2007-10-15: These Three


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Summary: Gene, Mikhail, and Eric meet at a coffee shop. This log can also be known as "Blame Elena" because Elena is love. ;)

Date It Happened: October 15th, 2007

These Three

Some Little Coffee Shop (Not Central Perk)

Books litter the table where Gene is seated at. Aerodynamic Systems of the 21st Century is held within his hands, the young man flipping through the pages. While normally he would smile while reading and learning, there is little joy to be had in his eyes. One thought rings through his mind as he continues to read, his own words said in the past.

"My ability is… killing me?"

Of course, he hasn't really talked with Elena much since that night. She's been busy since that time. Then again, most people have, himself included. Now though, there is only the calm music playing in the coffee shop, set up rather close to the college library. Due to its location, the hole-in-the-wall shop appears to draw a rather quiet crowd; the only people really talking are a couple of study groups here and there.

Why is Mikhail at the coffee shop? The answer: he's there to draw. And inhale coffee fumes to help him stay awake. He tried sleeping early the other night after the online chat with Elena, but he found himself lying in bed with his eyes wide open. Instead, he slept in and skipped classes for the day.

The lead pencil sketches out loose circles and lines, connecting each shape to form either a person or a piece of furniture. He isn't too sure of what he was trying to draw. It suddenly becomes a foundation for a mean-looking dragon. There goes his assignment.

Mikhail stifles a yawn with a gloved hand, his eyes flicking over the bodies that occupy the space. He does notice Gene from a sidelong glance, but he isn't exactly sure how to approach the studious one. Well, he looks like he's being studious and absorbed in his interests. The artist remains seated while tapping his pencil against the drawing pad.

It seems that Gene isn't the only one with things on his minds. However the things on Eric Lancaster's mind arn't quite as heavy as the ones on Genes. However he has been just about as busy, and now he has quietly come to a nice little coffee shop to relax. Or at least thats what he's thinking at the moment. However as soon as he walks in the door the young man seems to reconize at least two figures that happen to be loitering around the shop.

A raised eyebrow before he shakes his head slightly. Small world and all that. As he looks between the two though he just smirks slightly and shakes his head. He waves towards Mik, both in greeting and to wave him over before strolling right up to Gene. "Well isn't this a suprise meeting you here." He says with a smile towards the techie. "…mind a couple more at the table?" He asks curiously towards the younger man. He'll stroll on if Gene says no, but its nice enough to offer to share the time right?

Eric gets a simple glance from Gene, clearly unamused at first. He gives a tired sigh before placing the book down. "No… I suppose it's alright," the young inventor replies as his chai tea is soon in hand. He nods to Mikhail, oddly without the same annoyence. A neutral nod, but at least it isn't unfavorable. Odd that he would seem unhappy and yet allow Eric to be at his table, but Gene is Gene. He's only logical when it comes to his inventions.

So he can't be ninja all of the time. Maybe he should invest in masks. Or grow a beard and mustache. Under the hood, Mikhail blinks as his head tilts upward. Oh hey, it's Eric! He hasn't seen him in a while. The wave automatically makes the young man perk, hands reaching down to gather all of his things before getting up off the chair he claimed.

It's a perfect way of getting the greeting thing done: having someone else do it for him. Although eager to follow and join the other two guys, his deadpan expression hides it well. He saunters over, nodding back at Gene with the same sort of neutrality. Toward Eric, he raises his eyebrows. "It's a small, small world," he half-sings at the taller student, settling down on the nearest chair with one foot propped on the seat's edge. "But seriously, I haven't seen you two for a while. School that busy?"

Eric shudders slightly. "Oh don't do that," He says towards Mik. "…horrible childhood memories of that ride at Disney." He settles back in one of the three chairs around the table. A chai tea is set down infront of him as well before he glances around the table. Eric might just be good at finding ninja. He /is/ master of shadows.

A glance at Gene at the obviously unamused look and the annoyance, however he brushes past it. "…work and school and…" He waves a hand slightly ruefully. "…other things. Trying to talk to Elena and apparently failing…" He shakes his head slightly. "…and trying to fix up a place for my newest mode of transport."

Tucking his book under a random magazine to help hide it from prying eyes, Gene shrugs toward Mihkail. "I don't go to school." He doesn't say why, but it's a fact that he figures he can share. Leaving it unknown if he enjoys the song 'It's a Small World After All' or is like normal people, he arches a brow toward Eric as he inquires about the topic that makes him wonder. "Mode of transport?" Seems like Gene's in man of few words mode today.

He grins. Perfectly innocent, really - he has to find his amusement somewhere. The song isn't that bad, is it? Shrugging, Mikhail places the cup of hot water and a bag of brown rice tea in front of him. He's not into chai stuff or coffee anyway. The rest of his things are set on the floor, save for his pencil case, which ends up next to the cup. The tablet of paper rests partially on the edge of it at an angle for him to continue sketching.

"Is that so," he replies softly toward Gene, but it's not really a question. He can sense the slight tension and would rather not go prodding him about it. "I never knew, but this works." Blue gray eyes fall on Eric again, the pencil stopping at the dragon's scaly back. If Gene asks about the transportation thing, he'll speak for the other topic. "Ele was online yesterday. She sent everyone something about her being sick. I messaged her there."

"…oh yeah…you two wouldn't…here…" Eric's a little bit scatterbrained at the moment so forgive him. However he reaches into his ever present backpack and fishes around for a moment. When he pulls his hand out its holding onto a small white book that looks fairly normal, though its a bit thick. Its new too. He plops it down infront of Gene.

On the front is 'Learjet 60: Owner's manual'

Inside is the guide to a new owner of a top of the line corporate jet. All the specs and all the rules and

"…I…panicked just a little when I got Elena's message," Eric says with a slight cough. "…I wanted to get back from California quick, and they didn't have any direct flights so…I kinda bought a plane." Pause. "You ever tinker with one before Gene? Your welcome to do what you like to it." He says with a slight grin.

A glance then towards Mik and he blink as he realises what he said. "…she…was…on…god I can't believe I didn't think of that before!" He has a bright grin on his face now as he shakes his head. Murmuring to himself for a moment he just nods once. "Yes….yes, thats perfect!"

"Yeah." Simple reply for a simple statement. Thankfully, Gene can't get any shorter than one word, unless he has to resort to grunts. Thankfully there is another topic to get him speaking again. "Bought a plane." There is a moment of silence as Gene considers the words. Perhaps if Gene had that much money, he'd consider such tactics. As it stands now, he can't. Most of his sizable paycheck goes toward his dream projects, which are a mixed bag to him at the moment. Glancing toward the manuel, he gives a non-committed, "I'll see what I can do." before he looks toward Mikhail. "So I heard…" Hrmming back toward Eric, he asks, "So, her sickness why you couldn't talk right to her… Or was it something else?" Gene asks with the chai tea almost to his lips. He'll take a sip as the other two start talking.

Mikhail remains quiet as his gaze falls upon the book. After three beats, he looks abck at Eric. "…All that…for Ele." The expression pretty much says everything else:

Dude. Common sense. If not the cell, then try online. Or call other people. Still, it doesn't explain why you seem so…worried.

He could still trying taking advantage of the fact that Eric is rich. All the free meals he can get…

The smirk slowly reappears on his stoic countenance. "Wow. To have missed that completely…" he starts, shaking his head. "You really care for her that much to get that." He reaches over for the tea bag, letting it drip before setting it down on the side. "I dunno. Sounds pretty bad, even for her. She said she needed to check with her doctor before anyone can visit," he says to both. Mikhail has no idea it's not just an ordinary sickness. "But yeah. That's about it. We sorta went off topic here and there."

"…yeah…well…like I said, I panicked," Eric says while running a hand through his hair. A slightly embarassed smile before he adds. "I've been meaning to get one for trips anyway…but…" He kinds lost his mind for a moment. "…I tried a cell phone but hers was off at the time." He adds to the unspoken question.

"…and only if you like, your welcome to tinker with it," He adds towards Gene with a slight grin. "I didn't know if you worked on a plane before so I thought I might as well give you the offer." A slight shrug before he sighs and shakes his head. "…nothing more than bad timing. She hasn't been online while I was…and whever I call she seems to be asleep." He shrugs thoughtfully. "…I'll get ahold of her soon I'm sure." He adds before glancing at Gene. Gene. He'll tell more too later. He isn't sure Mik wants to be dragged down into the moral grey area where some of the others reside quite yet.

Its Mik's statement though that snaps Eric back and his gives him a slight, tired, almost but not quite pained smile. "…well…yeah," The smile dissipears a second later though as he nods once. "…yeah, better to not give it to anyone else if she is bad off right? Can't be too careful."

The young inventor glances toward Eric, hrmming to himself. He really doesn't remark much on working on the airplane. This is a public area, after all. While others might be willing to flaunt his genius, the geek usually just contents himself with R2, who he views as important for security issues as well as ego stroking. "I'm sure you will… And yeah, flu season is pretty bad sometimes, better safe than sorry," Gene quips as he settles his cup down. He does turn to Mikhail, tilting his head faintly as he picks out a pair of words. "Off topic?"

The artist nods, seeing how both respond to each thing presented. All the while, Mikhail is trying to maintain his focus on listening as he drinks the tea. He may have jumped a bit at the 'off topic' part, but he recovers. "Like…about school and whatever. And ideas from crazies that shouldn't get ideas," the youth says, avoiding any additional personal bits whatsoever. "Other than that, nothing else."

"If I know Elena that conversation traveled all over the place," Eric says ruefully as he shakes his head. "I'm sure she had alot to talk about if she's cooped up somewhere." He adds with a slight smile. Even if /he/ knows she's cooped up with several other people in a secure location. One of those people being Peter. Wait. No. Bad Eric. Mind does not need to go there. So he shakes it a little before he grins slightly. "…and I'm sure her ideas were a bit out there. She'll start going a little crazy soon I'm betting. The ideas will get worse and worse, and then we'll have to act on one just to get it out of the system."

Gene just looks toward Eric and Mikhail. He doesn't say anything to them for the time being, just sipping his chai tea. After all, if they are talking about crazy ideas and the like, he figures that he'll remain silent. HIS ideas are rational and well-thought out. At least Gene thinks so. After a moment or two of silence, he adds a simple question to other two gentlemen. "Like?"

Sip. "Actually, the crazy idea came from Ian," he responds, the falter in his voice sort of noticeable, "but yeah - Ele does want to be well by the time that comes around. And it won't be too surprising if she is by then." Mikhail is now taking up most of the talk space, amazingly, and he has no problem with it. "She's at home in her apartment. I don't know if Nadi was there at the time, but eh. Anyway." Back to the other thing. Another sip and a curious look at Eric's gestures. "Like…getting plastered and drawing on each other." If Ian has anything to say about this later, he'll feign innocence. Miki drinks some more, wondering why his throat feels scratchy.

"…I was thinking more dramatic," Eric replies lightly. "She shaved the lion mascot yet?" He asks as he leans back in his chair a moment with a slight smile on his face. Apartment. Elena? Well thats a new one. Not a truth either, at least it wasn't last time he talked about her. He shakes his head slightly with a smile. "…and getting plastered and drawing on people is fairly tame." He adds with a slight laugh. "Regardless though, I think I need to go again…work to do and all that…"

Pranks. That's what they are talking about. "Oh," Gene awknowledges with mild disappointment. He gives the look of disappointment to his cup as well, seemingly running out of yummy chai. "Well, count me out… If I want college hijinx, I just watch Animal House on Comedy Central."

"…No, that's about it." Although the whole drinking thing at a tentative party seems tame to Eric, he won't really know. He's never been drunk before. Has he even tried drinking at all? Miki's nose scrunches up at the thought.

Mikhail chuckles lowly, placing the cup back on the table. "Not that I know of," he half-snorts, continuing to fill out the details on the paper. Eyes fall on Gene for a moment, keeping his smile to a minimum now. "Well, at least that takes out actual participation," he says with a small shrug. He then looks back at Eric. "Really, Eri? Don't you ever take long breaks anymore?"

A smirk at Gene for a moment, well that sounds like the inventor it does. However as he stands and nods to them both he glances towards the techie for a moment. "…some work stuff I need to tell you about later, but I'll hit you with an email." As he stands he sweeps his half drunk cup into his hand, tilting it back to empty the rest of its nummy contents into his mouth. A pause as he polishes it off before he gives Mikhail a slightly odd half smirk half smile. "Long breaks gives one time to think," He says before he laughs and starts to turn away. "And thats bad for my continued sanity. I'll talk to you both later on."

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