2010-04-12: Tiger's Bad Hair Day



Date: April 12, 2010


A vision over Happy Meals leads to a cat getting extensions.

"Tiger's Bad Hair Day"

McDonald's - NYC

So the kiddies all wanted McDonalds. Even though Kitty protested that the fast food was bad for you, she had a few Evolved children that were starting to get cranky. So! Hello Mickey D's! Almost like Double D's? Does Mickey has Double D's? Anyways.

The young den mother/seer stands in line with arms crossed. Staring up at the menu and then back down to the list of things the kids ordered. "Yeessh." She says softly and sighs. These kids are nuts, but so is she! Dressed in a long cotton black skirt and a loose flowing dark red top. Her feet are clad in her dark brown cowboy boots and she's whistling and tapping her heel every now and then.

In a bag on her shoulder is none other than Kitty's cat.. Tiger. He doesn't look very pleased at the moment and the look he shoots Kitty could be saying. WHY THE HELL AM I IN A BAG??. He yowls and Kitty flicks his nose. "Stop that, before they throw us out."

Dressed in an oversized jacket, a pair of cargo pants, a woman with long braided blonde hair walks through the door. Once through, she removes the jacket to reveal her a long sleeves t-shirt which hide a series of bandages covering her arms. Her face is a little scratched up, honestly the woman looks as though she's been passed through a meat slicer a few times.

Stepping into line behind Kitty, the yowling cat grips her attention and she stiffens a bit and backs up a pace. Her blue eyes don't leave the cat for fear of being sliced by yet another set of awful claws.

Once she feels a little safer, due to the cat's distance, she looks up at the menu and frowns a little in concentration. "Do kids like cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets… are three nuggets and a small fry really enough?" Her muttering might be heard by the people around her, but she could be just another inexperienced babysitter. A very old babysitter.

"Nuggets if you want to be cleaning the sweet and sour sauce up from the walls. Cheeseburgers if you like your child on the toilet." Kit says with a chuckle and she looks over her shoulder at Cody. Tiger meows as he looks at Cody, Save me!! PLEASE PLEASE!!!.

"Didn't I say shush?" Kitty says as she shoves his head down into the bag. "Damn cat." The young woman steps up further in line as the person in front of her begins to order. "Either way, the kid will be happy."

The cat receives a dubious look from the long haired woman and she somewhat smiles when it's shoved back in the bag. Her eyebrows loft toward the ceiling as her eyes slide from side to side, giving a quick glance around before they finally settle on Kitty.

"Cheeseburgers do that? Really?" She wrinkles her nose as she narrows her eyes slightly, pondering the pros and cons of each. "I guess nuggets would better then, I can wipe up sweet and sour sauce easily enough." Cody tosses the jacket over her shoulder and holds it with one finger as they move up one more spot in line.

"Trust me, I've seen it." Kitty says with a light grin and then she's extending her hand for Cody to shake. "Name's Kitty." The woman is open about her name again, she doesn't mind telling people who she is. Tiger purrs a little out of no where and Kitty looks down into the bag. "If you want those mice when we get home.. you better shut up." She warns the cat.

"He hates being in the bag, but I know he needed to get some hair. Poor guy, he's been cooped up in the same place for a while." Even though that place is a huge warehouse.

Taking Kitty's hand, Cody gives it a firm shake and smiles. "Cody, thanks for the advice. I'm a little new to this kid thing." The comment is made with a rather bland sort of tone, not unhappy or happy, just matter of fact.

The cat receives a strange look though, "He needed some… hair?" Then the woman withdraws her hand quickly and places it in her pocket. A nervous glance is cast about the place before she licks her lips and chews on her lower lip. "You meant air, right?"

"Oh! I meant air.. but I had thought of seeing him with a hair weave. You know some blonde and red or something. Make him a fierce cat!" Kitty snickers but her expression then changes to an open and shocked expression as her eyes turn white and she tilts her head. Mouth dropping open.

* * *

Heavy breathing, like a person running… or having 'relations'… no it's definitely running. There's footsteps, not loud, something like running through dirt or sand.

Schlick… the splatter of a liquid.

"Come on, grab the rifle, we have to move before someone comes to investigate." … "Sorry I didn't leave you much to do here but there's plenty of action left."

A man's voice, "Holy… shit…" Then that same male voice drops to a whisper, "Oh joy… Two coming up the hall."

There's a sickening crunch.. Then another… Boots against sand… Shouting in a strange language.

* * *

"Hair weave, huh… sounds, interesting?" Then the other woman's eyes turn white and her head lops to an odd angle. Wrenching her hand from the grip of the other woman's Cody looks around quickly and sweeps her jacket on. When things like that happen, they can never lead to good things. Thus, she turns and steps out of line quickly, making her way totward the door… Without the happy meal.

As the vision ends, Kitty blinks and she stares after Cody. "What.. What.." she looks back towards the line and then she dashes after Cody. "Cody wait!" she says and she's catching up to the woman, her heels pounding on the ground. "What the hell.." she starts as she looks at Cody. "I'm.."

Cody doesn't stop until she's out of the crowded fast food place. "You're what? …All weird with the freaky eyes and the head tilt? Listen, I don't have time for this. Whatever it is you did, just stop it." The former agent wipes her hand against the fabric of her jacket, as though something was left there that might get her later. Can't be too careful, after all.

"Okay.. I'm actually offended." Kitty mutters and she chases after Cody. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. My visions just happen sometime." She tells the agent and then she's looking down at Tiger who is howling. "Shut it!"

"I didn't mean to freak you out.. but what the hell was that? Sounded like you were in a jam? Sorry I didn't leave you much to do here?" she asks with a tilt of her head. "The foreign languages?"

Cody's breath hitches and her eyes widen slightly in alarm, "You… What did you do?" The woman folds her arms over her chest and hunches against the cool wind. But she stands there, waiting for some sort of explanation into the supernatural experience that she doesn't quite understand yet. So many things could have happened, the woman could be like Parkman, in which case she really needs to be careful.

"Listen, it's nothing that anyone else needs to worry about." In her mind, she guffaws at her own statement, but Cody's eyes flicker to the side, watching the sidewalk and street.

"I can see the future and past through touch. Obviously you know something about abilities." Kitty says as she stops and folds her arms. Tiger peeks out of the bag but then ducks back in. "What's your ability?" she asks with a raised eyebrow. "I've been using it for.. jeez almost a decade and it still creeps up on me sometimes."

The young woman shakes her head and runs a hand through her hair and stares at Cody. "You know stuff.." she says.

Giving Kitty a rather dubious look, Cody reaches over and pets Tiger on the head, obviously unconcerned with any scratches she might receive from the contact. As her hand runs over his fur, it grows out, until he's got fluff that's comparable to that of a fat Persian. The former agent doesn't say a word though, she continues just to start at Kitty.

"What did you see? My future or my past? You said something about a strange language, what did it sound like?" Her questions are posed in a rather suspicious manner, as though she's not completely believing of the woman's story. The hand is withdrawn from the cat and she places it back in her pocket. She's allowed Kitty to witness the least of her ability, she doesn't divulge any more than that.

"Wow.. nice.. ability." She looks down at Tiger, the cat looks around, What the fuck are these bitches doing to me?. Kitty smiles down at the cat and then looks over to Cody. "I don't know. It felt like the past. Were you in a different country? It sounded Arabic to me." She says with a lift of an eyebrow.

"Fighting terrorist?"

"Old job… I got… In to a bit of trouble. It's over now." By the looks of the former agent, whatever trouble she isn't in has certainly taken its toll on her arms and face. Nodding once at the seer, Cody takes a breath and turns. There's a pause before she gives Kitty a hard look of warning, her eyes narrow just slightly before she purses her lips and she lets out a long sigh. "Don't get caught… Whatever you do. Don't talk about it in public like this." Then she turns away from the other woman and melts quickly into the crowd of pedestrians.

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