2010-04-05: Throwing A Wrench



Guest Starring

Chris Sommers (played by Erin)

Date: April 05, 2010


There's the flash of a ring and the rumors start flying!

"Throwing a Wrench"

ABC Studios

The producers knew what they were in for when they hired her. They really did. The young woman's temper and reputation preceded her. Already there'd been a screaming match with the director about cutting one line from her dialogue and 5 seconds off her screen time. On the flip side, there was also better food on the buffet than the rest of the cast had been used to. Apparently, Hallis loves cooking.

This morning, the young woman had been a little late to the set and when she did show up, she was a little too giddy. There were rumors floating around that perhaps she's been imbibing in the nose candy, that is until someone noticed it.

On Hallis' left ring finger, there was a rock. Not just any rock, a brilliant cut red surrounded by a cluster of white round cut diamonds. When the makeup girl asked her about it, the young debutante simply smiled and said "Don't you just love it?"


There are actually some people on set who like Hallis. And word also spreads fast! Sure, most people on set just don't care, either because they're afraid Hallis is going to yell at them, or they just don't like her, but eventually, one of the lighting girls makes her way down from the rafters to quiz Hallis about the gritty details!

Unlike some of the other 'deckhands' around here, Joyce always looks pristine. Her motto? Even if it's a dirty job, there's no reason for her to look dirty doing it. Somehow, she's found a way to make the simple act of lighting a set look glamorous - while wearing designer jeans and a camouflage shirt that hides any dust or grease she may acquire throughout the day. Her newly-highlighted hair is tucked back in a ponytail, curled under so that the somewhat dry ends aren't obvious.

"Hey!" she says, finding Hallis on set. It's not hard; after all, Joyce has already spent time shining an almost literal spotlight on her that morning. "Hey, Hallis, yeah? Don't know if we've ever really spoken or not. I work up there." She points up, as if this explains everything. A glance is given to the ring finger in question, and… "Oh, wow! Wow! That looks like it cost a fortune!"


The tiny blonde looks up to where Joyce is pointing and her eyebrows shoot up in an impressed expression. "Wow, you work all the way up there?" Even though it's quite unladylike, Hallis puckers her lips lightly and blows softly through them. There is no sound. Hallis can't whistle. "I'd be too scared to work up there all day. I'm glad I'm a were-goldfish instead of a bird or something that flies… like a bat. Even though all the chlorine does awful things to my hair."

Then she smiles and looks down at her finger and bats her eyelashes and looks very much smitten. "Do you like it? I love it. George gave it to me last night." Hallis is called away from the conversation and back to the set for a retake (they added a line). Joyce receives a little finger wave, a brilliant smile, and an unspoken promise to continue the conversation later. For now, there's a shirtless vampire with great pecs waiting impatiently about twenty feet away.


"Yeah, you know! Lighting and stuff." Gotta make the actors look good. Joyce herself is studying theater, but in the meantime, this job can't be beat. It's got awesome hours and awesome benefits!

Alas that she can't get all the details right now, though. Joyce isn't one to be upset by these things! Actors and their schedules. Puh. While Hallis goes back to film, the other woman heads over to the table for something to take back up into the rafters.

They're still blocking the shot, but it makes the job of the camera crew easier when Hallis is there. Chris-the-Shirtless-Vampire gives her a gigantic smile and misses the presence of the ring entirely. Mostly because he's not really looking at Hallis' hand. (Or face. Or chest. He's a leg man, himself.) "So, here we are ag — " he starts.

"Hallis, you have to lose the ring, love," one of the directors says from behind the camera. "Just for a bit. We can work it in eventually. Right now, you're a single woman."

That's all the prompting Chris needs to look at Hallis' hand. "Oh. Wow, that's pretty," he says.


Joyce is all but forgotten as Hallis moves back into the shot, not because she's a shallow and callous starlet (which she sometimes is) but because it's time to get down and dirty with a 'good' vampire. Somewhere along the line a fog machine has been started to give the appearance of mist in the shirtless vampire's graveyard. Seriously, what kind of a goldfish would be caught in a graveyard?

Nevertheless, the young woman takes her place on her mark and turns toward the director. "Take my — Oh. Where do I put it?" She doesn't have her own dressing room, and she doesn't trust the loaner ring to stay put if she laid it down anywhere. That's right, it was loaned from Tiffany's before she got to work… Hallis is anything if not prepared for every fashion emergency.

After giving Chris a wink, she slides it off her finger and smiles, "I know, right?" Then it's dropped into her cleavage.


Poor Joyce. She won't take it personally, though.

In any case, the director is fairly satisfied with Hallis' choice of storage locales, though he does roll his eyes, and is heard to mumble "Fine, fine" under his breath. Time is money, and he's certainly not playing go fish with a potentially volatile actress.

Chris is much more interested, though. He looks. He concentrates really hard, and then his smile sort of goes from 'hey, nice,' to shocked. "Oh wait, does that mean you're getting married?"

He's… almost disappointed, or as disappointed as he could possibly be. Well, he can make it work, even so! After all, he gave the casting director high acclaims! He's why Hallis was hired! …nevermind that she would have been cast anyway, no matter what Chris said.


Poor Chris. His question goes unanswered as the director yells "Action!"

"What was I supposed to do? Sit and wait in a cemetery for a vampire rise from whatever pit of hell he's rotting in?" The young woman flips her hair and lets off a huff that's accompanied by a sneer, "I don't think so… Ora Goldman doesn't wait for anyone. Next time, you get to come to me. It's not like you need to breathe anyway."

Then she turns away from him, only to give a sideward glance over her shoulder, giving the camera (and Chris) a perfect view of her profile. "If you loved me as much as you say you do…"


Action? What's that? "No— I. No, wait. You're getting married? But what about…" Chris seems to realize at that point that the cameras are rolling, and he tries desperately to salvage the take. It's a lot harder to do take after take on a soap opera budget, even if it is rather high.

He knows his line is something about visiting a fish out of water, or a fish under water, or… Well, it was really clever in the script, or he thought so, after he got someone else on the cast to explain it to him. Instead, all he can think of to say is, "I can't swim."

There's a pause, and then his brain - the wrong one - speaks for him. "I do love you!" he says desperately. That also happens to be the correct line. Go figure.


Hallis turns slowly to look up into Chris' eyes, hers are a little watery but she manages to blink away the tears. She's always had a flair for the dramatic, ask George. "Do you love me? I can give you everything. Everything… All I ask for is your love." Among many other things.

The line was written to have the audience screaming back to the television. With Erin's disappearance there's been an almost tangible lack of romance in the script, now they have a good boy and bad girl pair up. Sexual tension, moral conflict, and a nearly naked man with fabulous pecs. Their viewers couldn't ask for more… Except Morgan Starr's return.

Still looking up into Chris' eyes, Hallis steps a bit closer and leans in for a smoldering kiss.



What can he say? Chris Sommers, playboy and ladies man, has been shut down. All he can do is follow Hallis' lead now, too stunned to really grasp the idea of his own lines. Luckily, one of them still has a head on their shoulders, and as Hallis initiates the kiss… It's all too real for Chris. None of the soap opera side-mouth kissing for him. He goes for it. He wants Hallis to know that he wants her FOR HER BODY.

He could take or leave the personality.

Wait. CRAP. They're on camera. As soon as the print is proclaimed, Chris backs off, wiping his arm across his lips. She's getting married! "Sorry. Sorry, I'm just… you know, surprised." The smile he offers might just be sad. He didn't get a chance with her, not even a first date! "Congrats. Really."


And what he leaves there is a wobbling, stunned, little socialite. Chris is already surrounded by the crew, clapping him on his back for a job well done, as is Hallis, but she's really just too dazed to notice. "Uhhh… yeah. Surprised…" she manages before being ushered away by makeup. She's can't help but look over her shoulder at him as she's pulled in the opposite direction.

"That was fantastic!" One woman says as she powders the dainty woman's nose.

Another is primping her hair for the next scene and just shaking her head. "What I wouldn't give to be in your shoes, that was hot."

Through it all, Hallis just sits there dumbly. The ring feels hot against her skin and she pulls it out and places it back on her finger, twisting it slightly to catch the sparkle. "Can you guys give me a minute? I really need to call George," she sounds a little astounded.

As the two women move off, what can be heard is a single catty comment. "I wonder if she's going to call it off?"

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