2007-10-25: Three Simple Things


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Summary: Peter returns to the Petrelli mansion after healing Kitty, and talking to Jane to check on his brother and his girlfriend. Elena and Peter make plans to have Jane visit, but not where they currently are.

Date It Happened: October 25th, 2007

Three Simple Things

The Petrelli Mansion, New York City

She had found a note addressed to her earlier that stated that Peter had gone out to see Kitty, so after doing a few rounds of homework and watching a bit of a movie with Nate, Elena heads upstairs to the Guest Bedroom she and her boyfriend shared. After checking some e-mail, her eyes fall on the black photo album that Mrs. Selvaggi had sent her a couple of days ago. Dragging it off the desk, she heads to the bed, and starts perusing the pages. While doing this doesn't make her cry anymore, at least, not since the day she first received it, she did feel the sting of loss looking at the happy faces within it, including her own. She pored through countless photographs…Nadia loved to take pictures of her friends. She always had her phone with her, always snapping away, always threatening to blackmail people with them. The thought of it made her smile on occasion, but along with those smiles came that same, empty feeling. The same realization that she would never do the same things again.

Knowing that the people who took her life had been recaptured helped, but it wouldn't be the same. She didn't want to think about stepping inside her empty apartment whenever Cass and Dr. Suresh cure her.

She didn't realize she was drifting off until it was too late, propped up a bit by pillows behind her, the album open on her lap and her head tilted against the pillows. Her hair it tousled around her face, and her eyes are closed.

Returning the borrowed keys, Peter slips upstairs, as well as anyone who has to stop and rest against the walls in the hallway can slip upstairs. Once he opens the door, he spots his girlfriend sleeping, smiles faintly at her, and moves into the bathroom to throw away the gloves and the facemask that he used for safety purposes, opens the mirror to put the hand sanitizer away, and finally steps back out to shed his coat. Leaving it against a chair in the bedroom, he walks over and watches her for a long time, then finally looks down, spotting what she has with her. A slow inhale follows, quiet, and gets released just as slowly.

Reaching out, fingers brush against her bangs, pushing them away from her forehead. The touch lingers a little longer than necessary, trailing down to her cheek.

Her eyes flicker under the lids, her lashes moving, and slowly lifting at the touch. Elena slept deeply these days, the cold weather plus the illness made things a little more difficult than usual - but his touch does cause her to stir. "….Peter…" Her voice is soft, husky with sleep, and her eyes are barely open that it seemed like she was quietly murmuring his name in the throes of a dream. But it's clear that she's waking, judging by the way her face turns into his hand and her lips brushing softly against the calluses of his palm. "Did you get back just now…? How did it go…?" She opens her eyes a little more, shifting on her space on the bed so she could look at him. A hand comes up, tracing her fingertips over the knuckles pressed over her cheek, dragging down to his wrist before it drops again on the photo album. She remembers it's there, finally, closing it and shifting it off her gently. She doesn't say anything about it, but she figures he'd understand.

"I healed her. She'll be fine now," Peter explains, since on his note he'd given at least a clue about why he went— just as he had the last time that he broke quarantine. He's rather sensetive about healing people. It's the ability he finds the most useful of all, because the only thing it's capable of doing is helping someone. "She misses you, wants you to call her when you have the chance." He doesn't look away from her face, even as she closes the album. He knows she did it— he understands. There's sadness in his eyes, but also fondness at the same time. The hand moves up more firmly against her face, cupping her cheek. "I also gave Jane a call. Told her that her life is hopefully not in danger anymore. Kitty'd told her about the dream, and she hadn't reacted very well. She's worried about us. Wants to meet— but I told her it's not safe right now."

A sleepy smile curls up her mouth, faint, imagining Peter rushing off just to make someone feel better. "My hero," she murmurs quietly. It wasn't mocking in any means, in fact it sounds incredibly fond, and downright sincere. "I'm glad to hear it," Elena continues. "She's pretty brave, you know. I don't know how she gets away with carrying a gun like she does, but lately I've been a little thankful about that…at least she has something she can protect herself with in case something like that happens again. And I'll call her later or tomorrow. I….Monica called me last night, I think you heard a bit of it. But I told her…about….well…I gave her hints about what's been happening this year. I figured…she said we were all connected. I had to tell her something." When his hand cups her cheek, and tells her about Jane, she nods. "I feel bad…I got her voicemail but I haven't managed to call her. And I know she must be worried. We can take precautions and have her visit sometime, maybe…"

She falls quiet, her dark gaze meeting his. She seems to be able to read what's there, because she sits up a bit so she could lean in and kiss him gently. "I'll be okay," she assures him. "It takes a while, is all." She gives him a small smile. "I really should be doing more to help you. I feel guilty that you're so sick still but you're going around talking to everyone else in the know. You look so tired."

"Yeah, I have three guns now, you know— and only one of them is legally registered to me," Peter admits, running a hand through his hair. It's not really something to be proud of. He has illegal firearms in his apartment. But he couldn't just leave two of them in the hands of their original owners. A Company issue gun, and a punks gun, from the Mikhail incident. "Monica's right, though— we are all connected," he says, nodding at the rest, before he leans in further to return the kiss. It's still gentle, on both their parts, but he makes it linger and last, his fingers sliding back into her hair, while his palm drops a bit to her neck. And his other hand also joins from the other side, cupping her face.

Pulling back, he rests his nose against hers, the ends pushing against each other, eyes opening again, though he doesn't remember closing them. "Don't worry about me. I'm okay. We should go meet with Jane— though I'm not sure it should be here. Maybe we can go to my apartment." He might even be able to take them directly there. No need to travel across the city and risk infecting anyone.

"….you have one legally registered to you?" Elena wonders. Since when? Though when he explains further, she nods. "I understand," she tells him. "Truth be told, Papa's got a couple too, and as far as I know, only one of them's registered." She furrows her brows. "Come to think of it, I think he got the unregistered one from Lachlan." Oh, back in the day when people were less connected than they are now. Though when Peter affirms what Monica says, she gives him a small smile. "She mentioned New Orleans, something about women who practiced the old ways and about how all this was fated. She reminded me of you last night," she confesses, though she doesn't say anything further when he makes the kiss linger. Through the chills, the fever, and the heavy feeling of illness, contentment washes over her as his fingers move over her face and hair. She can't help but feel the smile grow when he pulls away to nudge her nose with his. Her eyes open, but only partway given he's so close. "Alright, your apartment," she tells him softly. "I…don't think I can walk inside mine just yet." After a pause, she reaches up to brush her fingers against his cheek. "It's hard not to worry about you sometimes. I know it can get kind of silly considering you're practically indestructible, but…" But she loves him. She can't help it.

"I got it when I moved into my apartment— it's not exactly the nicest part of Manhattan," Peter reminds. Proximity to Chinatown, the Lower East Side has a moderately high crime rate. It'd been a percausion, one he'd hoped he'd never have to use. The kiss is reconnected when she mentions her apartment. Which she'd shared with Nadia, and her worry about him. Practically indestructable though he may be, he's vulnerable in a lot of ways at the same time. And there's some damage he doesn't get over as quickly as the physical. But hopefully they won't have to worry about that. When he can pull back again, his voice is a little deeper, "I can go in and get some of your things— you don't have to do anything until you're ready to." There's another kiss, more brief, sweeter. And when he whispers the next part, it's against her lips, "Just be here with me… love me… believe in me… and I'll be okay." Practically indestructable, as long as he has those three simple things.

"Whatever keeps you safe," Elena tells him, her voice softer and quieter than normal considering he's not moving away, and his proximity made it rude to speak in a normal pitch. "I know you'll regenerate even under the worst conditions but that's not really….I just…I'm never happy whenever you're suffering. You know that…" And it can come in many forms. But before she could say anymore, his mouth finds hers again and her eyes close. The hand on his face slips away, down to his neck, and her arms wrapping around him when it continues. Part of her wonders what happened, if Kitty or Jane mentioned something….but he's always been an affectionate person, and he was worrying about everything, Nathan and her especially. It doesn't take long to realize how worried he was over how she was grieving. He knew she didn't handle things like that very well - something he and Cass knew. As for her worries over him….it had more to do with psychological aspects of him more than anything else. There's another kiss, before she could get another word out, and she smiles against his mouth.

"You're not demanding at all, Mr. Petrelli," she teases softly. "But I'll hold you to that…" Her hold on him tightens. "…and thank you….about the apartment thing." She was running out of clothes, but that isn't said out loud given how occupied her mouth is.

Their mouths may be quite occupied, but something about what she said there at the end makes Peter pull back and look into her eyes. "Is it really that difficult to love and believe in me?" he asks, giving her a hint of a smile, showing he's joking, before his hands drop away from her face. "Cause I wouldn't let you get away now— not only would your not-uncle hunt me down, trap me in carbonite and keep me as a wall ornament— but I would never forgive myself if I did." He'd already lost her once. And she doesn't have to imagine just why his hands are lowering, either, because she finds out pretty fast.

She smiles against his mouth, though when he pulls back, Elena's eyes open again, taking in the slight, lopsided smile and the murmured comment. She chuckles softly, and shakes her head. "No…." Her finger slides down his cheek. "It's actually quite easy to do both," she murmurs. "I just have to tease you on occasion to keep you on your toes." When her smile widens at the last, he knows she's definitely kidding, even if his hands are rather serious. She would say more about the carbonite thing, throwing him a very confused look when he hints that Jack did the macho, nuncle thing and threatened him on her behalf, but she's silenced again….and as always, she didn't have the heart to refuse him. In fact, she assists him. "You're…going to have to tell me….that story…" she murmurs against his mouth. "Later." Much later.

Unfortunately, the last thing Peter can think to say is a soft, "You'll have to remind me." Later.

Losing track of time in situations like these was normal, but it doesn't stop her from being surprised when she finally reached a state where she could think enough to process the red digits in the nearby alarm clock.

"….I can't believe it's midnight already…" Elena murmurs drowsily, draping an arm around him and easing closer, her head pillowed on a shoulder and drawing up the tangled sheets up higher on both their bodies and causing an empty water bottle or two sliding from the covers and falling somewhere on the floor. "I should get you some food…" But she doesn't want to move. Looking up at him with halflid eyes, she pokes a finger gently on his side. "What did Jack tell you anyway…?"

"Midnight?" Peter blinks, having honestly been almost lulled into sleep there for a while, looking over to see the clock, and actually having to squint at it. He'd forgotten turning the radio on at one point— and there's music playing in the background. His hand goes up and he makes a gesture and it finally turns back off. "What?" he's really not quite away of what's going on yet, "Oh— right. Jack. He told me just what I said he told me… that he'd put me in a Han Solo situation if I messed this up." Though he'd probably not used those exact words. His hand tiredly comes up to take hers, grasping at it so she can no longer poke at him.

"A…." Elena groans, burying her head against his shoulder even as her hand is taken, threading her fingers ove rhis instead and sighing a tired breath. "…I'm sorry," is said afterwards. "He really shouldn't worry so much…though I guess he's trying to make up for lost time. I haven't really talked to him since he got back…" She stifles a yawn, closing her eyes and shifting closer against him. "I think if this really is meant to last….we'd find a way to make it through. I don't think it'll arbitrarily end just because you screwed up or I screwed up…" Her eyes flicker open briefly to look at his face, and leans in to press her lips gently against his cheek. "Besides, it's only been a month."

"Don't apologize," Peter says, squeezing her hand a bit before he shifts enough catch that kiss on his cheek with his own lips. "That's what uncles do, I think… or big brothers, or anyone like that." He closes his eyes for a moment, mostly out of tiredness, but when they open again he adds a soft, "I won't let you get away. Not if I can do anything to stop it." That's the idealism in him talking, the part of him that wants to firmly believe that everything will be okay as long as they have each other. "I can't save the world alone. Everyone keeps reminding me of that…"

"It's— " The rest of it is cut off by the brief kiss he catches. The quiet determination in his tone only causes her to smile afterwards, Elena resting her head back into his shoulder and closing her eyes. While feeding him is well and good, he was exhausted, and she was too tired to get out of bed. They can eat ravenously tomorrow. It might help them wake up a bit. "I know, and I'm glad you're listening," she teases. "You can be so stubborn sometimes." Watching him for a moment, she shifts, rolling over more so she's half on his chest - not really full on, just partially, a position change so she can look at him fully in the face and so she could rest her chin on the center. She removes her hand from his, but only so she could touch his cheek, tracing his skin. "Someone needs to save you from yourself sometimes, you know," she tells him quietly. "And in that, Nate's just one guy. I'm just trying to back your brother up," she quips. Her expression softens. "I love you," she says after a long moment of just watching him. "And I told you before…I'm not going anywhere."

"Sometimes you have to keep telling me things," Peter murmurs softly, letting her hand shift away to his face, where he leans into it, while his own hand finds her side, threateningly close to a tickle-zone, but he's just resting his hand there, not poking, proding, or teasing at her sensetive flesh. His eyes stay mostly on her own, except for the occassional moment when he closes his eyes in the middle of a breath. Stay awake a little longer. "I love you, too… and one of these days…" He'd meant to say more, really. But his voice trails off, eyes having slid shut and not reopen. And even if she tries to talk to him, he seems to be totally out.

"I know," Elena says softly. "It's only human to want to be reassured occasionally." She can't help but smile in a drowsy, absent sort of way when he leans into her hand, when his fingers drift over her side. Though when he says what he does and drifts off, she inclines her head a little bit at him. One of these days…. maybe he meant that they'll see all of this over, and the world can rest a little bit. People could stand to get back to their lives after all. But seeing how he was so tired, and out, she leans in to kiss his forehead, and murmur, "Sweet dreams," before settling back where she was, nestled against him and watching the alarm clock. She doesn't know when…but she joins him in sleep afterwards, without even realizing that she's closed her eyes.

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