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State of the World, 'Los Angeles Times', 2011

3 years ago, a blonde former cheerleader from Texas named Claire Bennet shook the world by falling approximately 500 feet without harm. Or, as new information informs us today: coming to harm, that she then 'regenerated' from. New York and, soon, surrounding cities, exploded with a sudden outburst of doubt, awareness, and, now, still struggles to creak out the last growing pains that has been finding out that some people in the world are 'ability positive'.

At the forefront of this new age— primarily for its generous population count— Los Angeles is taking some of the largest steps towards incorporating openly powered citizens into functioning society. Administration is speeding along to adopt Homeland Security's ability assess level to California state driver's licenses, which will require all ability positives to identify themselves with a red banner, as well as those at the highest risk level having to list their ability's name alongside. Officials are hoping this will assuage some people's fears about letting unknown factors into their shops and residences, though many contest that IDs are among the easiest forms known to be faked.

This runs parallel to the public office campaign to "Get Tested". An awareness group asking the question "Is Your Blood Red Or Blue?" urges LA citizens older than 18 to make the choice to be tested and registered, citing that those who remain unaware of their own ability status are actually the highest risk, to themselves, and to others. The campaign has received a great deal of flak from pro-ability groups, who stretch from the more peaceful "everyone's blood is the same color" slogans to those comparing the registration and color-coding of ability positives to the horrific events preceding the Holocaust.

To circumvent some of these growing tensions, the ACRU — or the Abilities Crime Response Unit — is celebrating its first birthday with increased presence and promotions for its 'Co-Existing With Abilities' documents. The ACRU is the first division of its kind, proudly situated in Beverly Hills, specializing in responding to ability related incidents throughout the 90201 area code, as well as surrounding neighborhoods. With its forward thinking program involving both positive and negatives in combating the worst superhuman crimes, it could easily be paving the way for many more to come in all major cities; but, more importantly, demonstrating, with its positive team members, that law enforcement is already a leader in accepting the ways abilities can benefit the way things work, even while facing crimes from the very same demographic.


Inspired by the hit TV series that stirred the hero inside of millions of viewers around the world comes a roleplaying game that puts the future in your hands.

Welcome to Heroes MUSH.

Those with evolved abilities are scattered all over the globe amidst billions of ordinary everyday people — and they too are just everyday people, but perhaps not so ordinary. Regeneration. Time travel. Telekinesis. All of these unusual powers exist. And now everyone knows about them.

The world is still the world we know, but it's been changed; there's no doubt about that. With change, however, comes adaptation. Evolution. It's a Brave New World.

Here, we delve into the lives of powered people — or "ability positives" — and unpowered alike. People are finally settling into adjusting powers into their normal lives (though some businesses still ban the use of powers inside their premises, leading to plenty of discrimination arguments). A special division of the police handles powered cases. Legislation has people register their powers on another card, with plans to include it on drivers' licenses in the near future… The highest point of turmoil and change is past, but these things always have a way of coming to boiling at any time.

The four seasons of Heroes paved the way for this Brave New World, and those familiar faces like Claire, Peter and Hiro are out there somewhere, but now the Heroes MUSH focus is on new, original characters. The possibilities are endless. The sky is the limit. Who will you be?


While the hit show spanned multiple locations across the United States of America (and around the globe) Heroes MUSH is now set in Los Angeles, California (especially West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, where ACRU is located). That doesn't mean other locations don't exist; anywhere is possible with the use of Sandboxes.


The Heroes MUSH timeline rebooted to start anew, and now begins three years after the events of Heroes Season Four. The date is the real OOC date.

Typing +time will give you the IC time.


Like Heroes, Heroes MUSH scenes are separated by "Volumes". Unlike Heroes, we don't have "Seasons" or "Episodes". Volumes are spans of time during which RP happens that, in general, have a broad over-arcing theme and story. Every new Volume is an opportunity to introduce totally new plots and shift directions (both for personal plots and broader plots!). We're currently on Volume Six: "Brave New World", which starts in a fresh, new canon for Heroes MUSH independent of our Volumes One through Five.

Heroes Mythology


The Helix, or "the Symbol", is a prevalent image in the world of Heroes and shrouded in some mystery. Representing half of a DNA strand, but also the combination of two characters in Japanese kanji meaning "Godsend" or "Great Talent", it was the emblem of Takezo Kensei, the historical samurai hero of feudal Japan, appearing on his sword. It's unknown when it first appeared, however, or why it's so connected to people with special abilities. Whether it's a tattoo, scar, cut, necklace, coffee spill or tree branch, the helix seems to say: we're here.


Solar eclipses bear a mysterious connection to those with special abilities. For many, the eclipse marks the manifestation of unusual powers, particularly the global solar eclipse that occurred October 1st, 2006. Although some people manifested long before, or long after that particular eclipse, for many it served as a heightening; the moment things really started to happen.

No one seems to know why or how it's possible that there's any correlation between the eclipse and powers. Maybe it's a cosmic coincidence. It's certainly not something the average person would relate to abilities, even if they have them themselves.

The eclipse also has the potential to take away abilities for its duration: it happened in 2007.

Activating Evolution

Activating Evolution is a book by Dr. Chandra Suresh, a geneticist from Chennai University in India. It's been published in many languages and has a wide circulation, despite its critical reception by the academic community. Theorizing that mankind has begun a renaissance, a new age in which humans are evolving to develop extraordinary abilities, the book goes on to describe the possibilities of such things as rapid tissue regeneration, levitation and telepathy.

While most academic institutions denounce the Dr. Suresh's life research as useless fiction and many bookstores shelve it alongside UFO conspiracy theories, Activating Evolution has reached out to people across the globe who possess the very abilities Chandra postulated about.

"My work with the human genome project has uncovered the fact that tiny variations in our species' genetic code are taking place at an increasingly rapid rate. This should come as no surprise. So-called evolution is just that evolving. It is an ongoing process with no beginning and no end. As the world around us changes due to technology, shifts in the environmental patterns, overcrowding living conditions, war, disease, and hundreds of other seen and unseen factors, mankind reacts and mankind changes.

We evolve."

This book has seen a sudden spike in sales since abilities went public.


Known simply to its members and a select few as The Company, this clandestine organization has been around since the 1960s. Its purpose is to prevent the presence of humans with special abilities from reaching public knowledge. While they intend to look out for the safety of everyone by keeping the populous from being hurt by those with abilities and vice versa, as well as protecting the powered from themselves, their methods can be extreme in order to get the job done.

The operations consist of a business-like hierarchy and "agents" who are paired under the "one of us, one of them" rule: one human, one special. Agents are trained in tracking, combat, diffusing intense situations involving evolved persons, and the use of guns and tasers. Agents are often recruited after being brought in due to their abilities or after encountering persons with abilities. Doctors, scientists and pencil-pushers are also employed, all under the golden rule of secrecy. Everyone had their own reason for joining.

The Company operated under the guise of Primatech Paper Company, as well as Primatech Research. Its Founders have shaped the direction of the world in numerous ways, playing a behind-the-scenes hand in changing the future and manipulating the paths of many. They located and tracked people with abilities; it wasn't uncommon for evolved subjects to be injected with radioisotopes via a pneumatic syringe, leaving them with "the mark": two small, identical lines. In most instances, people marked by the Company did not remember their encounter, instead finding themselves with a period of blacked out time. In order to keep their business secretive, the Company employed an agent known as the Haitian who had the ability to erase memories. Family members of agents and witnesses to Company activities and the use of abilities are a few other examples of people whose minds have been altered.

There are few citizens who remember their encounters with The Company, but they're not nonexistent, nor are its agents. A few years ago, The Company became even more cloak-and-dagger. With funding after the last time the government had an encounter with those with abilities, to make a new Company, they seem to have disappeared into the shadows.

None of this is known to the public in general.

For a Company connection in a new character's past, you must contact staff.


In 2007, the United States government, under the advisement of then New York Senator Nathan Petrelli, attempted to forcefully attempted to hunt down, round up, and imprison US citizens with an ability, considering them an extreme threat. It was harsh, it was brutal— it was covered up. The prisoners were freed, and many involved in the project had their memories erased, they retired, or they simply… disappeared.

Thankfully, this is not the world we now live in. The public has not learned of the terrors undergone by those chased down; even the vast majority of people with abilities don't know. Now, "Building 26" seems to have never existed. The government seems to have learned lessons from the past. But somewhere out there, someone remembers what could have been.


Once upon a time, a synthetic "formula" was created with the purpose of DNA manipulation. This formula would give extraordinary abilities to people who would otherwise be ordinary. It was utilized by Primatech and used on several children in the late 1960s/1970s through genetic modification experiments, or by specific request of the Company, before it was put to an end. The two halves of the formula's schematics were separated and hidden, but Pinehearst's experiments eventually led to half-successful recreation of the formula using an addictive adrenaline-based drug as a catalyst, resulting in temporary abilities for its users.

Presently, there is not known to be any working formula, or any other form of working synthetic abilities, in existence, and the general public does not know of the past attempts by Pinehearst.


Pinehearst Research Company - - was, on the outside, a legitimate and favourably publicized organization, dedicated to providing sustainable solutions for the future. In reality, that was true, but at the heart of its goal was something not known to the general public: experimentation on human subjects to recreate a formula that would give people abilities. Run by a man who was supposed to be dead, Arthur Petrelli aimed to create a super race in military soldiers and change the face of the country. This never happened; it was destroyed. The general public never knew about Pinehearst's true goals. However, ex-employees of Pinehearst are still out there. Scientists, doctors, researchers, lawyers, engineers, publicists and more all worked for Pinehearst.

For a Pinehearst connection in a new character's past, you must contact staff.

The Carnival

Before ringleader Samuel Sullivan was arrested the same night Claire Bennet revealed abilities on live television, there was the Sullivan Brothers Carnival. A hideaway in plain sight, people with abilities were welcome, becoming integral members of the travelling community and stars of carnival attractions. Since then, some members of the Carnival have ventured out into the new, revealed world. Others have drifted. And maybe some are still out there under carnival tents.

For a Carnival connection in a new character's past, you must contact staff.

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