2008-03-16: To Be Marty McFly'd


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Summary: Some people are more difficult to find, but that makes them the easiest to find of all. Time travel is weird.

Date It Happened: March 16, 2008

To Be Marty McFly'd

Local Dollar Theater

The only times that Rochelle sees a movie outside of the dollar theaters are times that she has someone to take with her. With Hiro and Ando moved out to the Deveaux Building, it is back to business as usual. The tall woman sits near the back of the theater almost under the projector window, feet propped up on the seat in front of her, and a paper bag of buttery popcorn perched in her lap.

On the screen ahead, I Am Legend plays, in the midst of one of the many skirimishes between the infected and Will Smith with a dog. Rochelle isn't particularly invested in the movie itself- background noise for her thoughts. Sometimes she just needs to sit around in the dark and not be bothered.

Not be bothered? No such luck today. At least it's still dark. There's a shuffling sound as someone moves down the aisle that the muscled woman has seated herself in. The build of the man isn't intimidating, but the coat, slicked hair and dark stubble stands out in a crowd. Even without the shadow casting across his face, a deep rivet that digs into forehead and cheek. The man pulls down the seat of a chair right next to her and looks forward. "It's not that bad," he says in whispered tones just over the speakers playing music. No one's sitting close enough to be bothered, but he doesn't seem to understand limits when he reaches over, like an old friend, to try and grab a small handful of popcorn.

The light from the movie, what little light there is, hints toward a face that she knows, one she's seen before. Peter Petrelli. But something about him seems very much off.

The movement in the side of her vision is caught at the end of the aisle, but the entire time that the figure gets closer, Rochelle does not actually look over until he speaks. And then, like the fool she'll probably always place him as- reaches over towards the bag of popcorn. Do you stick your arms in the mouths of alligators? No. That's just a bad idea.

The only thing that stops Rochelle from pulling the snack away after a small growl parts her lips, is that shadow cast over the man's face where there should not be one being cast. Pausing, it does give Peter enough time to snatch a handful from the momentarily confused woman. Another second passes wherein Rochelle examines his other features, his hair, and his clothes that she can see in the light of the screen- and finally, she speaks. Just loud enough, but not quiet, and the tone mildly suspicious.

"Petrelli." Even then, the word is only one of regard, and not what she would usually call him. It is always 'Pete'. But this man- Rochelle is unsure she knows this man.

"Knight," Peter says with a hint of something tugging on the corner of his mouth. Voice has no humor, really, but a kind of appreciation for the use of his last name. And possibly the handful of popcorn he's managed to steal from a woman who could probably still break his wrists. One of the buttery morsels gets put into his mouth, as he watches the empty streets on the screen, the desolate future.

"You're both extremely difficult and very easy to find," he says once his mouth has been emptied. His voice remains toned downward, but the raspy quality to it gives a different feel than ever before.

Looking away from the screen and in her direction, she'll get a better look at the shadow cast across his face, the obvious scar slashed deep into his skin. It's not fresh, whatever it is, healed to the point of looking smooth in the deepest parts. "What has Hiro told you about Pinehearst?"

Peter addressing her by her last name is just as new; it's not that people do not use it… just that Peter has not. "Difficult how?" Rochelle is very easy to find, if you know all of the dozen places she frequents. Her gaze on this more interesting Peter remains still, and as the rasp of his voice sinks in, those usually steely brown eyes make an inch towards relaxing.

"He's told me a few things." The brunette lifts her eyebrows a little, eyes lidding at this new, less fluffy Peter. She obviously knows that he isn't from around here- and right now it is very much like being stared at by some creature leering out of her den. "What should he have told me?" If Scarface can be cryptic, so can she.

"Just like you blanked out the panel of Isaac's comic, you're like a hole burned into a map," Peter says, that smile actually managing to form this time, tugging at the corner of his mouth as he bites down on another piece of popcorn and watches the screen. As he sit there, things seem to slowly settle, the harshness in the rasped tone fading. Still whispered, still deeper, but she helps wash away something that's always been difficult for him.

"Pinehearst is working on something that will change the world. The hole you burn on the map may end up being the safest place there is." Cryptic, but it gets the point across. In a way. The last of the stolen popcorn is finished, before he glances over to her. "Hiro's going to need your help. And Ando. Everyone. Especially once you've learned to control your ability. Have you learned that, yet?"

The imagery and metaphor of the hole in a map isn't lost on her, even in its mysteriousness. It brings a twinge of worry to the edge of her lips and eyes. "He always needs my help, even if he doesn't ask for it. He'd probably be running around like a homeless squirrel on crack if I hadn't in the first place." Rochelle puts the bag down on the armrest between the two of them, bringing her boots down and sitting straight.

"I've learned." The woman finally affirms. "On, off, smaller, larger- sticking it on people. I did that once." Maybe there is pride in her voice, and maybe she's looking for some sort of other validation from Peter that she's going the right direction. Then, almost a sigh. She's still new to all of this. "I know damn well you're not our Pete. What's going on, Peter?"

"He'll get better," Peter says softly, the same kind of crypticness about him, but he's still lightening. The heaviness remains, but it's losing intensity by the moment. Being around her must help with something. With the bag placed between them, he seems to take that as an offer, because once again he's sampling her popcorn. Small finger fulls this time, rather than a full handful. "Already? That's good, I wasn't aware you could make it linger on people yet." It should be helpful. "You have limits, of course, but it's useful in the future."

The future. "I'm from the same year this movie claims to be taking place in. Two thousand and twelve." The year the world is supposed to end, thanks to some nut job apocolypse theories. But maybe they're not so nut-job after all. "Things happen in the next few months that will greatly affect the future where I'm from. I don't know what they are, yet. I'm here to find out what needs to happen to change it, to make the future better."

So, this is why he braved the odds and stuck his hand in her food from the start. It's either familiarity, or just sureness. Maybe both?

"I know he'll get better." She answers right back. Hiro might rub off on everyone else, but it is the same for those people's influence on Hiro. Rochelle sees herself in that light, which is why she appears so sure that Hiro will level out. Who knows how it went in the future? How curious.

"I hate time travellin'." Just so you know. Her hand even perches onto her face. "So if ya change it here, will you go back to your own life? Will it cease to exist? Or are ya just tryin' to be selfless and making sure that we just don't get your ass-end of the deal, whether or not you can go back to rainbows and unicorns?"

One thing about her that is no different from the future woman this Peter might know- the unrefined in speech, yet somehow deeper thinking remains the same. "How're ya supposed to know what they are when they come up? Go skippin' over time and space and plan to guess it out of us?"

"It doesn't really matter what happens to me," Peter says in the same whispered tone. It sounds sincere, though. Maybe she was right in the assumption that he's intending to be selfless and it really doesn't matter. "Making it so you and everyone here never has to live through what I have is enough for me." It still sounds sincere, willful, and he bites on a few more pieces of popcorn.

"I have an idea where to start. I can push you and other people in the right direction. I just don't know what action will change everything. There's nothing quite as simple as saving the cheerleader." Cheerleader. She should know the slogan from the comic books, be aware of how things changed thanks to those simple words.

"Things worth doing are never easy." Rochelle turns her head away, then back again after being drawn by an explosion of some kind on the screen. This meeting will sink in later, when it is all said and done. Many things turn out that way for Rochelle. "Other people? How many 'other people'?"

"Enough," Peter responds, rather than giving a solid number. "Some you know, some you don't, but all you need to worry about right now is Hiro and Ando." There's a small pause, as if he's considering something. "Ando especially." Looking toward the screen, there's a lot more action going on at this particular moment, suspense and danger, the audience should be gripped at the edge of their seat. The music might actually fit the situation pretty well considering what comes out of his mouth next, "They're developing a formula to give people abilities. Normal people. Those who wouldn't have otherwised gained them. Can you imagine a world… a country… a city… where anyone, anywhere, could buy an injection and gain abilities?"

For all the world, Rochelle seems as if she is made of stone when he explains the biggest problem approaching. The woman glares ahead at the screen, vision airy in thought; one hand is on the arm of the seat and the other up, fingers curled lightly over the edge of her jaw. The only movement is the tendons and muscles in her jaw fidgeting from the inside out. She can imagine, and by that look in her eye, she doesn't like it one bit.

"He told me about a girl. Tiny, blonde hair, speedster- she stole the part of it that his father left behind. Does this mean they've probably gotten both now?" Waugh. Good Grief.

"If it's already ready, I need to go back further," Peter says, keeping his eyes on the screen. Light plays along his face, making the scar stand out even more as he continues to watch. His jaw has tightened, the dark stubble standing out more. "There's more to this than the formula Hiro mentioned, the thief that stole it. Pinehearst is the key. Stop them, the world may never have to go through the insanity of the last few years." The next few years? Time travel is complicated.

Shifting, he moves as if he may stand up. "You're one person I can count on to make things clearer. You might even be one of the only people who can stop the man in charge of Pinehearst. Keep his ability in check. Help Hiro. Destroy the formula. Everything else should fall into place." With that he does stand, as if he might turn and leave the way he came originally.

Rochelle leans back just enough to keep this Future Peter in her sights, taking in the words with her usual trepidation. It's not much, lately. Clearer? She's like a breath of fresh air. On Mars. "Mmhm." That means she understands perfectly. Whoever is in charge must be a tough nut to crack, if the only option is 'OFF'. "I'll talk to Hiro soon." Once she figures out this meeting, anyway- she tried her best to act normal, but later she will realize she got Marty McFly'd, and really- how weird is that?

"Thank you. I'm not sure how much he'd want to speak to me," Peter says before he looks back at the screen for a moment. No one is behind them, so he can stand there for a time before he turns and begins to move outside of her bubble of fresh air. The further away he gets, the tenser he begins to look, shoulders, squaring. As he turns at the aisles, his jaw even looks tight, teeth clenched. Before he makes it to the exit door, though, he's outside of her range, and vanishes from sight completely.

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