2007-08-26: They're Looking For You


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Summary: …this is not the reunion you're looking for.

Date It Happened: August 26th, 2007

They're Looking For You

Hartsdale, NY - Primatech - Cells

The drive between New York City and Hartsdale was uneventful, if maybe on the uncomfortable side. Most people on their way there never see the actual drive. This can always be remedied later to protect its location. After parking his cab, Mohinder escorts Mariska into the facility. It looks like a non-descript hospital facility, or office compound. Just inside the main doors, there's a security desk, one they have no difficulty getting past.

Despite the heavy emotional gravity of the situation, Mariska can't help but come off like some sort of twisted tourist as she's driven along and then escorted into the facility. She's all wide-eyed and swivel-necked and sucking in the lay of the land, so to speak, with every blink. What are they doing in a hospital? Has her daughter been hurt? She expresses her concern by reaching out to grab on to Mohinder's sleeve and ask, "Is she alright?"

Mohinder doesn't mind the sleeve grabbing. That just means she hasn't left his side. Whether or not Mariska is aware of it, the pair is being watched should she try to make a run for it. He hesitates before answering the woman as he leads her to an elevator. "Your daughter is perfectly alright. Very healthy. I've tended to her myself. Very bright and adorable." And he has a soft spot for children.

Mariska relinquishes both the good doctor's sleeve and the anxious, anticipatory breath she'd been holding. A beat. Pause. Her brain translates 'tended to her myself' and her expression subsequently darkens. This guy just might be a great, big liar… but, she's willing to withhold judgment until after she's reunited with Sasha (and possibly half-way around the world). She keeps a quick pace, obviously in a hurry to get to wherever they're going as soon as possible. Sucker.

Mohinder misses the darkening expression on the swift elevator ride down. "She's in fine health." He stops himself from spouting particulars about Sasha's condition. It would probably just confuse the woman more. Stepping off the elevator, they're in a hallway under the facility, cement walls, spartan conditions.. nothing terribly homey. Mohinder leads Mariska down the hallway.. right past the cell with one Felix Ivanov in it. Yes, he's doing this on purpose.

Felix still looks like a POW. He's sitting on his bed in his cell, fading bruises on face and throat, in the prison scrubs they wear here. Reading, at the moment - whoever provided him with literature has a perverse sense of humor, because what he's immersed in is a battered copy of 'The Count of Monte Cristo'. He glances up idly from his reading as the shadow of passersby falls on his cell glass, and he frowns. It is, ironically enough, not Misha he recognizes. It's Mohinder, and even then he's not certain. Not enough to greet them.

To say that Mariska's mind is elsewhere might be putting it mildly. There she is, tagging along at only half a step's grace behind Mohinder, eyes everywhere. This place certainly isn't getting any friendlier, however, and she notes this in her heavy Russian accent, "You are keeping her… here?" Cement walls? Code-key locked doors? "This place is looking like prison…" Complete with prisoners and extremely ironic literat— wait, whoa. Hold up. Mariska pauses abruptly a few feet after passing by Felix's cell and does the full on 'was that who I think it was?' head tilt. Let's rewind. She backs up to get a better look.

"What? No.. I'm not keeping her down here." That is ridiculous. As to why they're down here.. Mohinder will get to that in a moment. "Sasha has a very nice room upstairs, with toys and anything she wants." It can be said for the Company that they do cater to the children they've taken in. Even if they ripped Sasha's memories away. The geneticist stops with Mariska and remains by her side, "Do you recognize this man?," he asks in a conversational enough manner.

They've stopped to look at him like he's something in a zoo. Which, in a sense, this place is. So Fel returns the courtesy by rising from his seat on the bed, and setting the book aside. He's without his glasses after Vasili broke them during the scuffle in his original cell - which this is not, happily - so they get a squint, as he comes up right on the other side of the glass, glancing between them.

What… the… jebat…?! Mariska looks just a little bit stunned, what with brows stitched together with a wrinkle and her green eyes fixed on Felix in an inspecting squint. She even puts her fingers up to the glass as if she might be able to reach right through it and touch him. Under her breath, she utters something awestruck in Russian: «They're looking for you.» And then she lies in English: "No. I don't think so…" But, still. She's staring.

Mohinder presses the intercom button to speak with Felix, "Good afternoon Mr. Ivanov, how are you feeling?" His tone is casual, but not detached concern. He sees the man was moved back here, and this is doubling as a checkup visit. "Would you like any other reading material?" He doesn't bother introducing the two, he knows there's a connection, and it's obvious here.

I know you. I don't know how, I don't know where, but I do. <Who- ?> Felix says, equally quietly, gaze continually darting to her face even as he tries to address Mohinder. Hi voice is calm, face giving nothing away, though that in itself betrays much. "About as well as can be expected. Over the habit, healing nicely," No sarcasm there, almost a monotone. "Certainly. Whatever's available."

Ivanov. Mohinder knows his name. And he's seen the flyer. And he surely must know her daughter’s name. And he's, you know, not a complete moron. He knows they know each other. Intimately. No pun. Is the good doctor still holding down that handy intercom button? Either way, Mariska presses herself full on to the glass, nose to hips and everything in between. She then begins to chatter frantically in her native tongue: «They're looking for you! I know your partner! I'll tell him where you are!» Yeah. Good luck with that, sweetheart.

"Alright, I'll be sure to send along more material later with dinner," Mohinder says, studying the two. "Miss Dmitryeva? Let's go reunite you with your daughter, shall we?" He left the intercom on purposefully. "There's a room ready where you two can meet, undisturbed for a bit." What he doesn't tell her is that she won't immediately be seeing Sasha.

«Get out of here. Get out of here NOW!» Felix urges her, whole body stiffening in equal shock. He's still not sure where she knows him from. «You know Crosetti? Call him. Tell him I've been taken.» He's got no idea she's Evolved, either. The conversation they had never got to that point.

Mariska is immediately snapped out of whatever sort of 'crazy Ivan' moment she just experienced by Mohinder's mention of seeing her daughter. The whole reason she came here in the first place. Felix is just some… random… piece of distraction. Ironic isn't the right word, but it's damn close. She does not seem to be much of a mind to take the Russian man's advice and doesn't immediately turn tail and go bolting back down the hallway. No. She just falls into step a moment behind Mohinder and hops right back on the track to follow wherever he leads. The man in the box does get a parting look, though; an awkward one etched with a thousand indecipherable emotions. "Why do you keep that man here?" she asks Mohinder in a heavy-hung voice.

Mohinder isn't sure what's being said, but he's certain it's not good. Either way, it's too late for Mariska to get her escape. There's only one way out and that's to run… There are too many evolved here, too many humans armed with ways to sedate. The intercom is shut off as he leads Mariska back to the elevator… It appears she won't be staying down here… so this little detour seems a mite pointless. "For his own safety and that of others… Sometimes when people develop abilities, they aren't aware of them or have little to no control. That makes them unintentionally dangerous." The standard explanation and line seems to fit right this moment.

What -was- that? Felix is still in shock, standing with his palm pressed to the glass. Someone he knew once - where? She doesn't listen, though. What was the point - he's already told them what they want to know. He just gazes after them, face empty, despairing.

"What did he do?" Mariska demands with only a spare shadow of her former intensity. No need to lay it on too heavy, eh? Not after that little display of… whatever that was. Suddenly, her world has become a much stranger and complicated place than it was when she woke up this morning. Her distress and confusion is evident in her fading expression as she steps into the elevator with Mohinder and tries to boggle out what the hell just happened. She eyes the doctor now, wary.

"I haven't been given that report," Mohinder says, dancing around the point. He's seen the report, it's all in the file… He glances aside at Mariska, and says honestly, "There are people with abilities who are dangerous.. whether they intend to be or not. Those with intent to harm… we can specialize in holding them… Mr. Ivanov won't be staying with us much longer. He'll be allowed to leave soon enough." As the elevator doors open onto another floor, higher up, he says, "I'm a scientist, this is my life's work… studying abilities… the genetic patterns… the people." Smiling, he leads the way towards an innocent looking room. It's a bit like a plain sitting room. The door is opened for Mariska. "I'll go get Sasha."

Believe it or not, Mariska's still playing along and following Mohinder's instructions because… well, he has the ultimate bargaining chip so far as the Russian woman is concerned. And he's gone to fetch her for what is sure to be the most heartbreaking family reunion in all of ever. Mariska takes a seat in the waiting room and keeps her eyes locked on the door. Waiting… waiting…

Mohinder gives Mariska a pitying expression… as he locks the door to the waiting room. He will keep to his word… after he informs the higher ups of who he has brought in. It will be a heartbreaking reunion.

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