2007-09-23: This Isn't A Team


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Summary: A phone conversation which doesn't go well.

Date It Happened: September 23rd, 2007

This Isn't A Team

Separate locations in Manhattan, NYC

It's nearing seven p. m. Jane holds the iPhone in her hand, thinking of her meeting with Evelyn and the position she'd been in. Her fear that being seen as out of the loop could've spooked the girl and had her clam up. Or worse. Evelyn is, after all, someone with a new power and a tenuous grip on it. Hoping to be brought into the loop so they won't appear to be on different pages again, she taps the digits and presses call.

PHONE: You dial the number 283-1407. It begins to ring.

PHONE: The other end answers, "Peter Petrelli."

PHONE: Jane speaks in a perhaps falsely cheerful voice. "Hey, Pete, it's Jane. Haven't heard from you in a while. How're things going?"

PHONE: Peter doesn't even try to sound falsely cheerful when he responds, "Jane, hey." There's a sigh, some movement, but from the lack of background noise he's probably inside somewhere. "Been pretty busy. Have a lot going on."

PHONE: Jane chuckles at his choice of words, perhaps darkly. "So I hear. I'm told you were on an interesting trip, and met someone. Then you came across her again in New York."

PHONE: Peter sounds rather tense, "I met a lot of people, Jane. There's no way I can know what you're talking about when you're being vague." Not only does he sound tense, but his voice is also much different than in months past, as if he's been through a lot emotionally recently.

PHONE: Jane draws in a slow breath. "Evelyn Tash called me, said you met her on your trip and again back here. It's good she didn't spot that I had no clue about the trip and bolt thinking we don't know each other."

PHONE: Peter lets out a long sigh. "I don't understand why she would contact you. The less people who knew about her, the better, I thought she understood that. Things already got bad when someone else decided to talk about it." He's starting to sound extremely frustrated and upset at this point, voice even shaking slightly. "And I don't want to talk about my trip."

PHONE: Jane seems to lose spirits, a quiet tone of disbelief coming into her voice, that things between them would reach such a stage, maybe. "Because I left her my number before I told you about her, gave you those fragments. I'd asked her to call me. We're on the same team here, it doesn't look good if we appear to not be on the same page." She falls silent for a handful of seconds before saying "I hope it won't always be like this between us. Take care."

PHONE: Peter shakes his head. "This isn't a team, Jane. I tried to talk to people already and too much information's ended up in the wrong hands already. I'm trying to stop things from happening, not cause it. The less people know about certain things, the better. This isn't a situation where the more you know the better things will turn out. This isn't…" He cuts off. "Nevermind. I'll talk to you later."

She ends the call there, and closes her eyes. Jane's head shakes a few times. "He could've just given me something to work with." Frustration which was already present is joined by sadness. The urge to scream comes, she chains it back, and exorcizes things in her standard fashion. With the sound of electric guitar.

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