2007-04-21: There's A Whole Lot Of Shaking Going On


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Jenny goes looking for Omega while he's out on patrol. They meet in Central Park and have an enlightening chat.

April 21st, 2007

There's A Whole Lot Of Shaking Going On

Central Park

It's evening in Central Park. Not the best time to be here. And definitely not alone. And yet Jenny is here in a blue and white jacket with 'Primatech Paper' on the back, a loose black shirt, and some tight jeans. Running shoes are on her feet, but she isn't here to run like she usually does. Not just for exercise at least.
The brunette woman checks her watch and goes over what she had heard in her head from Claudine. 'High school jerk with powers', 'he's really fast' and he rescued her from muggers. She's hoping she can without the muggers bit tonight, and still lure out her target, but if necessary, she is willing to play helpless victim until someone shows up. IF they show up. If not, she'll probably just send the muggers on a one-way trip into outerspace.
Pause. 'There's an idea. I wonder if I could maintain a connection with a Motivated Object long enough to send it into orbit…' She shakes her head and starts walking, heading for the parts of the park away from the lit paths.

Having been out of the spotlight for a bit, it seemed that Omega had an itch to get back out, and attain some fresh air. He promised a special someone he would stop being a hero, but, his heart strings tugged, and longed for at least the chance to go roof top leaping, feel the fresh air in his face, and simply enjoy the rush of adrenaline surging through his veins.

As Omega vaults over one rooftop, he throws himself into a carthweel, followed by a back hand spring as he goes. He is definitely quick, that's for sure, even when he's not using his powers to surge him through the small pockets of time that he opens up. With a sideways leap off the edge of the building, he snags the bar of a fire escape, curls his body inwards, then lets go so that he can land upon the ground in an alley with a slight 'thud.' Dressed all in black, save the ski mask over his head that's cut off at the top to allow his blonde mop of hair to flop out, his eyes are hidden by what appears to be a thin bit of red plastic, giving off a violent gleam when light strikes it. For the moment, he surveys the park quietly as he perches himself on the top of a dumpster, taking in the view, waiting patiently for /anything/ to happen.

Jenny could put herself in danger to lure this guy out. Or she could walk around and hope to spot him. Neither one is guaranteed to achieve the results she desires. So instead of trying to be all clever and sneaky, she merely checks the area to make sure she is not in the company of anyone who would it would be bad to show off in front of, and once she is certain she is alone, at least in this part of the park, she tries something she has never done before.
She has no idea that her mother, Ariel Hawking, was also an Evolved, with the power of Seismokinesis — controlling and generating earthquakes. In a way, Jenny's power is derived from that. So it is quite ironic that, not even knowing what her mother is capable of, Jenny is attempting to do what Ariel can do. She puts her hands on the ground as she kneels down, and begins trying to focus her Kinetic Manipulation into the soil, hopefully making the ground in her immediate vicinity begin to tremble. If she can build up enough kinetic energy in the ground, she may be able to make the entire park shake as though caught in a minor earthquake.
See, she remembers her conversation with Claudine. Where does the energy for Jenny's powers come from? She had answered that she thought she might be siphoning momentum from the Earth itself, as it hurtles through space. So what happens when she turns that energy back on itself?
If this works, then there would be noticeable rumbling from the ground, and up along the various trees in the park, and anything else attached to or resting on the park's soil — enough to make a loud humming. It would only last for a few seconds, if it works, but that should be enough to get the attention of anyone hiding in the area. Normals would probably be confused and frightened, and maybe flee. Evolved people would hesitate to leave, just because they'd wonder… 'Was that natural? Or something else?'

As the ground begins to rumble, Omega leans down to place a hand firmly on the dumpster, feeling it rock back, and forth. Squinting his eyes, he stares out into the park as a few trees begin to tumble over to the side, and uproot. Car alarms start to go off, blaring through the darkness, and as usual, what little people that were gathered on the street, begin to flee, calling their phones excitedly, and looking to duck inside their homes.

Cocking his head to one side, he travels up the fire escape once more towards the roof, taking the flights fairly quickly, then stares out over the expanse of the park, squinting, pin pointing where the trees fell. No screams of terror is echoing through the night, no one sounds like they're hurt, or trapped beneath a tree. But, earthquakes, in New York?

Jenny figures that should have been enough to get the attention of Omega Man if he's in the area. But when she waits and doesn't see any really fast high-schoolers come out of nowhere to greet her, she decides a little bit more is in order. Thus… She looks around, crouches down, and prepares to convert the potential energy of her tightening muscles into kinetic energy… The coiling of her muscles is like a spring, or like the body of a tiger, ready to pounce. But once she fires that energy off, it's not going to be depleted immediately. Ohhhhhh no. Instead, she's going to try to increase it exponentially, until she is able to soar into plain sight in the air, and then use her ability to reduce Kinetic Energy to try to 'float' down to the ground. While she's dropping, if this works, she'll call out, "Omega Man! If you're out there, I want to speak to you!" and then drop the rest of the way to the ground.
If she screws up, then she may wind up hurting herself. Badly. And then she'll feel stupid.

Wait, is he being called out? Omega, tucked behind a large air conditioning unit upon the roof, watches the woman leap up into the ski, then slowly begins to descend once more into the tree line. You got to be kidding me. What ever happened to subtly? And why does everyone keep calling him 'Omega Man!' It's Omega. No Man. He's not a video game character. With a soft sigh behind his mask, the vigilante waits for nearly a minute, before leaping off the roof once again, allowing his temporal powers to slow him down through the air, before landing in a three point crouch.

Why is he already regretting this?

Making his way across the street, he shifts his gaze from left to right, staring down the empty avenue, before stepping into the park silently. Not a word he utters, as he regards the moment with caution.

Jenny lands a bit unsteadily, but she doesn't fall down or hurt herself. She's actually a little impressed with herself. All of her training is really paying off. A year ago she liquified the muscles in her legs, and nearly shattered leg and hip bones completely. It took a long time to heal and get back on her feet instead of crutches. Now she just leapt three times the height she did at the Olympics, slowed down her own fall, and prior to both of those things generated a mini-earthquake.
It's moments like this, as she rises to her feet slowly from her own crouch, and waits, that she realizes just how far she has progressed. It's almost scary how strong she has become. And yet… What if she can get even stronger?
Pushing that brief breath-taking thought to the back of her mind, she simply waits, hands at her sides, palms open, to show she has no weapon in them, and isn't about to stick her hands in her pockets to retrieve one.
If Omega comes into sight, Jenny will give a nod of greeting, and say at a volume that could probably be heard, but would not carry too far through the park, "Sorry about not being quieter, but I didn't want to risk missing each other because I was too busy trying to be sneaky. We can move somewhere else if you feel this area has been compromised. Or if you'd rather know who I am and what I want first…"
She would glance around, though she is certain no one else is around, then say simply, "My name is Jenny. I work with a woman named Claudine. She said you rescued her from muggers. I was intrigued by the idea of a costumed hero, and wanted to discuss certain things with you… Like working with other heroes. Or if not working with us, lending mutual support when one of us is in need. Things like that." She smiles in a friendly manner.
Inwardly, she is hoping that in the darkness of night she is just imagining the costume Omega is wearing, and that it doesn't look nearly so goofy in the light.

Of course the costume doesn't look goofy. There is no spandex, no cape. Just good old loose fitted black camo pants, with a matching black top. The omega symbol has been stitched into the top of his mask, right above the red eyes that glare out over at her. As she begins to speak, he stops, keeping a fair distance between him, and her.

Quietly, he doesn't say a word as he now learns why exactly Claudine has been following him around. She works for someone. Her interest in his friend Brad has been a scam, and it makes sense why she keeps slipping in those ridiculous questions. His gloved fingers slowly curl in, and out of reflexively as he continues to stare at her, listening, but not speaking himself. It seems he may be the Bruce Wayne type.

'He must be too intimidated to say anything,' Jenny thinks to herself. Bruce Wayne? Who's that? "I'm not here to try to force anything on you. If you want to work with other Heroes to protect people without powers, and to help people with the potential to be Heroes to control their powers, instead of letting them remain frightened, feeling alone, worrying that they're some kind of freak… There's a lot of scared people out there who can help others and themselves. But they need someone to help >them< first. That's where I come in." She takes a single step forward, but goes no further, just gestures with a hand at Omega and says, "And maybe you, if you're interested. If not…" Jenny shrugs. "Then while I'd still like to talk to you about what exactly you plan to do with your abilities, I won't try to convince you to do something you're against."

Shifting his glance around the park for a moment, Omega takes note of how far apart each tree is, the distance from here to the street, how she moves, how she talks. He watches her eyes especially, studying the way they may look from left to right. They are windows to the soul, right? Still, he doesn't say a word, he just simply listens to her speak, as if weighing the measure of her voice. With a squint of his eyes in her direction, hard to see behind the red plastic of his mask, he lets out a slow, heavy breath. Tapping himself on the chest, he raises his left arm upwards, pointing towards the sky, the moon.

Jenny waits for a response, noting how she is being watched and measured. She's doing some of that of her own, though she's trying to keep it unobtrusive, and casual. She doesn't want to violate this guy's personal space. When he doesn't answer, just taps his chest and points at the sky, she tries to figure out what that's supposed to mean. From what she heard, the guy isn't mute… So why the quiet? Does he think she's recording the conversation or something?
"I know you probably don't trust me yet… And might never trust me, though I hope that's not the case. However, if you think I have a radio or something and have people listening in, you don't have to worry about that. Infact, you can search me if you want, to make sure." She holds her arms above her head, to allow for a search. Then it hits her! The reason why Omega pointed at the sky! It all makes sense now!
She also points with both index fingers at the sky, and says, "And by the way, I can assure you that you did not receive your powers from aliens." ….

Slumping his shoulders downwards, Omega looks.. disappointed. There's a loud, audible sigh as his breath puffs out in front of his ski mask, before giving his head a slight shake. Search her? That.. would almost be uncomfortable, giving a woman a pat down, as if he was some cop, or a pervert.. or Brad. ".. No. I do not believe they came from aliens." He finally speaks, his tone stoic, and impassive. "I do not wish to join any sort of group, or team. I do what I do, because it's the right thing, because seeing people in danger bothers me. I'm not out to make a name for myself, nor become the next super hero."

Jenny hesistates, and then lowers her arms to her sides. "Ah. I'm sorry. I wasn't quite sure what you meant by that gesture… If I offended you, I apologize. And… That's fine. I'll make sure that those of us who are interested know that you would rather work solo. I will still leave open the offer, however, for mutual assistance. If someone needs help, and you find you want some backup, or if we want to help someone, and don't have the right talents at our disposal…" She shrugs. "Either way, we can help each other to help those in need. If you'd rather not be associated with us at all, and just want to be left alone on your mission… Well, I'll make that known too, though I can't promise those above me won't decide we are meant to help each other. Some people have certain beliefs that they don't want to let go of… My belief is that everyone is free to take their own path in life as long as they don't hurt others in the process."
Jenny ponders for a moment and then says, "I will commend you on not trying to make yourself well-known to the public, or to do this for glory. It's the mark of a true hero to accomplish great things because they are also the right thing to do, rather than >trying< to do great things, to make oneself feel great." She smiles and takes her early step forward in the opposite direction.

Nodding his head as he listens, Omega takes a deep breath, then gives a slight bow at the waist in her direction. "Thank you for respecting my boundaries." As he straightens up, he asks her. "You didn't have to knock the trees down to get my attention though." A smirk tugs behind the mask over his face for a moment, before he turns, starting to head off through the park in the opposite direction.

Jenny grins and says, "You're welcome. And I'll keep that in mind for the future." Oh noes. Implied future contact. Well, what are you going to do? Then she turns around begins heading away as well, though she cast a couple glances over her shoulder to watch Omega leave, as she departs herself. 'That could have gone better,' she thinks. 'I'm too nice… And too honest. Others would have taken him down and brought him in, whether he wanted to come or not.' Sigh. 'I'm so going to get yelled at for this.'

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