Tiago Gaspar Gilberto DaSilva
Portrayed By Cristiano Ronaldo
Gender Male
Date of Birth March 23, 1987
Age 22
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases Chi
Place of Birth Anapolis, Goias, Brazil
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Street Thug
Known Relatives Maria DaSilva (mother), Santiago DaSilva (father; unknown status)
Significant Other Not Applicable
Known Abilities Animal Magnetism (AKA a great ass)
First Appearance Slim Jims With The Suit

Tiago is a petty street criminal, prowling the streets of New York with his partner in crime, Lena. He is a smooth talker with a hand in a bunch of black market interactions, with a knack for knowing exactly when to run when things just start to get tough.




Tiago is a very energetic, charismatic, in your face type personality. Generally, he can be obnoxious but in an endearing sort of way, the result of a boy with a good heart, but much bravado. He doesn't mean to hurt anyone or anything, but has a sort of 'macho' complex that requires him to prove how much faster, stronger, better he is than almost everyone else. As a result, he's fairly easy to manipulate. Preface anything with 'I bet you're too chicken to…" and you have the perfect pawn thanks to Mr. DaSilva. He is brave, and unfailing in his loyalty, genetically designed to be a social creature, but often thrust into loneliness by the circumstances that he thrusts himself into. He is also fiercely territorial and protective of everything he perceives as his - any possible threats will be dealt with swiftly, harshly, and without a second thought to the repercussions of his actions. He is a wonderful friend to have, being the lovable, street smart goof that he is. In general, he has a great sense of humor, and is exceptionally playful.

The lad does have his dark side, however. He is fiercely self-righteous, despite the fact that his moral compass is horribly skewed. He finds absolutely nothing wrong in stealing from the rich in order to benefit himself. He does, however, find much fault with your typical, everyday bullying when not being perpetrated by himself, and is known for sticking up for the underdog. And sticking up when it comes to Tiago can deteriorate into a very bad thing, considering his flaring temper. He has a history of violence against enemies, warranted or otherwise. Once scorned, it's difficult to get back to the lad's good graces, though not impossible. Also the boy has serious self-control issues. He seems unable to do anything in moderation, which leads to the abuse of many substances, relationships, and such.

He has dreams of grandeur, and this unfaltering sense of his own awesomeness, and is convinced that he is some day going to be a star. A big shot. Someone important. And if you don’t agree? Well, Tiago wont like you.

Lately, ever since being imprisoned by the AP, he has been numb, cold, and bitter. He is only preoccupied with destroying the government, and his obsessive determination has led to worse things. Solemn, it's difficult to get the man to smile, and he has, once again, picked up a rather violent dependence to pills.


June: Moves to New York City with Lena.
October: Establishes his 'business' in New York City.

  • Inadvertently causes a riot in Club DNA.
  • Is involved with a 'scuffle' with two Level 5s that had escaped, resulting in 2 deaths and the burning down of a convenience store.
  • Helped drug Nathan.
  • Involved in the 'Mind-raped' of Hallis.
  • Moved in with Jade out of fear of the government.
  • Moved in with Sydney out of fear of the government.
  • Joined forces with Gene and company in Team Awesome (soon to be renamed, if Chi has any sway in the matter).


  • Fights a squad of government agents with Dex. Kills a person for the first time.
  • Is set up by Tammy. Currently, he and Lena are in government hands, imprisoned.
  • Kory visits him in dream land.
  • Tortured by Tammy into giving up the names of Dex, Gene, and Sydney. Almost turned into a vegetable by the stinky head.
  • Busts out of AP control with Lena and Baron Samedi thanks to the help of Gene.
  • Moves into a motel room with Lena and later, Jade.
  • Is broken up with, and takes to the road.
  • Moves in with Stephanie, and begins assembling what will eventually be known as Chi's Devils (as opposed to Charlie's Angels).


  • "I ain't like…some super hero or nothin'."
  • "Fuck, I use what I can ta get things I want all the time, girls, money, whatever. And that don't make me a bad guy, apparently."
  • "I aint smart or nothin', but stupid people can survive too. And that's all I'm makin' us do. Survive, baby."
  • "But…God, could ya do me a favor? Just a solid?" [Speaking to Jesus. Literally.]
  • "Fuck off, piglet…Goin' after the high score!"
  • "I aint [worried]. And, well oh, that's cool an' all, but did'ya know they shot 50 Cent /nine/ times and he lived? And he aint special or nothin' either." [Talking about Peter surviving a helicopter attack.]




  • Speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and English. As well as Thugese, and Bluffish.
  • Was an up and coming youth soccer star before dropping out of high school. He's never gotten his degree since.
  • Adores Will Smith - his favorite Actor.
  • Has been referred to as "Chia Pet" by haters.
  • Performs choreographed dances while in the shower.

Presenting Jack Daniels Fluffykins - Also known as JD Fluffy and Mr. Fluffykins

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