2007-07-23: Thirty Minutes or Less


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Summary: A most unusual form of homicide.

Date It Happened: July 23, 2007

Thirty Minutes or Less

Central Park

William looks over to roll Persi and shrugs. "Alright. No one is going to keep you here if you don't want to be. It's not like I'm going to hold you down with a crutch." He says. "I'm Will." And that's all the name he's offering at the moment. He hasn't spotted Sam's approach, yet at least.

Samantha does what any well raised New Yorker does when confronted by wierd: she ignores it. It's being glazed over even as she spots the be-crutched police officer. "Hey, Will." she calls out loudly, and begins to make her way over. Felix isn't noticed, else she might have an unexpected greeting for him.

Persi pauses partway on her way out of the park and swivels somewhat, twisting her torso around so she can peer directly at Andrea, even pointing a finger at her, "What's your name? First, last, whatever you care ta tell me…"

Portia watches Persi as she starts to leave, a little amused by the fact that she's assuming it's all like a musical or something. She's seriously wondering about Broadway and stuff now. She could easily pull off younger and older ways if she tried.." She looks back towards Andrea. "Yeah, if I win it'll be on late night, after 11pm."

Pointing her finger right back at Persi she grins, "Andrea, but you can call me Dex" she cocks her head to the side and stares at Persi. "I'll listen to your song if it is even half as good as what you did just now" she compliments Portia and then goes back to looking at Persi.

William gives Samantha a grin when he spots her. "Sam. Thanks for meeting me! I thought I was going to go completely stircrazy being inside so much lately. How are you tonight?" He asks before he gives the others around another quick glance.

A vaguely George-shaped pair of gray sweats jogs into view, slowing down to pull out a washcloth and mop his brow. He really should stick to doing this in the mornings. After getting his bearings, he looks around, attention focusing in Portia's general direction. "What's this about a new single?" Throwing out the question to whomever can best answer it.

Persi turns away with a single, pert nod to Andrea's introduction and then continues her exit, wandering off, out of the park and down the street without so much as a look back at the gathering of people she's left behind. The longer back-part of her shirt swishes a bit, but it's anything BUT dramatic. It's just kinda grungy.

Sam? Sam! That name diverts Felix's attention, and his eyes widen in recognition, and then delight. "Samantha!" he calls, lifting a hand to wave at her.

Kara is headed towards the knot of people when she spots something off the path and into the park. Brows furrowing briefly, she veers away from the lights and into the shadows.

"Not bad." Samantha smiles at William as she strides up, now finally taking a peer around the park. "I've got juicy gossip." she remarks. "And also - " she gets cut off as someone calls her name. She peers at the man waving, her eyes narrowing. He looks familiar. She snaps her fingers thrice as if to try and use it as a memory recall, and then, "Agent Ivanov?"

"You do remember," Felix says, pulling himself up, and grinning despite himself. It changes his face utterly.

Portia blinks. George is someone she hasn't seen in a while. She offers him a smile and a wave. "I might be on the radio. There was a contest I entered.. could be a good shot for me." She glances to Andrea. "Oh, but it's even better than this one. It's pretty awesome, but it's hard to sing it without my guitar or I'd show you."

"Juicy gossip? You'll have to share." William says with a calm, humored tone. He turns to look over to Felix as well when he greets Sam. "Agent? With the F.B.I.? C.I.A.?"

"I can break out the old guitar one day and play with you one day" Andrea smiles at Portia and nods a greeting to George. She looks over to where Will is sitting and smiles in the direction of the group. Good the guy on crutches has some people to talk too. He seemed a little lonely before.

"He's a Fed." Sam informs William brightly. "I took some bullets out of him a few years ago when he was still just a wee NYPD officer, and I've consulted for him, but not for some months now, nearly a year." She lifts a hand, adding, "You want the good stuff now or later? Felix, come meet William. William Connors, meet Agent Felix Ivanov."

"Yeah? What's it called? I'll keep an ear out." George stuffs the cloth back into a pocket, looking for a good place to hang out and take in the gathering properly. Aha, there's gossip on offer? That's worth listening in for.

"Now. Does it involve Namir?" William asks with a slightly knowing smile before he gives Felix another smile. "It's nice to meet you." He offers a hand out towards Felix, but well, he's not getting up to go over to shake hands, so he'll turn it into a wave if need be.

Felix makes a little self-deprecating gesture. "Yeah. NYPD didn't want me anymore, so I took my ball and ran away to join the circus that is the FBI." He does lean over enough to take Will's hand, and shakes it formly.

"Sure does." says Sam, but she has yet to be forthcoming, what with introductions and all. "How've you been, Felix? You haven't darkened my ER doorway in a long time, which is admittedly, a good thing."

Andrea looks around the park and squints her eyes. What was that in the bushes over there? Hmm, must be nothing. Andrea continues to lean against the lamppost and she leans her head against it.

"It's called Open. I sang it once in the park and the person who listened in really liked it, so I went with that one." Portia giggles. "I'd be pretty amused if he got to hear it again but this time on the radio." She doesn't seem to notice anything fishy around at all. She's talking about her music, so she's quite happy.

William gives Felix's hand a shake before he nods. "I find trips to the ER much more painful than the company is worth. Though, speaking of which, did Namir talk to you about a certain nurse?" That last part is directed towards Sam.

Kara re-emerges from the shadows and back onto the path, glancing back the way she came. She seems to be trying to decide whether she's going to continue towards the cluster of people or retreat back out of the Park.

George leans back against a lamppost, clasping his hands behind it and idly following along as the others catch up on this and that. Which leaves him open to take note of Kara's return to the light. "Find what you were looking for?" he murmurs, just loudly enough to be heard.

"I've been great. Managed to survive all that time on the west coast without being shot once," Felix says, blithely. "Must be a New York thing, eh? How've you been, Doc. And I'm glad to meet you, Connors," he adds, giving William his most insouciant grin.

Still looking about the park, Andrea spots Kara and offers a friendly wave. Why not invite more people to this party going on here? She grins at Portia, "That is cool, I hope you win". "Looking for something?" she cocks her head at George. How did he know she was looking for something?

"I may have heard something about a certain nurse, but it slips my mind." Sam's tone is teasing as she adds, "Namir's out apartment hunting." Back to Felix, "Well, what do you expect, everyone on the West Coast is flaky. Stick around, dodge some bullets, it'll be good for you."

A sound, quiet at first, starts to fill the air. It's a hum, maybe a trick of the wind, until after a few seconds it becomes a full fledged throaty scream of terror, one that's punctuated with some finality by a sickening wet thump as a body hits the pavement of the park path. Presto! Human pizza! In 30 minutes or less, even.

"So do I! It'd really get me going for my career and.." Portia's voice trails off at the sound. She's.. not sure what it is, but that.. that's a creepy sound. And the thump. She stares, unable to move.

Andrea jumps up as the body landed to her and she looks up to the sky, "What the fuck was that?" her hand goes to one of her little knives in her back pocket, but she doesn't draw it yet. She is so not up for weirdness tonight. She moves over the body slowly, taking her time.

Smiling at George, Kara starts to say, "I think I di-" Before getting interrupted by the big SPLAT. The blonde blinks a few times at the body, long enough for her brain to catch up and figure out what's happened and puts a hand over her mouth, eyes wide.

George whirls and stares for a second, then turns and motions to Samantha. She mentioned being a doctor or whatnot, earlier— "Oh my God, get over here!" After all, the guy might not have died on impact, depending on how far up he started…

And Felix is reflexively reverting to cop mode, even though he really isn't. His smile vanishes entirely, and he's already reaching for his badge as he dashes for the body. "Stay back," he orders. "Doc, definitely, over here." His tone is peremptory.

"Ya think?" Samantha was already getting up, the moment the body hit the ground. She jogs over and kneels, doing an initial purview - checking for breathing, inspecting for broken bones (surely there will be a few).

William grabs his crutches. Even without being able to walk on one leg yet, he's still the kind who needs to know what's happening. He makes his way over, though far enough back that Sam will have room to work. "What the hell happened?"

Staying back? Andrea just perches not to far from where the FBI agent is and tilts her head. This sure is a wonder. Her eyes narrow in on the body. She is content with watching for now, out of the way of the doc and agent guy.

The guy honestly looks like a sack of overripe meat might look like… if it were dropped from two hundred feet onto pavement. He's not so much breathing or alive at this point. The only thing holding his insides in are his clothes, which are of the black and leather variety. In what's left of one hand is a wallet.

George takes a step back to give the professionals room to do their thing - then another one as he gets a better look at what, thirty seconds ago, was a functioning human body. The washcloth comes out again, this time held over his mouth as he leans forward.

Samantha doesn't touch the body. "William," she says calmly, "Get on your phone and dial 911. Felix, continue keeping people away." She doesn't so much as touch the body, as that's what it is, though she does sort of crane her head to see if the wallet's even partially open, what might be inside.

Brain finally lurching to the present, Kara turns away from the path and yarfs all over the grass. Yarf, yarf, and oh yarf. Oh wow, she had nachos for lunch.

"Let me call in," Felix says, voice surprisingly gentle considering the look on his face - it never gets easier, seeing a living human being reduced to something that takes up the six steel feet of a morgue drawer. Without waiting, he's flashing his badge with one hand, and dialling with the other. 911, of course.

Still only watching, Andrea tilts her head to see what the wallet holds as well and she brushes a strand of her hair out of her face. She looks at Kara with sympathy. People with weak stomachs shouldn't be here. She glances at Felix and then William, he should really be sitting down.

Felix is calling 911 already, so William takes the other role. "Let's stay back, make sure we don't contaminate anything the police can use as evidence." Because that guy is obviously dead. William will reinforce that with holding out a crutch to block people if necessary.

George straightens up, slowly, and offers the cloth and a half-full water bottle to Kara. "Ugh. Here, I think you need these more than I do." He keeps his head awkwardly turned to avoid having to look at either of the evil-smelling piles of mess.

The wallet is, in fact, partially open. It reveals a smallish wad of cash and a driver's license that looks nothing like the meatsack holding it. Of course, that's to be expected. Also, near the body? A switchblade buried in the dirt next to the path.

Portia can't really tear her eyes away from what's going on. She looks sick, hugging her arms as she just stares off at what's going on. "How did that.." She can't finish whatever she was going to say.

The body much reminds Andrea of the two men's body that she killed that killed her father. But this guy wasn't telekinetically slammed against the wall of a building. He was dropped and memory of the time she killed two men comes flashing back to her. She shakes her head and then continues to look at the wallet. She is trying to read the name of the license. Andrea debates on using a little of her ability to nudge the wallet open more.

Samantha looks up and over at Andrea. "You need to step back, miss." she says, her accent the brogue of Queens. (As if Queens had a brogue.)

Felix crouches to examine the wallet and body, even as he's chattering over the phone to the 911 dispatcher. "No, definitely deceased. It just appeared, I know how bizarre that sounds. Like it'd been dropped from a height."

Yarf annnnnd she's spent. Running the back of her hand over her mouth, Kara looks up at George and takes the cloth from him, cheeks red-tinged. "Sorry… I… I've just never seen… anything like that." She looks down at the evil pile she's constructed and wrinkles her nose. "Thank you." Then she extends her hand. The barf-wiped hand. Realizing this mistake, she swaps to the other one, "And also, hello."

William shifts to move his crutch, the one not absolutely needed for support between Andrea and the body. "Don't try Sam. She's likely to stick you with needles next time you got the ER if you do." He states, still outwardly calm despite the corpse.

Andrea shuffles back a few steps but no more. This is too freaky for her to be away. Her head tilted as she nods at Samantha and moves back a little more. Just enough so that none of the officials can complain. She looks to Kara and George for a moment before staring back at the scene in front of her. She looks at Will's back and moves over to some trees where she can observe without anyone blocking the view. Morbid that she is looking at a human pizza without barfing. Andrea is a safe distance away and she says nothing to anyone.

Samantha is basically content to more or less sit there and take a guestimate of the body until the park police and paramedics show up. Nobody scooting in close, no poking at the body. She does however, on occaision, look upward.

Felix mumbles something to Samantha, once he's done on the phone with the dispatcher. The NYPD should be here in minutes.

George politely waits for Kara to sort out her hands before returning the gesture. "Yeah, hi. So--" Out of low-level shock, the dead body is patently ignored; let the LEOs and the doctor handle it. "--what were you up to, earlier? Looked like you spotted the mugger of the week or something."

Samantha nods, and continues to scoot around the body like a circling hyena, though she waves Felix off a bit as she continues to study it. She'll keep vigil until people who are actually getting paid to do this get here. Though absently she thinks of calling a certain gal who can fly she knows…

William puts his crutch down as Andrea finds a vantage point a bit farther back. That's all to the good for him, as it makes it easier to stand there, leaning on them. He apparently has a similar thought to Samantha as he looks over to her and mouths the name 'Erica' with a raise of his eyebrows.

Kara raises her eyebrows in George's general direction. "Hardly… I would have just called the cops. Do I look like someone who would confront a mugger?" She wipes her mouth with the towel the man gave her and does her level best not to look over in Samantha and thusly the dead body's direction. "Don't laugh, but I thought I saw a kitten getting chased by a stray dog… And I happen to like kittens."

Slyly looking at Sam and Will talking she listens closely but doesn't hear anything of interest. She looks up to the sky and then back to body and then back to sky. What is the answer to this mystery here? Andrea gazes up and walks a little bit over, examining the sky as if she is trying to solve a riddle.

Samantha shakes her head at William, but looks dubious. She doesn't think Erica did this but she wonders if she might know something.

Portia just can't move. It takes her a good few minutes to pull her face away from gazing at what's going on, her expression kind of numb before she looks around at the others nearby.

Kara quiets after answering George's question, entering that same sort of zoning out as Portia. She turns away and starts to meander slowly down the path away.

George nods vaguely to Kara, letting her keep the items (they're cheap anyway) and sitting down on the grass. Following Andrea's gaze, he looks up and squints. Maybe some mobster has a private copter and a sick sense of humor.

Stranger things have happened. Felix settles back on his heels, and meets Samantha's gaze. "Cause of death, doc?"

William looks over to Felix then to Sam. "Was it more than the fall?" He asks, turning to give the corpse another look over, though he doesn't move closer.

"Fall from sky?" Andrea offers in all seriousness. She walks near George and blinks a few times. She scratches her head and looks to George, "Very weird huh?"

"I don't know," Felix says, sounding increasingly grumpy. He opens the wallet with a fingertip. Nevermind how it'll get him bitched at.

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