2009-12-16: Three Second Rule



Date: December 16, 2009


Georgia helps Hallis out, what a nice woman!

"Three Second Rule"

The Corner Grocery

It's around 5pm in December and this close to Christmas the streets are filled with shoppers of the present kind. Fortunately, this means the little grocery store that Hallis frequents is practically bare of browsers and grazers, leaving the aisles open for her perusing. Armed with her list and a basket, she meanders down the aisles looking for the baking products. She watched Emeril today and she's all revved up to cook some rum balls. It's fate, one of her favorite liquors in dessert form? Too good to be true.

Finally finding where they've hidden the sugar, she stands there gaping at all the different kinds. The young socialite didn't feel like writing down every word in her ingredients, so her list is a little too simplistic for what is required in the recipe. "Well shoot… Maybe I should get one of every kind?" She mutters to herself, then she shakes her head. "No Hallis, you can figure this out… it can't be that hard. Remember the cookies and the brownies, they were perfect."

Tonight, while it may be fortunate that the aisles are relatively clear, it still seems that Georgia's basket is rather bare compared to most people's. Well, when money is tight, you make due with what you can, even at Christmas. Luckily, however, since Georgia has been cooking for practically her whole life, ever since she was a child helping her mother in the kitchen, she's got an aptitude of making something out of almost nothing. She makes her way through the aisle filled with the sugars and spices and all sorts of goods of that kind, trying to decide what she'll have about the her home to make sweets for her and her son…or who ever else wishes to have some, if there's enough. She gives Hallis a glance, smiling. "What are ya making, baby? Maybe I can help ya out a little." She says in a pleasant, almost motherly tone.

Looking up at the woman, Hallis gives her a tentative smile. "I'm trying to make rum balls… Like Emeril did today." She holds up her pitiful little list which has a few ingredients written across it: Sugar, rum, corn, all spices, syrup, nuts, cocoa. A casual glance is given to Georgia's basket and the young socialite furrows her brow a little, she doesn't recognize anything in there. "What are you making?" She's imposing a little bit, but she's really trying to make it a good Christmas for all those unfortunate enough to sample her holiday treats.

Georgia chuckles. "Oh that Emeril. Mmm. He's a cutie." She says with a playful wink. "Well, tell ya what, the kinda sugar you're gonna wanna use for rum balls? Confectioners' sugar." She points to a bag of powdery sugar that has that very same name on it. "Confectioners' sugar is used for pastries and all sorts of sweets." She explains. With a glance to her own basket, she says, "I'm not making a whole bunch. Maybe a loaf of white bread, banana bread, and…pasta. Nothing fancy like rum balls, but still tasty."

Hallis gapes open mouthed at the woman, "You make your own pasta? What? Seriously?" She'd never heard of it before, sure Mario made his own on television, but he's a red headed Italian and that's an enigma all on its own. The woman had to be some sort of goddess in the kitchen or something. Narrowing her eyes a little bit, Hallis licks her lips to moisten them. "So… Confectioners sugar? Okay. Thanks!" She grabs one of the smaller bags of confectioner's sugar and places it into her basket and then moves a little down the aisle in front of the spices. Slowly, she begins to take one of each kind and put them in her basket.

Georgia smiles and nods.. "Well, it ain't nothin' special. It's really quite easy, actually. Don't got one of them fancy machines that ya roll it through and cuts it, so I gotta cut it into strands myself, but that ain't to hard if you've got a steady hand to go by." There's another short nod in response to the confectioners' sugar. "Yep, that's the one. The best kind of sugar in opinion." Is stated with much certainty. "Now, anything else I can be of service with? Or were you just having trouble with the sugar?" She says with a little wink, while walking down the aisle in the same direction as Hallis. "Not that I blame ya. There's so many different kinds of it."

Picking up one of the little bottles of garlic powder, Hallis squishes her face up and looks at it. "I can't remember him putting garlic in them, but the recipe said all spice." She looks up at Georgia and her little eyebrows upturn at the inner edges. "That's right, right?" She's bowing to the other woman's expertise, leaning on her for support and advice. She does make her own bread and pasta, after all. She probably knows what she's talking about.

Georgia chuckles softly, shaking her head. With a kind smile she says, "No, honey. He wasn't talkin' 'bout every single spice out there." Gazing at all the spices for a moment, she finally pulls out a packet of spice that reads 'Allspice' on it. "Allspice is it's very own spice, made out of a dried and ground up berry from the allspice plant." She explains. She probably didn't need to explain the part of what it's made out of, but lo and behold, she did.

"No? Well geez…" Hallis starts putting the other spices she had placed into the basket back up on the shelf. Even taking the time to match up where she got each one. "Okay, so … I'm going to take a guess here that I don't put corn in this one either? But it didn't say starch, so not corn starch, right?" The explanation about the allspice origin though, that actually has the young woman interested. "Seriously? There's a plant called allspice?"

Georgia shakes her head. "It's confusing, it is. When someone says allspice, a lot of people probably would think that they mean every spice. But no." She thinks for a moment, considering Hallis corn question. "Well, ya wouldn't need corn none, but I noticed you'd written syrup on your list. Did he possibly use corn syrup? Because that's a possibility." Georgia adds a nod, "Yes ma'am, there's a plant called allspice. Grows berries on it that grow get dried an' ground inta the spice."

"Well probably…" Grimacing, Hallis hangs her shoulders and looks down the aisle to where the corn syrup is. "You know, maybe i should just buy some ready made. People won't know the difference anyway, right? I mean… then I wouldn't get my hands dirty or lose more jewelry." She gives the large woman a little smile and shrugs, "I lost a ring in some cookies the other day, I would have never found it unless someone swallowed it."

Georgia takes a big breath in and lets it out slowly as she considers Hallis. "Well…it's best not to wear jewellery when makin' food, 'cause you don't wanna lose any." She tilts her head for a moment. "How'd ya like me ta make 'em for ya? The rum balls. You buy the ingredients an' I'll make 'em." What else does she have to do with her time right now? Not a whole bunch. And maybe this way she can get her name out there, even if it's to people who aren't in the restaurant business.

"Seriously? You'd do that? Well… could you make other stuff too? Because I have a whole list of people I need to make stuff for." The tiny socialite leans closer to the woman and speaks a little lowly, "Just between you and me, I don't think I'm very good at baking. You know?" She pulls back again and smiles proudly, "But!! I'm good at hiding my mistakes with icing. Like, I made these brownies for a friend and I accidentally dropped them on the floor." Pause. "Don't worry, it was clean and I used the three second rule." Another pause. "So I put them on this plate and pieced them together again, then I iced it. It looked exactly like the brownies in the book!"

Georgia's eyes twinkle. "Sure I could do that, baby. Sure I could. Just tell me what ya wanna have made and be sure to have the ingredients, and I'll make 'em. Or, if you don't care to do the shopping, you could always give me the money for the ingredients and I could buy them. But first thing is first. The rum balls." She states. "Gotta get all the ingredients for those." She chuckles. "It's a good thing ya never worked in the kitchen me and my momma did. That kinda thing is generally frowned upon. Even if it was just for three seconds." She says pleasantly. "But I must admit, icing does to wonders."

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