2009-11-14: There Oughtta Be a Law



Date: November 14, 2009


Hallis is not a morning person.

"There Oughtta Be a Law"

George's apartment, Greenwich Village

One thing about George's apartment? The curtains aren't blackout shades and so when morning breaks, the sun shines in. Not being an early riser, the female in his bed this morning groans and turns over, pulling a pillow over her head and in turn over his face.

One thing about Hallis? She's a very messy sleeper. The blanket has been kicked off the bed, the sheet is tangled up in her legs leaving her bare from the waist up. The young woman has been splayed across the congressman's body for nearly the entire time they have been asleep, that is until the sun came up.

One thing about George? Once he's out, he's well and truly out, until at some point he isn't any more. No tossing and turning there. At first, his arms lay limply by his sides; as the warmth of the sun prods him back toward consciousness, he instinctively draws them back around the waist of the girl on top of him. Sorry, Folgers, the gold medal is not yours.

Another small groan is given as George's arms close around Hallis' waist. "Just five more minutes…" comes the sleepy muffled voice under the pillow. She'd completely forgotten there was a seven o'clock in the morning, and it's rather rude for the sun to try to prod her awake with him. Regardless, she slowly opens her eyes only to find herself in a strange bed with him still underneath her. He can probably feel the smile growing on her lips, just before she tilts her head and presses them against his skin.

Tossing the pillow aside, she squints at the clock on her phone and lets off another groan. "I haven't been up this early since Muffy's last party, and even then it was just because I hadn't gone to sleep yet. Why is there a seven in the morning? Can't you make some law that skips time until noon or something?"

One hand reaches up to ruffle Hallis's hair. "We tried that with Daylight Saving Time," George murmurs, "a lot of people from big farm states lost our jobs over it. Nobody wanted to touch it again after that." His eyes remain closed, still only half-awake himself. "I think I could go for some coffee. You want some coffee?"

"Only if you mix it with cocaine, because I think that's the only thing that will wake me up right now. " Hallis grumbles, definitely not an early riser. With the loss of the pillow to protect the little vampire from the sunlight, she untangles herself from the sheet and pulls it up over her head. "You need new curtains, or you need to sleep at my place. This is just not going to work if you and the sun gang up on me every morning." Indeed, for a woman that's used to having a full eight hours of beauty rest, two or three just doesn't do it. But she's comfortable right now and so as to not interrupt that, Hallis tightens her hold on him to prevent him from moving.

And a good thing, too, as he was just about to roll out of bed when he gets the signal and stays put instead. "I could do new curtains. The place had blinds when I moved in, but they're just dust magnets. So who's Muffy, anyway?" he adds, in a tone of voice suggesting that he's not certain he wants to hear the answer.

Hallis peeks out from under the sheet and rests her chin on his shoulder, giving him a little smile. "She's a girl I went to school with. She throws the wildest parties, you wouldn't believe it." The outlandishness is indicated by the roll of the eyes that accompanies her answer. Then she leans up and gives him a good morning kiss. Another thing about Hallis, is that her hair is definitely a morning riser, because the loose blonde curls are all over the place. Literally.

George turns his head, receiving the kiss and then casting a quick backward glance. "Oh, I'd believe a lot of thi…" Oh. Oh dear. He definitely hasn't seen her hair like that before - he's seen it while she was asleep, but it just doesn't produce the same effect. Well, he's just figured out a way to make at least a little of her early morning go by more pleasantly. The coffee and the party stories will just have to wait a bit longer.

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