2007-09-16: Thomas Edison's House


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Summary: Lee, drunk, gets nasty with Bekah. They break up.

Date It Happened: September 16, 2007

Thomas Edison's House

The Lower East Side

It's late. Probably too late. When Bekah's phone rings. Caller ID says it is Lee, but the voice on the other end is female. "Hello?" Whoever it is has Lee's cellphone and is outside somewhere where there's traffic and city noise. "Is this 'Bekah'?"

Bekah answers the phone with a sleepy voice. You could almost picture her rubbing her eyes on the other end. "What? This isn't Lee?" Brilliant deduction there. "This is Bekah, yes. Is something wrong?" She's waking up, starting to get it.

The woman says, "Yeah, Leto, he…" Wait, she knows his actual name? "…he's at this bar, on the Lower East Side, O'Shaughnessy's, and I really don't think he should drive. Or…" There's the sound of glass breaking. "Shit…I really don't know, I've been calling all the names in his cellphone and nobody wants to come help him out, he's pretty wasted and just lost a fight, and I got his keys and cellphone and coat, but…" The tone of her voice is that she is herself somewhat regretting helping him out.

Bekah lets out a stream of cuss words into the phone before she sighs into the phone. "I'm on my way. Telling not to be stupid in the mean time or I'll stick him with sharp things." Bekah mutters, even as she's moving around her apartment pulling on jeans and sandals so she can get out the door and on the way.

O'Shaughnessy's is a crappy little place in a crappy little neighborhood that just screams 'white resentment', surrounded as it is by Puerto Rican restaurants and Korean groceries. The woman standing out front looks like a waitress - she's got an apron and a blouse stained with spilled beer, and yes, she's holding Lee's favorite dark, long coat over her arm as Bekah approaches. She's pretty enough but she's had a really awful shift and she wants it to be over. Lee is nowhere to be seen, at first at least.

It's probably not the best part of the city for a single white female to be walking through at this time of night, either. But it's not like Bekah currently has a choice. She's still muttering under her breath as she walks up to the woman. She recognizes that coat. "Hi, I'm Bekah. Is the drunken idiot around?"

The woman offers Bekah his coat. "He's over there in the alleyway. His keys are in there. He's a real fucking jackass, you know that? I can't even believe I tried to help him." She seems grateful to Bekah for her taking Lee off her hands, and heads up the sidewalk, double-quick.

Bekah takes the coat and rubs her hands over her eyes with another sigh. "Great. Glad he made such a good impression." She mutters before she head over to the edge of the alleyway and calls in. "Lee! Get your drunk ass out here!"

Lee is there, thankfully not throwing up on himself, but clearly close. "Bekah? Heyyyy. It's Bekah!" he says. "I was just thinking about you, Bekah…" He's drunk, all right, but there's, beyond that, drunkenness, a sort of nasty gleam in his eye. "How did you get here? Maybe they'll let us back in now that you're here."

Bekah shakes her head. "There is no way in hell we're going back in there. You're going home to sleep this off. Alone. Some waitress you were a jackass too was still good enough to call me to come drag your drunk ass to bed." There a mix of tiredness and anger in her tone. Why the hell did she have to get out of bed for this?

Lee says, "Well it's good you're here, because I was just thinking about you." He /said/ that. "I was just thinking and I had a big question, a really…" A little belch. "A really fucking big question, Bekah." He demonstrates how big by throwing his arms out to the sides. How the hell is he still on his feet when he's this wasted. He brings his arms back in. "I'm cold, where's my coat? Oh, haha. No, that's not the question." He laughs at his own unintentional joke. "Oh yeah. Ha ha, ha, hm. Ha. Yeah. My actual question is why are you such a god damn coward?"

Bekah takes the keys from Lee's pockets and then throws the coat at him. "Oh I'm a coward am I? Why the hell would you say that?" She asks shaking her head. "I'll answer your questions, if you'll walk with me." And let her lead him home.

Lee says, "Oh yeah, okay, you're mad now." Like she wasn't before. He pulls on his coat, following along, half-stumbling. "But it's a serious fucking question. I mean, you're a doctor. You work your ass off in college. In med school. You actually finish. You do, you make it through. And why do you do that? So you can help people." Lee is rarely drunk and when he does his mind clamps down on logic like a drowning man on a life preserver. "But you've got the fucking cure for cancer, AIDS and the common cold literally right in your fingertips. Now if you were a janitor or a civics teacher or a garbageman or something I could understand being afraid that you might be a guinea pig, medical experiments, needles, blah blah blah, all that shit, but you're not, you're an actual doctor, and you know all about the safeguards and oversight and you've got /contacts/ and influence, and you know, you know exactly what has to be done. Exactly. And what have you done about it? Nothing. You heal 'em when they come to your door but that's it. Like Thomas Fucking Edison said 'well, this electric light thing might just attract a lot of attention, I'll wire up MY house, but fuck those other assholes.' Right? Isn't that right?"

"Could you yell that little louder? I don't think the whole damn city heard you." Bekah says bitingly before she shakes her head. "I don't want to be the experiment. And I can't cure cancer, AIDS, or even colds. I can't do diseases. Besides, it makes me tired. Now, will you shut up before the whole city knows my secret?"

Lee says, "See, you even know you can't do diseases, that…." He points at her, stumbling and almost running into a lamppost. "That is exactly my point, that is exactly what I'm trying to say, you /know/ what the story is, it's not like you're some drunk babbling on the street, you aren't guessing, you /know/. And you're not doing shit about it, because you're fucking scared. And if you were just some random person, okay, be scared, but what the fuck, you're a /doctor/, this is what you want, this is what you worked so hard for, right?"

Bekah looks over to Lee with a roll of her eyes as he almost runs into the lamppost. "You don't know shit. You think I never use this ability? You think I haven't used it to keep many, many people alive? Well then, you don't know shit." She repeats with a still biting tone. "What in the hell brought about this wonderful fest of drunkenness tonight, Lee?"

Lee says, "That is what I'm saying, you /use/ it, but just on what you can see and touch. Your hospital. Thomas Edison's house…." He snerks nastily at his own metaphor, smirking at her, as he lurches forward. "See, you don't even want to answer my question, you're just changing the subject. Fuck it, I wanted to get drunk. Why the hell not."

"Why the hell not? Because it means that you made some poor waitress's night hell and then she pulled me out of bed at whatever God forsaken hour this is. Do you not care at all for what your actions mean to someone else?" And yeah, Bekah's getting close to a yelling level on that last question. She's pissed.

Lee laughs, spreads his hands, looks up at the sky as if to say 'see what I have to deal with?' "It's like you're making my argument for me, it's like you're asking the same question I am." he snarks. "Who cares what time it is, I mean, what difference does it make anyhow? Really, who cares?" He's already forgotten about the bar, and the fight, and the waitress.

Bekah blinks over to Lee. "The alcohol has obviously gone to your brain." She states with a shake of her head. "I care what time it is. Because I had to get out of bed to drag your drunk ass home. And I need my sleep. You want to talk about me healing people? Well, it wears me the crap out. So yeah, I care when I get woken in the middle of the damn night.

Lee says, "Who says you have to? /I/ sure as hell didn't ask you down here. I didn't call you, and you're not even answering my quesitons, so why /are/ you here?"

"Because you damn well needed someone to be here! Do you not want me around? Is that what you're saying?" Bekah asks with a shake of her head. "Because sometimes I think about the needs of others, even drunken idiots, even if they aren't convienent for me. I'm not entirely selfish."

Lee snarks back, "If you were so goddamned concerned about the needs of others, you'd be working on publishing about what you can do rather than sneaking around doing it here and there under the cover of darkness. Same principle with me, you don't even want to answer a single simple question, you would rather just make it about you and your big sacrifice." He dizzily grasps for a lamppost when they turn a corner, misses it, but somehow doesn't fall over.

Bekah shakes her head. "If I were to do much more than I am now, I would not be in good shape phsycially. Passing out is not my plan. I don't want to be the freak, the test subject. Yes, I'm selfish enough to say that. I'm not a coward, but I'm not going to change the lives of thousands of people in this country who may also have their own special little abilities. And you didn't answer my damn question. Do you not want me here?"

Lee groans at her answer, like her admitting that just adds one more weight to his shoulders. He says: "Bekah, I can't possibly think of anything else on earth I care about less than where you are right now. Do whatever you want."

Bekah looks over to Lee and there's a flash of just plain hurt on her face before the anger comes forefront again. "Fine. Well then, I suppose you know which way to go from here to find your own damn bed. Because obviously you just want to pick fights all night long."

Lee looks at her face for the first time since she came up to the alleyway, just in time to catch her expression. There's a split second where they're both there with all defenses down. Then: "Fine." he says back to her, trying to muster a nasty tone, but not really firing on all cylinders right at the moment.

Bekah holds the keys out in her hand. "You'll want these. If you want to actually, oh, be able to get inside. Because I don't want you beating down my door as soon as I get back to sleep to get the stupid things." She just lets them dangle. Drunk man can come get them.

Lee does indeed come staggering up and takes them. "I won't bother you." he says unnecessarily, and more successfully nastily than his last comment.

Bekah lets them go with a shake of her head. "Fine. And why don't you plan on not bothering me again until you're willing to think about someone beyond yourself on occasion." She adds with a cutting tone to it.

Lee says, sneering - a bit halfheartedly - but her tone provokes him a bit more. "Oh, you can bet I won't, you can take that right to the bank. You'll get all the rest you need so you can keep sweeping the sand in your little corner of the beach. How's that for thinking of others?"

Bekah shakes her head with a sigh. "You know what? Fuck you. I'm done with this conversation." Bekah states, turning to walk away from Lee.

Lee lets her go. And he slowly turns and continues stumbling towards his home. He doesn't even trip on the steps.

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