2009-12-09: Third Time's the Charm



Date: December 9, 2009


Brayden recruits Anais for his staff!

"Third Time's the Charm"

Anais' Office

Anais almost didn't come in to work today; when one is accustomed to a simple life, free of blackouts and/or major illnesses, waking up in the back of a cab with no memory of how one got there can be alarming. But she is nothing if not a dutiful creature, and other than that brief lapse, she's experiencing no other symptoms that might require a day spent in bed.

Still, Anais has decided that today will be a casual one, spent at her desk catching up on paperwork and avoiding phone calls and visitors. Her bright hair is pulled up into a sleek pony tail, and she's wearing a loose silk pants and tunic set that is reminiscent of pajamas. Or would be, if it weren't a matronly black and pearl grey combination. This is as close to relaxed in a work setting as Anais is likely to get and she intends to enjoy it.

Lenore, however, has been working with Ms. Frazier long enough to take advantage of their friendship. For instance, when she believes the Lady in Charge really needs to see someone…the old-fashioned intercom on the desk buzzes. "Nathan Petrelli here to see you, ma'am." Pause. "I'm sending him in."

Brayden flashes Lenore a warm smile as he pads into Anais' office. He's in a new Armani suit (Hallis said the last one was already out of style!), a crisp blue dress shirt, and a bright green tie with santa clauses pasted all over it. He offers Anais a bright smile to the woman at the desk. Why does she wear so much black? He brushes the thought away. In his hands he's got a paper cup and a little baggie. "I did some googling and found the best chai tea in the city. I hope it's as good as they say." He pads up to the desk and places the brown paper bag and tea down.

"You look better than yesterday — how are you feeling?" his tone is concerned as is his expression because he genuinely is concerned. Hopefully she remembers him…

There is just time enough for Anais to let out an aggrieved sigh before the door to her office is opened. Her smile is instantaneous, perfect and welcoming as she rises from her chair. Her hand is offered to him across the desk. "Brayden, hello! Thank you. I'm feeling much better. I apologize for last night, I'm not…entirely sure what came over me." There's a pause. It isn't quite awkward but a glint of uncertainty shows in her brown eyes, perhaps a touch of confusion. "But I got home safely and went right to bed. Please, sit down?"

Rather than gesture him to the more formal seating arranged before the desk, the redhead gestures to the cluster of chairs around the low table near the windows. She even comes out from behind her workspace to join him there, taking the paper cup and baggie to carry them to the other spot. "How are you? Still celebrating your success?"

"I'm glad you're feeling better. I thought it … prudence" Angela's new name, apparently, "thought it best I send you home." Brayden offers her a bright smile as he leisurely strolls to the table. He unbuttons his coat before he sits down so as not to wrinkle his coat.

"I'm good," he grins. "And yes, my staff is celebrating our success. It's not everyday that a politician has a good interview and gets some good press. They're painting me as a white knight; a herald of hope." His grin broadens as he leans back in his seat. "I came to check on you, but I also said I'd come to call so we could discuss some business. Do you remember that?"

"Thank you for that, it was good of you to make certain I got there safely and I appreciate the follow-up visit," Anais murmurs as she sinks into one of the chairs. The lid of the paper cup is removed, and she takes a moment to enjoy the scent of the steam rising from the beverage inside. "This smells wonderful…ah." When she glances up at him, her smile is a happy thing, pleased that he's having such a good time of it. But that confusion lingers. "I'm afraid I don't remember discussing that. Was there…something specific?"

Brayden hmms as he nods a bit. His mother was there for that part of the discussion, and the Haitian appears to be talented at what he does. With a small smile he nods, "Yes. I'm in need of some help. You see, I think — and Helen, my publicist, agrees — that our staff should be involved in good things. Projects that promote American communities and help bind us together. We want to connect with people as much as we can, and I think you might have some ideas or resources we could tap into…"

As she listens, Anais takes a small sip of the tea. It's cooled enough, during its travels, to allow for enjoying now. But she continues to observe him over the paper rim. There's a trace of tension in the redhead's expression, unease over having that gap in her memory. "Do you mean as a consultant or as a member of your staff? Because I do have a great deal on my plate already. And…" She trails off to consider the matter. The pause is brief and thoughtful.

"I suppose it would be excellent experience, for the future. But it would of course depend on what sort of role you're envisioning for me."

"Well, it depends on you and what you're willing to do — " Brayden grins earnestly. "If you only want to consult, we can work that out, but I'd rather have you on the staff." His grin broadens as he chuckles at his own thinking, "Less likely another — more qualified — politician will steal your talent away immediately." His smile turns lopsided as he crosses his arms over his chest. "What do you want to be doing, Ms. Frazier?" His eyes twinkle with mischief.

"Mm, doubtful. I'm not so talented as that, but…well. I had hoped to make a career change at some point in the future," Anais confides in him. "I just hadn't expected that it would come so soon. I'd be honored to be a part of your staff, Mr. Petrelli." The formality of that reply is tempered with a brighter smile, her eyes crinkling at the corners with the genuine pleasure of it all. "When would I begin? I would have to take some time to set things in order here, to make certain that my father's business will run smoothly in my absence, of course…"

The grin on Brayden's face broadens significantly at the reply; now he's virtually beaming, but he manages to put it aside slightly to regain the business-air of the meeting. "Excellent. Glad to have you on board." He can't really remember how most business meetings go, but he does as they do on television and offers her his hand to shake. Seems appropriate. "You can begin when you're ready, of course. It's important that you take care of your family business and then we'll be happy to have you. How much time do you think you'll need? We're trying to bolster the interview in that empty Senate seat…"

The tea is set down to allow that shake, her hand clasping his with businesslike firmness. But her smile is as pleased as Brayden's. "Give me a week? I have things running smoothly here that it shouldn't take much for the transition. Lenore could run the place as well as I do. But I'll have to tell my father as well, and it might take some time to track him down. After that, though…" Anais releases his hand and settles back, looking thoughtful. "I suppose I'll have to practice calling you Nathan, hmm?"

"A week it is," Brayden smiles brightly. "Excellent. I think you'll get along with everyone well. Hmm. You need to meet Helen. I think I have her card," he reaches into his suit jacket and grins as he opens his wallet and finds a copy of Helen's card. "She's my publicist and general go-to gal. Experienced in politics and was part of my first-ever staff." He nods at the question, "Yes. Nathan's my name. I'm still getting used to hearing it…"

"Oh, wonderful. Thank you. Experience is what I lack, unfortunately." Anais takes the card, studying it for a moment before setting it on the table beside the tea. "Nathan it is, then. I should warn you in advance that I will do my utmost to make your office entirely green by the end of your first year in office. Well." She pauses, amusement creeping into the smile she gives the man. "Your third first year in office. The third time is the charm, isn't it? Thank you for this, Nathan. I'm…actually quite excited." Although it's difficult to tell 'excitement' from her every day demeanor.

"Experience is what I can offer," Brayden quips with a dimpled grin. "I'm fine with being entirely green. I don't know how to operate that way, but with your help — we can be the greenest office in office." He beams at this pun of sorts. "And yes, the third time is the charm. We'll need to make sure that we follow through." Pause. "I haven't got the position yet though… so we'll have to see how that goes… I don't want to put all of our eggs in one basket…" Although things are looking promising.

"You'll get it," Anais says with utter confidence. How could he not, after all? "But I agree, let's not tempt fate too much. I'll call you once I have my affairs in order here? And Helen, as well. Perhaps she and I could meet first. Oh, so much to do…" So much, in fact, that she rises to her feet and once again offers Nathan her hand. There is no mistaking that it is a parting handshake. "I really should get to it all, Nathan, but thank you for stopping by, and thank you for asking me to do this."

After sliding his chair away from the table, Brayden gives Anais a nod and shakes the offered hand. "Of course. Contact Helen — it would be good if you two meet. And then get in touch." He grins broadly as he strides confidently to the door. "I should be thanking you. I need the help and good people are harder to come by then you'd think. And I'm very glad to have you on board." That said, he pads out the door and down the hall.

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