Scooping up what he can, he goes to pour it into her bag. "There you go." he says, dusting his hands off on himself as he's gets up to his feet again. His foot kicks up his skateboard again and tucks it underneath his arm. "Have a nice day!" he says, back spinning off his heels and turning to head on down the street the way he was going.

Kitty looks mildly confused for a second and then decides that she has to at least learn the guy's name. "Hey wait up!" she hurries towards him and readjusts her bag as she holds out her hand. "Kitty Hanner. I had to at least learn the name of the guy that helped me" she grins and then notices Portia. She waves and winks and turns back to Jason. "You don't find many people that would pick up someone's stuff from the ground. That was nice"

While continuing her pace, Portia stops to tie her shoe, and that's when she notices Kitty waving at her. She waves back, but notices her trying to talk to Jason. Ah. Yes. Better give them space. She's on her way to go practice anyways.

Jason's not exactly a man of many talents or anything. He's just a guy that wants to make it through this world. It's mostly the fact that he's too amnesiac to even know if he's supposed to be a nice guy or a jerk. "Uh. My name?" He has to actually think about it for a second, before he shakes Kitty's hand. "I'm Jason." No reason to just pass out his last name. With a shrug, he looks over at Portia and offers a handy enough smile. "Uh, oh it was no biggie. I'm a helper."

"Thats cool though. Not use to having hot guys pick things up for me" she automatically turns a little red in the face and she looks down. Aw damn it. Kit why must you always say what is on your mind? The world may never know. She tilts her head and looks at Jason. Maybe he will receive the flirting well. But with Kitty's luck of late, he won't. Cross your fingers!

Glancing over towards the others, Portia shakes her head a little. At least she wasn't so bad! She starts to continue along before she looks back to the others, just checking on them.

Oblivious as Peter Petrelli, Jason doesn't even really pick up on being hot. He's too busy trying to figure out where the heck he's supposed to be taking himself to. Which is always a good thing to be trying to figure out.
"Eh. It's New York. Things happen." With a smile that just makes him look even hotter, he's taking a step to continue on. "You'll get used to it." And before he can step off, he nods towards Portia. "Is that your friend? Am I holding you up from anything?"

Kitty grins and nods, "I was born and raised here. I guess I'll never get used to it" she looks towards Portia, "Yeah, that's one of my friends. Her name is Portia. But we weren't meeting today. Coincidence?" She takes a step with Jason and looks incredibly nervous. "Mind any company? I'm just getting out of class at NYU and I've got nothing to do but go home and play with Tiger" Kitty grins at Portia and if she had the gift of telepathy she would probably be sending a mental thought along the lines of: He is soooo hot! What am I gonna do?!?!. But she doesn't so she just settles for a look to convey what she wants to say to her young friend.

Raising her eyebrow at the look, Portia just shakes her head a little. She folds her arms across her chest to look for a moment. She's just wanting to watch for now. After all, this could get interesting… or funny, even. Who is more oblivious and who is more obvious? Only time will tell!

More oblivious, definitely, is the Jason. He hasn't really figured out that he should be getting what's going on. "Uh. Well. I don't really /have/ a destination, so unless you plan on following me around the entire city…" His voice is pleasant enough, but he doesn't sound too thrilled to be having people follow him. Which is not a good thing to have happening, if you really want to try and find yourself. Tagalongs might not help.

More obvious is of course Kitty and after looking at Portia again she turns back to Jason. "Oh! I didn't want to come off as like this follower chick. So not what I wanted and the fact that I think you're cute and I wanted to ask you out to coffee or something, but I realized that you might just think that I am some crazy lady because you don't even know. And I am obviously flirting too much and, oh jeez I'm rambling aren't I?" She facepalms and closes her eyes. Smooth Kitten, real smooth.

Portia just stares. Oh man, Kitty's really striking out. Portia doesn't want to have to get in there and clean things up, but she might have to at this rate. Kitty just doesn't know how to talk to guys!

"Just a little bit." Jason says with a pleasant enough smile to make it look like he's not weirded out. Because he's not. He's too busy shifting the skateboard from one arm to the other. "I don't really drink coffee, but that's nice of you to offer." He looks back to Portia and then down to his watch. Not that it's telling him anything important. "I should probably hit the road. Gotta' find where I'm stayin' before it gets all dark…"

"Before dark? Wait, you don't have a place to stay? Your on the street?" she seems concerned and she looks at Jason closely. He doesn't really look like a homeless guy, but what would Kitty know? "Is everything alright?" she puts her hands on her hips and cocks her head to the side. This is becoming interesting.

Portia just stares. Oh, no. Kitty's going to take in random people now? Ohgod. this was worse than she thought. "Um.." She mumbles to herself.

"Oh no. I've got a place to stay. I just don't remember where it is." Jason shrugs a little bit not really sure of how he's going to get out of this one. He just keeps a smile on his face, though, because it makes the people around him feel good and less like they have to try and help him. He don't need any help. "Thanks though. "

"Don't remember? Do you have amnesia or something?" Kitty shifts her weight to one hip and a quizzical look crosses her face. "I wasn't offering a place to stay. You could be some crazy psycho killer but I just kind of get concerned about people. I guess helping is my weakness" she looks sheepish and scuffs her sneakers against the pavement. Let's hope she hasn't made this guy think she's a weirdo.

Portia just kind of stares again. Yeah, she's got no way of digging Kitty out of this hole. She just starts to walk again. No point in sticking around.

"Amnesia? Haha. Nah. I just get turned around in the Village." Jason lies and keeps it as smooth as buttery silk. He peeps Portia moving out of the corner of his eye and gives a nod towards her to Kitty. "I'm gonna' get goin'. Better catch up to your 'coincidental' friend there." He smiles and even tosses her a wink to let her know that he knows this wasn't 'coincidence!' He's not stupid!

Kitty internally swears and she shakes her head and she runs to Jason and takes a pen and writes her number on his hand, "Just in case you ever want to talk or hangout. Catch ya later Jason" she walks away with a bit of dignity and turns around to wink at Jason as she waves and goes to catch up with Portia.

Portia continues to stare as Kitty catches up to her and shakes her head. "You're worse with guys than /I/ am! You need to go live in Paris for a year. It'll change you." She nods knowingly.

Jason blinks and watches as Kitty heads off to meet her friend. He finds himself going through some kind of strange bodily thing. Heavy breathing. Closed eyes. Sweat all over his brow. He stumbles slightly, falling against a building and bracing himself with his hand. As the possible black out passes, he sighs and pushes himself off the building and looks at his hand. Blue paint. He looks up at the building and there's a torn wet paint sign hanging on it. "… Only me." With a sigh, he disappears around the corner and onto a skateboard to make it home. Or to Cass' place.

"I don't know what happens! I try to talk to the hot guys and I just totally screw up! Maybe I /do/ need to live in Paris for a little while. He will never call me. I bet you five dollars that he won't and I just made myself looks like a fool in front of him!" Kitty falls into step with Portia and sighs. She notices Jason's fall against the building and she shakes her head as he goes off. Maybe she will see him again one day. Hopefully he is as okay as he says he is.

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