2007-12-11: Trouble at Times Square


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Summary: Trying to go home, has its complications.

Date It Happened: December 11th, 2007

Trouble at Times Square

Times Square

It's getting late but Times Square is still going on, of course, it isn't as nearly crowded as it was an hour ago, but you had better believe there was still life in this part of town. There are people running around, an odd amount; but what is really 'odd' anymore? Cabs are plenty, as our people in cars of their own… and, as one might suspect, pedestrian traffic is abound under the glow of illuminated broadcasting.

Tyson is walking together with Ophelia through Times Square, aware of the time, but going on anyway; determination in his eyes, but not for lack of stamina. Turning his head a little towards Ophelia, he simply takes her in out of the side of his eye before facing forward again. They had done a lot of talking, did he want to risk saying anything wrong?

Following after Tyson, Ophelia seems a little quiet. Indeed, a lot had been said. There had been a lot going on in the past few weeks in general, not to mention the past few days. Following after Tyson, she lets him lead the way as she lets her gaze shift slowly around Times Square.

With her violin case strapped across her shoulders, a new and easy way of carrying the case that she only just discovered, KeLyssa walks through Time Square on her way to a subway station. She'd been spending some time in a coffee shop and had lost track of the time. Before she knew it, it was getting late and the coffee shop was closing. She looks about every now and again, eyes flitting from left to right to make sure she doesn't hit anybody and get a bearing on her location.

Around this time, those people that were walking around are starting to find each other in the middle, numbers increasing. Larger numbers are posted on the sidewalks, allowing polite society to go by and through them, along with members constantly walking across the streets. Of course, through the crowd, its hard to notice anything specific about them.

GAME: Tyson has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GOOD.
Walking through such a crowd, Tyson notices the guys running. Why were they running? At this time? He looked around, and it wasn't just happening on their side of the street, but on the other as well, through the streets. "Phi… are you seeing these guys running around? What do you think they're on about?"

GAME: Ophelia has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
"What guys?" Ophelia blinks, looking up. She hadn't really noticed much of anyone running. Nor does she really seem to understand at all what Tyson's talking about, or really care. "Don't worry about it, Ty. Let's keep going."

GAME: KeLyssa has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
KeLyssa doesn't seem to notice the people running either. That or she just hadn't paid much attention nor cared. What she was most concerned about was getting home safe and sound. She hasn't noticed Tyson at all either. But then…with all the people still around, it's not surprising.

GAME: Tyson has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GOOD.
Tyson knows he isn't crazy; paranoid, but not crazy. So when Ophelia says she doesn't see the people running past them and around, Tyson keeps it up. He thought he had seen somebody watching them at Kirby Plaza, but nothing came of that… maybe the people he had seen running weren't even doing anything wrong. Playing crowd tag… "Okay…" This statement however lacked attentiveness as he was actively looking around, only succeeding in noticing KeLyssa when he turned around briefly to see if any more people were running past them, they weren't. "Hey, KeLyssa!" He calls out towards her, halting himself in the crowd despite the flow's wanting.

Ophelia isn't really sure how or why Tyson's all concerned at this point about some guys running. It was late, sure, but joggers weren't uncommon. The girl was wearying, however, and as Tyson stops, calling out for someone else, Phi keeps moving with the crowd for a moment before she realizes Tyson's not continuing onward, which causes her to stop for a moment and let the crowd move around her.

GAME: KeLyssa has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
KeLyssa thinks she hears her name called above the general noise of Time Square and she looks to see where it comes from. She just barely notices Tyson and she offers him a little smile, walking over in his direction. "Good evenin', Tyson. How're ya doin' this fine night?" The southern twang in her voice present like always. She brushes some hair out of her as it falls out of place.

At this point, all forms of traffic are halted, why? Because some guys in black vests with Aces on their backs are in the way, and there are a lot of them, upwards of a hundred. "Excuse me, People of Times Square. May we have your attention?" Comes a booming voice over a megaphone, attracting attention as was the attempt. "We want your money!" Better believe it, and Ophelia is near the human barricade.

Catching up with KeLyssa, Tyson smiles with the recognition, glad it wasn't someone he knew and not otherwise, "I'm doing all right, Kel, if I can call you that? And this-…" He turns noticing his walking partner was no longer there. "Oh… well… My friend Ophelia was here just a moment ago. Yet at hearing the booming voice, he paused again; having known what was going on before it happened. No, not through any psychic sense, but by simply paying attention… and now they were in the thick of it.

Aw, shit. Ophelia halts near the human barricade, blinking for a moment. Fighting off the urge to do something incredibly impulsive and stupid, she stares at the Aces, eyes narrowed. Well, it's not like she ever really has much cash on her in the first place.. she's more hoping that none of the Aces she "bothered" the other day are around. After all, they were outnumbered here by.. just a bit. Unfortunately, Tyson's no longer right next to her, and if she were to.. well, just move at this point, it might look a little awkward. So she just stays where she is.

KeLyssa smiles a little and nods. "I suppose it's all right if you go about callin' me Kel. It don't do no harm." She says with a little shrug. As Tyson goes to start to introduce someone, Ophelia, she looks about for this person as she hears the curious voice on the loud speaker.

There is some hesitation from the people as the vested men make their way through them. This is met with, "This is not a joke! Open your purses and wallets and fork over the cash or we get violent!" Searching around, however, noone would be able to tell where the voice was coming from, though someone might find it recognizeable, calling it out the shots like they had been the first time they met. That same person, however, would find themselves suddenly apprehended by one the vested men, "You heard the voice, give us the dough or feel the pain!" He clenches a fist and readies to beat down the girl, people all ready starting to scream out, first in refusal, and then in pain.

GAME: Tyson has rolled PERCEPTION+SHARP SENSE and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Tyson has rolled IN THE GAP and got a result of GOOD + GOOD = GREAT
"Well, Kel… this is unfortunate…" Tyson says simply, turning around to get a good view of what was happening. Being a specialty, of his, he scan past the crowd, sees the Aces, Ophelia, but still lacks the ability to locate the source of the voice. Looking back towards, KeLyssa, he suggest, "Hey, you don't need to be here for this, get going, and call 911. I'm going to go get my friend, don't be worried if you don't see me afterward, I'll be fine." But Tyson does not wait for a response and is all ready off to get Ophelia out, hopefully without either of them having to fight. "C'mon, Phi… just run…" He mutters, pushing upstream through the crowds as they tried to flee.

Ophelia doesn't like the sound of that voice shouting, but she doesn't like being manhandled at all. Anyone touching her without permission? Phi looks like she could practically murder someone for that. She tries to shove back so that the vested man doesn't quite have a grip at her. "Geeze, I don't /have/ any money, so get your hands off me."

GAME: KeLyssa has rolled ICE CREATION and got a result of GOOD.
KeLyssa looks about fearfully. She stays standing, rooting to the spot. Did the voice just say 'violent'? As in causing harm and pain? She shakes her head. "N…n…n…no. I…oh dear." Even the thought of anything that would hurt causes her to freeze to the spot. Figuratively AND literally, as ice starts to form on the ground around her feet, freezing her shoes to the ground. The only way she's getting out of this is if she can get her shoes off, but she's too afraid to do that now.

Being shoved back wasn't in the Ace's agenda and when it happens, he finds himself angered by it. "Oh… so you want to play?" He says, closing in the proximity with a fist aimed at the girl's face as other Aces continued on, reaping money in some cases, and tears in most.

Tyson continues to move, finally reaching a couple gang members and doing what he needs to do to help. No, Tyson does not want to fight, but he does as such to protect those in need. Such as the mother being hassled and the son trying to pull the man off, then then a guy, Tyson thought should have been able to take care of himself.

This was bad, with no way to really do anything about the situation. He couldn't even see Ophelia any more, not the case with KeLyssa, who as he was turned around to survey the damage, noticed someone… well, Tyson really had no idea what he was seeing, "Is she…? Freezing up?" And it seemed to be taking over her body. "What is this fresh hell, going on now?" Despite that outloud thought, though, he had a feeling he knew.

GAME: Ophelia has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Ophelia has rolled DEXTERITY+BRAWL and got a result of AVERAGE.
But Phi doesn't want to play. She doesn't play games like this. "Oh, you really don't want to do that." She's quick on her feet, and as he lunges forward with the fist, she reaches for his arm, trying to bend it around behind his back. "I /told/ you I didn't have any money."

GAME: KeLyssa has rolled WILLPOWER and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
The ice start to slowly inch itself up, over her shoes, and up KeLyssa more and more. She tries and tries to stop it, but despite all her work, she can't stop it and she can't move. She's literally frozen to the spot. It started as fear and now turned into ice. Her emotions and fears have taken control for now.

"That's right. Give it up, Folks!" The voice commands again.

Fortunately for the Ace, Ophelia was fighting, he had friends and as they noticed his predicament, they moved to help. The good thing about being in a gang, means they have a lot of support. So, after trying to force the girl to relequish his comrades arm, he grabs her tightly the ribs with both arms from behind, trying to crush her.

GAME: Tyson has rolled PERCEPTION+SHARP SENSE and got a result of SUPERB.
GAME: Tyson has rolled IN THE GAP and got a result of AVERAGE + SUPERB = SUPERB.
Everything felt like it was weighing down on Tyson, with 'everything' being everything in the area of Times Square, and he could see it. So, maybe none of it was his fault, but he couldn't help but think that he should do something: about the Aces, about the Ophelia getting ganged up on, about the girl getting frozen before his eyes… What could he do? Could he do anything? What about-… A thought came to him and it was worth a try.

GAME: Ophelia has rolled DEXTERITY+PENALTY and got a result of POOR.
GAME: Ophelia has rolled STAMINA+TOUGH COOKIE and got a result of GREAT.
GAME: Ophelia has rolled WILLPOWER and got a result of GREAT.
Not cool. Sure, there were plenty of them and only one of her, but Phi was just trying to get them to stop harassing her. Sure, she got the other guy's arm good, but she's grabbed from behind. Despite her flailing, she's caught good. "Get your hands off of me, you bastard." She spits at him. While she's caught and he tries to crush her, the girl doesn't really seem too concerned about it. She can take it, and while she might look scrawny, she's not so breakable. Thankfully, though, her focus is still there and she's not /quite/ pissed off enough to /really/ take it out on thee guys.

GAME: KeLyssa has rolled WILLPOWER and got a result of AVERAGE.
Still concentrating hard to stop the ice from inching it's way up, she finally gets it slow down almost to a stop around her waist area. She seems almost relieved about that…until she remembers her surroundings and why she got afraid in the first place. People wanting money. Possibility of getting hurt…she starts to breath shallowly again in fear.

"We've got a live one, Aces." Calls the orchestrating voice, "How about we share the love?"

Still trying to crush the girl, the Ace gives her a couple more pumps before tossing her off to the side to a group of awaiting Aces all waiting to give the girl what for. They, of course, would wait for her to get her bearing, they're gentlemen…

GAME: Tyson has rolled HOLD UP! and got a result of AVERAGE.
Tyson, however, was dealing with another issue, and as he focused on the girl being frozen, he found that if he reached out with his mind, just like last time… he could hold it, long enough to help her… he hoped… "Kel…" He begins, taking strained steps towards her. "It's all right… you're going to be fine…" What the girl would experience, with being 'held' as such is that she can't move, but she can think or speak as usual… that ice, however, would be halted as well, for the time being… Really, though, Tyson had no clue she was causing it, it could have been someone else… it could have been… "… Ophelia…"

While squeezed and thrown to the ground, Ophelia seems no worse for wear. Of course, she stays on the ground longer than she needs to, simply to get the Aces under the impression that they were winning. Eerily, she's pretty calm throughout all of this. Rolling to her feet, the nearest Ace will soon be in for quite a shock as she moves and proceeds to plant her knee where it will, most likely, send him sprawling on the ground clutching his neither regions.

Although the ice has stopped, KeLyssa is still trying to get out. Slowly she attempts to get the ice off. It seems to be working, but not as quickly as she'd like. She eventually gets the ice off of her and looks around. "What's going on?" She asks in a fearful voice. She takes one, fearful step back, though otherwise she's rather not too keen to move. Well…her mind is screaming to her to run like mad, but her fear is keeping here motionless. "Why do they want to hurt us?" She seems on the verge of tears.

"Get the girl, boys!" The voice called again, as a steady flow began to deviate from collective chaos, and instead began to converge upon Ophelia. She might even recall Breaker in the crowd as well, he however, can't really see her and is thinking about how Edge was safe up in building shouting at them to do stuff. Oof and one goes down due to a kick to the nuts.

GAME: Tyson has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GREAT.
"I think…" Tyson says, finally next to KeLyssa and helping her out of the ice. "Someone around here is messing with us. Might be the same guy calling the shots, but I don't know. Are you-" But she wasn't the girl he had to worry about. Tyson hears the megaphoned voice and knows who he must be talking about, he had seen what Ophelia was up to before he went after KeLyssa, the amazing freezing girl. Now… he just had to get to her. "I've got to help her!" He takes off again, hoping he doesn't need to go back and help KeLyssa, once again. Even from where he was, however, he knew what he had to do wasn't going to be easy; not at all.

GAME: Ophelia has rolled DEXTERITY+PENALTY and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Ophelia has rolled WILLPOWER and got a result of AVERAGE.
GAME: Ophelia has rolled HEART OF COLD and got a result of GOOD.
Okay. Ophelia wasn't really worried, but the ominous and familiar-sounding voice was now ordering the nearly one-hundred Gold Aces to get /her/. Keeping her cool, though a little more shaken than before, the girl moves nimbly, despite the numbers, managing to keep back away from the grasps of any of them, but how long that lasts is really a good question. While she's not so shaken as to just snap and use powers, she's beginning to think she's going to be in serious trouble if she /doesn't/ take drastic measures. So.. she does. Out of the cold air, it suddenly seems that it's hailing. And.. those are pretty strong chunks of hail all right. You get hit in the wrong place with those…

GAME: KeLyssa has rolled WILLPOWER+DEXTERITY and got a result of GOOD.
KeLyssa can merely nod at Tyson as he rushes off to help Ophelia. She takes a few more steps back when…it starts to hail, big pieces too, that hurt a lot. She can't stand it. Why is this all happening? She should've stayed back in Louisiana after all. It takes some effort on her bodies part, but she gets herself moving and avoiding those big chunks of hail as best she can.

The Aces close in, ready to put down the girl, easily- Only… then hail starts falling from the sky. Big chunks, little chunks, chunks as big as your head? They're coming down around Ophelia and it hurts. Sure, a lot of the Aces aren't put off by a little weather, but some are and they take off.

GAME: Tyson has rolled HOLD UP! and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Tyson has rolled DEXTERITY+ATHLETICS and got a result of GREAT.
Hailing or not, Tyson is going to get Ophelia out of the they found themselves in. If he could… what? Use that power again? He barely knew what he was doing? How was he going to save the girl like that? Staring at the scene taking place, Tyson knew he had to try; and by focusing his mind, Tyson does it, he holds a portion of the attacking Aces in place while he bounds over them to where Ophelia was. "Phi! I'm here!"

GAME: Ophelia has rolled HEART OF COLD and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Ophelia has rolled DEXTERITY+ATHLETICS and got a result of GOOD.
Things weren't looking so good. In fact, she was ridiculously outnumbered. Still, Ophelia's still on her feet, ready, in spite of the hail. And the hail was deterring some of the Aces, which was good. Suddenly, there's an odd section of the Aces that aren't quite able to get to her. Then there's Ty, out of nowhere, right there. She moves to grab his hand and make a run for it. "/Go/!"

GAME: KeLyssa has rolled WILLPOWER and got a result of AVERAGE.
In the process of dodging hail, KeLyssa discovers the perfect moment to escape, to run away while she can now, while she has the will to. She hesitates, though…what about Tyson and that girl he had gone to help? Should she make sure that they are alright?

GAME: Tyson has rolled BRAWL+STRENGTH+FIGHTING FINESSE and got a result of GREAT.
GAME: Tyson has rolled WARPTASTIC and got a result of POOR.
"What the hell, Aces! Don't let that boy-…" The voice sighs, very annoyed, "And that girl… get her, get her, get her!"

Taking Ophelia's hand, Tyson get up and starts knocking an exit for himself and partner through the guys that were still quite immobile, though they had no reason for it. "Excuse us! Not really, GET OUT OF OUR WAY!" He shouts, making sure not to let go of Ophelia's hand as they make they're escape; trying to make sure, nobody went after them.

GAME: Ophelia has rolled HEART OF COLD and got a result of AVERAGE.
GAME: Ophelia has rolled FOGHORN and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
Clinging tightly to Tyson's hand, Ophelia tries her best to move and keep up, as well as to focus on making a nice distraction or obstacle to really cause problems. While the hail continued, not as hard as before, Phi tried to focus with a new tactic, but unfortunately that failed, just causing barely more than a haze in the air.
KeLyssa decides it best just to find her way back home as quickly as possible. This has all been a bit much for her.

GAME: Tyson has rolled WARPTASTIC and got a result of GOOD.
Tyson ran with Ophelia in tow, seeing a clear path through the Aces and a way to make it stay that way. First, he held the space, something he was getting the hang of, and then… twisting it so none could get through, which seemed to work when he saw that even when people found themselves able to move, they couldn't follow. They were clear, running back down Times Square and away to safety, following KeLyssa's example with gusto, "See, Phi? I've got you. I won't leave you alone."

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