2008-04-18: Time To Be, Place To Stay


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Summary: Someone displaced from time who has begun to wear out his welcome at a few places needs a place to stay. And he also sets the foundation to repair something that he may never have in his past.

Date It Happened: April 18th, 2008

Time To Be, Place To Stay

Deveaux Building - Roof

The sun sets over the tops of buildings, still casting a glow to the rooftop of the building that's had quite a history. Past, present and future. Even a history in realities stripped bare and taken apart. There's so much about this rooftop that most people could never quite understand, so it might be fitting that someone fades into being right next to the stair access door. The same access door where he pinned the father of man who now owns the building. Over four years ago to him, but as he glances back at the door, Peter can feel as if it were just a short time ago.

Stepping onto the tidied roof, swept off, looking far more polished than before, he glances around, looking for the occupent. Such a teleportation could be considered an intrusion, but there's no door to knock on anyway. "Hiro?" he asks, voice whispered in tone, raspy, but carrying enough. The scar shows the man on the roof is not the one who belongs in this time, and the strain around his eyes has only grown since their brief encounter.

Hiro had been sleeping in one of the chairs set before a table to look out over the cityscape, but the voice saying his name - a familiar voice, to boot - cause him to wake up and look around curiously. He opens his mouth to say something, but unfortunately it comes out in Japanese, "<What? Who?>"

It's fine that it comes out in Japanese, though. "<Hiro… It's Peter,>" the man responds in the a similar tone and volume, but managing a perfect Japanese accent to go along with the words. There's not a lot that this Peter isn't capable of, and language is no longer the crutch it once was. "<Sorry, I didn't realize you were sleeping.>" While the accent is perfect, he's adopted a more stand-offish style of speaking, rather than an overly polite one, which may make his apology come off as less meaningful.

"<Maybe,>" Hiro says, turning around in the seat - his tone cooling immediately to the man who constantly threatens the fabric of space and time, "<But not the Peter who belongs here. What is wrong?>"

"<That depends on your point of view,>" Peter states thickly, moving a little closer before he settles into a place on the rooftop. "<I think this is exactly when I need to be here, four years ago I wasn't capable of helping myself, much less anyone else.>" There's a cold bite of spite in his voice, for himself. Glancing away, eyes settle onto the statues on the rooftop. "<I need a place to stay for a while— until it's finished and I can leave.>"

"<Peter Petrelli,>" Hiro begins, soon realizing he's actually speaking to the same man, "<Our Peter Petrelli is trying his best … you shouldn't talk about him like that.>" Unfortunately, Hiro cannot quite grasp the reality that this Peter is the same Peter and not some weird alternate dimension doppleganger.

"Your Peter Petrelli allowed them to hold him in the same place as ruthless psychopathic murderers— for months. Even after he knew all of the struggles everyone was going through on the outside," the other Peter snaps angerly, slipping back into English without even realizing it. His hard eyes go back to the younger man. Who had once been about the same age. "I know what I did. And I know the price of my inaction. You don't."

"<If you're coming here looking for somewhere to stay,>" Hiro says, crossing his arms and becoming a little petulent - the younger Hiro is/was, after all, rather childish at times, "<You're not going about it the right way.>"

For someone who had once been fairly good with understanding people, this Peter seems far more frustrated at just the simple words. In Japanese. Turning away again, he looks in the direction of the sunset, breathing for a few moments as his jaw remains tight. Likely he's trying to calm himself down, get rid of some of the tension. It doesn't work. "Do you want me to say 'please'?" he finally says, his own stubborn tone remaining in his voice.

"<Hmph,>" Hiro says, arms still crossed and a grumpy look on his face, "<Why here? Why not with Niki? You were staying there before, weren't you?>"

It had certainly seemed to be the case, hadn't it? There's a new kind of tension in Peter's face when the woman is brought up and some of the stubborness fades from the set of his shoulders. "That's not an option right now." The anger has shifted to something else, but he's also going so distant he's difficult to read, like all kinds of walls are going up. "I'm asking you…" He trails off, shaking his head. "I don't know why I'm asking you."

"<Why isn't it an option?>" Hiro insists, perhaps unwilling to offer board without being kept in the dark, "<You can stay here, but I don't want you keeping secrets. Secrets will put everyone here in danger … they are all very important. I won't risk them.>"

"<Because I wore our my welcome,>" Peter responds simply, finally slipping back into Japanese. Maybe because it helps him mask how he feels, though even that doesn't disguise the new kind of tension that settled, and remains. "<You know I can't tell you everything, Hiro. But you're right— the people that are here are very important. I'm trying to make sure that they all have a future to look forward to.>"

Hiro makes a mental note to find Las Vegas Niki and ask because, well, he's curious. Why are you not being naked with Scarface Peter anymore? Thats a perfectly reasonable question, isn't it? Back to the conversation:

"<You can stay here, but be careful … there are some people staying here who do not know about these things yet and they might not understand.>"

"<I just need a place to teleport back to,>" Peter admits the reasoning behind the 'place to stay.' "<I don't sleep, and no one will see me in the halls unless I wish to be seen… Or if Knight walks by, I guess.>" But he can usually avoid her, because when there's a blank spot in his perception, it usually means that she's in the center of it.

"<Don't sleep … >" Hiro looks a little confused at that - Scarface Peter has many interesting new features, "<There is an apartment on the floor below this one. It is small but it is furnished.>"

"<I'll make sure no trouble comes here, this place is… it's important,>" Peter says, glancing away to the door where he pinned the man's father again. Important, but that doesn't mean good things have happened here all the time. He worked on this rooftop, he trained here, he died here, he murdered someone here. It represents a lot to him, and he has no idea how much it represents to Hiro. Or maybe he does. "<I spoke to Kory recently. I'm handing over much of what I need done to her, she'll probably be seeking your help in it.>"

"<Me?>" Hiro is again bewildered by something that Peter has said but he accepts it soon enough, nodding his head, "<Alright.>"

"<You've changed the future before, and you can do it again,>" Peter says, tearing his eyes away from the door and back at the younger man. The sincerity has finally shown itself, making his voice sound closer to the Peter of before— before things got bad, at least.

Hiro isn't quite as annoyed with Scarface now that he's sounding a little more like that man he is supposed to be. He nods once more, simply adding, "<Alright.>"

"<What's the room number downstairs? Is it directly below?>" Peter asks, a curious tone to his voice as he might actually be considering just… going down through the floor. It's very likely he could.

"<19B,>" comes the answer from Hiro, almost offering to do the teleportation thing before he realizes the man across from him is probably better at it than he is."

A nod follows the room announcement, but Peter with the scar across his face doesn't vanish just yet. Instead he looks back up and hesitates before speaking, "<When I— when the current me— when he gets out, he'll avoid you for a long time. It might be better for the both of you, if you don't let it go on too long.>"

"<Where is he?>" Hiro asks all of a sudden, brow furrowing as he reaches up to fix his glasses - clearly he's got a rescue plan in mind. It isn't hard to read Hiro, even without telepathy.

"<He doesn't want to be rescued,>" Peter responds softly, looking over the young man for a moment. There's that pause again. "<The Company is holding him in their new Level Five. I won't tell you where it's located, but you might be able to speak to my mother, expediate my release. If anyone could convince him to leave, it would be you.>" And he would know, since they happen to be the same person.

"< … she may not want to talk to me,>" Hiro admits, looking uncomfortable for the first time, "<I lost the formula she wanted me to find.>"

"<Then I'm not sure what you can do to help me,>" Peter says, though a touch of understanding is in his voice. There's a reason he would be avoiding the other man once he finally gets out of the holding cell. "<You could try to talk to someone else within the Company. Mr. Bennet, or someone else. See if they'll talk to my mother on your behalf.>"

"<Agent Church,>" Hiro says suddenly, remember the man who came and visited him at his apartment, "<He said he would need my help … >" An idea forms.

"<Lawrence Church would be a good one, yes,>" Peter says with a nod, agreeing with him on that one. And apparently knowing the man quite well. "<If you can talk to him, then you should. I do understand being afraid of my mother…>" His mom is scary. And Lawrence is definitely on the nicer side, and more likely to side with them in this case.

"<I'm not afraid,>" Hiro argues, shaking his head, "<I failed the mission … I won't return to her until I've got that formula back.>"

"<Or destroy it before they can do what they're going to with it,>" Peter says in agreement, nodding his head. That should be enough to make him able to talk to his mother again. "<Thank you, Hiro. For the place to stay. And for planning to help… me.>" The other him. There's a distinct change in his Japanese too, far more polite than before. His eyes slide shut, indicating he may be about to teleport away.

Hiro says nothing further, watching Peter and waiting for him to finish his disappearing act. However, a thought suddenly strikes him and he figures that if anyone knows, Scarface might, "Does Pinehearst have the other half of the formula?" He's already convinced himself that they do, but he just wants the confirmation.

That's a question that makes him open his eyes, aborting the teleport. There's a moment of hesitation, as if considering how to answer, then Peter says, "At this point I think they have all they need to make everything wrong." It's a little on the vague side, but there it is.

"I have to get it back," Hiro says flatly, now speaking slightly-fractured English.

"You have to get it back— and destroy what they've already started with it," Peter says in agreement, meeting the man's eyes quietly, before he closes his own again.

Hiro doesn't interrupt him this time - he has his mission.

With no further delays, Peter disappears from the rooftop, using the same ability he acquired quite some time ago from this same man… from the future. In the middle of a stopped subway.

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