2007-11-24: The Youngest Victim


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Summary: Niki contacts Cass for guidance over what to do about Cam's sudden illness.

Date It Happened: November 24th, 2007

The Youngest Victim

PHONE: You dial the number 283-2277. It begins to ring.

PHONE: The other end answers, "Hello?"

PHONE: Niki hasn't seen Cass for … well, it's been awhile. The last time involved practically running out of her lab. So, it might be a surprise when the blonde's voice is the one to answer. "Hi, Cass. It's Niki."

PHONE: Cass says, "Niki!" It has been awhile and the bookstore owner is quite surprised when she hears the other woman's voice on the phone. "Hi! How are you, I haven't seen you in quite awhile." The line is staticy and sometimes hard to make out what the other woman is saying. "I was worried."

PHONE: Niki says, "Sorry. I'm … I'm fine, actually." She sounds decisive on that note, in fact. "I stopped by once, but…" Cass wasn't there.

PHONE: Cass says, "I'm glad." As for the stopping by once, it's hard to imagine Cass not being in her lab lately, but it does happen so far. "Yeah. Once in awhile I am not here. Some people find it hard to believe lately."

PHONE: Niki is starting to cut to the chase; concern, more than casual curiosity, cuts into her voice as she replies, "You're working on that virus that's going around, right?"

PHONE: Cass pauses before she answers. How are all these people finding out what she's working on so easily. But, it's Niki and she doesn't mind telling her. "I am. Why, is someone you know sick?"

PHONE: Niki says, "Maybe. Yeah, he's sick, he's burning up. He just came down with it. I saw the news, the outbreak, is that…?"

PHONE: Cass says, "Who's he? Yeah. The outbreak they're talking about is the virus. He's got flu-like symptoms, tired, lethargic? It may be just the flu…but…well…if he has abilities and they're starting to go a little haywire, then it's definitely the virus and you should either keep him in bed or get him to Seville Medical with the people from Gemini."

PHONE: Niki says, in quiet confirmation, "…yeah." There's a pause. "He's just a kid. I'm … looking after him. His parents are missing."

PHONE: Cass sighs and puts a hand on her forehead. More people are turning up day by day who have gotten this infection. "Has he done anything out of the ordinary lately in order to catch it? Has he eaten any place that stocks local meat?"

PHONE: Niki isn't very helpful, unfortunately. "I … maybe, I don't know. I can find out."

PHONE: Cass says, "That would be helpful." And she's not reprimanding Niki here at all. It's just what she says it would be - helpful. "Keep him rested and give him lots of vitamin C. If he gets any worse, bring him over to Seville Medical, you can either tell the people at the front desk that he has the same disease as the people from Gemini Meat Packing or you could even bring him to Bat Country and I'll make sure he gets placed somewhere."

PHONE: Niki says, "There's something you should know — about his ability. The fever, it seems to be a lot for him to handle. He does this thing, with ice… he's gotta stay cold. I'd feel better if he was in your lab."

PHONE: Cass says, "A…a thing with ice…" There was something that Kory told her awhile ago about a kid without parents that she was helping look after. One that had an ability to manipulate ice. "I…okay. If you need to bring him down here, you can do that. I'll figure out a way to keep him cold." Normally you keep people with a fever warm, but she can manage something with ice packs and air conditioning, most likely. "Do you need to bring him down?"

PHONE: Niki says, "I … think you might even know who he is. Cam? He … somehow he knows Lachlan." Weird connections everywhere, who can keep track. "If this is serious… I mean, I've seen someone else with this thing and he didn't look so good."

PHONE: Cass nods, even if Niki can't see it. "I've heard about him." From Kory and then she offered Lachlan's help. "It's a serious disease, that's for certain. If he's getting worse, you should bring him don. Wait, who else did you see with it?

PHONE: Niki hesitates. Hesitate hesitate pause pause pause— "Nathan." And back to what's really important, "Then I'll bring him down."

PHONE: Cass sighs. AT least that's one that she knows about. "Okay." It's still important. If more people have this virus, she needs to know. "Okay. That's fine. Just give me a call when you're close, I'll try to get things ready for him."

PHONE: Niki sounds just as relieved as she sounds more worried, which is more possible than it sounds under the circumstances. She's glad Cass can help, but concerned about Cam's health. "Thanks."

PHONE: Cass thinks that Niki has every right to worry. This is a serious situation. "You're welcome, Niki. I'll talk to you soon."

PHONE: You end your current call.

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