2009-12-23: Till Death Do You Part



Date: December 23, 2009


Tammy torture take two! (Alliteration ftw!)

"Till Death Do You Part"

Sekrit Government Building - New York City

Two days. Two more days of crushing isolation from human contact, the only time another face is even seen is during the scheduled meal deliveries, and even then the guards are under strict orders not to speak. They still offer the usual pleasantries, though, 'shut the hell up' and 'I will break your neck if you don't shut the hell up'. Other than those few precious moments each day, there is nothing to fill the crushing silence, broken only by the soft humm of flourescent lighting. There is nothing to read, nothing to watch, nothing to stare at but bars and blank walls. Not even any chalk with which to scratch obsceneties into the wall with.

It's the clomp of several pairs of booted feet upon the floor that heralds something different. The timelessness of sheer boredom might make it difficult to tell, but it was certainly not meal time, and when it was, only one guard ever came. Instead, it was the same beefy trio that had escorted Tiago the last time, and they show up just as sour-faced and ready to inflict physical torment given the excuse as ever.

Once again, the Brazilian is ordered to put his hands through the slot, whereupon he his handcuffed, and then ordered to stand back. The cell door is unlocked from the remote control room, and two guards fall into line beside Tiago, taking him by the elbows, while the third walks in front, leading the way. The path is identical to the one taken two days prior, and the male is eventually deposited in the exact same room: same heavy iron table, three uncomfortable chairs, one-way mirror, small, high-set window, and two guards staying behind. Unlike previously, his handcuffs are removed, but once again, he gets to wait nearly a half-hour before the door opens.

As she walks in, Tammy doesn't even glance at the Brazilian, approaching the table, where she sets the file down that she had under one arm. "Mister DaSilva, I hope you've had time to reconsider my offer. Your cooperation could still be worth quite a bit in both reducing your sentence and ensuring Miss Grey doesn't reach the age of menopause behind bars." She finally deigns to glance up at him, with the cool, professional gaze she had last time. "Before we begin, is there anything you need?"


Tiago can deal with waiting. After all, that's all he's been doing - playing this massive waiting game, hoping, praying for freedom. And for some reason, unknown to Tammy or any of the guards, the man is in high spirits. Perhaps he's finally come to peace with himself. Perhaps he's finally put his complete his faith in a higher power. There is nothing to indicate that it is his dreams that have put him in a cheerful mood.

And so the man is sitting upon his chair with his feet crossed at the ankles and propped up on the table carelessly. Easy humming rings throughout the room, reverberating his low baritone powerfully. And when Tammy arrives, he is likewise indifferent to her presence. "Sweet Caroline…" He sings out, his eyes pinned on her person with a dry, humorless smile. After waiting a moment, he lets out a sigh. "That was your line, man. Y'were supposed ta go 'Da da da'. An', anythin' I need? I could do with 'nother pillow, maybe. Or, nah. Some weights, maybe? Dumbells, y'know the sort. Oh. And hi."


"I'm afraid one pillow per detainee is the standard, and you haven't exactly put me in the right frame of mind to start granting favors."

Tammy tucks the edge of her skirt behind her knees as she sits down, crossing one leg over the other as she opens the file in front of her. There's several more moments of silence before she finally breaks it and speaks again. "Hmm, it seems that last time we left off on your accomplices. While you provided us with one name, I'm afraid it wasn't a very helpful lead, and the information was far too scarce to be of any use. If you'd indulge me, I'd like to continue along that vein of discussion."

She clicks her pen open, lining out a few words here and there, making corrections in the margins to her hand-written notes, before coming back to the last page, where she sets her pen to the edge of the paper and looks up. "Is there anything more you can tell us of this 'Joel', a last name, perhaps? Or any of your other accomplices? We could start with names and go from there. Can you name any associates of Miss Neal's?"


Tiago arches his brows slightly, pursing his lips as he crosses his arms over his chest, broad as it is. "Then why didya even ask if I could do with somethin' else, if you aint goin' ta give me nothin'? Can I get a pencil, maybe? A sharpie?" Beat. "Or was it all a trick ta come off as a nice bitch, an' you didn't mean it at all? 'Cause if it was, then you're damn sketchy. It aint nice, y'know?"

As she begins on her line of inquiry, he lifts, then drops his shoulders casually in a shrug. "I can tellya he was a skinny mother fucker, an' white, an' had dark hair. I can tellya that he had a sweet little computer he carried 'round with him, and was an awesome shot, an' said he was headin' security for somethin'…I don't think he ever told us what. He said he was like…a bodyguard or somethin', an' it was weird 'cause I'm bigger'n him and bodyguards are supposed ta be huge, right?" Trailing off here, he purses his lips. "Y'know what I realized? I realized I've been givin' you all this info for shit. You don' gotta be held accountable for nothin' you do in the court, so no contract's goin' ta mean nothin' ta you - especially not your 'word', 'cause you already went back on it. So, you know what I've been thinkin'? I've been thinkin' that no matter what I say or do…you wont give a shit. Even if I do everythin' you want, even if I do everythin' you ask, what'll make you keep up your end of the bargain?" Beat. "Lemme see Lena. Lemme touch her, an' I'll talk more."


"I asked if there was something you needed, not a luxury you were merely in want of. Surely even you can see the difference." She writes down the relevant pieces that was added to Joel's description, only to look up as the Brazilian goes off on his tangent about fairness or some such deal that didn't even seem to register, given Tammy's blank, unreadable expression. "That's not the way it works, and you know it. I can't imagine this is the first time you've been through interrogations, or the United States Penal System for that matter."

"For starters, you haven't given me one single thing that is of any use to us whatsoever." She leans back, tapping her pen against her lips. "The only thing you've confirmed is your registered information and Miss Grey's abilities. Other than your blandly unpleasant insults, demands, which I think you're hardly in a position to request, and your denials of both your, and her, fates, you've offered nothing of concrete value. You want things from me, you'll give me names, you'll give me locations, you'll give me descriptions, and you'll give them to me in short order. Otherwise, you are wasting my time."

Leaning forward only slightly to set the pen down, Tammy folds her hand primly in her lap, raising an eyebrow. "I've told you once already that seeing her face-to-face is out of the question. As for keeping my word, I have no reason not to. You're already captured, Mister DaSilva, and it does me no good whatsoever to see either of you unnecessarily abused. I feel I must inform you once again the timetable we are on here. Those above me want answers, and if I cannot provide them satisfactory ones in short order, they will simply move forward to steamroll over this case, and leave it forgotten in the 'solved' bin with two murderers executed for the felony murder of federal agents."

She lifts a shoulder casually. "We know that a male and a female perpetrated the crime, and we have a male and a female here in custody."


"If you kill us, then you solve nothin'. The psycho bitch'll still be out there, killin' more of your men, 'cause she's stronger an' smarter than you are." Tiago comments, brows arching. "An' if she likes me like I think she does? An' if she can't find me when she wants ta get 'er fun on? She aint goin' ta be happy. More dead people, at your hands." Certainly, he is exaggerating his relationship with Dex but…well. What else can he do? "No, I aint no good ta you dead. We aint no good ta you dead. 'Cause that'll breed more death, you're smart 'nough ta know that, right?"

Uncrossing his arms, the man swings his feet off of the table, letting out an easy sigh. "I aint even demanded shit. And I /gave/ you name and location, an' I aint got shit for it. Be /reasonable/, now. I dunno what you have on me in that file o' yours, but I'm a hella lot smarter than you think, I think."


For the first time, Tammy's lips curl up into a the tiniest hint of a smile. There's nothing amused about it though, it's completely condescending, and it's almost immediately banished back behind the cooly professional, unreadable mask, so if one wasn't looking carefully, it was easy to miss. The woman picks up her pen, and uses it's clicking end to gently prod the cover of the file closed, sealing it's contents away from prying eyes.

"I'm sure you are. But you have vastly overestimated your worth to us. Miss Neal is, and always was, an unstable danger, and your death would no more draw her 'wrath', such as it is, upon us than anything else would. She's hiding for a reason, so please do not try to manipulate me like a dimestore rent-a-cop chowing down at the local donut hall. You being uncooperative isn't any better for us than you being dead. But the both of you quietly disposed of, well, that raises our solve rate, and removes two potential problems from our hands. It frees up agents, such as myself, to work on other things."

"We have our own resources to defend ourselves with, though I thank you for your concern into our welfare. I feel I must inform you that I intend to file my report with the bottom line of 'failure to cooperate', and to recommend immediate disposal of the both of you. If your friends really are as vengeful as you say, then we certainly wouldn't want to risk the security leak that you might represent, now would we? This way, you both quietly disappear with no one the wiser, as I highly doubt either of you told anyone where you were going the night you were picked up. If it pleases you," She stands up, collecting her pen, which is slipped into a breast pocket, and the file. "I can have a bible provided so that you may pray for yourself or Miss Grey as you see fit."


"Yeah. Sure, it would. If it was so easy, y'woulda disposed of us on the first day." Tiago returns wryly, pleased upon seeing that flicker of a smile. "See - I even put ya in a better mood, didn't I? The only reason you're here, botherin' wi' me an her? It's cause you got nowhere else ta go. Nothin' else ta do. Don' be actin' like you got all these other leads, like y'know shit an' you don't need us - 'cause if you did, y'wouldn't give us the damn time o' day. I woulda been dead days ago." There is no conceit, only certainty in his statement. Suddenly, he pushes himself to his feet, glancing around. "If you're goin' ta keep up with the charade, okay. Yeah, I'd like a Bible ta pray ta. Am I goin' ta see you again, or should we get the hugs an' kisses out of the way now?"


"If this false bravado is what has helped you to come to your decidedly irrational course, I must advise against it. We have enough agents to do our job, your friends wouldn't be hiding, otherwise. You wouldn't feel the need to protect them from us. They are scared, and while you certainly could have cut a deal and provided us with a great deal of assistance in return for leniency on you and Miss Grey, your current actions make you nothing more than a liability. I do not believe you are intelligent enough to have reason change your mind, therefore I do not see that recommending further detainment of the both of you will get us anywhere."

With her file under her arm, she turns towards the door, her heels clicking against the tile floor as she maneuvers towards it. She gives a single rap against the metallic surface, waiting for it to be opened before she could make her exit.

"The option to cooperate was there. My desire to stay your punishment was not out of our need for you, nor certainly any particular fondness. I merely wished to see the actual responsible culprit apprehended and real justice done. Parading your names in front of the other agencies, however, will alleviate the pressure they put on us to get this one solved, and we can quietly continue the investigation without your assistance. I highly doubt you know of Miss Neal's, or anyone else's, locations either way."

And then the door is opened. "I expect your terminations will happen on the twenty-sixth, as most of the agents will be with their families for Christmas. You will not be allowed to see each other."

And then she's gone, and the two guards are movig forward to replace the prisoner's cuffs, with such teasing endearments as 'Dead man walking.' and 'Heh, can't wait to see the other one's expression when she finds out.'

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