2010-02-15: Therapist To Arms Dealer



Date: February 15, 2010


Family matters. Kinda.

"Therapist to Arms Dealer"

Fred's Apartment — Brooklyn

Sydney has been oddly quiet since yesterday afternoon — when Jamie had been up on the rooftop and Trent out buying clothes. Dinner had been unusually quiet with Sydney avoiding eye contact with the other therapist. All-in-all Syd has virtually been avoiding him, still confused and still unsure of what on earth happened. With a smirk she sits at the kitchen table highlighting articles and scribbling notes int he margins. A cup of coffee sits on the right side of her hand, but it's gone cold. In fact, with circles under her eyes, it's a wonder if Syd slept at all last night, but her mood seems pleasant enough.

She looks up from her articles and then reaches over for her coffee and bringing it to her lips only to wince seconds later, spitting it back into the cup. The coffee has been cold for hours. She needs to make more, but can't motivate herself to stand up and do it. Not yet, anyways.

Jamie comes wandering out the the room where she's been sleeping, rubbing her eyes a little. She was up late the night before reading her new books. Still wearing the large t-shirt that functions as pajamas for her, she makes her way over to the kitchen table, climbing into a chair to kneel on it, looking to Sydney's papers and then to her. "You didn't sleep at all last night, huh?"

"Wait… what time is it?" the therapist glances towards a clock hanging on the wall. "Wow! I didn't make breakfast yet… wow. Where did the time go?" She stretches and yawns before she replies. "I dozed a little," Sydney admits with a flicker of a smile as she glances up from her papers. "But no, not a real sleep. Too much thinking. I think we may be making real headway with this material…" A small dimple appears on her cheek. "I hope you slept well…?" It's more a question than a statement.

Jamie shrugs a little bit and says, "Some bad dreams." She asks then, "Think we can stop them taking people yet?" She looks to the papers once again as she asks this. But immediately she changes into another topic, "What *is* for breakfast?"

"Bad dreams?" Sydney quirks. "What kind of bad dreams?" She brings the now-capped highlighter to her mouth and chews on the end precariously. "Well, we can certainly try to get them to stop. It will have to stop at some point, right? I just… want to help it along." She winks and then hmmms, "I haven't actually thought about breakfast, but there's cereal or I can make porridge or oatmeal or something… toast?" She shrugs. "No waffles today, I'm afraid I haven't the energy…" She has been up all night after all. She picks up her coffee cup and stands to her feet.

Jamie is quiet a moment, then she answers, "Bein' back in that room, mostly. Stuck in one spot, not able to change or anything." She says it quickly, getting the explanation over with so she can go on to ask, "Cereal please?"

Fred slowly makes his way out of his office, where he's been sleeping since his guests arrived. He's fully dressed and has a jacket on, ready for a day of hard work as the astute psychologist that he is. As he walks toward the kitchen, he's getting his suit jacket on. It's not buttoned up just yet, but he's flattening it out with his hands. He pulls on it a few times, and if anyone should take notice, he has a gun in a holster tucked in under his right arm.

"Cereal. Cereal it is," Sydney says with a nod as she goes to grab a bowl for Jamie along with some cereal and she carefully pours milk over it. She rubs her forehead and forces a pleasant enough smile before she pours her coffee down the sink. However, as she turns around she very nearly runs into Fred, but with her current avoidance tactics, she doesn't notice the holstered gun. "Sorry," she murmurs in a quiet apology.

Jamie, on the other hand, is more perceptive. Or maybe it's that whole phobia thing. Those who're afraid of spiders are more likely to notice them crawling around, and with Jamie, the same applies of guns. She's out of her chair in an instant, eyes very wide, and she asks shakily, "Why…why've you got a gun?"

At the near collision of Sydney and himself, the first thing Fred mutters is, "I…sister, twin, lost." He clears his throat. "I mean…good morning." He murmurs. His attention is quickly brought to Jamie as she enquires about his gun. "I…well, you see…self-defence." Yeah. He's gonna stick with self-defence. "This is a dangerous city. And I don't have an ability to protect me." He explains.

It had been a long night for Trent, with a bath and something to sleep in that's not the grungy clothes. Then there's the next morning. He finally wakes, the first night of 'real' sleep the boy's had in a long time. He finally wakes, forgetting where he is for the moment. He clambors out of the bed and pads barefooted iand in an oversized t-shirt to the other room where others are. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

Jamie's words are heeded by the female therapist with quirked eyebrows. And whether this is about the gun or not, is unclear all things considered. She'd managed to say nothing about the pair's moment of awkwardness, and keep her cool about everything, but the gun pushes her over the edge, "You have a gun?! You have a gun!? You have to be kidding me! I lived in New York City as a single female without any aid from a man or anything and was mugged in Central Park and I never carried a gun!!" Yes, she's freaking out just a little. She twitches as her suppressed confusion, anxiety, and now anger build and fill the space of the room. Until her newest charge rolls into the room and she takes a breath, but can't get a handle on her emotions yet, "I'm sorry Trent… did I wake you?"

Jamie almost says something, but Sydney's response ends up shocking her into silence… and, for the most part, out of the initial fear, though there's still flashes of it in her eyes. Then she looks over to the new arrival, who seems to be dressed the same as she is. She gives a little wave, saying softly, "Morning."

Fred frowns at Sydney. "Everyone is different, Sydney. I happen to feel that I need a gun." And if that isn't good enough for her, than he'll explain that he can't explain more. "Why does it bother you to the point of anger that I carry a gun?" When Trent is noticed, though, he takes the bowl of cereal from Sydney and carries it over to Jamie, placing it on the table for her. "Enjoy, Jamie." He turns to Trent. "And how are you this morning?"

Trent stops rubbing his eyes and looks around, first answering Syd, "Hrm? No my body said it was time to get up and not be such a lay about. Though that bed was cozy." Then there's a girl, and his legs are bare. At least the shirt goes to his knees, but.. he bites his lip before saying. "M.. morning." to her with a little blush. He says to her feeling a little exposed here and a bit shy. But his clothes are dirty and he's clean, so that's not going to work either, so he just deals with it. Then there's Fred talking to him, "Ok, almost forgot where I was there for a minute. I don't know as I slept that long in a long time."

Something feels off about the answer, but the empath can't put her finger on it. Sydney frowns quite openly for the time being. Something's just feeling off. She can't put her finger on it. And so she reaches out with her ability, the only way she knows how and attempts to get in-tuned with Fred's emotions. Finally she answers the question, "It's weird. You're a therapist not some arms dealer." She wrinkles her nose. Although she's still not entirely sure she's just upset about the gun.

Regardless she tries to push past the emotional flare up. "Sorry. I…" can't really control it sometimes and am prone to sharp changes in mood. "I'm just sorry. Didn't sleep well — too much to think about." She presses her lips together and nods at Trent, "I'm sorry about that bud. You want cereal too?"

Jamie takes a slight step back from Fred when he delivers the cereal. It takes her a moment before she gets back into her chair to start eating, "Thanks." Still skittish about the gun, obviously. She looks to Trent then and says, "That happened to me sometimes too, forgetting where I was, when I woke up somewhere new. It's kinda spooky."

Fred smiles softly at Jamie. He can understand being afraid. Guns are scary things. He nods to Trent. "Of course. A new place, new surroundings. Not what you're used to any more. Well, as long as you're under my roof, you can sleep for as long as you want. No restrictions." He nods firmly, looking at Sydney. His emotions are amuck, all over the place. "I can't give you a better explanation than what I've already said, I'm afraid." And in at least that he's sincere and truthful. If he could tell her more, he probably would have. "Well, I suppose I should get to work. I'll see you all tonight." He says with a smile, making his exit.

Trent nods at Sydney, "Yes please. If I may? I'm hungry." though the stomach grumbles possibly already answerd that. He's then looking at Jamie nodding at her. "Yeah, it is pretty scarey, but then, at least it was a warm soft spot, and I didn't have to worry about someone buggin me here." or something.. for that matter. He nods at Fred, "Thank you sir, I guess I needed the sleep. When I get an hour here, or ten minutes there or something. Doesn't make one feel very good." espcially on an empty stomach, but he doesn't add that.

"Yeah, we haven't been here long and after what each of you has been through …" Syd shrugs. "I don't think it would be easy to adjust." And with ability Syd figures out something about her friend: Fred is sincere and truthful and all over the map. If Sydney was confused before about their conversation the night previous the gun and Fred's current emotional state don't instil any sense of confidence or clear up the therapist's confusion. She raises a hand to her forehead wearily before issuing him a three finger wave.

She traipses to the counter and sets on a fresh pot of coffee. She's going to need it to get through the day. Although… maybe she should nap? She pushes the thought aside for now and just makes the coffee.

Jamie doesn't totally relax until Fred (and more specifically the gun) is out the door. She just eats the cereal and says to Sydney, "Not happening lately. But when I first got rescued, a couple times. Or when I get really, really bad dreams."

Trent waves after Fred after a bit, then heads to where the kitchen is. "If you show m where they are, I could possibly get my own breakfast." he pipes in, trying to be helpful. Since something appears to be wrong with Sydney. Though the boy doesn't really understand what. "Did I do something wrong?" maybe he was bad, and she is mad at him for that. Or something. Poor dumb un-Evolved humans just don't get it, apparently.

"Well I'm glad it's getting better for you Jamie. I won't let anything bad happen, I swear," Sydney says with a weak smile. And then she shakes her head, "It had nothing to do with you. Fred and I… had a little disagreement last night, and we're just doing that stuff that friends do to work through it." There's a pause as she tilts her head, "I'm just very sensitive. And I'm working at not being that way, but… it's not easy for someone like me." An empathic manipulator.

Jamie nods quickly to Sydney, continuing to eat her cereal. To Sydney's comment about being sensitive, she says, "Bet my being so scared of the gun didn't help, huh? Can't help it." She doesn't explain why, but Sydney already knows.

Trent nods at Sydney.. "Oh ok." he says softly. Then looks about the kitchen. He heads to the fridge to look for the milk. Listening to the pair, but clearly lost as to what the heck they are talking about. "Gun? What gun?" He apparently didn't notice the gun.

"It didn't help, Jamie, but it's my burden to bear and I'm learning to control my feelings as best I can," Sydney's eyes twinkle a bit as she leans against the frame of the doorway, her eyelids getting heavier by the second. And then she explains to Trent, "Fred had a holstered gun and I… wasn't impressed. Anyways… I'm sorry to do this guys, but I think… I think I might be able to sleep… finally. I just need a couple of hours and then we can try to get some stuff done. Like buy groceries." She winks. It's early or late in Sydney's case. She trudges over to the couch and lays down. Within moments she's asleep.

Jamie nods quickly to Sydney and says, "Sweet dreams." Once Sydney's lying down she explains to Trent, "She didn't sleep all night. She didn't even know it was morning until I got up." She eats another mouthful of cereal, then gets up to help Trent find and get his own.

Trent frowns a bit, "Oh, and I guess making sure I was comfortable and stuff didn't help either." He sets the milk on the counter. Closing the door with his bare foot. At least it's a clean foot." He then starts opwning cupboard doors, till he finds the bowls. BUt as short as he is, he has to climb up on the counter to get it.

Jamie, as Trent finds everything but the cereal (which never really got put away before), sits back down again to go back to eating. "Naw, that's just normal Sydney. She's nice, likes helping people. And she's good at understanding."

Trent listens to Jamie and nods. Once he sets the bowl down and shuts the cupboard, he's climbing back down. His shirt hiking up a bit, almost mooning poor Jamie, but he's quick to stop it before it's too late. He looks around, "Oh there it is." He sets the bowl by the milk and gets the cereal and a spoon. "Yeah she seems nice, I just worry I did something bad, or something, cause my Aunt used to yell at me all the time. Even for stuff I didn't do. And people out there" indicating toward where he 'thinks' the street is "yell at me all the time too. Cause I'm in the way, or cause I dug in the trash for food, or clothes or something. Whatever they thought they could yell at me for."

Jamie shakes her head quickly, and says, "Nope. You won't get yelled at hear, promise. Unless you carry a gun," she adds with a bit of a giggle. More seriously she says, "They haven't yelled at me once. They're really cool."

Trent smiles, "Oh. Well that's cool anyway. I try not to do anything bad, but with my ADHD sometimes it's hard to be good all the time." Though as moepy and depressed and such as he's been, he's not even had much of a flare up with it. He pours the cereal into the bowl. A couple pieces fall on the counter, but he's quick to snag them up. He's really hungry, he fills the bowl. He then adds the milk.

Jamie asks, curiously, "What's AD..whatever you said?" Then she adds, "It's ok, I'm not good all the time either. But Sydney and Fred don't yell, except maybe at each other. They talk about it. That's kinda what they do, talk. They're good at it."

"It's just a funny way to say that I get over hyper and do bad things sometimes for attention or something. They got medicine for it, but I don't have any of it. But I've been more sad lately then hyper, so I guess it's evening its self out." Trent puts the milk away and closes the cereal box before moving to a spot where he can eat his cereal. Which he does, he begins to shovel it in, as though he hadn't eaten in a week.

Jamie ohs at that description, frowning a little. "If there's medicine for it, it's obviously something you can't help, so dunno why anybody'd yell at you for that anyway." She shrugs a bit and then says, "What do you wanna do, until Sydney wakes up?"

Trent shrugs, "I don't know if I can help it or not. My aunt seemed to think I could.. and never made shre I had them. Other then one day I must have really angred her because she gave me more then one." He keeps shoveling the cereal in, until the bowl is empty other then the milk, which he drinks down. Not even bothering with manners.

Jamie nods a little again and says, "Your aunt sounds mean." She hops to her feet then, leaving her bowl where it is for now as she says, "You can have the milk left in that if you want too. I'm gonna go get dressed." She runs off into the room where she's been sleeping (Fred's bedroom, until her arrival), closing the door behind her.

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