2007-08-15: The Voices



Summary: Jordan Bonham has an extraordinary gift to eavesdrop on anyone in the world in the past, present or future. But on this night she over hears something that she shouldn’t and cannot hear the outcome. This is the story of her last night with the Company and on the mortal coil.

Date It Happened: August 15th, 2007

The Voices

Hartsdale – Jordan Bonham’s Apartment

The warm smell of spiced tea fills the spacious apartment located in Hartsdale, New York. Jordan pulls down her favorite coffee mug and pours herself a cup as she looks over at her suit jacket lazily draped over the back of her couch. “Another exciting night,” she remarks to herself as she picks up her remote and starts to flip through channels. Nights like this make her wish that she were just a little more approachable, then perhaps she would have all of the free time that takes up her personal life.
Jordan has always been a dedicated agent of the company, holding the founders ideals close to her heart and sculpting her life around them. She was usually open with her superiors about the goings on around her and frequently used her ability to help with internal affairs. But she had neglected to tell her bosses about the control issues she had been having with her gift. She was starting to hear conversations without even trying, conversations that she knew she was not privy too.
Two and a half hours passed since she first walked through her front door, after a long day at PrimaTech and she starts to hear voices, some male and some female. They all spoke of things to come, talking of a future war and a turn of fortune for some. She struggles to pinpoint who was saying what, perhaps to hear if they were special like her. But no such luck, so she listens closer to what they have to say.
After an hour or two of listening about this dark future that is suppose to occur, she decides to see if she can tune into it.
The peculiar sound of silence is all Jordan can hear when she tries to listen into the future. “That’s weird,” she says to herself while pushing a lock of hair away from her ear. She knows that she can hear the future, at least the immediate one, but for some reason tonight she is having trouble. She focuses harder to, trying her best to isolate sounds that have yet to occur.
A single tear rolls down her cheek from her turquoise eyes, “I understand,” she says in a sullen tone to nobody in particular. Of course any precognitive ability that won’t allow someone to see or hear him or herself in a future situation can really only mean a few things. One: The user has lost or has a fluke with their ability or Two: They aren’t apart of the future. She tires one more time to see if she can at least hear the traffic of the morning commute.
Jordan sits down her cup of tea and slowly walks over to her jacket, this time with streams of salty tears running down her face. She listens in to the present and starts to hear things that she would rather not about the company she has come to call her family. She hears agents planning rebellions and prisoners plotting demise. It is only a matter of time before it all comes to pass, “I’m sorry,” she says aloud, hoping that somebody would eavesdrop on her and stop her from what she has planned. She pulls her company issued gun from her jacket and bites down on the barrel…
And the rest is silent.

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