2009-12-19: Tiny Rebels



Date: December 19, 2009


Micah enlists Molly to find Monica and the pair make plans…

"Tiny Rebels"

German Orphanage

Charlotte's Christmas plans have put Micah into the full swing of the season, even if it's a little late to find such spirit. A notebook sits in his lap with plans for a gingerbread city that he intends to make, loaded with houses, a school, and loads of candy — the city likely won't be made. In fact, by the time he buys the candy he (and maybe Cam) will probably lose all motivation and just want to eat the candy, but it's fun to dream anyways. Off to the side he has a map with a particular area in Alaska circled. He sighs, however, as he pushes the drawing away.

Not to mention the fact of who will bake and buy that all. However, if he gets the candy, Molly will be glad to eat it with him. The dream is a nice one. Molly has settled into the routine and swing of living in Germany with Micah and Charlotte and the rest of those in hiding. She's almost back to having the same sort of attitude she did while she was in India with Grandma Suresh. Now, she's on the look for her good friend, Micah and finds him with the maps and gingerbread drawings, curiously getting closer to see what they both may mean. "Hey Micah!" she greets

Molly's voice draws a smile to Micah's lips. "Hi Molly," his cheeks flush slightly as he picks up his gingerbread city plans and hands them to Molly, "I'm going to build this. In gingerbread." Unlikely, but it is a good thought. "Charlotte said we can have a real Christmas so I'm makin' plans." He grins at her as he points to the location on the map, "Charlotte had me find this cabin that we can go to in Alaska on Christmas and we can like cut down a tree and decorate it with lights and ornaments and stuff. And we can make gingerbread, and I can play piano maybe, and we can go sledding, and Matt can come, and Mohinder too maybe. Doesn't that sound great? Doesn't it?!" Yes, he's excited and now he's talking ridiculously fast. After months of stress having a non-rebelling project to work on is perfect.

"A real Christmas." Molly hasn't had one of those in awhile. She's always been in hiding or worried about someone or the other trying to get her. The idea is something that Molly can't even quite comprehend. It's been so many years. "Alaska?" It seems so far away. But, the idea that she can be there, with her new family and with Micah and Charlotte, it seems too good to be true. The way that Micah is speaking so quickly makes Molly laugh softly and she looks at the plans with a happy sort of curiosity. "That sounds great, Micah! I can't wait." She pauses. "I didn't know you could play piano."

"Yes! Exactly! A real Christmas!" Micah beams at his friend. "And as far as the piano goes… I don't play enough. And it's been awhile. I'm pretty rusty. Mostly played when we visited my grandma." Shrug. This is exactly the kind of distraction he needs to keep him out of trouble for awhile. "And we're inviting lots of people. Charlotte said we could invite my aunt, Peter, Lee, Cam, of course… the Frauline. Anyone here really…" the smile fades a bit though "…I just wish…" he frowns slightly before his eyes light up again, "Molly, could you find someone for me?"

"I'm sure your playing will be just as good." And Molly isn't just saying that because she's talking to Micah. She doesn't really know much about the piano, so it'll sound just as good to her as it could have before. "I like this idea. I really can't wait. This will be great." With a tilt of her head, she nods at Micah. "Of course, Micah. Who do you want me to find?" She'll need a picture of her, if she's never seen the person before.

"Really? That would be awesome! I've been looking for her… it's my cousin, Monica Dawson. Have you met her?" Micah wrinkles his nose a bit as he really can't remember. "I've used all of my resources and with everything going, it's just impossible to find her… and she's not responding to email, or her cellphone." He shrugs a little as he reaches into his pocket for a picture of his cousin before handing it over to Molly. "I'm just worried is all…"

"I don't think I have." Molly can't picture her, so therefore it's just as bad as not actually having met her. "You haven't been able to find her?" That makes her frown. If that's the case, Molly doesn't want to have to be the one to tell him that she may not be findable for /her/ either. She frowns for a moment, but she can't take her word back, now. Instead, she takes the picture from him and looks at it, concentrating. The map that's a detail of Alaska doesn't help her much at the moment, but she still closes her eyes to concentrate on Monica.

Micah stares at Molly hopefully, silently. That twinkle of hope continues in the corner of his eye; a glimmer of something he's been holding onto. Bad news could squash any remnants of it inside him.

Without a map, it will be harder for Molly to pinpoint exactly where Monica is. However, when she concentrates, her ability takes her far away from Germany. As if on a highspeed flight, it flies across the ocean and back to the United States. Down the coast, it doesn't look like she's heading for New York - or even New Orleans. Instead, she flies down the streets into Washington, D.C. "She's in D.C." Molly says softly, still attempting to find a better location.

There's a moment of relief as Molly confirms that Monica is indeed alive… but then… "DC," Micah nearly chokes on the name. DC. Without any technological trace. That's… not good. Quickly, he touches his laptop (which he generally keeps within arm's reach) and stands to his feet, walking towards his room. Within minutes he comes back with a detailed printed map of DC which he hands to Molly, still quiet.

She's alive at least. Molly takes the map without opening up her eyes. With a finger, she starts gliding it through the streets of DC. It may not be good, but that's where she is. The bad news gets worse as where the finger stops is Building 26. Molly opens her eyes and frowns. "Oh no." She knows what that means.

Discontent, Micah stares at the location. He knows what the building is as well as Molly does. He gapes a bit. All of his Christmas spirit is gone. "I … need to get to DC…" his face pales slightly as he begins to stand to his feet.

The last thing she wanted to do was to take away Micah's holiday spirit. "I'm sorry, Micah." She frowns and looks at the map that Micah's gave her in order to help her find his cousin. "I'll come with you," she tells him, sincerely. Determined, she's not going to let him say no.

"It could be dangerous," Micah says incredulously. "And Molly I… don't want you hurt." His cheeks flush involuntarily. "Getting out of Germany could be a problem too…" He's done it once, but it's hard to say if he could give Charlotte the slip again.

"They already took me once." Molly looks down at the map, instead of at Micah. This isn't something she's doing just for him. They need to get her out of there and she'll be useful. "I know it could be. But…I want to help. We can figure out a way to get there."

"Me too," Micah says faintly as he reaches over to tuck Molly's hair behind her ear. "Maybe we should get Cam involved too… he's street smart. More than me." His cheeks redden a little more before he sighs. "Molly are you sure? I don't want you getting hurt… with Ivory out of office, I don't know if anyone would help us if we were caught…"

"Someone gave up their freedom so that I could go free." Molly frowns and finally looks over at Micah when he tucks her hair behind her ear. "I think that's a good idea. Let's bring Cam. Maybe we could find Max while we're there, too." They could rescue him and Monica at the same time. "I can't just stay here, Micah. I'm sick of always needing rescuing and getting caught. I want to do something."

Micah nods. "Alright then. I'll get the paperwork ready to get us out of here…" He swallows. "And I'll see if I can get a team together to help rally everyone in DC area." Pause. "Wait. Wait. Max? The one that smooshed Peter with a helicopter? He — he gave up his freedom for you?" His eyebrows furrow. Maybe things aren't as black and white as Micah thought.

"He did what?" Molly hadn't heard what he did to Peter - one of her heroes. She gave him her ability, choosing to allow him to absorb the ability to find people from her so that he could make sure the people who were close to him were safe. That makes her frown as well. "I met him when I was in hiding at the Company." Micah visited her there once or twice. "H-he was my friend." They played hangman together.

"I — I saw it," Micah murmurs quietly as he sidles up to Molly. "Maybe he had to do what he did?" He doesn't really see how that's possible, but he doesn't want Molly to be sad. "And Peter healed. If that had happened to anyone else they'd be toast, right?" He swallows and chooses not to mention that Aunt Tracy froze Max's arm off trying to save Micah and Cam. He hesitantly raises his arm to wrap around Molly's shoulders.

"I didn't say you didn't." It just confuses Molly. Though, there was a reason why he was in captivity in the Company, too. With a frown, she leans into the arm around the shoulder. It's a good thing he doesn't mention the fact that his arm was frozen off. It would only upset her more. "But just because Peter can heal means that it's okay."

"Peter's okay. I promise," Micah attempts to reassure Molly as he gives her shoulders a squeeze. He sits in silence for several seconds before soothing, "I'll try to keep us safe, even as we stage the escape." His cheeks flush again, as he says quietly, "Molly… I really care about you… I promise I'll look out for you the best I can…"

"I believe you." Peter can heal, like Micah said. "You can't do everything, Micah. We just have to go and see what we can do. We'll get your cousin out." And it will be easier if she's there to know exactly where she is inside the building. She has pinpoint accuracy. "I care about you, too, Micah." Hence why she's willing to risk her life to help him. "I'll look out for you, too."

"Thanks." Someone needs to. Micah plants a kiss on the side of Molly's head before he squeezes Molly's shoulders again before letting go. "I should go make some plans so we can get to DC." He grins broadly at her, "It's good Matt's not around… there's no way the plan would fly." He winks at her before he picks up his laptop and starts towards his room. But he stops midway, "What name would you like to go by?"

Molly turns bright red at the kiss on the side of her head. "Okay." He has to go make plans and Molly does as well. She needs to pack and figure out what she's going to do. This may be a terribly bad idea for the three of them to go and try and break into Building 26. But they don't really have much else of a choice. "Name? What do you mean?"

"Weeeeellll," Micah starts with a smirk. "If I'm making you a passport, I need to give you a name. And I'll have to call you that in the airport…" His lips curl upwards a bit. "Don't worry though, no matter what you'll always be Molly to me." His cheeks continue to flush. "I'm Sander Hawk." He shrugs with a small smile.

"Oooh!" Now she gets it. Molly thinks for a moment. "I'd go Ujala, but I don't really look Indian." It's what Grandma Suresh calls her. "Maybe I could be Holly. That's close enough to Molly. Holly Parkman." That way, she still is like herself.

"Alright then. Holly Parkman it is," Micah grins as he turns back to face the door. He lingers in the doorway before he turns to face her again with a genuine smile, "Molly… thanks. For everything." And then he leaves the room to make preparations.

Molly holds out on the map and looks back over her shoulder at Micah. "You're welcome." For everything. While she may be Holly Parkman as well as Molly Walker, she smiles. While Micah is off making preparations and then she remains where she is for the time being. She'll think a few things over before she rushes off to pack.

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