2009-10-11: To Catch A Killer



Date: October 11, 2009


Gene calls Charlotte and Elena to ask for their assistance in apprehending Emily Caulfield, a woman said to be able to possess bodies and making them do her every whim. In an attempt to locate and secure her, they stumble into an unexpected surprise…

"To Catch A Killer"

Rooftop of the Deveaux Building

The cars pass by as Gene watches from up above. Dressed in getup similar to Neo (save the glasses and emotionless facade), the young man waits as his trenchcoat flaps in the warm currents of the city air. He has a few black hardtop suitcases lying around him as well as his old friend, R2-D2. "Sure hope I know what I'm doing here," he offers quietly as he rubs the back of his neck. The ladies have been called, all he can do is wait.

It doesn't take Charlotte long to heed that call. In fact, as she appears just behind Gene, wearing her waitress outfit and a tattered black Pea coat, she apepars just to be pulling it on. Her hair is up with a headband in it, and she has bright, dangly earrings hanging down. "Heebie Jeebies, Gene, where on earth?" It takes her a moment for her internal compass to reconcile exactly where she is. "It's cold up here!" But when is she not cold?

She takes the elevator, despite knowing her Boost capabilities will be able to make quick work of the stairs. The door opens on the top of the Deveaux building, stepping out. Clad in a pair of dark jeans and a slim-fitting, black leather jacket, Elena's hair is free today, and straightened - she must have just gotten off work. Well-worn black boots make quick work of the stairs leading up to the roof, as the elevator does not go that far, her hands sliding in the pockets. She pauses, however, when her hand inches forward to touch the doorknob. She senses one person… and another had suddenly appeared in the dark canvas of the back of her mind.

Teleporter, she thinks, opening the door and stepping out. Bistre eyes spangled with gold flick upwards to the two waiting for her, closing the door behind her and moving quickly. There's a glance around the roof, but her gaze does not linger on her surroundings. She has, after all, been here before.

"You rang?" she tells Gene, her head tilting towards Charlotte, who… does not look familiar. "I'm Elena," she tells her, a hand sticking out for a handshake.

"New York. A rooftop. It's dramatic and cool. And I can be pretty sure that we won't have random visitors…" Gene pauses for a moment as he hears that Elena has appeared. "But mostly because it's dramatic and cool."

Turning toward the two present, Gene gives a small smile, waiting until the two have introduced themselves before speaking. "Thank you both for coming… I know have talked to both of you briefly on the matter of the killer, but I figured it was time for action."

Shush Gene! Introduction time! "Oh hi!" Charlotte says brightly, offering her own hand for a shake. She shakes, smiling dimples at the other woman. "Oh it's so very nice to meet you. Oh, watch out." She looks down at her shoe. "Robbie spilled mustard on me while we were doing our side work. I only just got away in time to be here." Yes, Gene. Dramatics can wait!

"You a friend of Gene's?" she asks, glancing over at Gene and giving him a look. Be a gentleman, Gene, introduce your lady friend. She shakes Charlotte's hand firmly, and her smile is friendly enough - sincere, at least, and it touches those dark eyes however slight. She lets go of the other woman's hand, and she slides her hands in her pockets to keep them warm, a foot bracing against the rail of the edge. "What killer?" she asks, furrowing her brows at Gene. "I just returned to the city two days ago, what have you been up to?"

After giving Elena a look back, clearly not understanding what's wrong, Gene sighs. "A lot," he replies to Elena before he looks to the two. Finally, it hits him why he was getting the look. "Charlotte, this is Elena, the woman that got me involved with the Evolved, helped me discover I was one, and then got me into the Hero business. Elena, this is Charlotte, a co-worker from Pinehearst and one of the few people that was actually nice to me there." He waits, clearly not wanting to get another stare from Elena. Small chat, the pain of unsocial geniuses everywhere.
"Oh, yes!" Charlotte chuckles a bit, letting her hand fall. "Charlotte, like he said. But not with Pinehearst anymore. Anyway it's very nice to meet you," Charlotte assures the other woman, walking toward Gene and hissing, hopefully before Elena can hear, "Gene! She's so pretty!" Not in the 'I'm hot on you' sense but more of the 'why don't you find a nice girl like that' sense.

"Pinehearst?" Elena looks intrigued. "What did you do for Pinehearst?" Already getting on the ball in conversation with the new girl, though when Gene tells her that a lot has happened, she gives him a frown. "It's nice to meet you too, I'm glad Gene had someone there he could talk to. It was…" A lonely time for him. She remembers the conversation in his grandfather's mansion, but chooses not to finish the sentence. "Nevermind. I'm glad he's expanded his social circle." She lets Charlotte go off to murmur quietly at Gene, furrowing her brows between the both of them as they chat. With a shrug, she pivots, and starts walking towards them, an inquisitive look angled towards the genius, but clearly she's still in confusion as to why she's been called.

The Geek God is clearly about to go on with his master plan, raising a hand up to say something to the two. Of course, he freezes in place as Charlotte offers her words. He blushes again. It's a plot to never get to his secret plan, the paranoid side of his mind warns, steal their powers and do this yourself. The sane side reminds him that he can't steal powers AND that's not nice. Thankfully, Gene's sane side wins this battle. …This time.

Clearing his throat to get himself back into the moment, he waits for Charlotte to reply to Elena before starting off the briefing, "Artoo, theme music." Slightly sinister spy music plays in the background, curtsey of Gene's droid companion.

"A recent friend of mine was investigating a case for the police. Through some talking, I was able to convince her to let me look at the case which apparently is baffling them. A woman gets handcuffed by police, only for the police man to go off and kill some people before killing himself. The woman that was cuffed for shoplifting waves to the camera before heading off. They thought it was the police man that was the culprit. My time working with other Evolved made me thing something was fishy about it. She wanted to be noticed. I tracked her down to figure out why. Emily Lauren Caulfield. Age? 22. Ability? To possess a person via touch, likely through skin contact… A fact she confessed to me when I confronted her directly on it as my alias… Prometheus."

The name is one that Elena may remember, clearly Gene deciding to use it once more.

Charlotte will not remember the name, and she didn't have enough schooling to learn about what it might be otherwise. "That's a funny name," She murmers, though she's no longer smiling. "That poor police man. I've heard some talk, round the bar, about a cop dying here or there but they're always very tight on the details. Did he have a family?" Leave it to Charlotte to be more concerned about that than anything else. "You remember what I told you, Gene, I'm here to help with whatever you need.

"Bodily possession by touch?" Elena replies with a frown. "It's different from Miki's. Miki doesn't have to touch people to be able to control them, but if the police man let her go, killed a bunch of people before he killed himself without any sign of resistance, there seems to be a cognitive aspect to her powers by contrast. It's a guess, if I want any more, I'll have to take a look at the report myself." She might have 'retired' from the Hero business, perhaps, judging by her move to DC and keeping away from the reasons why Gene joined Pinehearst, but some things are, apparently, still switched on… like her ability to analyze other people's abilities by description. It's what she did for two years, to help her friends, despite being so young. "Why were you trying to contact a killer, Gene?" That is the most serious question, to her, even as Charlotte expresses concern over the man's family. The picture presented depicts one of her best friends trying to get in touch with a dangerous person, after all, so she can't help but ask about it.

"She claims she can go into people and make them do things against their will… Sounds similar but different to our friend's ability," Gene states, not using Mikhail's name. Oddly, Gene doesn't seem to share information as freely as Elena or Charlotte do, likely due to his own caution.

Elena's question earns a wrinkled brow, clearly not too confident of his logic. "She can't go to jail. Having her to go the Company seems like it's asking for trouble… And I don't want to just kill her. The best shot would be to make her not want to kill, want to help people with her ability. I dunno if it was the right call, but I made it."
While Kensington seems like he is going to pause, he decides to force himself on, as if fearing Elena's or Charlotte's reaction. "By making myself seem as if I were a powerful mover and shaker in the Evolved world, I was able to convince her that working for me would serve her interests in the end. I was hoping that the killings were something she didn't want to do… But it is clear she feels her abilities are an excuse to abuse people on her path to personal power." Charlotte's question causes Gene to shrug, casting his eyes to the ground. "I dunno… I really didn't want to get into that. It's hard enough dealing with that woman without thinking about those left behind everytime I spoke with her."

Charlotte nods gently. "I understand, Gene. You just go on ahead. If you think we can make her not want to kill, well, that's what we'll do." This is no Charlotte's first rescue mission, not by far, thought it is her first intervention. Silently, glancing aside, the waitress makes a promise to find the man's family and send them some money or a small token, to let them know that they are not alone in suffering their heavy, heavy loss. "But even so it would require someplace secure in case she doesn't want to…change her ways. And that involves captivity and that…seems very dangerous, to me. And agianst the law as well."

…. what?

"Oh, Gene," Elena groans, raking her fingers through her hair. "I don't know… there are just some people who… do you remember that part in the Dark Knight where Alfred was telling Bruce Wayne about the guy he and his comrades chased in that rainforest in South America and the only way they could catch him was to burn it down because all the perp did was cause chaos because there was no other way?" ….alright, so this might be the true reason why Gene and Elena are friends, their undying love for action movies. "There are some people who just want to watch the world burn, and all of that. What if this Caufield woman is from the same stock? The same psychological pattern that completely eradicates her ability to empathize with anyone? It's risky, Gene…. and in all the times you helped me, you know I'm not going to say no. You're my friend." She glances to Charlotte, and then back to the genius. "I'll stick by you, you know that. I just… I just want you to make sure you've thought this through."

She sighs. "So where is she now? Sounds like she escaped the bust."

Charlotte and Elena's concerns are answered with the same statement. "If she proves herself without hope, we turn her into the Company or do something more perament. For now, I'm not trusting her completely. I am using my own alias and I'll be expecting you both to be using your own as well as concealing your identity. Last thing we need is our open hand being used as a chance to exploit our friends and family."

The young man clearly doesn't enjoy the plan himself, rubbing his head as if it was something to increase intelligence. "I am not saying that we try and Care Bear her in, but we can't become the people we hate. I'm never becoming The Man. But since I contacted her, she disappeared. No hotal contact or anything. I need to figure out where she is. That's why I'm asking you both to join me. We teleport in using Charlotte's gift to get us in close. We talk to her, if she tries anything, we take her down, gift wrap her and let the Company handle it. Or whatever we decide we do now." Clearly regardless of his plans, he doesn't expect to call all the shots, more so when it comes to the tricker matters. "But I REFUSE to just let it go… Not when other people might be in danger."

"Well, lets just make sure there is a plan before we go in there. Please." She smiles hopefully to Gene, giving him an oral thumbs up, so to speak. She believes in him! "But uhm…what exactly is this company? Is this that Primatech place I've heard about?" She looks, confused, between them. So much she doesn't know!

And there's the box, opened up revealing it for everyone to see. Elena's expression clears up, confusion gone and replaced by understanding. "You want me to keep her docile," she states, revealing to the new girl a glimpse as to why she might have been brought along for this. She removes a hand from her pocket, flexing her fingers and curling her knuckles inward. "Or unconscious…or controllable. If that's the case, I can do that. Unless I'm unaware, she won't be able to touch me." She sighs softly. "If that's all we need to do, we don't need a plan. I can nail her once I'm in range and I can make her as drowsy or as lucid as you need me to." She glances over to the both of them, her expression softening. "I know it's not much of a plan, but unless we actually know where she is, having anything more detailed than that is impossible unless we somehow find a clairvoyant to describe to us just where we're going and plan on the environs accordingly. This is the best we can with what we've got at the moment."

"Exactly" is all Gene has to say on Elena's commentary on the plan. As Charlotte asks about the Company, Gene shrugs. "I don't know much about them. Elena told me they dealt with Evolved and go after a lot of them, but not much more than 'be careful around them'." He looks to Elena, clearly expecting the refresher course.

Charlotte frowns a bit deeper, holding up her hand. "Well, lets just hold on a moment. You're right, Miss Elena," Clearly Charlotte spent some time down south, normal people don't use 'Miss' and a first name. "That without knowing more about where she is currently, that's the best idea we have. But lets say we find her in a resteraunt bathroom. Then what? Where do we take her? We can't sit there while we talk to her. We'll need…someplace to go. Someplace safe."

There's a brief, polite smile flashed over to Charlotte. "Just Elena, Charlotte," she tells her simply, sliding her hands in her pockets and pursing her lips. Where to go. "I say once we get there, we put her down and vanish. I say we use the Boss's bat cave, but I don't know where he is, what he would say, nor do I think he'd appreciate holding a homicidal maniac in his hallowed of hallows…. and I'm not comfortable with bringing someone like that anywhere close to a friend without permission. Or before we go, we can scout out a good place to hold her." She sighs. "Bat Country would've been ideal but I don't even know if it's still up, not to mention it's been compromised before."

When the Company is brought up, she glances at Charlotte, and then at Gene. She hesitates, and she turns sideways, her gaze scanning the skyline with her hands in her pockets. There's a sudden, neutral expression over her features, when she's asked to describe the Company. "From what I gather, it's got a bit of history," she tells them. "As far as I know it's the first privately funded organization dedicated to recruiting, tracking, and imprisoning people with special abilities. It was the only player in the game that I knew of for the longest time, save perhaps the genetic experiments the Nazis performed on their captives during World War II…. until Pinehearst, anyway, last year. Those deemed harmless were bag and tagged, to be monitored should the Company decide to recruit them later or should the tagged ones decide to become less-than-harmless. Those deemed harmful were kept in a bunker underground called Level 5." And she knew, because she had been held there for quite a while. "I don't know what they're doing now. At least, not much. Peter— " She pauses. "….you can say I burned a few bridges by leaving for a bit, so I don't know too much of their current activities."

"If you both promise to wear leather outfits for this operation and pose with him, I'm sure he'd would be willing to consider it," Gene announces to Elena, remember the events that led up to Elena being dressed up as Robin. He gives a brief chuckle before considering the Company… One of the few organizations that scare him enough that he doesn't look into them. "Well, it's likely best that we stay clear from them for now. After all, if Peter's involved with them, no telling what they are capable of. We'll figure out a place to keep her. Maybe you can talk to owner of Bat Country, Elena? While it's been broken into before, we hopefully won't have to hold her there for long… If at all."

"Well I'm sure Peter'd be happy to help us, but I think everything sounds alright. There's other places than just here, Gene." Hint hint. Nudge nudge. Charlotte tries to verbally tilt him toward finding that out for himself, and in the meantime she looks between her two conspirators again. "What is this Bat Country? Is it like a cave? I went into a cave in ohio once, and it wreaked of bats, it was absolutely horrible," she shakes her head, distastefully. "Why leather? Is it so that her touch won't get through to our skin? It might be hard to move…"

She says nothing else about Peter. "I'd rather we not bother BC's owner unless absolutely necessary. From what I gathered, she has a child, and things are a little hairy." Dark eyes fall on Gene, the weight upon them heavy and significant. "I don't want to do anything that'll put her and her family in the spotlight in case this thing goes awry. We might just have to scout out a place unless the two of you know of one in your Pinehearst days that we could use." Elena, it seems, is putting her proverbial foot down on the idea, nodding to Charlotte when she tries to communicate to Gene the same thing, though what she means by that is lost on her. When she asks… "Bat Country was a place people like us could go to, for scientific help. It wasn't affiliated with the big players, it was small, and independent. But it's been a year since I've been there, I don't know what the state it's in now."

"A kid?" That fact does change everything to Gene, who seems shocked at the fact. The stuff you miss by training for months on end. "Well, we can find another place to do it… I mean, I didn't even think we'd need to take her somewhere, but I suppose if she doesn't want to go willingly and we'd need to talk, we would. I have my lab that I do a lot of work in. Could make turn the testing area into a cell of sorts I suppose," Gene muses as he considers the matter. "As for why leather? Well, um, it's just the way he works?" A nervous laugh is given. Clearly this is the part of the plan he didn't think through. Maybe he just imagined talking to the woman would be the only thing he'd need to do or something.

Charlotte shakes her head a bit. "I don't exactly feel right about becoming police officers, you know? We aren't cops, we aren't juries or anything like that. What right do we have to lock this woman up? Just…as long as you promise it won't be for a long period of time, I think I know of a place. It would take some outfitting, but….it's something I read about in those little postcard books that you see at tourist locations or in bathrooms." Blink. "I read it in a tourist location."

And about the leather thing, even as Gene sweats and laughs nervously, she sighs. "It's better you don't ask. Seeing is believing anyway," Elena asides to Charlotte, deadpanning a very true and frank statement. At the other woman's suggestion, however, she nods. "Looks like we have a project," she tells them. "If we need to outfit a place. Where is it, and what will we need? I'm sure whatever we require, we can find in Gene's lab."

Charlotte's idea causes Gene to rub his chin in thought. "Teleporting her to a remote place? I guess that could work… If you give me the details, I can see what we could do. As Elena said, outfitting it shouldn't be too much trouble as long as it isn't too expensive."

"Well, upstate a bit, I read about these stone rooms. This one county, Putnam, it's just above Westchester and it has the world's largest concentration of these abandoned stone caverns. They're just rooms dug out of the side of hills, with stone walls and doors, and they're everywhere - next to roads or the middle of nowhere. Though we are in New York, I'm sure there are basements…" Charlotte wrings her hands together, nervously looking between them. "Please promise me we won't be keeping her long term. If she refuses to agree to play nice, we'll give her to these other people, right?"

She looks between Gene, and Charlotte, when she wrings her hands together and she pleads with them not to keep this woman prisoner. Elena's neutral expression softens, another face for a moment transposed in ghostly illusion over the Southern female's face. Her fingers twitch on one side, before it lifts, to touch the waitress's shoulder in a light, reassuring touch. "Promise. We're not like that," she says quietly. Something lurches in her gut, giving her word in that regard - the prospect of handing yet another dangerous person to an organization she despises. But there are no other alternatives, and no one else accessible with the capabilities of holding someone like that.

Don't be so moral that you become too stupid, says Noah Bennet's voice inside her head.

Her hand drops. "I like Charlotte's idea," she tells Gene. "We'll scout it out, pick a room. One way in, one way out. We keep her docile, but lucid, Gene asks his questions, and we'll either let her go, or hand her over. It sounds like a plan to me."

"Running a prison would NOT be on my list of things to do. As Elena said, that's the Company thing, not ours. Hopefully, it wouldn't come to that," Gene replies firmly. Elena's idea of keeping her docile isn't too enjoyable to the new 'Hero' as well, but if it means keeping everyone safe, it's the only option. "Right. We got that all figured out. How we go in figured out, where we go if she isn't willing, and all that is left I guess is getting the place set up and then going down there," Gene offers with a firm nod, smiling to see this plan is starting to seem workable… And that he won't be doing it alone. "Thank you all for helping out with this… I wouldn't have been able to figure this all out without you, much less try something like this."

"Oh sure, Genie, it's no problem." Genie. Charlotte called him Genie. "Like I said, you only ever need to call me. Except…last time, when I ran away. But that's so over now, and never ever ever happening agian." Never. Especially not now, when she knows what it caused. A look of extreme pain flashes over her features as she glances away for a moment to hide it, waiting for some speaking around her to bring her back to the reality.

There was a time in which she was hesitant to use the actual breadth of her formidable ability - one that enables her to do so much to the human body… and an Evolved's, once she realized what her boosting capabilities can actually do. If there was any hesitation now about keeping a dangerous Evolved docile with everything at her disposal, there's no sign of it on Elena's face… trepidations of such having been burned away by so many threats, kidnappings, near death experiences because of apprehensions that existed before. When Charlotte says what she does, however, she falls quiet, her gaze fixing on Gene, remembering their last conversation, and then towards Charlotte. She seems to know the context, it might not be a surprise to anyone that Gene talked to her a little bit about it. She says nothing, except for three simple words.

"It better not," she murmurs, only hinting that Gene talked to her about it - she just didn't know who the person was until now. It's a statement, not a threat, coming from one who doesn't take too kindly on the idea of friends getting abandoned.

To Gene, she sighs, and checks her watch. "I say we go now while we have time. It sounds like we have a lot of work to do before we even go anywhere. Outfit the place, and then gear up, and head out."

An awkward pause lingers at Charlotte means the post-Pinehearst days and Elena's soft response. He decides to focus on the positive, which seems to be a well thought out plan for the time being. Elena's thoughts cause Gene to give a firm nod. "Right, the more we wait, the more time we give Emily to do some damage if she is being evil…. Charlotte, you think you can take us to the place you were talking about? Maybe we can get this all done tonight. Sure Jaden wouldn't mind me calling in sick today if it meant possibly saving some lives."

Charlotte doesn't speak in response to Elena's words. She turns her face downward, hiding a look of open shame and something even deeper. But no defense. She almost seems to shrink, as if she really did want to just fizzle away. "What? Of course, I can take you wherever you need," She promises, offering a hand to each of them. "It'll only take a second." She doens't look at either of them.

She reaches out without hesitation, taking Charlotte's hand and keeping a secure grip on it. Elena waits patiently for the woman to work her magic… this isn't the first time she's done this. However, part of her is inquisitive, curious as to how this will be different each time around. Every Evolved despite similar powers, after all, is unique.

"Hold on," Gene requests, merely getting all the suitcases with his gear together. Then he realizes he can't hold onto them all at the same time. He then decides to 'be creative', laying them all down in a line and then laying on top of them. His hand will then try and either take Charlotte's hand of it's too high, her ankle. One of his feet is placed on R2-D2's tripod leg. "READY!" he calls out.
As soon as Gene's hand touches Charlotte, it begins. Both will feel a strange sensation - like your body is falling apart, or melting away. It only takes second,s, but then the air in the lungs is gone, what's left of fingers and noses and toes are all just tingles - like missing limb syndrome. Vision blots and goes black. This is in a matter of seconds. In just a few more, 5 altogether maybe, vision slowly starts blotting back. Tingling limbs become solid. And there's a crunch of leaves. beneath the feet.

They are in a forest, wooded on the side of a hill. It's dark, no houses or lamplights around to help guide them.

It feels like dying, only to be reborn. When Elena's form coalesces back into the real world with the rest of her party, she can't help but take a step back, and take a deep and noisy breath into her lungs. Adrenaline pours into her bloodstream, her heart beating faster. While not her first time, she is clearly not used to this mode of travel. Save for Charlotte's hand, she can't see much of anything. "Got a flashlight in your gear, Gene?" she says, after a pause, her voice cutting through the silence despite the low tones in which she projects it.


Clearly, this is Gene's first teleport, as the loud cry seems to make clear. After a few seconds of creepy silence, Gene looks around. There's Elena. And he's likely touching Charlotte. "Artoo, lights." There is a brief flare of light before all goes dark again. "Artoo, lights…. Son of a-Forgot to recharge him before I left." Gene tries to get to his feet, which is hard after being on all the suitcases. "Hold on, got a power back, flashlight, and some cabling in with my Prometheus guise." A couple of seconds pass with Gene stumbling around in the darkness trying to use touch to figure out which suitcase is which. "Before anyone says a word, it's a GUISE, meaning it is all mature and cool. Costumes are for superheroes. GUISES are for heroic men who fight injustice and seek the truth."

As Gene teleports in screaming, Charlotte takes a step back - breaking her heel on the soft ground and rocks and limbs behind her. "Oh…fiddlesticks!" the young woman sighs, reaching forward to take hold of Gene's arm, clinging as she looks around. "It shouldn't be far, just a few feet from us, likely dug into the hill." While she waits for them to settle with the lights, she pauses to look at her heel, clicking her tongue unhappily. Ah well. "I'm very sorry about htat, I know it's a rather unique sensation."

There's a smack in the dark. Yes, Elena is, somewhere in the shadows, facepalming.

At Charlotte's apology, the brunette rakes a hand through her loose hair. "I've been teleported before," the Gomez woman informs Charlotte. "I can't say the same for Gene." Because clearly he hasn't, and she doesn't move until she waits for Gene to find his gear, scanning her surroundings and closing her eyes momentarily, doing a cursory sweep with her senses, to hone pinpoints of sensation as far as her range would allow, to lock into nearest producers of human biochemicals… nothing, however, registers in that improvised radar save for the humans already with her. "We're clear, for now," she tells them both, taking a step to the side and grabbing one of the suitcases that Gene brought.

"It's cool, I just felt the urge to shout. Slightly higher than usual," Gene announces firmly as he uses his free hand to hold onto Charlotte. Once he's sure she's upright, he will need down and open a chance. "Okay… I found the suitcase with my shoes and the snacks." There is a short pause before the sound of ripped plastic fills the air along with the smell of some meaty goodness. "Anyone want to snap into a Slim Jim?"

Charlotte releases Gene soon enough, stepping back to help collect everything she can. "Oh…no." she stammers, still a little shaken from earlier. "No thank you, I had some french fries when I got out of work," She explains, looking up to follow Elena's voice. "Perhaps we should have done this when it was light…"

She digs around, sideskipping everything else - cloth, computer parts, weapons case… she leaves that one alone, until she finds the battery case and the flashlights. She finds one, and lights it up. Standing up once the suitcases are secured, Elena pivots on her heel, the single, white-blue beam cutting through the dark and searing through her eyeballs, unused to the sudden illumination. "I think I see it," she says, gesturing with the light. "Let's go." She picks up one of the other suitcases, letting the others grab the rest, and she hikes through the woods, to the space where she points out.

"Light!" Gene exclaims. "Shine it over here, won't take too long." With that, he takes the powerpack from the suitcase Elena opened, strapping it to R2-D2 and hooking it up. "Artoo, lights!"

"Bweeeeeeoooo" and there there was light.

Talking a couple of suitcases, Gene nods, "Yeah, if we want to do this in the early AM hours, we better get everything in gear soon."

Charlotte stares at the machine, shaking her head. Some things are just too weird for this teleporter. "I think I see it," She finally says, and touching a good portion of hte bags, she fizzles away. A few seconds later she can be heard inside of the little room, which has a wooden door with old iron hinges and is otherwise a very good room - it is, after all, built of stone and built in the ground. These things last. "It's um…very cold in here….but it feels dry!" They wouldn't want to keep their prison someplace wet! "Maybe if we lock it from the outside, since we'll never be using this door…."

"I think that's a good idea," Elena says, a small smile flashed to Charlotte…because good ideas are awesome. And so, the trio gets to work, outfitting the stone room as the enterprising waitress suggests. The other door is braced and locked, and braced some more, and the interior outfitted per Gene's suggestions, considering he's the one who knows how to build things. This takes, understandably, a few hours, working deep into the evening until it's close to eleven o'clock, when fatigue seeps into everyone else's bones which should by all rights signal the onset of sleep…

Except there's more work to do.

Elena is busy putting on the things that Gene brought from the 'guise' suitcase, to prevent their intended captive from touching her skin, and unlike before she doesn't seem to mind changing in front of people she knows….if they stay in the room. Her back is turned to them, getting down to modest underwear, the black bra strap in clear view as well as the pair of black boyshorts she wears under her jeans. Black fabric, whatever Gene had brought for her, is pulled over her head, quietly suiting up while everyone else does… she doesn't know, she's not looking at them. Finally, with the last zipper in place, the last gloves put on, and whatever masks are there, which she stuffs in the back pocket of her present outfit, she joins up with the rest of the group to roll out, wherever they might end up.

This promises to be a long night, but she's ready for it.

After handing out the costumes, Gene prepares to put on his costume, which seems to be very similar to the Snake Eyes costume from the recent G.I. Joe movie. Of course, as he prepares to change, Elena and perhaps Charlotte are changing around him. Of course, he'll try and continue to change, but sometimes the situation gets the better of him and he peeks just a bit before looking back down and working on changing some more himself. A bit of a peek here from the corner of his eye, more changing there. He manages to get done with his own outfit, but it takes a bit of time.

His gloves appear to have some sort of wrist weapon in them, along with a pressure system all to similar to what Spider-Man uses. Who knows what weapon it actually triggers, but it's unlikely to be webbing. His belt likewise has various devices on it, most of them are small. There is a noticeable addition of a pistol on the right hip though. On his back, there seems to be a powerpack, which seems to be connected to the gauntlets by thin wires.

The masks provided to Elena and Charlotte are simple ski masks, one black and one dark purple to help tell them apart. Thankfully (or tragically, depending on who tells it), there are no Jaden costumes, merely simple jumpsuits.

"We all ready to go?" Gene offers with a digitally altered voice. It doesn't sound like anyone in particular, perhaps lacking enough space in the helmet for the usual geek touches.

Charlotte decided to go a bit more modest in her route. She litereally teleported out, and teleported back in fully dressed. Her arms streach up over her head, twisting and bending. "I suppose. I admit I feel a little silly, but…" She smiles softly, through the mask, even if they can't see it. "If we're ready, lets do it quickly." Her hands offer to each of them, moving her weight from one foot to the other nervously. "Might want to sit low, just in case…"

Out of the woods, and back into the city…


Or so they think.

By the time the trio have geared up, and once Charlotte teleports them back into where they might find Emily Caulfield, they're treated by rather dusty, long-untouched, and unfamiliar surroundings. It could be a, as they say, a ghost town.

A dusty, decrepit wooden building no larger than a minihome has been abandoned here for a long time — at least since the 1940s. It's situated along a forgotton dirt road in the middle of nowhere, sitting not-so-prettily in the midst of wide, open space of sparse grass, a few spindly autumnal trees made naked by the elements they're subjected to, and a few outlying buildings. In the distance is greener grass and farmland. LEWIS RAILYARDS, an aging sign declares above the door. NEW YORK HISTORICAL SITE, a sign on a post declares further in front of the ragged steps leading into the building. By the looks of it, the history has been neglected.

The only hint of modern intervention is a traintrack that winds past close-by. The rails are slick and used. The train station may have been abandoned, but this is still a train route. Not a regular one, but it works. At present, a black and tarnished metal train with many clunky, boxy, unmarked cars is sitting stationary.

She shakes her head a little bit, taking a step back and falling right into the dark, peering around only to find herself in this abandoned train station. She doesn't dare use a flashlight, and anyone who tries will get a dismissive gesture and a look. But to the nearest person, her tone drops low, and gestures to the train sitting stationary on the tracks.

"The doors are bolted," she murmurs.

"Where the hell are we?" Gene offers softly as they appear in the middle of nowhere. It's enough of a shock to make him curse. Moving with the two ladies in a crouch (like ninja), he inquires, "Maybe if we knock, they'll open the door for us?" The low tone of his voice makes it hard to tell if he is being serious or not, but even as he says it, he tries to see if there is any sign of people around, something to suggest where they are or what is going on.

Charlotte opens her eyes, looking around the area - looking for this girl. "Well she can't be but a few feet away from us - I never miss more than that." She too walks up toward the car, standing on her tip toes and peering in. "If I were a vagabond, I'd be asleep inside. Just…stay put, alright? I won't be a minute." Charlotte steps back from them, and already she starts to fizzle and fade away, in a matter of seconds dissapearing entirely - to reappear inside of the train car.


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