2007-09-04: The Whole Introduction Thing


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Summary: It's a good thing people here don't use these nights to hook up with people, right? Because that would be silly.

Date It Happened: September 4th, 2007

The Whole Introduction Thing

NYU Student Bar

It's earlyish in the evening, but the drinks are being passed over the bar at rapid speed. No, it's not open bar, but it might as well be. The place is decked out a little like a sports bar, except with NYU memorabilia decorating the walls, as can be expected from a student establishment on campus. Right now, it's been taken over by a common group of people - including Caleb McCarty, who has found a nook right at the end of the bar, leaning against the wall and cradling his CC and dry close to his chest. It's not that safe for long, however, as a young male student in glasses and— hair that just seems to stay straight up. It's alarming and Caleb just can't help but keep glancing up at it warily as the fellow student chatters on about his major. Wait, what was that? Law? Oh boy.

"I find it really weird how they pretty much accept just anyone into that major," Caleb says, voice raising to speak above the music, and smiling crookedly when the student blinks to take in that insult. "Excuse me, I need to stop talking to you, I think. Have a good night."

With that, Caleb slips out from being cornered, moving towards the small courtyard area. He doesn't smoke, but the music is loud and— Alanis's "You Oughta Know" kicks up, and he halts in indecision. But no. Even Alanis isn't enough to save him. He continues towards the courtyard, trying not to spill his drink on people.

Slinking in wearing NYU colors, which are unfortunately? Violet and White? Is Kasey Leverman, football player and mechanic in his baggy jeans, school t-shirt and old letterman's jacket thrown on to hide said t-shirt as his trademark trucker's cap is worn to the side and his husky eyes flick from face to face as he enters, eyes wide. He worries his bottom lip and quickly moves through the crowd, around people, and trying to get some air. This brings him out to the courtyard, exhaling shakily and closing his eyes. "Jesus…"

Outside, it's mostly empty, save for two female students talking quietly and sharing a cigarette, before they look towards Caleb as if he's invading something private, and they drift further away to continue what must be a very deep and meaningful discussion. Caleb doesn't smoke, so he finds himself mostly standing awkwardly, before decidedly sipping his drink and shuffling towards the corner. Dressed in a brown suede jacket, it doesn't totally obscure the sky blue t-shirt which has an image of a panda on the front, and the logo of Bronx Zoo just beneath it. He probably has ten more at home of different animals. As Kasey makes his entrance, Caleb glances towards him, taking in the footballers garb and the utterance he makes with a slightly cynical eyebrow raise. He's close enough that talking isn't too awkward, so Caleb speaks up. "They get rowdy when they take over the bar, I know," he says. "You might want to run while you still can." Because obviously the stranger didn't expect this to be a LGTB meeting night, right? That's the conclusion Caleb comes to.

Kasey's eyes flick towards the female students for a few moments before he does a double-take at Caleb when he realizes the guy is talking to him. One hand slides into a pocket and the other's fingers are ran through the footballer's cropped mop. "Hunh?" Is his intelligent reply. "Drunk people do the whole…rowdy thing I think. It is the whole idea right?" He offers a hint of that rare yet charming smile before clearing his throat and looking down to the ground. "Bit tired of running, that's why people are here, right?"

Caleb glances back towards the bar, visible through the glass of the door and large windows. Most seem to be talking, though boisterous voices occasionally cut through the general clamour, audible even out here. Some are even dancing, because, well. That's inevitable. "I guess," Caleb agrees, looking back towards Kasey. He gestures a little with his half-filled glass. "Sorry. I thought with the…" Another gesture. "…whole sports thing that you'd come to the wrong place." Pause. "Though the NYU colours help with the fitting in."

Kasey's eyes glance in the same direction that Caleb looks with a curious tilt of his head. "Hunh?" Again with the intelligence. Then he blinks several times. "OH, the whole…jock thing can be misleading. But then with all the full body contact, naked showers and butt slaps, ya know, maybe not." Another wry smile and then he gives Caleb a tiny chin-up, staring at his shirt. "So, just a big fan of the zoo or…"

"…good point," Caleb says rather seriously, the homoerotic nature of football having evaded his attention over the years. "It is a lot of spandex." Almost nervously, he rattles the ice in his glass, then sips the dregs of water, ginger ale and Canadian Club. "Um. No. As in, I work there, so I'm a fan I guess, but not like some sort of freak who just wears zoo T-shirts for no reason." Just to clarify. "This isn't the uniform, or anything, I just like it. So I guess I am, actually. Never mind. Can we start again?" He takes a breath. Rewind. "I work at the zoo. Ever been?"

The one with that skater/surfer boy like voice, Kasey btw, just blinks several times. He had been joking, sorta. So he just rolls with it, giving a tiny nod. "Yep. Spandex city. The whole cheerleader obsession thing is just a cover." He listens with an amused expression on his gender neutral features, idly scratching his cheek before ahhing and nodding again, trying to hide a smile. "Actually not here yet, I mean back in Cali I went every now and then. Sometimes even willingly until a tiger pissed on my 6th grade class through the bars." He offers a hand. "I think to start again we should do the whole introduction thing. I'm Kasey."

Caleb almost smiles as well, a flash of a crooked smirk before it's gone back to neutral. He sort of hurriedly wipes his hand on his jeans - it's completely clean, but sort of an instinct when you have a pretty dirty job most of the week - and takes Kasey's hand in a clasping, manly handshake. "I'm Caleb," he says, with a nod. "The tigers don't pee on you at the Bronx zoo. I mean, unless you're in the enclosure, but it hasn't happened to me yet. I work with sloths mostly." And release hand, sip drink— realise the drink is empty save for ice and set glass down on a table. Move aside as the two women move to head back inside the bar, a flood of music and conversation drifting through when the door is opened. "So you should be safe," he concludes. "If you wanted to go, I mean."

Kasey returns the handshake, in a 'manly' strong way. And okay, he might squeeze a bit too hard and his hand might be rough but at the same time he's a bit reserved and uncertain. "Cool name and that's totally a relief. I mean tiger chicks might dig that but it sucks if you're not furry." Then he bobs his head, slipping his hand back into his pocket. "Dude…" He watches after the women before looking back to Caleb. "Do you think they are…like uh, together?" Then he blinks. "Go where? Into a tiger enclosure or to the Bronx Zoo?"

"No, just the zoo," Caleb corrects, with a shake of his head. "Never mind." He glances towards where the two women left through the door, and shrugs. "Maybe. Probably. You'd be surprised how many people here don't use these nights to hook up with people, though. Otherwise I wouldn't bother coming." He glances down at his empty hands, then Kasey's. "You should probably get a drink, and I should probably stop bothering you."

"Oh! I'd go if I had like a guide or something." Kasey offers innocently - while mentally going 'OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU SAYING HE HAS A PENIS' - "You know, somebody up to the task, who's got the inside scoop on everything." There goes that flash of a smile that gets him attacked by girls's boyfriends before he coughs and shrugs his shoulders. "It is my first time, I didn't…well I don't know - wait no, don't leave me. Honestly. No bothering, but I probably should be hydrated, even though I've got a whole case of water in my car, do you like cars?" Babble Babble.

"I hate cars," Caleb says, flatly. "They're destroying the planet." He clears his throat. "But it's cool that you have one, I mean, I— so hey." He makes a gesture of 'this is me starting again'. "I have this amazing ability where I can alienate anyone I'm talking to until they never want to try it again. How about I use this for good instead of evil and we can attempt to get us a drink." He gestures towards the bar.

Screeeeeeetch. Kasey blinks and lowers his eyes, pursing his lips. "I'm kinda a mechanic or something too." He worries his bottom lip and frowns. He points to Caleb and then towards the bar and just nods slowly. "With great power comes great responsibility. Lead on McSloth."

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