2007-07-18: This May Get Messy


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Megan gets an unlikely visitor and offer of help.

July 18th, 2007:

This May Get Messy

Primatech Paper, Hartsdale NY - Cells

Brooding and not enjoying being in her cell is a normal mood for Megan. However, ever since Meryl's visit, at least she's had a few things that she can actually occupy her time with. After she brought pizza, she took Basil back and while Megan misses the companionship of the drowsy little guinea pig, she has other things to distract her now. Mostly she just flips listlessly through the 'Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day' book. It seems apt. Broken arm resting on her side, she's kind of curled up around the book on her little cot. She'd look peaceful if it weren't for the very serious face she's making.

The door to the cell opens, with a simple click, and in steps a short, slender blonde woman. Elle looks over to Megan, considering her a moment. Not much resemblance, honestly. She watches the girl a long moment without saying anything, and then finally does; a simple "Hi there."

No stranger to strangers suddenly just entering her room, Megan looks up from her book with an unimpressed look on her face. Just because Meryl was nice to her doesn't mean she expects anyone else to. As far as she's concerned everyone's a threat until they prove otherwise. "Hi." The greeting is neutral, if a little guarded. She doesn't stand up, or even uncurl herself from her position around her book. But, she has tensed slightly. Sort of a flight or fight instinct that kicks in automatically when someone new enters.

The blonde looks back to Megan. "Megan Deatley, right?" she asks. Rather pointlessly, of course; there's not much chance that she got the -wrong- girl-with-a-broken-arm around here. "Mind if we talk a couple minutes?"

For some reason, everyone seems to know her name around these parts. This strange blonde lady is among them. Nothing new. Not moving from her spot still, Megan studies Elle, but doesn't exactly answer her first question. It's all but rhetorical in her mind. "Yeh, 'cause m'sure 've go' a choice in tha'." It's hard to keep the bitterness or the sarcasm out of her voice when she replies.

Elle nods. "You do, actually." She walks over and grabs the folding chair, moving over to put it down next to Megan. "But then you'd lose the opportunity to get word out to your brother, and I figure that's probably not high on your list of things to do."

"Nothin' about this place says 'ye go' a choice in the matter'," Megan tells Elle as the blonde woman makes herself at home in the folding chair. The moment the woman mentions her brother, though, her eyes narrow. She doesn't want her brother anywhere near these people. And while she does want to get a message to him, she doesn't trust anyone to deliver it. "And wha' would ye know about tha'."

The other woman replies "I happen to know your brother. And I happen to think this might be a fine little olive branch, as it were. How's your arm feeling?" That last just comes out of the blue. Sudden topic change!

Olive branch. Megan doesn't ease up on her almost glared watching of Elle. For some reason that sounds like she's about to be used. And that /certainly/ doesn't hold well with her. Especially if her brother is involved. "Yeh, well, ye can find another olive branch. Lach couldna care less where I am. Bet he doesna even know 've been gone." The topic of her arm is a sore subject, as it were, as well. "S'fine." True or not, she still hasn't taken any of the pain pills that Nova left her for the injury.

Elle shakes her head. "Somehow I doubt that. I—" A ping from her pocket, and she pulls out her phone, checking the message there. "Dammit!" she hisses once. "All right. This just got more complicated." She seems uncertain, and Megan's presence suddenly just became a secondary consideration, it seems.

Whatever it is that is upsetting or changing Elle's mind, Megan is completely unaware of it. Complicated, uncomplicated, she's not sure what at all is going on and so she remains silent, watching the blonde carefully. She's fine with not being a primary concern. She kind of likes it that way.

She looks back to Megan then, and explains. "All right. Your brother and Cass have found out you're in here. And instead of doing the smart thing about it, they're actually meeting with these people about it. Which means that both of them have a better-than-average chance of getting themselves tossed in here too. Or memory-wiped." She stands. "Dammit."

It's impossible to hide the surprise on Megan's face at this information. Lachlan knows she's in here? He's meeting them? She knew that as soon as Lachlan found out she was in here that he'd stop at nothing to help her, but she never expected results so soon. But, wait, getting tossed into the facility himself isn't a good way to go. "He knows'm here?" How does /she/ know that? Finally, the Scot pulls herself up into a sitting position.

Elle nods, and briefly turns her cell phone to show the message. Not that she does it long enough to really read it. "Yeah. I knew he knew you were here. I was -hoping- to try and orchestrate it to get you out of here with minimum problems. But, your brother's done what he usually does. Jumped off half-cocked without thinking anything through. Dammit!" She smacks the wall with her free hand, pacing a bit. "This is going to get messy."

"Get me out of here?" Suddenly, Megan is all ears. This is what she's wanted since she was stuck in here. Already sitting up, it's hard for the woman to be any more tense than she already is. However, she manages. Because, this seems like one of those too good to be true offers. "Why're ye tryin' to help me?" Messy or not, she'd like to know what exactly is going on. Or at least hear excuses or lies or explanations.

Elle replies "Because while I think your brother is an utter ass…he was planning to kill me once…Cass is a good person, and she deserves better than to have her boyfriend grow a 9mm third eye from trying something stupid. They just put us on alert that "neutralization might be necessary".

Even if Megan can agree with that assessment of her brother, she doesn't like hearing it from anyone other than her. "Hey, "S'no' an ass." He's just overprotective. And stubborn and very likely to get himself killed in situations like these. "Wha's tha' mean? Neutralization? Yer talkin' about killin' him an' Cass." No no no, that will certainly not do.

Elle frowns. "-I'm- not talking about it. But other people are. Dammit. And I can't just snoop in on the meeting." She looks at Megan. "You may be on your own."

Wait! That's not fair! This woman can't come in here and just /dangle freedom in front of her face and then take it away. That's crueler than anything anyone else has done to her. "Nah. Ye canna jus' say they're gonna kill him and then walk ou'." It's the closest thing to hostile that Megan has mustered so far.

Elle presses a couple buttons on her cell phone and hands it to Megan. "It's got video record. Record a message for them and I'll try to get it to them. Right now it's the best I can offer you. Don't do anything stupid like try and call or I'll have to HURT you."

Now…well, that's not exactly what she was expecting. Video recording. What can she say to Lachlan that won't get him in trouble. Taking the phone from Elle in a manner that suggests that the device may be a scalding hot, she tries to work the video portion of it. Knowing what these people can do, she has no doubt that Elle would hurt her. So, she doesn't make for the funny business. Instead, it's a simple message. "Lach, S'me. Jus', don't come after me or they'll hurt ye. 'Ll be fine. Don' do anythin' stupid." She makes certain to keep her cast out of the shot, as she knows that'll just send her brother over the edge. No need for tearful I love yous or anything, either. Elle's right there and she still has her pride.

The blonde turns her back to give Megan a moment of privacy. It's the best she can do for her. "I'll do my best to get it to him. And I'll -try- to get you out still…with your brain intact. That may not be possible at this point. But I'll try."

With her brain intact. That doesn't sound pleasant at all. "Wh-wha' d'ye mean abou' my brain? How would it no' be intact?" Megan now looks terrified. She has images of botched lobotomies and exposed brains strewn on the floor.

Elle turns back, and reaches out her hand for the phone. "They're probably going to blank your memories about ever being here. They -might- blank Cass and Lachlan's memories about you ever being here. I'm -hoping- they don't go so far as to blank their memories of you ever existing."

Without realizing it, Megan has a death grip on that phone. "They can do tha'?" This is a whole new level of creepy and horrible. How did she end up in this terrible place? Children's books just won't cut it to keep her calm now. The very thought of Lachlan not remembering that she ever existed terrifies her in a way that brain lobotomies can't. Her brother is her touchstone, her strictest confidante. If she lost him, she's not sure how she would /work/ any more.

Elle makes the classic "gimme" motion with her hand, palm up. "Yeah. They can do that." she says, her voice a little quiet. "I'm gonna try and keep as little of that from happening as possible. I don't know how possible that is at this point."

Finally, Megan gets the picture. Right. The phone. Not hers. Jerkily, she drops it back into it's proper owner's hands. "O-okay." Now she's not going to be listening for Agents coming in and out to ask her questions, but for whatever device it is that removes peoples brains and memories. "Th-thanks?" She's not sure if this is a cause for thanks, but she's always erred on the side of polite when she could.

The blonde woman looks wryly amused. "Don't thank me yet. I haven't got you out of here yet." And with that, she turns to head for the door. This is somewhat more complex.

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