2007-04-27: Throw Your Hand Up At Me


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Summary: Claudine and Victor meet up. Chaoes ensues. (MiniPlot done by Riya's Player)

Date It Happened: Late night April 27th, 2008

Throw Your Hand Up At Me - Part 1

Somewhere in the Upper West Side

It's late night in the small world of New York City. Okay, maybe it's not that small of the world, however, a lone, quiet streetcorner in the Upper West Side, most affluent; it is dead quiet, even as Yellow Cabs zip and flit through the near-empty streets, carrying laughing, joking, drunk passengers. The lgihts are on, and a shadowy figure slides from one to the other, virtually unnoticed as it heads for a barred and lcoked door…

Victor is in one of those Yellow Cabs, a bit tipsy himself. Despite the fact that he lives nowhere near the Upper West Side, he gets out of the taxi, handing the taxi driver a $20 despite the fact that he's only about halfway home, and the fare at this point is about $7.50 - he's generous with his money, considering one or two of him are near-constantly busking.

Hearing the door to the Cab open and shut, there's a silent, vicious movement, then a glimpse of steel as the shadowy figures slinks back against the wall. Female or male, no one still has any idea as the figure just watches Victor.

Victor's a very happy drunk. He's grinning despite his couple-hour walk ahead of him - that having been the last of his money - and he sits down to rest for a bit before he starts off, oblivious to any suspicious figures watching him.

Moving stealithly, slowly, the stalker's shadow can be seen very briefly before it disappears. THe soft, muffling noises of his feet as he creeps up behind Victor…

Victor yawns, loudly and comically coming from the small Asian. He's bright red in the face.

Suddenly, he starts laughing. "Dammit, I shouldn't have had tha' lass vo'ka," he says, a lot louder than he realizes in the emptiness of the affluent neighbourhood after dark.

There's that curious flash of silver again then - the figure steps foward, silver on his gauntlets glinting as he attempts to grab Victor from hehind in a full Nelson.

GAME: Victor has rolled PERCEPTION+PENALTY and got a result of POOR.

Victor doesn't notice the shadowy figure until his hands are on him, pulling him towards himself. There isn't that much alcohol in his system, so he's sober enough to scream for help, and… well, he's a singer. He /knows/ how to be /loud/ vocally.

Fortunately, someone isnt drunk and is on her way home. John Jay dormitories arent that far from here, and Claudine has been spending a bit of time at the library. She's just coming home now, when she suddenly hears the cry for help. W. T. F.

With that, she pulls out her cellphone, dialing 911 while running towards the cry. Police should be notified…

Blood, heck. The fighter has no chance as he viciously sticks his one hand into Victor's mouth in an attempt to shut him the heck up even as he hears the familiar tone of footsteps. Snarling, he shoves Victor away from him to run into the building behind him, leaving the door flapping open in the wind.

Victor tastes leather as his assailant sticks his hand in his mouth - he tries to bite down, but his shock-numbed body doesn't want to cooperate.

Suddenly, he's left alone, lying on the sidewalk, eyes shut in fear, curled up in the fetal position despite not actually having had anything happen to him.

It takes a while, but Claudine reaches Victor, as she's already been talking with the police for a while. "Yeah, I'm on the block of.." and she continues to give the address, giving the marking signs as she realizes it's Victor. "There's someone who was hurt as well.." she continues as she looks down towards him.

"Are you okay?" she asks softly while offering a hand, keeping aware of the environment. "Let's get out of here and somewhere a bit more public..and a place with a lot more lights.." trying to tug him along someplace safe.

Victor stands up; the shock of the random almost-attack has sobered him up completely - he doesn't feel anything near tipsy anymore. "No, I'm fine…" He looks up, and realizes it's Claudine. "Oh, hey, Claudine…" He leans into her shoulder, and shudders for a second, then straightens again. "Did you see anything?"

"No..but let's get out of here.." Claudine says matter of factly, starting tl head out while keeping a wary eye on her surroundings. She talks back into the phone, "Yeah..we're here..just come soon..I think he's hurt.."

Victor shakes his head, and speaks, a bit loudly so that whoever it is on the other side of the phone will probably hear it as well. "No, I'm not hurt at all!"

"Either way, we need police assistance.." Claudine says firmly and resolutely as she continues to look around with a weary eye as she goes to a well lit area of the street..

While Claudine and Victor are making their getaway, two distinct, feminine screams can be heard. Then there's a smattering of gunshots, and then silence ringing through the air. Cars screech to a halt in the street, and passer-bys stare up in shock, in horror; even as something drips omniously from one of the sixth story windows hitting the group with a gentle, wet *plink* … *plink* … *plink*

"Okay, we DEFINITELY need police assistance!" Victor screams, whirling around to face the building, taking a step back.

Claudine swallows as she feels the wet plink plink, and stares at where the drops landed on her and Vic. She's hoping it isnt blood red and she slowly looks up to see what's going on..

Those plinks are omniously red indeed, and when Victor and Claudine look up, there's a single arm hanging out of the window, the blood continuing to drop down to hit their upturn faces. There's a movement, then a face appears out of the other window. "You all deserve to die… even you, little miss, even I…" He snarls out in a deep bass. Then he's gone and the second body can be seen, the blood dripping down on the sidewalk.

Victor feels a wet /plink/ on his forehead, and sees the arm. The combination of that and the alcohol in his system cause Victor to divulge the contents of his stomach to the world. Or, more accurately, a bush that is growing beside the building. He completely missed the speech and second body.

EWWWWWWW. "You know, ick somewhere else.." Claudine says as she wipes the blood from her face. That's certainly a callous reaction, but she's seen more than her fair share of violence now. No longeris this the naive young woman who came to the United States. She's definitely different now.

She looks up towards the building still and starts describing what's going onto the people at the dispatch. "There's a major situation here now. Dead people, gun shots and a whacked out crackhead."

Victor stands up again, fairly certain that his stomach will hold out on him, just in time to hear Claudine speak into the phone. "A little curt, aren't you, Claudine?"

"Get people here right away. Like I said, whacked out crackhead kiling people.." Claudine emphasizes, hoping to make the police ncome here sooner,or something like that. She has enough on her mind already without having to deal with something like this..

She then looks over to Victor and shrugs her shoulders. "Look, I'm tired and I just want to get some sleep.." Odd, she's calm in this. Most girls would be freaking out or peeing themselves.

"Yeah, no, never mind… makes sense, I guess…" Victor says, shaking his head, which has another drop of blood fall on it. He yelps, then steps out of the line of fire, so to speak. "Wait… what if he comes out, Claudine?"

He looks frightened. "We can't… leave now, can we?"

"You can leave. Get away.. Claudine says firmly and resolutely as she knows she can take care of herself..hopefully. She continues to look up while describing the situation, "You know, I dont hear sirens.." she says a bit angrily towards the dispatch. "unless there's like amajor car pile up a few blocks from here, there are no excuses. WHACKED OUT CRACKHEAD KILLING PEOPLE!!!!"

The police that arrive on the scene are just in time to get out megaphones and blast up to the figure that is dizzily climbing up the stairs that leads to the roof. His screamed words, although they should be discernable, aren't by the low sonic booming that can be heard as the earth quakes slightly. The windows shatter in the building level by level leading up to the man on the rooftop. As the last level shatters, the groaning in the steel bars can be heard as the building slowly just folds in on itself.

Screams can be heard as bystanders and cars scatter, however, a quick thinking policeman notices and goes to snatch Victor and Claudine out ofthe way of the building and back across the street as it collapses into a firey rubble of smoke, steam,what-nots, and did they mention fire? The building keeps folding in on itself, until with a final *CRASH*, it stops.

Then the fire trucks can be heard as they arrive on scene. The last grisly image, is however, of the killer, the murdere, on top of all the rubble, lying in a twisted mess of blood, bones, and such.

Victor stares, unable to speak as the building collapses upon itself. Maybe this sort of guy is what Daphne was talking about, making people afriad of innocent people like him. Suddenly, he gets very angry, though he doesn't show it outwardly beyond clenching his fists. /Dammit, you make my life harder!/

"GOSHDAMN WHACKED OUT CRACKWHORES!" Claudine cries out until she lets out an oomph as she's tackled by a quick thinking police man. She's taking this rather..unusually as she shakes her head and starts to ease on up, dusting herself off as she looks over to Victor. "Go..get medical attention.." she says firmly and resolutely before looking over towards the policeman.

It's then that she starts talking to him. She has her suspicions of what happened, and maybe this is something the Company needs to investigate. So hopefully, she'll be able to bluff her way to getting to see theevidence as she makes some excuse about being part of some government agency..it's all whispered, and maybe Victor wont hear it.

Victor ignores Claudine's order, as he's not any more hurt than she herself is, and when she turns to talk to a police officer, he listens in.
/She's part of a government agency!?/

The ruse is sadly not working as the Police Chief flatly refuses… for now. Instead, he shoos both Victor and Claudine off to go get checked over, and then to the police stations, where they'll be questioned.

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