2007-08-18: DF: This Is Madness


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Summary: Like attracts like.

Dark Future Date: August 13, 2009

This Is Madness


It's been awhile since Erin locked Persi up in the hotel room, but it's nice. Windows are barred, which is a new development since the President's people moved in, but that's because there's someone in here who needs to stay in here. It's often hard to find an invisible person once they escape, and so Erin's taken several precautions, including tethering the poor girl to the bed with a chain. At least it's a long chain, which means she's able to move about the room freely, but were she to attempt to leave it, well. She wouldn't get too far. Room service, though — anything Persi could possibly want, is hers. It's… incentive.

Eventually, Erin will recall she has a prisoner, and will drag George up for a visit. She'll have explained on the way - with minimal crazy - that she's found someone who could be a great asset - someone who can go invisible. They'd just have to convince her to join the fight on the right side.

Persi has, indeed, been enjoying all the nice amenities that come with being a prisoner of people with power — however, as a person that tends to roam around a lot, she's quickly getting tired of seeing the same four walls again and again and again. Nevertheless, she's coping — and she's 'coping' with the chain that's got her tethered to the bed.

At this particular moment, she's sprawled out on her back on the bed, the remnants of tonight's dinner sitting on the floor on a platter beside the bed while Persi idly tosses an orange at the ceiling over and over again, just passing the time with simple entertainment.

The conversation leading up to a strange room never seems to have anything to do with what's actually going to happen in the room. It's just one of those things. "--so she practically throws herself into my arms, and I can't blame her 'cause the guy's waving a Fecalator right up in our faces, right? Only it jams, and we make a break for it, and the cab's already gone about ten blocks before I real—"

Whatever he realized, though, will remain a mystery for now, as he opens the door and does a double-take at the scene within. Looks at Erin. Looks at Persi. Looks at Erin again.

"…everything's hotter down south, huh," is all he can manage.

"Were you listening to me?" Erin asks. She's sorely tempted to give George something nasty and incurable, but she holds back. For now. "This is her. This is the girl I found, the invisible one." She'll give George a shove into the room, where Persi's lying on the bed. A vacant smile is offered to the prisoner, and she also eyes the remains of past room service. The bill might be large, but Erin doesn't intend for a moment to pay it. It's not like anyone can do anything about that, eh? "Besides, I don't really care what you realised, to be honest. Hi. Persi." Stepping farther into the room, she wraps her foot up in the chain and gives it a tug. "Brought someone for you to meet. This is George."

Persi gives Erin a little glower out of habit when she comes in, and George a momentary, but semi-lingering look, as if she should probably recognize him. Then, however, the chain is yanked a little and Persi's rhythm is screwed, causing the orange to fall without being caught, instead landing squarely on her chest. …this, of course, earns Erin another little glare, "Easy, I was awake, geez."

Persi doesn't bother to get up, though, she just waves one hand and waves a little to George, "Hey, George. I take it I've piqued your curiosity? What is this, like, Curious George and the Birthday Surprise or something?" Then, a slight pause before she points at Erin, "And before you infect me with something for making a bad joke, that's a real title, so shuddup."

"Looks visible to me. I can understand wanting to keep her contained, though." George hasn't spent much time working with Erin directly, but he's picking up pretty quickly on her level of stability.

"Not my birthday, I'm afraid, but I do need to know a little more if we're going to get you out of here." Shut up and let me play good cop, Erin. "Invisibility is useful, but what else is there to know about you? What were you doing with your life before this?"

Erin's eyes narrow dangerously, a look of glee - or something similar, it's hard to tell - on her face. Her foot's still wrapped up in the chain, and she gives it another jerk. Dance, puppet! The idea is to continuously get Persi's attention, even if she already has it. Maybe Erin's forgetting, maybe there's something she's missing, like a few brain cells. Who can really tell? In any case, after another hard tug on said tether, she states, "Show him, Persi. Do it." Unspoken, though implied - if you don't, Erin will end you now.


To be fair, Erin believes she's perfectly stable, even if she's not. Her idea of an awesome time is giving people horrible diseases, even though she used to be afraid of this ability. Maybe it was the fear that led her to use it so liberally!

Persi immediately shoots Erin another annoyed look — this one considerably more murderous — when her chain is yanked again, but holds her tongue for her own sake. Doesn't really help that the yanks bring back to mind the fact that she's chained up in the first place. Nonetheless, after letting out a long, stressed sort of breath, Persi blips out of view, going all invisible-like.

Now, a disembodied voice from where she just was takes over for her, "I'm just a street punk, pretty much always have been. I don't really care much about anybody, but I'll be sure to send you a valentine this year if you make Typhoid Mary over here stop yanking on me." Persi gives the chain a yank of indication — mind you, the chain's still visible, since it's not totally in Persi's possession.

"Fair enough. We can— Erin. Seriously." George shoots Persi a quick yeah-I-know look, then turns to address his colleague face to face. "It's served its purpose, now it's time to unlock it, okay?"

Leaning in, he murmurs more quietly in the former soap star's ear. "I promise I'll find you two targets to make up for the one, okay?" Surely he can find at least a couple of detainees who actually caused enough trouble to deserve some level of retribution.

Huh? What?

Erin appears confused for a moment, before she glares at George. "See, look. She's invisible." Erin gestures toward the now-empty space where Persi once was. "Why do you think I brought her in, huh? Because invisible agents make good assassins. Do I have to do all the thinking around here?" This is… probably something she should have talked to George about out of Persi's company, but… Yeah, the conversation's happening here.

After George whipers to her, Erin turns her head, attempting to brush her lips up against George's before she smiles and whispers back, "I can find my own targets, love."

…It's true.

Even so, she pulls a key out of her pocket so she can step over to the girl's bed. "If you're not visible again in three seconds, I'm giving you rabies," she states, reaching out for the visible cuff, holding it roughly, and giving the arm a good shake. "It'll hurt. Like hell."

Persi sets her jaw and grabs a handful of the blanket on the bed with her non-chained hand to restrain herself from doing something rash — and, after a couple of seconds, she reappears. Her eyes are pointed in Erin's direction with a still-unappreciative look on her face. While she waits for Erin to unlock that cuff, she mutters in her direction in a wry voice, "You know, it's probably not a good idea to antagonize the person you're trying to make into an assassin. Especially if you ever plan on having babies with Lover Boy, here."

Okay, so that probably wasn't the smartest thing for her to say to people who happen to be her captors, but, hey. She's not quite so good at keeping her cool with that chain anywhere near her.

Dear God, the balancing act he has to carry out sometimes. It's a wonder he hasn't started pulling his own hair out in frustration. But no, he stays close to Erin for the moment, hopefully enough to keep the weapon with legs in a good mood— and certainly enough to keep Persi wondering.

"You have a point there, but I think we're pretty well stocked up these days. What we could use is a set of eyes and ears. Domestic terrorists have a distressing tendency to shoot out the security cameras first chance they get."

Hear that snapping sound? That's Erin's temper. Which… Well, Persi didn't really do anything awful, nor say anything truly out of line, but a moment later, Erin's hands are at the girl's throat, fingernails pressing into skin. It'd be easier to just do the rabies thing and get it over with, but she doesn't, because that actually does take a little sanity to handle, and at the moment, Erin has none. It's as if she plans to rip the poor captive's throat out with her bare hands.

Then, the smile returns. She's addressing George, but her eyes are still fixed on Persi's. "Fine, whatever you want to do with her." Really, Erin figures she's probably not the best person for recruitment, so she'll leave George to it. "I'm going back to my room," she states, abruptly releasing Persi, turning on her heel, and starting for the door.

Persi draws in a sharp breath when she's throat-grabbed and automatically reacts by recoiling — a motion that's punctuated by a thump as Persi's head hits the headboard of the hotel-room bed — then, a moment later, she's huddled against it, eyeballing Erin as she turns to go. While one hand goes to her throat, she looks over at George, "…she's crazy…but you're almost as bad — I mean, c'mon, 'eyes and ears?' Y'know how many people have asked me for that l'il service since the war started? If all you want is friggin' intel reports, you didn't have to have psycho-girl over here kidnap me, I woulda done that for damn free."

George steps neatly out of the way, letting Erin leave before she has a chance to change her mind - which allows him to focus on Persi and her role in things properly, for the first time since he came in. "It wasn't my idea… but I have to play the hand I've been dealt. And what I don't want is for you to share your reports with the other side as soon as we look the other way. What do you figure's a reasonable price for an exclusive deal?"

Persi hmfs and looks around absentmindedly for a few moments, "Well, uh…I don't really tend to deal in money. I don't really have much use for the stuff, really. Street punk, remember? One that can turn invisible? I can kinda steal whatever I need." Persi shrugs, then, and picks up a pillow off the bed to idly hug on it, "First off, I get this pillow. It's cool…" Then, a moment of thought, "Second…consider the assassin thing, that actually sounds kinda sexy. Moral compunctions can sometimes be outweighed by novelty." Another moment, "…and I want a building. Like, find some office building that's been run out in the war and make sure only folks I like get in. Weird, I know, but abandoned buildings are one of the best things ever."

"Well, if it's up your alley, I won't be the one to tell you no." If Persi's a would-be killer herself… then maybe there was some method to Erin's madness, after all. (Okay, not really.)

George considers the bid for a moment, then nods. "As far as the building itself, I don't see why not. Of course, it'll be contingent on performance—" But she already knew that, surely. "Security… I'm sure we can get you some level of support, I'll have to see exactly how much. Lot of irons in the fire. And you'll get maid service on the pillow no more than twice weekly."

Persi finally does lose her cool, but not in quite the way she expected to, tonight. When she gets a semi-okay on the assassin thing, she perks up and gets all starry-eyed like a fourteen-year-old girl getting to have a chat with friggin' Justin Timberlake — she even does the whole thing of curling her hands into balls and holding them just under her chin as she squees, "Eee, really? Can I have a neat, shiny sword, too? And a theme song written just for me? And lackeys that do all the stuff I don't wanna do?" After a moment, she gets her over-enthusiasm under control and looks off to the side, clearing her throat, "Er, I mean…please?"

Beat. Correction: definitely method to Erin's madness. Takes one to know one, after all. "I believe we have consensus," he drawls, offering a hand. "I assume we can continue to contact you here until we get the new place set up? I hear the swimming pool is to die for."

Persi reaches out and shakes the hand without hesitation, a big grin on her face now, as if she hadn't been ready to pounce on Erin a few moments earlier, "Yeah, sure! Especially now that I'm not all bondaged up." Then, she gives an imperious wave of the same hand she just used to shake, "Now, g'way. I have plotting to do!"

"You got it, boss." George turns and heads down the hall, waiting till his back is facing Persi before letting the concern reach his face. Great. Another person who thinks life is cheap. Another gun needing to be pointed in a hopefully semi-useful direction. But at least, by now, he's gotten plenty of practice with that sort of thing.

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