2007-12-18: Time to Move


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Summary: Peter finally has Gabriel's new home ready, and he moves the man to. They discuss the Company, and then Peter says he'll take Gabriel… Christmas shopping?

Date It Happened: December 18th, 207

Time to Move


The (ex-)killer once known as Sylar, now having abandoned that name in favor of Gabriel once again, sits at the table up against the wall, his book open and turned text-side down, about halfway through it. He grabs a nearby bottle of water, reaching over with his other hand to grab the bottle of Haitian pills Peter managed to acquire for him. Popping the top off, he spills a few into his hand, throwing back in as many as needed so he only has two in his palm. Tossing them in his mouth, he takes a sip of water, downing them quickly and picking his book back up, adjusting his glasses as he continues to read under the glare of an adjustable lamp on the table.

In the hours that the other man slept, Peter spent a majority of his time making attempts at setting up a camera and television in the warehouse that Eric got him. It already had locks, so he didn't worry too much about that part. The bed and other stuff was easy to set up. The television and camera should have been simple, right? The instruction manuals are supposed to be easy to follow… So one would think. Didn't appear to be the case here. Finally, he broke down and hired someone. Paid in cash. Much as he has the last couple of times, he teleports right into room. Suddenly standing in the corner, his eyes open. "Are you ready to get moved?" He still looks rather run down, tired— but in an emotional/stressed way instead of actual physical fatigue.

At the sound of Peter's voice, Gabriel looks up from his book, pivoting on his stool so that he can face the other man. "… Peter, you look like hell," he comments, closing his book and standing from the stool. Gabriel wonders briefly if looking after him has something to do with how Peter looks, but he pushes the thought from his mind. There's more important things to tend to. Such as moving. "Where are you moving me to?"

"I'm fine," Peter insists, though he doesn't look fine, really. "I just haven't slept much lately," he explains, shrugging his shoulders. There's a lot going on, a lot he needs to take care of, and he's often afraid to leave place and this man alone. "It's a warehouse. Hopefully safe," he adds, though there's a frown that forms as he looks toward the door. "I'm worried about keeping you here much longer. Someone from the Company who might be watching this place got mentioned to me recently— and the last thing I want is them to know you're here and come in after you." Both to protect the man here, and the people as well.

"A warehouse," Gabriel responds to the fact he'll be staying in a warehouse. He wonders to himself how Peter will be keeping tabs on him once he's there, but he's sure he'll find out once they actually arrive. "Well," he says, turning to the table and grabbing both the book and Haitian pills, "I'm.. ready. This is all I need to take with me."

"It has office rooms, big enough for a couple beds," Peter explains, looking quiet for a long moment again. "And a television, too," he adds, though that had not been the intention. The man who showed up ended up setting that up too. "I'll be staying with you as much as I can— we're going to try to find ways to help you." It's what he's always said, but now he has a location he can actually take steps to do that, a place a little more private and less populated. Just the book and the pills? He nods and steps over, clearing the small distance so he can put a hand on the man's arm—

And they vanish. The world shifting back into place with them standing in a warehouse. A few degrees colder than Bat Country labs, it's still warmer than the outside, or the warehouse where they fought. There's two beds, just as he said there would be, a table and two chairs, and a television. The doors look moderately secure, locking.

Nodding in reply, Gabriel falls silent until Peter steps over and takes his arm. They vanish, and once they re-appear in the warehouse, Gabriel stumbles forward a bit, catching himself on the table. He takes a moment to look around, setting his book and pills on the table. The TV is ignored, but he immediately makes his way towards the locks, checking them. Whether he's checking them to see if they'll keep him in, or if he can break out, is anyone's guess. "It will just be me here?"

"Sometimes," Peter admits quietly, knowing that there's no way, even with teleportation and stopping time, that he can stay at his side all the time. "Nathan said he'd help— promised he wouldn't beat up on you anymore, and I have a few other people I can ask. Including Cass, if she wants to." Though he's not sure how much his boss would agree to that sort of thing at all, considering… He looks a little doubtful. "In a day or two, we should go out— pick you up some clothes that fit you better." There's a hint of a smile tugging on the corner of his mouth. "Did you realize it's almost Christmas?"

"Nathan deserved to do what he did to me," Gabriel admits to Peter, eyes falling towards the floor. He shuffles over to one of the beds, sitting down on the edge. "As for Cass… I saved her the other day, but… she still seemed to look at me like I was still a monster. I can't blame her. I can't blame any of them." He lapses into silence for a moment, eyes still on the floor, but at the mention of Christmas, he looks up at Peter. "I haven't thought about things like that… holidays.. celebrations.. for a very long time."

"I'm not keeping you here so people can beat up on you, Sylar," Peter says rather thickly, not willing to argue whether his brother deserved to do it, or if this other man who might be his brother deserved to have it happen to him. He can't argue it because he understands it. But at the same time… "What do you mean you saved her the other day?" he has to ask, mostly because it never came up before. Him and his boss haven't exactly taken the time to sit down and chat.

That may not be the reason Peter is keeping him here, but there's people out there in the world who deserve the chance to inflict pain on Gabriel, much like the pain he inflicted on them. There's most likely no way in the entire world that they can ever repay that pain— with the exception of killing him, perhaps. Even then, can they ever begin to forgive him? As for Cass..

"Some… men came to where we were, and they attacked her. They wanted files. The leader told someone else to break her fingers… I unlocked my door and went to help her. It didn't take much for them to leave— they shot some darts at me, but I stopped them, froze them, and shattered them onto the floor. After that, they left quickly.:

"This was before I came back with the bottle of pills?" Peter asks in quiet tones, the stress lines around his eyes more noticable than before. He thought he was protecting Sylar by moving him out, protecting Cass too— but there's people showing up in Bat Country wanting files and threatening to break fingers to get them? This is the third such incident that he's found out from other someone else. There's a moment where he scrubs his hands over his face, before he looks back at him. "You did the right thing— protecting her. Thank you." Sounds, and looks, as if he means it, too.

"Yes. I was able to use my abilities to ward them off. As soon as they were gone and I knew she was okay, I went back into my room. Well— she didn't exactly tell me she was okay, but she seemed fine." As for the thank you, Gabriel just shrugs it off, unsure of what to say. "I thought that maybe if I helped her, it would.. change the way she looked at me. I don't know if it did. If anything, it's a start." After that, the man falls into silence.

There's a long pause as Peter takes in what the other man has said, eyes still following him. The silence gets held for a few moments before he breaks it. "I technically work for her— at the clinic you were being held. I haven't been able to do my job for a while." Because of various reasons, including this man here. "Maybe I can talk to her about getting a work schedule, and you can stay in your room at Bat Country while I'm there." By the sound of things, it's a tentative idea at best. "But we should take you shopping. You deserve to have a couple changes of clothes."

"I'll go wherever you think I should," Gabriel responds, eyes moving back up to Peter. "If I'm out there… these pills will only last so long. It's probably best that I just stay locked up as long as I can— or, if nothing else, dead." The fact that he's talking about his own death doesn't seem to bother the man too much, but then he's tried to kill himself once before, and even asked Peter to do it for him. "Are you really… going to take me shopping?"

"Sylar— if I wanted to keep you locked up forever I'd just hand you over to the Company," Peter says, head shaking. Though he knows that wouldn't be the best option, either. They studied him, kept him alive for a reason. Who's to say they wouldn't just keep using him for their own means? And killing, while something he'll take responsibility for if he has to, isn't something he's willing to do just yet. "You saved Cass. You could have escaped and you didn't… That says something." Doesn't it? "Yeah. Might do you some good to get out and see people sometimes too. I'll be with you. I can stop you or get you out of there— whatever needs to be done." Invisibility, teleportation… and many other things if he needs to.

"That might be the best place for me," Gabriel mutters. "At least they have ways that could keep me from killing… I would have never escaped last time if I didn't have help. But… if they did this to me…" Flashes of Elle in his mind, Gabriel pushes them out for now. Another time, another place. "I'll go shopping. But if something happens, if I start to— you have to get me out of there. I can't guarantee the hunger won't win."

"It's your choice, Sylar," Peter says in the same whispered tone, still watching him. "If you want to be kept by them, I'll hand you over. But I think I can help you— and who's to say there won't be someone else in the Company who would break you out again… I don't know why someone broke you out last time, but…" It could happen again. There's no promises that they'd keep him locked up like he may want. "Of course I'll get you out of there. You'll still be on the pills. The longer you're on them, the longer it'll take for the effects to wear off. It took about five days for me to get my abilities back in full after I went off them."

Weighing the options between here and the Company, Gabriel falls silent for a few moments, before finally speaking. "I'll stay here for now," he says, standing from the bed and looking at Peter. "I'll…go shopping, too." The thought is strange and surreal to Gabriel, going shopping with Peter. With everything he's been through and done the past year… going shopping in general is a strange thought. "With you there, it will be safer for those around me."

"Safer for you, too," Peter says quietly. "I imagine you did most of your walking around town invisible the last few months, but the police might still be looking for you…" And the Company most of all. Teleportation is the quickest way in and out, best way to keep them from being followed. Hopefully they won't get desperate enough to ask Molly to find out where they are, but if that happens… "It'll be fine. I won't let you do anything— and I won't let anything happen to you." Protecting someone who killed him a few times… "There's a shower. Apparently this was more than an office for a while. It's not the best shower, but at least you can get cleaned up," he motions toward the bathroom of the office, where a toilet is visible. The shower must be in there.

Gabriel nods in reply, turning to look towards the bathroom. "It's a step up from a prison cell at the Company, at least," Gabriel says, turning back to the other man. "Thank you, again, for.. trying," he says, crossing his arms over at his chest. He doesn't really know how to do this. Or what one even attempts to do or say in a situation like this. His entire life has been turned upside down, but he will admit that it feels… better to be free from killing. Even if he won't admit it outloud yet.

"You're welcome." It's still odd for Peter to talk softly around this man, to speak on even terms— to no longer feel quite so afraid. The fear's still there, but for a different reason entirely. Fear of what will happen if this doesn't work, if his trying is all in vain. "The television works. Gets a couple of the local channels. A little grainy— but it works if you want something besides the book." For him, too, since he moves over and lays back on the bed. Looks as if he's planning to stay for the moment. He'll have to go back and inform Cass that he's been moved so she doesn't think the man just escaped, but a moment's rest won't hurt anything. The fact he hasn't escaped yet seems to give him some reason to relax.

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