2009-12-15: There's No Place Like Hooters



Date: December 15, 2009


"Hellllllooooooooooo French Nurse!"

"There's No Place Like Hooters"


New York Subways are almost always crowded. But for some odd reason, this particular car doesn't seem to be as crowded as usual. There's a handful of people here, but that's about the gist of it. One of those people is none other than the great and powerful and way too rich to be riding the Subway but for some strange reason he is anyway: Jaden Cain. He's sitting here, minding his own business, flipping through a comic book that reads X-MEN on the cover. As the train just moves right along on the tracks. Smooth sailing.

Sierra sitting no more than a few seats away from Jaden on the subway train is Sierra LeBlanc, writer for the Queens Gazette who has recently been written up in Peoples Magazine along with Hallis Van Cotlandt due to an attempted kidnapping. Honestly, if it hadn't been for Hallis, she wouldn't have been in Peoples magazine at all. Today, while on the train, she's flipping through a book with a French title, 'Couleur du Temps'.

"Time to bleed, bub." That would be Jaden trying to mimic the greatness that is James 'Wolverine' Logan. And he even bringing his hands into the mix, trying to snikt out imaginary claws. Which, of course, don't come out. But at least he's trying. His arm even jabs out to the side… punching into the air, as Jaden snarls like a crazy person. But he's not crazy. He's reading a comic book.

Oh, at this particular instance, the subway does this jarring jerking motion and sparkish, crackling can be heard as the electricity goes out. Lights and everything. Darkness.

"… I didn't do it!" Oh Jaden.

Sierra can't help but give Jaden a glance. Not a crazy person, huh? Well, we'll see about that. She shakes her head and goes back to her book. "Ah, poor family. They do not know what they are missing." She murmurs. If one were to hear her, they might hear a French accent in her voice. As the subway starts jerking around and everything goes dark, she blinks. "Mon Dieu…what is going on?"

Mmmm. French. That's definitely something that Jaden hears. And within moments of whining and etc, the lights manage to come on. Well, the back up lights, thanks to whatever generator power comes on these things. Emergency lights. Whatever you want to call them. That would be how it's easier to see that Jaden Cain has curled himself up in the corner of the subway seats, head buried between his legs and rocking back and forth. Someone is not dealing with this too well, it looks like. "There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like h—" Pause. Consider. "There's no place like Hooters. There's no place like Hooters. There's no place like Hooters."

Once the back up lights are up and running, Sierra has herself a look around. Not many people in this car equals not many freaking out. She is one of those people remaining calm, despite what the man near to her is doing. She scoots herself near to him. "Mon cherie, it's going to be just fine. The lights are on, and no doubt there are people working on the problem right this instant." Sierra says to Jaden. "Everything will work out." She tries to ignore the fact that he's saying that there's 'no place like Hooters.'

"Mmmmm. Hooters." That would be Jaden Cain trying to come out of his daydream where he's taken himself to hide from the horrors of the subway car going bye-bye and him losing his life underground. When his head lifts and he takes in the sight that is Sierra, he's dropping his jaw cartoonishly. DOING! "Well Hellllooooooooooooooooooooo French Nurse!" And grins and immediately shakes himself out of the curled up ball and sits up straighter. "Pepe le Pew, mon dieu, french fry!" Oh dear.

Sierra pats Jaden's foot, shaking her head with an amused smirk. "My dear, I am no French nurse, Pepe le Pew was a skunk, the only part that God has in this is…well, I do not know, and french fries are for eating. So, mon cherie, I would suggest you take a few deep breaths in and really think before you speak again, can you do that?"

Blink. Blink again. "Sorry. What I meant to say was… can I have you?" Jaden blinks and realizes that probably came out all the way wrong. He coughs and waves his hand around to try and erase that. "Sorry, again. Let me start over." Pause. Deep breath. "Huh. That worked." He turns to look back at Sierra and offers his hand. "Jaden Cain. Professional Foot In Mouth Guy. Sorry about the freak out and the unrequested sexual harassment there. Won't happen again."

Sierra is patient, though she does giggle a few times. "Not to worry, mon cherie." She giggles again. "I am Sierra LeBlanc." She takes the offered hand and shakes it. "Professional…French Nurse, or 'Infirmiere de Francais'." She winks. "Or, you could call me a writer for the Queens Gazette." She grins. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Monsieur Cain."

Jaden winces a little bit. "Ooooh. A writer. That caught me curled up in a ball, on the subway. I'm going to have to get my PR people on this the moment I've got cell phone reception." Jaden reaches for his jPhone, flips it out and blinks. "Ooooh. Reception." He grins and looks up at whomever else is in the subway car. "Buy jPhones! No Dead Zones!" That shameless plug aside, he's looking back at Sierra. Once again. "Queens Gazette, huh? Never heard of it. That wouldn't happen to be affiliated with the Daily Bugle would it?"

Sierra laughs. "Do not worry, mon cherie. I'll only spread rumours if you want. I won't actually write anything. Although…" She thinks for a moment. "I could use a good story right now. "Jaden Cain…curls up in the dark and likes French nurses." She winks. "I am a writer, yes, but I only write the stories I want to write…or that my boss tells me to. And trust me, this won't get out." She gives him a little pat on the shoulder. "A jPhone?" She certainly is curious about that. "No, we are our own paper, not affiliated with any others."

"Whew. That's a relief. Because I don't think I can compete with Spider-Man for the front page." Jaden just kind of waves off the newspaper talk. At least in terms of fictional newspapers and such. He's more interested in this whole French Nurse angle. "Although, if you promise to find me some hot French models to pose with for this expose into the mind of Jaden Cain, I think we might have something there. You get a story. I get a room full of French hotties in nurse's outfits. What say we make this happen. Isn't it Sweeps Week or something?"

Sierra snorts, quite unlady like really. "Spider-man can own a newspaper for all I care." She states quite certainly. She's not much for comic books and the like. "I wish I could help you, mon cherie, but I am from Canada. Not France. So I could not get you real French 'hotties'. I've got myself. But I don't know how well a story about me in a nurse's outfit modelling for you would go over with my bosses." She giggles.

"Well. How about this. What if I were to tell you that I'm currently in the market for a professional image consultant and that I'm willing to pay top dollar to have someone write nothing but good things about me in legit magazines and what not, to help combat the evil paparazzi that wants to destroy me from the inside out." Jaden, immediately, tries to make this explanation make sense by holding up his hands to shield his face from the non-flashing camera lights of the other passenger. "See? They're everywhere!"

"Ah, mon cherie, work for someone other than my employer? It all depends…I suppose." Sierra says, thinking it over. "What would be in it for me? What kind of pay are we talking about? Certainly there would be other incentive, since if my bosses found out, they would not be all too happy." She gives him a look. "So, what's it going to be?"

"You know, hold that thought. I'm getting a lightbulb in my head and I'm going to have to get back to you on that. After I talk to my lawyer." Jaden does go into his inside pocket and whip out a business card. Which is held out for her to take if she'd like it. "But there is something I do know I want to ask you. I'd like to ask you to accompany me to dinner sometime this week. To celebrate us getting off this subway in one piece." Jaden frowns and looks down the car. "You know, when they do get us out of here."

Sierra smiles and nods. "Oui, you do that. Talk to your lawyer and you get back to me." She says, taking the card. "I suppose I should give you mine as well." She says, as she starts sifting through her purse. "Aha! And here it is." She takes it out, handing it to Jaden. It gives her name (with her middle name only listed as B.) and a phone number and e-mail address. "Well, dinner I can do. But only dinner, of course." She says with a little smile. "I am sure I would enjoy it."

Jaden takes the card and tucks it away with a bit of a smile. "I will cherish this card always." Jaden then gives a wave of his hand. "Or until our second date when you realize that I'm the one for you and you fall madly in love with me and I you and the roses blossom and the birds start to sing and…. I'm getting ahead of myself again, aren't I?" No need to even get sent to the intensive care this time, since he's going to curb that enthusiasm right out. "Of course. Only dinner. Got it."

Sierra shakes her head, grinning. "Ah, Monsieur Cain. I do not want you to get too much ahead of yourself. I do not fall in love too easily. Besides, you have to deal with an overprotective brother if I do. And trust me, mon cherie, that is no easy task." She smiles sweetly. "Besides, I thought this was a 'celebration' of getting free of the train. Not a date." She gives him a little wink.

Jaden winces and holds up his hands. "Overprotective brother?" Jaden's even scooting his butt away from her to make sure that nobody can see that he's trying to hit on this woman anymore. "Hey, next time you gotta' give me some warning when you have one of those! I'll tell you one thing, I'm a bleeder. And I'd hate for your brother to stain his nice clothes with my puny, useless, blood."

Sierra gives a little smirk to Jaden. "Do you blame him? A pretty girl like me…he doesn't want his sister to be hurt!" She grins. "Don't worry, mon cherie. He lives in Canada! But I thought you'd want to know, in case anything were to happen." She giggles. "Do remember, though, if he comes after you, curl up in a ball and think of Hooters." She stifles a laugh. "Don't look so worried, mon grande cherie. You really have nothing to worry about for the time being."

"Nothing to worry about? Yeah, that's the same thing they said to Dorothy and look where she ended up?" Jaden shudders at the thought of ending up in Oz. Shudder. "Unless we're talking about Dorothy from The Wiz. Now that was an awesome Oz. Michael Jackson as the Scarecrow? It don't get much better than that, let me tell you."

And as if to shut up another one of Mr. Cain's random rants of historical entertainment knowledge, the lights fade back on and the subway car lurches back to life. Moving a bit slower, but steady.


Sierra reaches out to gently pat Jaden's knee. "But just look at the marvellous adventure that Dorothy went on. I doubt she would have traded it for the world." She winks at Jaden. "Mon cherie, life is nothing without a little risk. You cannot hide yourself away in comic books and movies all the time. You have to live life to it's fullest." As she says that, the train starts moving again. "Ah, bon. We're moving again!" She says happily.

"Living life to the fullest. I'll definitely have to keep that in mind. As well as the non-threatening but evil genius of a Canadian big brother. There's another shudder that runs through his body as the train pulls into the station, where it seems like everybody's getting off, from the way they're crowding the doors and all of that. "I guess that's our cue, huh?"

Sierra laughs. "He's only a genius…maybe half of the time." She winks. She makes a conscious point not to make mention of the 'evil' part. Noticing, as well, all the other people surging out of the train, she moves to do the same, with a nod to Jaden. "Well, mon cherie, we've made it out." She says as she steps off the train. "And we'll live to see another day. I hope you'll make good on that promise of yours for a little celebration."

"Don't worry. Pretty soon you'll be seeing so much of me, that I'll have to report you for stalking." Jaden gives a bit of a wink, before turning to pretend like he's walking away, only to look back and see if he can't see that French nurse's booty. Nummy!

Sierra laughs and shakes her head. "You're something for sure. I just don't know what." She sighs. "Well, I shall be seeing you soon then, mon cherie. And with that, she makes her own way out. No, she won't parade it around just for you! She leaves guys wanting more. That's what this French nurse does.

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