2011-03-25: Things You Do For Love



Date: March 25, 2011


The girls meet to try and solve the what happened issue. Only it doesn't really work out that way.

"Things You Do For Love"

Uptown, NYC - Madison Ave. Bistro

It has been a few days since George and Evette returned to New York. Alexandra either before or after, needless to say the last few days were awkward in DC. There were rumors and well the incident that Alexandra walked in on. Evette played the calendar game this time. She scheduled George in communication down meetings, so he can't get to his cellphone. Then she called Alexandra to meet for lunch.

A breath is taken in her lungs as she arrives ten minutes early and sits at the table. A glass of Voss still before her with a wedge of orange in the liquid depths. Evette is currently managing her calendar and the team via her iPhone and the other blackberry. It's hard to get out of the office for a meal, let alone do it so no one knows.

Almost exactly at the prescribed time, Alexandra arrives. She's bundled up against the sudden cold turn the weather's taken, and it's a good thing she was summoned from work, else they wouldn't have been likely to let her into this upscale place. That's just one of the reason the maitre d' looks so unplussed, combined with the fact that she seems to find Evette and then just seat herself at the table across from the woman.

The maitre d' looks on for a long moment as Alexandra enters as she does and just helps herself. He sniffs the air in that snobbish fashion. As Alexandra's shadow casts on Evette's table she offers. "I'm fine. I'm waiting for my lunch mate." Her blue eyes don't leave the phone for those few moments. Then she glances up. "Oh! Alexandra." Eve moves flawlessly to her feet and extends a hand. That political smile is set upon her features. "It is most wonderful to see you."

"Just…cut the crap? Please? You wanted to talk, so…talk. No flashy political stuff, no smiling for the cameras. Just…talk." Evette's hand is taken, sure, but the shake is short. If this is a naval battle, Alexandra seems to have managed the first broadside, coming to the meeting with a bit of the attitude that she had last time she spoke to Evette. "Not to be short or anything, I just don't want everything to be sugar-coated."

Evette smiles warmly as she does the one shake and then drops her hand to her side. "I trust you managed the weather alright." Evette rubs her hand against her skirt before she settles back down upon the chair. Evie picks up her napkin to set it on her lap. "I just wanted to tell you that you are wrong about George and I. I mean…" Flash of those beautiful white teeth. Her smile is almost too perfect. "…you don't really think we are sleeping together?"

Settling herself into the chair across the table, Alexandra just smiles back, politely, if nothing else. "I think it's all too unlikely that events transpired the way you described them, is what I'm saying. I fail to see why your transportation mishaps required you to be naked and shower in George's apartment. I fail to see why, with your so-called connections, you couldn't arrange for someone to change the tire for you, or called a service to take you home to shower in your own apartment." Alex just sets her wrists up on the table, locking her fingers together. The menu isn't even looked at.

Eve extends a hand towards the bottle of Voss and the other empty glass. "I have found that sometimes things just line up oddly. For example, I use to find it unlikely when he could get a meeting cancelled to come see you." Evette gives a soft chuckle that does not reach her eyes. She then offers. "So what do you think is likely that happened?"

"Well, I think that when two people who have spent almost every waking hour together in a city two-hundred fifty miles away turn up in bathrobes together in an apartment when they're not expecting me…you go ahead and finish that one up for me. What would you think was happening, hm? Just out of curiosity. Would 'statistically unlikely' chain of events be the first thing that pops into your head? Or would it be something else?"

Evette is silent for the moment. "I suppose it would depend on the people involved, Alexandra." She pushes her hair back. There is a buzz of her phone as she glances at the screen. A smirk curves her lips before she looks back towards Alex. "Do you really think that George would cheat on you?"

"I think there's an all-too-common trend among politicians, glitzed and glammed by their life in DC, to engage in reltionships where they can use their connections to affect a cover-up. Do I think George did? Well, I guess that's why I'm here. I think it's a possibility, if not an actuality. You have to confess that the situation definitely out of the norm for someone who doesn't want to appear to be cheating." When the phone buzzes, Alex raises her brows, but doesn't say anything about it.

"So you are saying that without knowing me, you think that I am the type of girl to sleep with a taken man?" Evette's smile doesn't stop before she looks the other woman over. "Do you even want to be with him, Alexandra? Or are you just looking for a reason to dump him and make yourself the victim?"

"Are you looking to plant some kind of seed, figuring me to be that kind of person, or what? All I know about you is that you spend way more time with him than I do, and that often leads to shenanigans happening. No, you're right, I don't know who you are, but I know what I saw, and I know that all those things happening at once…would normally be impossible if I didn't know George." That smile is like a dagger or something. Eventually, Alex just turns her nose up a bit and turns to stare out one of the restaurant's windows.
Evette smirks and probably bites her tongue. "You are really trying to act like an elitest when you are accusing your boyfriend of sleeping with me?" She smiles more beautifully. It doesn't appear as if she's annoyed by the spoiled child antics. "As you know him, then you should know that he was not unfaithful and you can just admit that you are pulling dramatics because you must enjoy them."

That causes Alexandra to whip back around and stare at Evette. "I'm not pulling dramatics for the pleasure of them. If any of us is the manipulator here, it's you. You…you just have that aura. I can feel it. No woman gets this far in politics without playing the game. And if that's your poker face, well…there's probably more profitable careers out there."

Evette laughs to that. "I'm the manipulator? Alexandra, look around you." She offers with a shake of her head. She really looks incredulous. "I am sitting here on a horrible day out to tell you that I'm not sleeping with your boyfriend. What is the manipulation in that? I have an aura? That aura is your jealousy and that is your issue princess and not mine." Eve shakes her head a bit and offers. "As well, not every woman gets to the top of her field by sleeping around. As a doctor, I would think that you would have more compassion and understanding than that. I am hired because I graduated top of my class from a very well respected university and because I gave up my own life to focus solely on my career." She shakes her head and comes to her feet. "The lunch is on me, order the whole menu if you want to be petty. I felt bad for what you walked in on. I no longer do. The fact that you would say because I'm a woman, that I had to play games and be manipulative instead of because I'm intelligent says a lot for your lack of character." Evette doesn't so much as wait for another word as she goes to get her coat from the coatcheck. She does leave her information to settle the bill later.

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