2007-03-13: This Was Not A Date


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Summary: Mara requests to meet with Mohinder to talk about her FBI visit.

Date It Happened: March 13, 2007

This Was Not A Date

Tabla Restaurant

Every woman owns a little black dress. Mara's, however, happens to be a chocolate brown colour, with a matching pair of elbow-length gloves. She hides her eyes (and some of the bruising) behind large brown sunglasses, disguising her apprehension. It's amazing what makeup can do these days. Aside from the stitches, Detective Damaris doesn't really look half bad. She waits in the front of the restaurant, looking around for the man she's meant to meet as casually as she can manage.

Mohinder didn't exactly dress up for this, he's in his usual suit that's worn for lecturing. This was the first place that came to mind when Mara said she needed to talk to him. He didn't trust the lab as a meeting spot for the moment. Having parked a couple of blocks away, he approaches on foot. "Mara, thank you for meeting me here. I don't feel the lab is a good choice currently, nor my apartment." Being the gentleman he is, he opens the door for Mara.

Mara smiles that genuine, gap-toothed smile of hers and nods her head graciously as she enters the restaurant. She doesn't feel overdressed compared to her companion, as her dress is a rather simple affair, but any time she doesn't have to compete with the boys club is a good excuse to dress feminine. "It's no problem at all. It isn't as though the department or my place are much safer."

"Right." Now to hope he's not being followed. Which, wouldn't surprise Mohinder in the least. He's had Company plants on his tail before. "It's good to see that you're feeling better. Although, you were quite entertaining on a morphine drip." The conversation is steered towards less secretative topics until they're shown to their seat.

Mara blushes faintly and glances away. "God, did I say anything truly stupid? The first night isn't really that clear." She tucks a strand of hair behind one ear self-consciously and then smiles, perhaps a bit weakly.

Mohinder chuckles over his shoulder at Mara as they are led to a table. "Not terribly so, but stating that was worth it to see the panic on your face." He takes a seat after Mara, then speaks once the coast is seemingly clear. "This is about the FBI agent, correct?"

Mara grimaces when she discovers she's being ribbed and rolls her eyes, "Very funny." She takes her seat and removes her sunglasses to reveal a serious expression. "Yes, it is. He wants me back on the Gray case." She watches Suresh's face intently, studying his reaction.

"I thought so," Mohinder says as he picks up a menu. He's not looking at it however as Mara's got his attention. "What? Why on earth? You were taken off by your department for good reason, weren't you?"

"Well you don't have to say it like /that/," Mara murmurs, picking up her own menu and giving it about the same amount of attention as her companion gives his. "Boone wants me on the case because I can get to Gray. Because I can get into his head. But… Something seems off to me about this man. I mean, it isn't as though I know too much about FBI agents. I know you have to be tough as nails just to get that sort of position, but…" She shakes her head, "It's probably nothing. Personality flaws aren't good reasons to get paranoid, right?"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to say it in any particular sort of manner," Mohinder says apologetically. He was just pointing out.. nevermind. He frowns and turns his attention on the menu, although he's not exactly reading it. "No, they aren't. Still.." Something's not sitting right with the geneticist. He told Madson from day one about Sylar, now he's loose on the streets and the FBI is involved. "I'm not entirely certain that having you on the case is a smart move, unless they mean to use you as bait."

"There's no meaning about it, Mohinder," Mara says gently. "He'll come for me, whether I like it or not. I'm safer on the case with the FBI having my back, aren't I?" She finally drops her eyes to her menu, brows creasing slightly.

"You have a fair point," Mohinder says as he sets the menu aside. "I'm not sure where he is, I keep looking behind my back to make sure he's not there. I've been moving Molly around, which isn't healthy for her."

"I know the feeling. Sometimes I wonder if there's safety in numbers like ours." Mara gives up and sets her menu aside, "I'll just have whatever you're having." She brushes her fingers through her hair and frowns. She tugs on each of the fingers of her glove in turn before pulling it off entirely. The bruises on her forearm from Sylar's grip are a sick yellow colour. "Okay, it's like this. You and I would both love to see Gray dead, right? I mean, a cell's all well and good, but let's not mince words, we'd rather he be six feet under the earth."

Mohinder is just a little uncomfortable talking about Sylar getting dead so bluntly. Despite the whole past history and murdering Chandra deal. "That would be giving him what he wants, unfortunately, I don't see any other viable solution. I can make sure he never gets his abilities back, but that only lessens his threat level. As for safety in numbers, it's hard to say when dealing with him."

On his way to pick up Molly from school, Matt dials Mohinder's cell number. Lor- … Molly only knows where the geneticist is this time of day, but that hardly matters. The call isn't urgent, but the detective still drums his fingers on the steering wheel as he waits for an answer.

"Right, but it's /personal/ for us. And this Boone bloke?" Mara shakes her head. "Gray murdered his partner. And he doesn't want to see him dead. That just strikes me as odd. But… maybe I'm just the vengeful sort." She leans back in her chair and purses her lips. "I wanted the chance to punch him again just looking at that woman's picture. Pretty little thing." She sighs and adds in a quiet murmur, "With a name like Eden, what do you expect?"

"I don't need reminding that this is of a personal nature. Boone has my sympathies about his partner." Mohinder says in a subdued manner as he starts to stew in his own thoughts about Sylar. The name Mara drops however snags his attention, yet it's probably nothing. Eden isn't exactly a one of a kind name. Before he can think of further commentary, his phone vibrates. "Sorry Mara," he says as he pulls out the phone. Checking the number, he flips it open, "Hello Matt, nothing's wrong is it?"

"Nothing that wasn't wrong before," is the answer, but Matt quickly cuts to the chase. "I need you to look into something for me," and from his tone of voice, Matt would prefer this done ASAP. "I've got a hunch that The Company had their hands in Sylar's release. No one else has had contact with Sylar and has that kind of influence. Can you drop a hint around the water-cooler or something? See if you can get some information?"

Mohinder holds up a finger to Mara and apologizes, "I need to take this.." He leaves the table and heads for a secluded corner in the restaurant to converse with his ward's other daddy. "What? I'm not sure I can do that.. I can certainly try, but I can't make any promises. I did inform them that Sylar was in police custody, but there was no action made that I'm aware of. I've a feeling that they're keeping me in the dark. I admit, his release from jail is a little too convenient. I'm with Mara currently, she says the FBI approached her on the case."

Unseen by Mohinder, Matt narrows his eyes. "They did /what?/" Matt takes the phone away from his face and curses under his breath, beating his other hand against the steering wheel. God/dammit./ Very uncool. Once he's settled himself, Matt speaks into the phone again, but there's a new edge to his voice. "Look, Mohinder, do you want you want with her, but I need as much information as you can get. There's got to be someone you can talk to. Or maybe I'll just take a day and see what I can get by hanging around." It's no mystery where. Mohinder must have some regular contact with his Company watchdogs.

"That's what she was telling me. Some FBI agent named Boone. It's taken me by surprise as I've not heard you say a word about the FBI coming in on the matter." Mohinder tries to keep his voice down, throwing the occasional look towards Mara, making sure she's not coming over. He blinks however at Matt's choice of words, "Do what I want.. what's that supposed to mean? Nevermind on that.. I'll see what information I can't pick up. They don't trust me any more than I trust them." Which is to say, not very much at all. "Keep an eye on Molly, I'll do what I can."

"I didn't say anything because it's not Boone's case," Matt grumbles. "And it isn't Damaris' either. You might want to remind her of that. I'll see you tonight." Maybe. Hopefully. But it will only fuel the smoldering anger in Matt more if he doesn't. Without another word, he snaps his phone shut and cuts off the call.

Mohinder hangs up from his quick conversation with Matt and returns to the table. "Sorry, Matt had a few questions for me. Molly couldn't find one of her books." He pockets his phone before sitting back down. "Now where were we.. Oh right, talking about the FBI agent."

Mara smiles quickly when Mohinder returns, "No need to apologise." She waves one hand dismissively. "And yes… Anyway, he… He's trying to piece things together. Between your father's book and Gray's murders." She scratches at her arm absently before pulling her glove back on. "Keep your eyes open… I wouldn't be surprised if he comes poking around."

When the waitress comes around, Mohinder places an order for tandoori chicken, for the both of them. "Thank you for the head's up. I will definitely keep a lookout for this fellow. Wait.. my father's book? Oh.." Pardon, he's just a little distracted and it took a moment. "Lovely. Not all of his victims had a copy of my father's book of course. Yet it would be something to link them together."

"You're right, not all the victims had a copy of the book, but it is a loose connection. He already suspects Gray is repsonsible for your father's murder." Mara lowers her voice, looking apologetic for the topic. "I don't like being in this position. I feel like I'm on damage control."

Mohinder nods his head. "Good.. It was obvious to me that he was. I'm .. I remember seeing what was left of his cab." He reaches for his water glass and takes a deep drink of it. "I don't blame you at all. It's not an easy position you've found yourself in. Again, this is no offense to the New York police, or the FBI, I doubt either group will be the ones to apprehend him."

Mara leans in with a curious expression. "And what? The Company is going to? Do you want that?" A sudden look of confusion and perhaps realization comes over the detective. "Say… Have you heard from Nakamura? I haven't seen or heard from him since he came to visit me…"

Mohinder reaches for his water glass, toying with it a moment. "I don't know. They'll probably want to terminate him." He's a little disgusted with himself for even using such sterile terminology. ".. No. I've not heard from him." Keep the answer short, sweet and hope Mara doesn't talk to Cass.

"Huh… I suppose I'll give him a call tonight. See how things went." Mara frowns for a moment, "Don't /you/ know how they went?"

Mohinder shakes his head. "No. I wasn't included in the finer plans. Plus I've been preoccupied with keeping Molly safe the past few days. I'm out of the loop." He takes a drink of his water, then sets the glass back down.

"You'll let me know if you hear something, right?" Mara doesn't wait for an answer. Of course he will. "I think Boone knows I know something… He mentioned something about the answer being in my head." She starts to bite her lower lip, but is quickly reminded of her stitches.

The meal is brought over and set down without much in the way of flourish. Mohinder falls silent until the waiter leaves. The only answer Mara gets is a brief nod. He looks over the chicken. Presentation? Not what he's used to. "He did? Perhaps he's trying to lure you into giving an answer, confusing you."
Mara nods. "That's certainly a possibility." She starts in on her meal and smiles faintly. "You have good taste, Mohinder."

"I wouldn't doubt it. That's what I would do, were I in his position." Mohinder says as he too digs into his meal. A few bites are taken before he passes judgement. "Thank you. It's not bad, then again I think anyone would have a fair amount of difficulty in making this better than my grandmother."

Mara chuckles quietly. "I can imagine. I should make some of my mother's treacle pudding for you sometime. It's absolutely fabulous." She tilts her head to one side and smirks. "If I make it out of this with my head firmly attached to my shoulders," she quips at her own expense, "I'll have you and Molly over for dinner." She'd invite Parkman, but… you know. One, he doesn't like her. And two, he kind of gets in the way of her conquest.

Mohinder remains clueless. It's sad really. Intelligent man, a little on the blind side. "Oh dear, I've been introduced to treacle before. A remnant of the British colonies I fear." His smile is on the grim side at Mara's quip. "Let us all hope that no one else loses their head.. oh how I wish that was just a metaphor." The suggestion about dinner has his brows raising some, but he doesn't comment, he continues eating. He even dares to check the time! Although it's no slight against Mara. The joys of being on the Company dole and one of two daddies to a special child.

Mara's content with companionable silence through most of her meal, finding Mohinder's cluelessness to be amusing and perhaps a bit endearing. Finally, she breaks the silence to ask, "When do you want me to come in to test the drug?"

"How are you feeling? Are you off any pain medication? No lying, because I will test your blood beforehand." Mohinder says with an arcing brow that means he could be joking. Most likely, he's not. "I'm still not comfortable testing on another human, but it's the only way in this instance. I have an initial formula ready for you. We can give it a try this weekend."

"I'm being a very brave girl and staying away from the vicodin. Codeine. Whatever it was they said they wanted to give me." Mara shakes her head. It's not important. "Heaven forbid I be far too /entertaining/, like I was on the morphine, right?"

Mohinder chuckles, "Good girl. Those substances are terribly addictive." Mohinder finishes off more of his meal before nudging the plate aside. He chuckles a little about Mara's behavior on morphine. "Agreed. Give me a call this weekend when convenient and I'll meet you at the lab. I will need to test again after the injection, so let me find a few objects for you to touch."

"Fine with me…" Mara leans back in her chair, pushing her plate away. "Some of those… things I had you take from my car might be good catalysts."

"I might have better ideas in store," Mohinder says as he withdraws his wallet to leave money for a tip. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to rush. Matt only had a little time and I have to take over with Molly soon. It's not like I can just hire a baby sitter for her, not with Sylar on the loose."

Mara inclines her head, "Of course." She starts to reach for her own purse. "Please… don't say that name." She says it casually, but there's that under current to her voice. Fear, perhaps? "He doesn't deserve it."

"Sorry.. habit.. That's what I've referred to him as for so long." Mohinder rises from his seat, picking up the check as he does so. "You're right. He doesn't." He's quiet a moment as he pushes his chair back in. "Take care of yourself, no silly risks and call me when you're ready this weekend."

"Count on it," Mara stands up and captures Mohinder's hand for a brief squeeze. "Be careful." There's no attempt made to mask the concern and affection in her eyes. Then, rather than follow Suresh out, she heads toward the ladies' room.

Mohinder nods once then he's off to pay the bill and out the door for home.

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