2007-03-18: Time Is On His Side


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Summary: Drake climbs through Elena's window to talk to her about Claire, and interrogate her about Eric. He also shows her a new and very interesting trick.

Date It Happened: March 18, 2007

Time Is On His Side

The Gomez Apartment, Queens, New York

Classes were still cancelled, which is just fine with her. That just means she can work more. So with her books strewn out on her bed, Elena keeps on highlighting passages in her biology text. She's got her cats eye glasses perched on her nose, and she's furrowing her brows a little bit at a cellular diagram. She looks comfortable today, in a snug, longsleeved shirt that bared one shoulder, and a pair of pajama bottoms. They're a deep green, with snowflakes running down the legs. Given it's cold, and her room's got hardwood, she's got socks on her feet. Her long dark hair is spooled in a pair of chopsticks, set in place with tresses framing her face.

There is music blaring on the radio, but it's not turned up. She lives in an apartment building, not a college dorm. A pop-punk song is on the radio, having it tuned to the local rock station:

~And I almost had you
But I guess that doesn't cut it
Almost had you
And I didn't even know it
You kept me guessing and now I'm destined
to spend my time missing you
I almost wish you would've loved me too…~

"Here I go thinking about all the things I could've done,
I'm gonna need a forklift cuz' all the baggage weighs a ton,
I know we had our problems, I can't remember one!"

Singing? Drake is hanging upside down on the fire escape again, rocking back, and forth by his knees, his hair pulled down by the force of gravity as he looks amused, lobbing a rock playfully at her window. He's dressed in a pair of corduroy pants, a comfortable gray shirt, and a black jacket that's zipped up about half way.

"I almost forgot to say something else,
and if I can't fit it in, I'l keep it to myself.
"I almost wrote a song about you today,
But I tore it all up, and then I threw it away!"

With a last swing, he flips end over backwards, lands on his feet, where his sneakers make a metallic clang, then pokes his head in past the curtains. "Hey, what's up?"

"….I thought that was my radio," Elena says, looking up from her space on the bed and giving him a small smile. She's…so not surprised at either Drake or Eric tapping at her window anymore, swinging her legs off the bed and tossing her highlighter away. It's a good time for a break anyway. She pads over to where he is, and pushes the window up higher to let him in. "What's up? You never really told me how your date went," she says, and closes the window to keep the chill out as she heads further inside the room. She tosses a few items in the laundry hamper, and clears out some space on her chair. It's like every time he comes over, she's got another stack of books in the room. One would think she was attempting to build her own personal library. And they were all about Science.

"It's why I came over now, so we can girl talk." Drake says with an amused grin on his face, giving her a quick hug, before flopping down into the offered chair. He leans back some, crossing his arms over his chest as he lets out a soft, content breath. "So.." He trails off, unable to hold that smile on his face, that is practically bursting from his face. "Claire is awesome." He says, letting out a soft 'mm' from between his lips. "She's smart, and great to talk with, and -so- hot. We've gone out a few times now, and it's been really fun. She's just easy to talk to, and I love it. Though, now that we both found out.. about each other, we got a lot more to talk about, but, I don't think it's caused any problems. If anything, it's like a big relief to the both of us. We don't have to really hide much."

"I kind of figured," Elena remarks, looking over at Drake after giving him a quick hug, and flopping on the bed next to him as she looks up at the ceiling. She folds her arms behind her head and grins. "Considering Peter's special and so is his older brother, I think it's not much of a stretch to think that Claire would be…you know. Like us. I think I explained it before that this thing we have tends to be hereditary." She furrows her brows a little bit. She had to wonder if the Parents Petrelli were special too. The Special seems strong in their family and all that. "I'm glad you two are liking each other enough to confide about stuff like that."

"Well, we probably wouldn't have, if Jack didn't open his mouth about how I was involved breaking Peter out. Though, seeing the two of them talking was a total shock to me. I honestly didn't know what to do." Drake says with a laugh as he shakes his head slightly. "But, I really do like her. I hope she is starting to feel the same. She sure has no problem in snagging me up for a kiss." He says with a hint of a flush. "Not that I mind. It's nice to feel wanted. Kinda makes facing the world a bit easier, you know? Gets me all light on the feet."

She laughs, sitting up so she could look at Drake with a quirked eyebrow and a grin on her lips. "Sounds like somebody's got a bit of Spring Fever going on. Oh oh. Oh oh," she teases in a sing-song voice, tickling Drake a bit on the side as he mentions the kissing. "About time you got yours anyways," she says, adjusting the chopsticks in her hair. "I wouldn't want any friend of mine to be as sad as me with the entire first kiss coming in a little late in the game and whatnot. Hell, I've known other girls who had theirs by ten years old. Looking at it now it makes me feel like a gigantic dork." She pauses, and she laughs. "Not like I'm not one and everything."

Squirming, Drake laughs. "Well, it was a nice first kiss. I was kinda aiming for the cheek and she had other plans I guess. Still, it was nice. I have no complaints." With an amused look, he says, "So, she says she can heal, and can't be hurt. That is definitely interesting. Kinda like Wolverine I guess, huh? Regeneration, all that good stuff." He hugs a knee to his chest as he pulls it up, wrapping his fingers around his leg. "So.. about New York. Any plan on what we're gonna do 'bout it?"

She pauses, and looks at Drake. "She regenerates?" Elena wonders, thinking back to that night in Starbucks where she met Peter for the first time. And then, she snaps her fingers. "So -that's- how he survived…" she mutters. "I was wondering…" That still didn't explain Nathan though. Or did it? Can Nathan absorb powers too, or does he just really have a heck of a plastic surgeon? Regardless, she shakes her head and she looks at Drake again. "No, not really. Though I did find out from someone else that the Compant is trying to develop a cure. They have a temporary measure now, pills that can suppress people's abilities. But they're trying to come up with something more permanent. They found a virus that can do that, but I think it's not perfected yet. Peter says they've been trying to create a cure for around thirty years, or so he heard while he was still inside their facility."

"A cure? Hoo-Boy, now we're walking diseases. Ice man made me an offer though at the diner. He asked me to join the Company, and made an off hand insinuation that I was there during the break out attempt." Drake says with a furrow of his brow. "I was pretty freaked out, thought he was gonna try and take me in. I actually came up with at least five different ways to kill him with a steak knife." He rolls his eyes. "Can you believe that? I've never been that jump, or paranoid, that I'd honestly … think 'bout stuff like that, you know, go into survival mode."

"You texted me about that," Elena says with a small frown. "You didn't give him anything he could use, did you?" She hopes not anyway. She looks concerned, and rightly so. But the encounter only tells her that the agent wasn't sure. Otherwise they would try and snag Drake by now. This is, of course, assuming they're not trying to bide their time trying to ferret out the others and then take them all out in one go. That's what she would've done, if she were a Company agent. Though when he mentions paranoia, she laughs. "Yeah. I've become the same way," she tells him. "It's a pain in the ass, but….Fear keeps us sharp and all that."

"I told him everything." Drake dead pans. "Phone numbers, addresses. I'm wearing a wire right now. My bad." He smirks slightly afterwards. "Of course I didn't say anything, I played stupid, told him that I'm just a kid who loves God a whole lot. Either he bought it, or he wasn't in the mood to cause a scene, cuz he bounced." He wrinkles his nose a bit. "But, in better, weird news, I got something to show you."

She laughs and she boffs him lightly on the face with a pillow. "I -had- to ask! You were the one recruiting people off the street to try and save the world!" Elena remarks with a grin. She tosses the pillow back on the bed, and flops on it. "A kid who loves God, huh…?" she murmurs softly, her eyes fixed on the ceiling. Though the last one definitely catches her attention. "What is it?" she asks, shifting on her side so she could eye him. "It's not another costume thing is it?"

"This is way better than any costume thing. Um… lemmie show ya." Drake rises up and plucks up a piece of paper, then holds it out. "OK, I don't know how this happened, or why, but.. it's freaking me out, sorta." With that, he begins to concentrate, holding out the paper as his hand begins to quiver slightly. With a light grunt in the back of his throat, as if he was trying to cough something up, the paper begins to slowly, but surely, decay, and rot away before her.

She watches the paper….and her eyes widen. "What. WHAT?" Elena sits up, as eager as a bikini babe in Cancun as she watches the paper deteriorate in front of her eyes. "What the—holy shit! Holy shit! Are you kidding me?!" She does, indeed, look incredibly excited about this as flecks of deteriorating paper fall on her bedspread. She doesn't even mind the mess. "How….well, I figured your abilities had something to do with time, but you keep mentioning you -slow- things down. This looks ….this looks like the reverse. What's your range on this? Do you know?"

"I have -no- clue." Drake says with an exasperated breath. "So far, things that I touch, and I focus on, just fall apart. I was eating an apple the other day and before I could take a bite, it was like.. moldy, and rotten. Man, it smelled like a dump." He chuckles, wiggling his fingers a bit to let the bits of rotted wood fleck away from his hand. "So.. I'm kinda scared to touch anything organic and try it, you know, like a person.. I'm not sure if I'm pushing it forward, or backwards. I think I pushed it forward."

"You did. I was telling this to Peter the other day. Each ability seems to have…some sort of common root. Things that don't seem related actually are if given the right ability. For example, you slow things down. You also seems to be able to speed things up, which tells me that Time is your common denominator. I think…I think you can actually control -time- to some extent. Holy shit, Drake, this is awesome!" Elena bends over and away from him, yanking her laptop from underneath the bed and fires it up. She starts typing rapidly. "What do you think about when you concentrate? To bring about this effect? Do you visualize anything? A clock? Hour glass? What?" She looks up over at Drake from above the rims of her glasses.

"Um… I don't know. Really. It's like.. " Drake wrinkles his nose up a bit. "It's kinda a push in my stomach. A pin prick. I just force it a lot of the time. Gotta really concentrate." He rubs the back of his nose a bit. "But it only works when I'm touching something, I think. I can't make it work on things across the room from me, or.. um…" He looks thoughtful. "I just don't know. It feels forced. It's like I'm looking beyond it.. if it makes any sense at all. Like I'm searching for the next step."

"I have this working theory," Elena says as she types in her laptop. "That maybe people just discovering the extent of their abilities, like you and me, we can actually improve our control with -how- we think, as opposed to just willing it to happen. I don't have any conclusive measures, it's not like I can afford a brainwave monitor. For example, my abilities. For the longest time, now that I'm looking back at myself, I thought they were just…you know. By touch. Every time something happened to someone I was taking care of, they got better when I touched them and tried to make them feel better. But I realized that was the case because I don't really think about trying to make them feel better -unless- I'm actually already there attempting it. I actually -can- do that without touching them and all I have to do is think about all those other times where I made other people feel better and that I have to do the same with the target. It's the same when dealing with the more negative side of my powers."

She looks over at Drake. "When I was testing it on a living subject, I tried thinking about a life or death situation where Papa was in the receiving end of a gun and that the only thing standing between him and dying is me. So when I focused myself into bringing someone down fast and hard, it happened. It blew Jack's head back, it was so strong."

"Poor Jack." Drake says with a grin on his face as he listens to Elena explain away, trying not to get lost in the conversation. "But, this is interesting, huh? Kinda scary. I dunno.. I mean.. what if I hug someone and I give 'em cancer? I just want to make sure I'm playing with time, and not killing things. That would really suck." He exhales a bit as he wrinkles up his nose. "I wonder if I can turn things back also, you know.. kinda like rewinding time. So far it's just slowing things down and now I guess pushing it forward. Maybe I should get a new code name, like… Stop Watch. Or.. Time Wizard." He says in a joking manner.

"Yeah I'm a little worried about that too," Elena says, glancing over at him and smirks. "Good thing we didn't kiss that day at the gym, huh? You would've turned me into a prune or something." She furrows her brows. "Well, so far you've only done these to objects, right? The tricky thing about testing this sort of stuff is you need something alive and….I don't think I can handle that really. Maybe if we caught the rat that's been trying to get at our cereal boxes, you can try your hand with it. But I know once I catch it, I'll only let it go." Because she's a softie like that. "Anyways you said you concentrate, right? Really hard? Maybe when it comes to this aspect of your powers, it's the same as mine. It's locked tight until you force it out."

"Uh… I don't really wanna try it out on something living, even if it's a rat. You know.. love for all of God's creatures, yadda, yadda. I just would feel weird about it. What if I slipped and killed it?" Drake doesn't seem thrilled with the idea of it all. "Anyways, whatever, right? Speaking of kissing… what's up with you and Eric?" He asks, going into 'big brother' mode, despite being two years younger. "What is this guy's intentions with my BFF?" He crosses his arms over his chest.

"Yeah, like I said. I can't do it either. Which kind of blunts my own tests," Elena grumbles, rubbing the back of her neck. One day if she was going into science, she'll have to get used to the idea that she'll have to use rats eventually. But not right now. However, when Drake brings Eric up, she -blinks- at him. And she laughs, scooting from the bed and standing up so she can put her laptop away. "That's the most random segue I've ever heard so far," she says, smirking over at Drake. "I don't know, really, to tell you the truth. He's my classmate. It's not like we're seeing each other or anything. I mean, he grabbed me and kissed me after the rescue….and then later on after that. ….and then again after that. At first I thought it was just the adrenaline. But I guess he really likes kissing me."

Drake frowns slightly and doesn't look too amused. "So, he's just grabbing you, and kissing you without permission, and you're OK with it..and.. you're not a couple?" Clashing with his Christian standards! "So, do you like him then?" He asks. "Because.. if you don't, it's ..you probably shouldn't be kissing like that. It may give him the wrong idea that you're easy, and he may try other things later."

"Hey, easy!" Elena says with a laugh. "I kissed him back. It was almost like the right thing to do, you know? We freaking get shot at, -hail a freaking cab- to make our escape, hearts are racing, adrenaline in the system. It's a better outlet than crashing a car or something or going to a shooting range." She drops back on the edge of the bed, and quirks a brow at him as he crosses his arms over his chest. "And…yeah I do. I just…" She pauses. "I don't know right now. There's so much going on, and…I really don't know Eric that well. We only just started to get to know each other. I mean, he's always there you know? He was teaching me Calc before then, we've had a few conversations while hanging out with mutual friends….but I don't really know much about him. I do know he looks after me though. He stopped by last night to make sure I was okay because I was upset over Jane. He's a good guy, relax."

Eyeballing Elena for a moment, Drake lets out a soft breath. "I watch out for you just fine." He murmurs under his breath. ".. can probably do a better job of it too. Least I got a costume." He pauses. "I really need a better name.." He rubs the bottom of his chin for a moment, before sneaking a look up at her. When she answers the phone, he relaxes backwards into the chair, tapping his foot against the ground in a distracted manner. Tap Tap Tappity Tap. "Could call myself.. Decay. Or.. "

After a few more minutes, she hangs up the phone. "Oh come on, Drake," Elena says in a mollifying tone, taking a seat next to him and nudging him on the shoulder. "I told you, I wasn't sure. Besides, it's not like he's going to get….you know. In the way between you and me. You're my BFF." She leans in and pecks his cheek. "And honestly now that I know what I can do? I can probably knock people down pretty quick if they try to touch me. So no worries." She winks at him, and she rolls her head back slightly to work a kink out of her neck. "….and honestly I think you should just keep yourself nameless," she teases. But her smile fades just a bit. "You know how I feel about you gallivanting about in a costume, you know. You can get into a lot of trouble."

"I could call myself Anonymous, but that Internet group who's annoying Scientology already claimed it." Drake says with a soft huff as he rubs the back of his neck, brightening a bit to the kiss on his cheek. "I could get in trouble, but, if I'm not out there stakling the night, then who will protect those who fall victim to it? So far, I've been doing just fine, and no one can really get a drop on me." He furrows his brows a bit in thought, frowning. "I just can't really give up what feels to be the right thing to do. You know how long it takes for a cop to show up after the first woman's scream? Seven minutes. In seven minutes she could be killed, raped, robbed, kidnapped. In four minutes, I took out five thugs. To me, four minutes is an hour and a half." He says as he straightens up.

"I know, I'm just….just be careful, okay?" Elena says. "They already grabbed you once. Not to mention we haven't exactly gone up to the point where we figure out whether you could actually dodge bullets like I suspect you can. I don't think I'm going to stop worrying anyway unless you become like your girlfriend. Being able to regenerate whenever you get hurt." And she sighs, tugging absently on a framing lock of hair. "I know you only want to do the right thing, I just….I'm just trying to tell you it might not be safe for you. That's all. I'm not your Mom, I can't really tell you what to do."

"I know, Elena. But at this rate, /no where/ is safe for any of us. The Company has my address, or at least Elle did. So I figure the rest of them surely has it. If they want me, they'll come and collect when they're ready." Drake wrinkles up his nose. "How about if I just tone it down a bit, lay off for a few days? I need to tell Claire about it anyways. I kinda.. made a promise to myself I'd be open with her on everything. I don't want her to get upset if she finds out on her own." He lets out a soft, thoughtful breath as he runs a hand back through his hair. "Maybe if I got myself a side kick…" He hints, teasingly.

"Toning it down is good. Toning it down is very good," Elena says, looking relieved. She knows how stubborn both she and Drake can be, so compromise is key. "And yes, you do. And maybe she'll tell you the same thing I am," she says with a hint of a smirk and ruffling his hair. "And openness is a good thing, especially in a relationship. You're pretty mature for a 16 year old dude." She knuckles his shoulder playfully. However at the last, she laughs. "Oh -hell- no. No. I've got enough to do and I'm already drained and tired all the time coming home late. Besides, UNLIKE someone I know, I can't get away just as fast."

"Sure you can. It's why we'd be a team. I could juusssst…." Drake scoops her up as he moves forward, picking her up in a princess cradle, then activates his power as the world starts to slow down, funneling itself into a world of gray. Even the noise of traffic outside begins to slow to a crawl, and for a moment, everything seems frozen, save very, small, movements. "Check it out." He says as he holds his concentration for as long as he can muster, forcing his personal time upon Elena. "Can you see it?" A smile tugs along his lips as he revels in his own gift, that of 'No Time', as he has been fondly calling it.

Elena is still grinning at him…until he moves forward. "Wha—?!" And then the young man cradles her up, her arms throwing around his neck in her surprise. The world slows…..she could see it. And hear it. The sound of traffic outside deepens into a low, slow roar. The wind blowing at her drapes from the draft looks like it's going frame-by-frame. She gapes, looking around, sharing his sight for a moment as time seems to stand still. …or rather, Time actually -does- seem to stand still. Or at least crawl at a snail's pace. Stuff like this never fails to fascinate her. She looks at him, and tosses her head back dramatically. "My hero!" she exclaims, trying her best not to laugh. "….dude, you're so planning on using this entire thing on Claire one day, aren't you?" she teases.

With a laugh, Drake allows his gift to falter, and time once more rushes back. With a wince, he can feel his ears pop for a moment, before giving her a goofy grin. "Maybe? I was thinking 'bout doing a weird Titanic moment with her or something." He says with a joking tone, before allowing her to slide down to her feet once more. "I hope your stomach isn't twisting around. Mine did the first few times it happened when I wasn't really in control. But, hey, no more nose bleeds. That's pretty awesome."

She slides back down on her feet, and slides her hands in the pockets of her pajamas. Elena quirks a brow at him, and looks down on herself. "Nope. I'm fine," she assures him. "I think it might be because you're the one controlling the power. If someone just 'tags a long', I don't think the ability affects them like that. But then again we were just standing around. Or rather, you were carrying me while you were standing around, and we were pretty much stationary. It might change if you were actually moving in the time bubble you have."

"Maybe. I should have jumped off the roof with you then. That woulda been cool." Drake says with a chuckle as he raises a brow upwards. "By the way, rooftop leaping is amazing. Bat Man must have a lot of fun doing that." He says, teasing her a bit. "Kidding. No way I'd really do that." He pushes himself up to his feet, then says, "Anyways, I should take off, and send a few woobie text messages to Claire before I turn in for the night. I guess I'll see you at work tomorrow?"

"Sure thing. And remember…..tone-age," Elena says, gesturing with a hand laid flat on the air, and lowering it. She grins. "And I hope she sends you woobie messages back." She waves as Drake leaves her window, before stepping over and closing it shut. She locks it this time, just in case.

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