Theodore Newton Ruskin

"It's always a BYOB night around here."

Casting: Paul Blackthorne
Date of Birth: February 25th, 1975
Age: 36
Place of Birth: Birmingham, UK
Occupation: Coroner/Medical Examiner, works with ACRU
Ability: ???
Power Grade: ??
Registration Status: UN
Theme Song: "The Scientist" by Coldplay

Quirky, and a jerk to those that don't know him well. Theodore has a very odd sense of humor, owing to a stunted personality growth stemming from skipping grades in his youth and working with dead bodies all day. He's responsible for putting this in the morgue employee shower.


A child prodigy, Teddy was born to Penelope and Nigel Ruskin. Along with his two brothers, he was raised in Birmingham England. His family was well off enough so that he could study at Eton when it became apparent that he was far too brainy for the more local schooling. After Eton he moved on to study at Oxford where he went into medicine. With a couple of doctorates under his belt, he hopped to India for personal reasons and from there, the United States. He meant to move on, but remained where he landed in LA.

He works with ACRU from his position in the medical examiner's office as a coroner.


  • Notable IC events.


  • "Bloody Hell, someone left the door open on unit 5. My ice cream has gone all melty.. oh and John Doe's gotten a bit ripe."


  • Is currently in the USA on a H-1B visa. He hasn't yet decided on applying for a green card, or even following the path to citizenship. It just depends on how things roll with him. Although he really needs to make up his mind. That visa isn't forever.


  • He's good friends with Harry Parker, and is quite smitten with her. Although he won't come out and admit he fancies her beyond belief.


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