2010-06-20: This Wasn't Supposed To Happen



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Date: June 20, 2010


But it did. Time to deal with it.

"This Wasn't Supposed to Happen"

A Warehouse

The warehouse's dim lighting and messed up floors give it the feel of a bad place to be. Not somewhere you would want to be in the middle of the night. Noelle and Nathan however are here in the middle of the night and if that was their first thought of this place, they couldn't have been more off.

Standing near the lone lamp in the whole room, Noelle looks down at her nails and then over to Nathan. Dressed in a pair of dark jeans, a dark red leather jacket and white tank top. Her hands flex as she looks around and then back to Nathan. "If things get weird or crazy.. then we'll be able to get out fine I think." She shrugs slightly and then goes back to looking around the room. That Harley sure was mysterious. Told them to meet him here, today and not to be late.

"I'm pretty sure all shady dealings happen in warehouses," in fact Nathan is convinced. Amongst the shadows a strange sense of eerie quiet covers the warehouse itself. Dressed in a Brayden-like outfit… a plaid shirt, dark wash jeans, and a pair of hiking boots, the ex-Senator is oddly restless today. Something is stirring.

"Who are you bringing back anyways? And can you bring them back? Is that how it works…?"

"I.. I don't know how it works." Same goes for who she's suppose to be bringing back.. "I think.. at least I suspect it'd be pretty hard to bring someone back from death. But.. maybe you had a glimmer of life left and that's what I tapped into." She says with a look out the window towards the moon.

"It was like, my body just knew that something could be done and so.. I healed you." She shrugs and passes her gaze over to Nathan, light brown eyes boring into his. "Who would have thought that Roberto had family huh?" she cocks her head to the side a bit.

"He's insane. Clinically insane. If I was a doctor, I'd have advised him to never reproduce," Nathan answers dryly while raising a hand to his forehead and holding it there. With a heavy sigh he shakes his head a little. "What do you make of it all? Roberto… his… son… how to take him down…."

"I think this Harley guy can help us. And I don't think Harley is going to only ask us this one favor." Noelle begins to speak again before something can heard, the door is opening and there in fact is Harley, dressed in a suit as always and he's wheeling someone into the room. Harley flicks his hair out of his eyes as he enters the room. "Hey guys," he says with a soft smile. "I want you to meet.." he looks down at the man, a blonde man older but not in his fifties. His face wears lines of exhaustion and stress.

"His father, Bo Hanner." The man says in a strong voice, he looks up towards the two. Giving Nathan a nod and Noelle secondly. "I've been wanting to meet you ever since the rumors started of your.. gift Noelle. Though it is a pleasure to meet you as well Senator." Bo says and Harley wheels him into the light. "Now I can.. see.. yes, yes yes." Bo nods his head as he stares at Noelle, as if he's seeing something that nobody else can. His blue eyes seem to darken a bit and he tilts his head, studying Noelle. "An amazing gift.." he says softly.

"Nathan." The former senator pauses as he steps forward and considers the man in front of them. "Call me Nathan." His gaze shifts to Harley, then to Bo, and finally falls on Noelle. "Noelle… " his tone has changed considerably. There's a softness to it that wasn't there before, a question in it he hadn't shown only moments before.

With a light sigh Nathan takes a step towards Noelle, the support in this in a way. "So… you need Noelle's…" Gift? Curse? Something? "…what happened to you? Are all things— " fixable?

"Yes, I am sorry for that. Nathan." Bo says and he dips his head. Harley goes to lean against a nearby desk. Apparently, he isn't going to be talking much this meeting.

Noelle looks over to Nathan with a soft smile and she actually reaches her hand out for his, not a gesture of a lover.. just a companion, someone to support her. Her falls into her eyes as she looks at Bo closely. "What happened to you?" she asks, repeating Nathan's question. To which the older man smiles faintly and he wheels himself to look in the other direction, out facing the street below them.

"Roberto is the youngest of three. Myself being the middle and we have an older sister. Libby." He says with a faint sigh. "Libby is in hiding now, for fear of Roberto. It all started.." he looks over to Harley before continuing. "With MoMo.. the bear that my brother got for his birthday when we were children. Well MoMo and I.. got into a little bit of a tussle.. meaning. Roberto pissed me off one day and I decided to take my frustrations out on MoMo. That's when everyone discovered that something was off about my baby brother." The man says and then he's closing his eyes. "It went like this, he thought I was treated better. Though he never lifted a finger to Libby, he idolizes her. She's his role model." Bo says and Harley glowers at the floor. Speaking of family doesn't make him happy it seems.

"As we got older, Roberto got involved in crime. He had discovered a talent about himself, his ability to control other people with his mind, he had stopped taking his meds and disappeared. And then.. he came back.. and he came back with a vengeance." Bo's hands shake slightly as he tells his story. "I was waiting for the birth of one of my children. I have a gift too.. I see your genetic code and interpret it and this leads to a wide variety of facets for this ability, one of which is to see if a woman I have a child with will have an ability or not. I'm something of a scientist."

He explains with a faint smile, "So on this night.. Kitty. She was being born." Bo has no idea that Nathan knows Kitty and he makes it his business to know everything about his family. "I.. Roberto showed up at the hospitable, took control of me and made me leave with him. Then after we were a ways away.. he shot me in the back. Paralyzing me from the waist down." He says this in a bit of a monotone.

Brother against brother (and sister, as the case may be). Nathan is strangely silent as Bo explains his life, Roberto's ability, and the like. His eyebrows quirk, however, at the mention of Kitty, but again he says nothing. A glance is given to Noelle again before Nathan crosses his arms over his chest. "What happened to Libby?" His lips press together tightly. "I imagine we all want the same thing here; we all want to take Roberto down. She might be the key to bringing him back."

A hand is run through his hair somewhat impatiently. "Otherwise… if he can control people's minds we need someone who can combat that… he might be able to know our thoughts already; our intentions…" Things are beginning to make more sense to the eldest Petrelli.

"What does he want, exactly? What are his intentions? Power? Money? Prestige? Or… something else?"

"She's disappeared.. she hasn't contacted me in a year." Bo says with a soft sigh. "She doesn't want anything to do with this 'feud' she calls." He waves his hands about as he speaks. "She is everything that is right in the world. She is strong and when our parents separated she kept as together." Bo speaks in hushed tones about his sister, obviously he hero worships her as well.

"He can only know what your thinking if you're under his control and you know when you are under his control." Bo says with a grimace. Then the older man wheels himself back around. "I.. I think we can find Libby. With some help from one of my daughters.. Lark." Bo says with a soft smile. "Libby loved Lark and actually spent time with her often. Though Lark has no idea I'm her father or Libby is her aunt."

But back to the issue at hand. "Roberto wants everything.. and he wants nothing. There is no real motive behind his actions besides his mental illness. He just wants everything but not really, he thinks he wants everything." Bo says and then he wheels closer to Noelle. "Will you heal me Noelle? Will you help me to finally help my brother?" His tone sincere and his gaze directed towards Noelle. Not seeing Harley or Nathan, a little bit of desperation can be seen in his eyes. He has nobody else to turn too.

Noelle's eyes widen and she looks down at Bo before kneeling down next to him. She nods her head briefly.

"So you need to find Lark— ?" Nathan's eyebrows furrow now. "…did you name all of your children after animals… Bo?" Wrinkling his nose at the notion of finding some woman named Lark just seems like another journey on a wild goose chase, but yes, this is the way things are. "And… we know where your brother is— but I'm not sure he'd be open to help of any kind. He hasn't exactly been forthcoming among our ranks. Our soul purpose is to take this beast down."

Frowning, the ex-Senator contemplates something. What is entirely unclear before he looks back to Harley, "So you can find this Lark girl? Or do need us to?" He backs up, however, as Noelle goes about her ability.

"He has just lost his way." Bo says and then he can say no more as Noelle lays her hands on his and then her eyes turn that golden color. Glowing faintly as Bo stiffens and then he's twitching a bit as Noelle's ability begins to heal the damage to him by his brother.

Harley looks at Nathan and smirks, "Dad wants the three of us and one of my siblings to come along and find her. His name is Robin, he's living in Hanner Manor. I have to get things ready for our trip so if you wouldn't mind.. would you go and pick him up? We'll be leaving soon, the trip shouldn't take that long."

"And.. he likes the names for some reason. Though.. I changed mine.." he doesn't say what his name was originally. Let's not go there.

"Lost his way?!" Nathan arches a skeptical eyebrow. "That's an understatement. Like saying Bambi was kind of sad when his mother died." He might be skeptical, but he has a brother who he would never turn on no matter what happens. Ever.

"Is she far? We can't be gone long or the folks we work for will suspect something; we've been fortunate enough to fly under the radar here…"

A smirk is given at the notion of the name, but the Senator doesn't press for information instead he asks, "Is there anything we should know about Lark? Is she dangerous? Judging by the abilities in your family, I'm guessing she's nothing to sneeze at…"

"She's in the US." Harley says with a smirk as he watches Nathan, he does look alarmed at his father's reaction but he's trying not to show it. He knows it's gonna work.. it has too. Right? The young man pushes off from the desk and looks over at Nathan, "You won't be gone long. Know that and.. Lark is.. well she's not dangerous really.. her ability is a little bit of a mischief maker that one." And he chuckles as he is remembering a fond memory. "She's a good girl, a kind heart. She knows nothing of what's going on with our family drama, I thought we'd be able to shield her from it. Like the others.. but nobody can afford to be ignorant now."

Just then, Noelle gasps and Bo shudders and grunts a few times. Obviously in pain but the healing done. Noelle backs away just a tad and she bumps into Nathan's leg. Her eyes wild, still glowing a faint hot gold color, breathing deeply. Bo is panting as well and he blinks a few times before he looks down at his legs and moves his leg over.. away from the wheelchair.

"Alright then. As long as we're not gone long and we make sure that we figure up a plan in the mean time." Even if Bo thinks his brother can be 'turned back', Nathan remains the skeptic here. "Mischief maker?" his jaw tightens a little. He's known a few of them, some were ridiculously fast, others were strong… almost any ability can create mischief.

With a heavy sigh Nathan shrugs his shoulders. "Alright. It's decided then. We'll go with you. But we can't be gone long…"

As Nathan finishes his sentence, Noelle's hand snatches up to take his and hold on. While you might have thought that it was to help herself get up, it would seem that something else is making Noelle act this way, her eyes glow hot as she begins to take the energy she needs from Nathan, a dark look crosses her eyes as she pants. Sucking Nathan's energy dry.

The circles around her eyes grow dark and her head tilts to the side. "Harley!" Bo said, now standing a bit awkwardly but standing. "It's her hunger! Knock her out!" he says with a urgent tone. This wasn't suppose to happen.

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