2008-05-16: Time Is Of The Essence


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Summary: During the events of Caught and just before the events of Emotional Backlash, Peter rescues Micah after getting an SOS.

Date It Happened: May 16, 2008

Time Is Of The Essence

Micah's Room, Monica's House

It's rare that people actually use this Peter's cellphone. Many people have the number, have access to it, but such things don't happen too often. The phone vibrates miles and miles away, a text message delievered.

Arthur w/ mom. At home. SOS.

The person it comes from is even recognized. At home. Arthur.

It's too early, but that doesn't change that the message has been sent, and that he doesn't have time. A shift in the air of the boy's room suddenly gets filled with an adult male, Peter Petrelli. With a large scar slashed across his face. The message had only been sent a few seconds before. A few seconds of time travel saves time. Every second counts. "We need to get you out of here," he says quickly.

In the blink of an eye Micah is no longer the sole occupant of his room. He had /just/ sent the message and was about to log back onto the Pinehearst system to see if there was any reason the senior Petrelli would be here. But that's all changed now, hasn't it. "What about my mom?" he asks, turning around from the computer.

"I'll get her as soon as you're safe. Your mother would rip my head off if anything happened to you," Peter says, closing his eyes briefly as if trying to picture what's happening where the boy's mother is. It doesn't look good already. "Grab your computer, too." Time is of the essense, he looks around as if prepared to carry anything he might need.

Micah is seemly convinced by this. "Just make sure she doesn't get hurt." he says, grabbing his backpack/laptop bag. "Please." he then adds. Manners are key. The computer is closed quickly, not even bothering for a shutdown. It'll go into standby in a minute. Cords are disconnected. And the laptop and power cords are tucked in the back. "Where are going?"

There's no need to promise, but from the look across his face, he would rather be hurt than see the boy's mother hurt… "The only place I can take you right now, my new apartment. No one even knows of it except Hiro," Peter explains, putting his hand down on the boy's shoulder. The world shifts and suddenly they're in another room. It's a simple apartment. Furnished but undecorated. There's a clock on the wall, the hands are frozen where they are. Battery dead? No, not really. All the machines are quiet. He's stopped time, perhaps. "I need you to stay here until I come back with her."

"I'm ready." Micah says, slinging his bag over his shoulder. The rest of his prized possessions will have to wait. Comic books. Trading cards. He'll have to come back for them sometime. Giving a nod, he notices the shift in their surroundings. "That…was so cool." he says, grinning at the new surroundings. And the clock on the wall. "I think your clock is broken though. Or the battery is dead." He moves to touch his hand to the clock, as though to tell it the right time. But it doesn't respond. "Did you…" The question is left unfinished, though he nods at the instruction.

"I bought us some extra time," Peter says, glancing around the room for a second. "I promise I won't let anything happen to your mom if I can stop it. She… means a lot to me. I'm glad that you've been helping her— and keeping an eye on her. But your safety is… the most important thing to her. If I rescued her, my father could have turned around and taken you, and I might not have been able to get back in time to stop it."

Micah widens a grin on his face at the revelation. "That is so cool." he laughs, glancing around as well before turning serious again. "I can do more than just what I've been doing to help her. But…I know she doesn't want me to dig too deep so I don't get hurt."

"Right now we might need you to dig deeper in order to keep all of us safe," Peter admits, glancing down to the computer. "This the Deveaux Building. I do have internet hook up in that wall," he stuffs the cellphone back into his pocket so he can motion with his free hand. "There's also a desk. Though digging deep here probably isn't the best idea, but if he's on to your mom… now might be the time to take the gloves off."

"I can do that." Micah nods, glancing around as the hookup is pointed out. Not that it mattered, the boy would have likely just hacked into any nearby wireless access point. "You don't have to worry. I've got a way to slow them down tracing my signal to the point that I can usually disconnect before they can track my exact location."

"There's a lot of people in this building you could be putting in danger, so be extra careful," Peter says, before he closes his eyes again, as if to make sure how much time he bought them. "I should go now. I'll be back with your mother as soon as I'm sure I can get her away safely."

Micah nods solemnly, understanding exactly what Peter means. "I'll be careful. Nothing dangerous unless I'm sure I can pull it off undetected." Knowing that time is of the essence, he nods again. "I'll be waiting right here." he says, already making his way towards the desk.

"It may take a little while," Peter adds, before he releases the boy's shoulder. The clocks start ticking. The machines start speaking again. But the man who dropped him off at the apartment vanishes from sight, much how they must have vanished from the room they were in.

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